Nectarine sunraycer

(1/10) Nectarine sunraycer

Nectarine - Sunraycer

(2/10) Nectarine - Sunraycer

Nectarine sunraycer blossom

(3/10) Nectarine sunraycer blossom

Grown in Warmer climates

(4/10) Grown in Warmer climates

Leaf of the Nectarine Sunraycer

(5/10) Leaf of the Nectarine Sunraycer

Nectarine Sunraycer Fruit Tree

(6/10) Nectarine Sunraycer Fruit Tree

Sunraycer Nectarine

(7/10) Sunraycer Nectarine

Sunraycer Nectarine is sweet, juicy, easy to grow and produces a massive crop.

(8/10) Sunraycer Nectarine is sweet, juicy, easy to grow and produces a massive crop.

Nectarine - Sunraycer For Sale

(9/10) Nectarine - Sunraycer For Sale

Sunraycer Nectarine 18months after planting.

(10/10) Sunraycer Nectarine 18months after planting.


Nectarine - Sunraycer

Prunus persica
Yellow-fleshed subtropical nectarine. Semi-clingstone with well shaped large sized fruit. Good skin colour and non-browning flesh. Good flavour and high resistance to bacterial spot.... Read More


Specifications of Nectarine - Sunraycer

Preferred Climate SubtropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From GraftedLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Suitability in Pots Yes with 35L+ Pot

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? Can be pruned to 2m

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 2-3 Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months October, November, December

Fertiliser All Purpose, Compost, PotAsh

Plant Width 2-4m

Growth Rate Medium

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Nectarine - Sunraycer Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 2y ago

Kiama, NSW, Australia

Nectarine - Sunraycer

Highly recommended. Our 2 year old tree just gave us 20Kg of small sized delicious yellow peaches over a 3 week period in late November, early December. 2m tree, pruned, sprayed and netted from fruit fly, birds and bats.

Dz Dz
4y ago

Orlando , Flori

Nectarine - Sunraycer

My nectarines came out small, use good soil with less wood chips use good plant food, harvesting in May or June


★★★★★ 6y ago


   Bought from Daleys. Planted in Sep 2017 (Gold Coast) in a garden bed next to a white satin nectarine tree (on left). These two form a dual planting about 40cm apart under the Dave Wilson Nursery backyard orchard concept. These two share the garden...

★★★★★ 7y ago


great tree. got about 8 large fruit last year. had problems with fruit fly in garden  last year but these didnt.  very sweet fruit. hardy tree,requires little care in my exp. one thing is they must be pruned to establish a good structure. they are qu...

12y ago

Wallacia, NSW, Australia

Flowers a little ordinary. Fruit needs agressive thinning, but well worth the wait.

★★★ 14y ago

Petersham, NSW, Australia

Same as peach.

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