Eugenia candolleana

Eugenia candolleana By Jorge Stolfi [CC BY-SA 3.0] (Photo Credits)

Rainforest Plum

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Native to Brazil this rare tree have attractive bright green foliage and purple-black fruits. The new growth is rusty-brown, turning yellow and then deep, dark green. The reddish-brown bark peels off naturally showing a smooth reddish trunk. The ripe fruit is a round or slightly elongated berry, It has a thin purple-black skin and a wet, firm, whitish pulp about 3mm thick, surrounding a loose seed. It is edible, moderately sweet, with an aroma similar to the jaboticaba. The fruit are consumed fresh or made into jams. Grows 3-6 m tall with a conical canopy up to 2m wide
Other Names: roxo, murtinha, little myrtle


Specifications of Rainforest Plum

Preferred Climate TropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From SeedlingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Likes Temps above 5deg

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas SA, WA

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 5+ Years

Sun or Shade Part (Sun:50-80%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

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Rainforest Plum Reviews & Tips

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Tobias Smyth
6y ago

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Rainforest Plum

According to Adam Shafran, this is not evergreen but a deciduous species that handles a freeze well. Possibly semi-deciduous in warm climates

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