Passionfruit - Panama Gold

(1/3) Passionfruit - Panama Gold

Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G) For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grafted)

(2/3) Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G) For Sale (Size: Medium) (Grafted)

Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G) For Sale (Size: Small)  (Grafted)

(3/3) Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G) For Sale (Size: Small) (Grafted)


Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)

Passiflora edulis
Fruit Trees > Berries Vines and Climbers > Passionfruit > Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)
An excellent selection that is vigorous and more tropical than the black. Fruit is yellow skinned, large and sweet with a superb flavour. Heavy cropping and self pollinating.

$19.75 ($17.75-$19.75 choose a size)

Specifications of Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)

Preferred Climate Tropical, SubtropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From GraftedLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Sometimes

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 2-3 Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Fertiliser All Purpose, Compost, Seaweed, PotAsh

Growth Rate Fast

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Edible Hedge Or Screen
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Passionfruit - Panama Red Pandora

$17.75 ($17.75-$19.75 choose a size)

An excellent selection that is vigorous and more tropical than the black. Fruit is red skinned, large and sweet with a superb flavour. Heavy cropping and self pollinating.
Special Offer: Buy 2+ @$17.75ea usually:$19.75ea

Blueberry - Kisses (PBR)

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Characterized by it enormous fruit size and naturally dwarfing habit, this self pollinating Blueberry is perfect for planting with the Blueberry Burst to extend the fruiting season. Low chill variety flowering and fruiting over a 4 to 6 month period with exceptionally high yield. Trialled successfully in both hot and cold climates in Australia. Protected by Plant Breeders Right (PBR)Developed by Plantnet.

Blueberry - Sunshine Blue

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Sunshine Blue has it all. This semi-dwarf, versatile semi-deciduous blueberry features showy hot pink flowers that fade to white in spring, yielding large crops of delicious berries. Sunshine Blue tolerates higher pH soils better than many other blueberries and it is self-fertile. It is is a Southern Highbush with the low chilling requirement of 150 hours makes it suitable for the subtropics, but we find it is surprisingly cold-hardy and a wonderful addition to patios and gardens in cooler areas.
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Lychee - Salathiel

$59.00 ($59.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Tree has an open dome shape with excellent quality fruit. Well suited to subtropical conditions. Beautiful coloured fruit with very small seed. Needs protection from wind when young. Mid season

Blueberry - Burst (PBR)

$29.00 ($29.00-$99.00 choose a size)

The fruit is a crisp fleshed, sweet fruit, harvested over 3 - 4 months resulting in a constant supply of delicious, healthy fruit, filled with anti oxidants. Blueberries have been nick named Brain Berries and Youth Berries because of the high anti oxidant levels in them. This variety is an evergreen,naturally dwarfing variety growing to 1.0m high x 0.75m in width. It is self fruitful and because of its low chilling requirement can be grown anywhere in Australia. This variety has been growing in trials in both warmer and cooler climates in Australia with great success in all climates.

Dwarf Mandarin - Emperor


The fruit has a pale orange skin that is inclined to be puffy. Excellent flavour however the fruit can be prone to drying if harvest is delayed. Loose skin that is very easy to peel. Most popular mid season variety. Flying Dragon modifies the top growth making this a dwarf plant that is ideal to use planted out or as a pot specimen. Trees will grow to about half the normal citrus size. Flying Dragon rootstock also adds cold hardiness and grows well in heavier soils, like Trifoliatia rootstock.

Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G) Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 4months ago


Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)

Love a panama & looking forward to picking & eating fresh from the Vine!

★★★★★ 6months ago


Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)

Growing very well.

4y ago

Kings Langley, NSW, Australia

Passionfruit - Panama Sweet Gold (G)

Growing and fruiting beautifully. Planted August, 2018. It's now May 2019 and there are 50 large fruit with more setting daily. The vine has full sun all day, plenty of mushroom compost and I water it well.

Dimity Cottage1
7y ago


Not sure why it died but it may have been lack of water as I was away for a while

★★★★ 12y ago

Inala, QLD, Australia

Fruiting already...waiting for them to ripen... Waited impatiently all winter for them to colour up. Have had variable quality fruits off the same plants, from best passionfruit ever to a bit bland snd sour. Had quite a few fruit drop off apparently un...

★★★★★ 12y ago

Willow Vale, QLD, Australia

Growing like a weed!


★★★★★ 12y ago


Just one of my many passionfruits as you can never have enough. This one is growing up a wire mesh as a screen for our mini orb rock bathroom. The wallabies have taken a bit of a liking to some of them. They prune the passionfruit and the pawpaws but s...

★★★ 12y ago

Huntingdale, Vic, Australia

Using it to cover an ugly old garage. Erected a trellis , planted in large pot and it took off first summer. However with the cold weather and lack of sunshine, all growth has stopped but still looking healthy.  Waiting for sun and warmth to see if it...

★★★★★ 13y ago

shailerpar, qld, australia

grows out of control fill a 10L bucket every 3 days

★★★ 13y ago

bateau bay, nsw, australia

purchased at the big flower.only tiny but already putting out new leaves.

★★★ 13y ago

Greenbank, Qld, Australia

We ate these as kids they grew everywear. I am stuggling to get this one to take off. It should be fruiting this year but I think it will be another year yet. The black are more hardy but these taste sweeter. If it ever fruits I will try to grow some s...

★★★★ 13y ago

Erskineville, nsw

I planted this to grow over the terrace railling. It did this within 1 year and had fruit the first summer.  Unfortunately rats seem to like the fruit, as the fruits aroma wafts about the garden when they start to ripen.  It became a battle with the ...

★★★ 13y ago

Bardon, Qld, Australia

Another fruity favourite for taste. My vines are looking a bit poorly. I have neglected them and the tree I am climbing them against may be too dense to let light though and causing root competition.

★★ 13y ago

Bellbowrie, Qld, Australia

Taste of fruit


★★★ 13y ago

Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia

Growin for coverage of a brick wall while my espalier is developing.


★★★★★ 14y ago

Wooloowin, QLD, Australia

 very happy with first crop

★★★★ 14y ago

Keperra, QLD, Australia

planted a few months back. Growing well and now has covered 5m of fence and a fairly large orange tree.


★★★ 14y ago

Unanderra, NSW, Australia

Have this growing along fence line

14y ago

Fairfield, VIC, Australia

Not thriving even though on a north facing wall - however, it hasn't died and I'm persevering

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