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4.8 mm girdling tool. This Dwarfing Tool allows you to cincture or girdle fruit tree. Please see our video where we demonstrate how to use it.
We think there are 2 essential tools for growing Fruit Trees. 1st is secateurs and the 2nd is this Dwarfing Tool.
- Dwarfing
- Forcing plants to fruit quicker.
- Fruiting outside of seasonal times
- Alternating branches to fruit every 2nd year.
The technique of cincturing or girdling fruit trees is a complicated topic that we try to make simple in this video because many of us like to push the boundaries of what is possible. It may look harmful but has been used by previous generations such as the Old Italian gardeners who knew how to get the most out of their backyard fruit trees.

Other Names: Cincturing Tool, Girdling Tool
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Girdling Tool, Cincturing Tool, Dwarfing Tool

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Dwarfing Tool for Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees

Http:// . I found this technique that I'm going to try when all of the plants that I've recently purchased get to fruiting size. | Peter Kruckow - Tambo, QLD 14-Jan-2016
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Dwarfing Tool for Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees

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