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Jaboticaba - how to choose?

    2 responses

davewastech starts with ...
Hi folks, I want to plant a jaboticaba (black fruit variety) in Sydney. I've read that they are really slow to crop, so of course the least slow option would be the way to go.
What are the pros and cons of:
Grafted vs seedling?
Small vs big leaf variety?
Any other considerations?
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5th October 2015 3:59pm
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Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery says...
Hi Dave,
Grafted vs seedling? - there is not much difference, we have found that even grafted plants are slow
Small vs big leaf variety? The large leaf is a larger more open tree with larger leaves and larger fruits that have thicker skin
Any other considerations? The small leaf is a stunning ornamental tree with dense foliage to the ground, a rounded canopy and attractive coppery new growth, it is my personal pick.
Be patient with your tree, they are well worth the time you spend waiting for the to fruit.
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Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery
36 Daleys Lane, Geneva via Kyogle, NSW 2474
21st October 2015 11:18am
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MIke T1 says...
The big leafed or grimal was always assumed to be M.spirito santensis but Brazilian experts have verified the Australian version is actually and undescribed species.The common or sabara jaboticaba is one of 4 varieties of M.jaboticaba commonly grown in Brazil.M.cauliflora is quite similar with Paulista the favoured variety of that species.
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MIke T1
30th October 2015 8:24pm
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