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Tropical apple pack
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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Manton and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Manton Plants - Most Popular

Most popular is what other people in your area are buying. Remember they may be experimenting and it may not mean they are suitable for this climate. To find out plants that suit your climate you can use our Choosing Fruit Trees Tool.

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

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Tortured Willow

Willow - Tortured

Is a small, upright tree. Its unique, twisted stems are popular for use as dried indoor decorations. Bark grey-brown becoming shallowly fissured with age. Outermost parts of branches usually weeping. Distinguished by the strongly contorted outer branches and twigs.
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$19.90 10 Cutting Medium

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