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Botanical Name: Prunus domestica

Green Gage plum scion. Graft on to Marianna or Myrobalan rootstock.

ImagePriceAvail.PropagationSizeBuy Options
$9.75 0 Scion
Height: 10-20cm
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*Note: You must graft this Scion onto an existing plant/rootstock as per description In Production

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Customer Comments on Plum - Green gage - Scion wood

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Plum - Green gage - Scion wood Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum

Plum - Green gage

In Sth Gippsland, people have put in Coe's Golden Drop to pollinate Green Gauge. Many reports of no fruiting. You recommend Prune d'Agen. Is Coe's Golden drop the wrong pollinator being used?Interesting? | Ann Tree - Mirboo North, VIC 01-Jul-2008

Plum - Green gage

I have Prune D'Agen and Coes Golden Drop with Green Gage. Seems Coe's flowers a little later than Green Gage and the Prune with me. Check your flowering times - and maybe plant a prune... | Steve - Preston, VIC 26-Aug-2009

Plum - Green gage

H,i remember them as large,heart shaped,green going yellow when ripe ,medium tree. so sweet to eat. | Rhonda Sibley - Northam/ Perth, W.A 14-Jan-2011

Plum - Green gage

When I bought this years ago, Coes Golden drop was recommended as pollinator, big mistake, they flower totally different times. Never had fruit ever in 10 years. Make sure you have proper pollinator!! | Lentildude - Syd, NSW 13-Sep-2011

Plum - Green gage

A HUGE tree and very vigorous, roots shoot off new trees too. I have many varieties of plum but this is fastest growing - unfortunately only get about 3 plums. Am in lower bluemountains-not enough chill. Yes I bought goldendrop and pruneDgen to polinate | George - Blue mountains, SYD 24-Mar-2015

Plum - Green gage

Our Green Gage tree is less than 10 years old and has been producing loads of fruit annually. As the fruit matures it gets to be very yellow and incredibly sweet. We love it! | Kady De La Roz - Terra Bella, CA 29-Aug-2015
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Plum - Green gage - Scion wood

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