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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Breadalbane and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Breadalbane Plants - Most Popular

Most popular is what other people in your area are buying. Remember they may be experimenting and it may not mean they are suitable for this climate. To find out plants that suit your climate you can use our Choosing Fruit Trees Tool.

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

Popularity: 1

Bunya Nut

Bunya Nut

This majestic tree with its enormous cones has a straight trunk, large prickly leaves and separate male and female flowers. The 10kg female cones contain delicious edible nuts that can be eaten raw or boiled to make extraction from the hard shell easier. Nuts can be sliced or pureed and added to desserts and savoury dishes or roasted as a potato substitute. The nut's flour can also be used to make breads and cakes.  Due to their extremely prickly nature the bunya pine makes a fantastic habitat tree for birds, they are favoured roosting places for fruit pigeons and trees often cont
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$17.90 12 Seedling Medium

Popularity: 1

Loquat Nagasakiwase

Loquat - Nagasakiwase

The best Japanese variety so far, it has deep orange flesh, high flesh/seed ratio and very sweet flavour. Earliest variety to ripen. Thinning fruit will enhance fruit size. The Nagasakiwase often has 2 crops a year in the subtropics. The first crop in April / May then again in August. We have found by cincturing in summer, the August crop has a much larger crop and better fruit size.
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$37.95 5 Grafted Large

Popularity: 1

Olive barnea Compliments of Australis Plants

Olive - Barnea

An Israeli cultivar, proven to be the best variety for producing commercial yields in a very short time with excellent quality oil. A delicate oil with a distinct green fruity aroma. Dual purpose, also excellent table variety. Suggested cross-pollinators are Picual, Manzanillo.
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$19.75 0 Cutting Large Email Me When Available
*Suggested cross pollinators are Manzanillo Seeking Propagation Material

Popularity: 1

Pecan Shoshoni

Pecan - Shoshonii (B) SP

A precocious and heavy cropping variety in subtropical areas. Good quality medium to large oval nuts with a thin shell. A vigorous tree with an upright habit that makes an excellent backyard tree. Suited to high density plantings.
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$29.00 27 Grafted Large

*Self pollinating benefits from cross pollination by an A group variety

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