Abiu Fruit split in half revealing the translucent flesh picture taken at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

(1/11) Abiu Fruit split in half revealing the translucent flesh picture taken at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

YouTube: Abiu exploring this delicous subtropical fruit tree

(2/11) YouTube: Abiu exploring this delicous subtropical fruit tree

Abiu Fruit

(3/11) Abiu Fruit By Sherry [All Rights Reserved, Used By Permission] (Photo Credits)

Abiu Tasting and growing Guide

(4/11) Abiu Tasting and growing Guide


Andrew with a large Abiu Fruit infront of the Abiu tree at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

(6/11) Andrew with a large Abiu Fruit infront of the Abiu tree at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

Abiu Fruit Trees growing at Tropical Fruit World in Australia

(7/11) Abiu Fruit Trees growing at Tropical Fruit World in Australia

Shows what a ripe and ready to pick Abiu on the fruit tree looks like at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

(8/11) Shows what a ripe and ready to pick Abiu on the fruit tree looks like at Tropical Fruit World in NSW Australia

Abiu For Sale (Large)

(9/11) Abiu For Sale (Large)

Leaf of the Abiu

(10/11) Leaf of the Abiu

Abiu For Sale

(11/11) Abiu For Sale



Pouteria caimito
A smooth, brilliant yellow fruit with sweet translucent flesh. It has delicious flavour reminiscent of creme caramel and a texture that is extremely smooth and luscious. The fruit is considered a delicacy for those who can grow it successfully, and it th... Read More

$24.00 ($24.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Special Offer: Buy 2+ @$24.00ea usually:$29.00ea

Specifications of Abiu

Preferred Climate Tropical, SubtropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From SeedlingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Likes Temps above 5deg

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas WA

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 5+ Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Perfect Drainage (Sand/Volcanic)

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

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A cousin of the mangosteen, Achachas are tangy and refreshing with a delicate subtle sweetness, a fine balance between sweetness and acidity, producing an unusual taste sensation. Fruit should be picked mature as it does not ripen further on storage. Originating from the Bolivian part of the Amazon basin in South America, the Bolivian name of the fruit is Achachairu and translated means honey kiss. Achacha is protected by Plant Breeders Right (PBR) and cannot be grown or propagated without licence agreement with Achacha Fruit Group
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Rollinia - Brazilian Custard Apple

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A relative of the cherimoya this plant has its origins in tropical America. The fruit about 100mm in diameter has a creamy juicy and delicious flesh, according to some tasting like lemon meringue pie. Fruits within 4 years from seed. Seed selected from extremely sweet and flavoursome fruit with firm white flesh and few seeds.The foliage is delicate on young trees, and our potted plants are known for their older leaves to turn yellow and drop during transport to conserve energy. This is not a problem long term. With care and acclimatisation they will bounce back

Avocado - Secondo (A) ®

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Soursop - Kyogle

$54.00 ($54.00-$79.00 choose a size)

This grafted selection was made from a tree cropping in a frost free region of Kyogle. The fresh flesh is juicy and slightly acid producing a rich creamy thirst quenching juice. Also known as Graviola or Guanaban. Prefers a tropical climate but worth trying in marginal climates by the enthusiast fruit grower. But its more than just a sweet treat. Graviola has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, too. This has led some scientists to explore graviola as potential treatment options for a range of serious illnesses, including cancer.Although some laboratory studies do indicate that graviola may have anticancer properties, there isnt any clinical evidence that graviola can treat or prevent cancer in humans.Keep reading to find out what the research says about graviola and cancer and what you need to know about graviola supplements.https://www.healthline.com/health/cancer/graviola-cancer

Acerola - Florida Sweet

$14.90 ($14.90-$79.00 choose a size)

This bright red cherry like fruit has varying tastes during different stages as it ripens. When fully ripe the fruit is juicy and aromatic with its acid content giving it a sweet acid apple-like flavour. The tree can produce a number or crops each year, making for quite a long harvest season. Our selection is called the acerola Florida Sweet Cherry and is a pleasant eating variety that is not too sour. The acerola is well suited to pot culture where it can be kept to a smaller size. It could also be grown this way in cooler climates where it can be moved to a warmer position in the winter. A word of warning the foliage of the plant is covered in tiny irritating stinging hairs that can produce an allergic reaction. When pruning your trees wear a long sleeved shirt and a pair of gloves.
Special Offer: Buy 2+ @$14.90ea usually:$19.75ea

Mamey Sapote

$17.90 ($17.90-$79.00 choose a size)

Underneath the Mamey's leathery coarse brown skin is a brilliantly coloured, sweet and creamy flesh. The salmon-pink flesh has an exotic flavour similar to sweet pumpkin pie with spice. Unripe fruits can be cooked as a vegetable.
Special Offer: Buy 2+ @$17.90ea usually:$24.00ea

Abiu Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 8months ago



Great tree

★★★★★ 10months ago



The tree is growing well in good condition. Can't wait to try the fruit.

★★★★★ 1y ago

DULONG, QLD, Australia


I had never heard of it previously but it sounded interesting and like something worth trying.

★★★ 1y ago

brisbane, qld, Australia


My seedling abiu is about 5 years old and 2m by 2m. For the past three years it has flowered. Every year the flowers fall off without producing fruit. It seems that these trees really need cross pollination.

★★★★★ 3y ago

Cooroy, Qld, Australia


A great tasting quality fruit for the tropics & subtropics! I have a single 2m high seedling tree that bears more than a dozen large delicious fruit per year. I rate them so highly, I recently planted 2 more trees.

Amelie Barrett
4y ago

Port Douglas, QLD, Australia


Abiu is perfect for icecreams and we make our traditional recipie every year!

★★★ 4y ago

SUNBURY, VIC, Australia

Extremely ambitious but growing in a half wine barrel in Melbourne. Rock retaining wall on one side and brick wall on other to retain heat around it.  Fingers crossed.

Vojtech Hlinka
6y ago

Barellan Point, QLD, Australia


To me it tastes like caramel mixed with a persimmon background. It does have a stickiness to the fruit so will stick tissues etc. to fingers. It is hard to wash off but after a few minutes the stickiness disappears by itself.

Tanny Lee
9y ago

Kuching, SARAW


I love the Abiu fruits very much. I am having 6 trees and all of them are bearing fruits now. I will propogate them and will plant many more

Scott Pointing
11y ago

Beerwah, QLD, Australia, Australia


Seedling trees are fine so long as you plant two together so they can cross pollinate.



★★★★ 11y ago


Bought 2 of these from Daleys in Sept 2012. Apparently they pollinate better with each other. The fruit I am yet to taste but it sounds divine, as it is said by some to taste like lemon merange pie! Abiu is a cousin of the spectacular Star Apple tree, ...




★★ 11y ago

WALLARAH, NSW, Australia

Satisfaction level with this plant will rise when I see fruit starting to form on the branches. I have high hopes for this one, it's growing way out of it's comfort zone, namely, I'm just an hours drive north of Sydney.. It doesn't quite frost here but...

11y ago

Singapore, AMK


My family grows an Abiu tree in our backyard and my dad loves it especially for its sweet caramel-like taste! It grows well here in Singapore because of the all year round tropical climate.

11y ago

Singapore, SG


Hi can anybody share how the name "abiu" come about? My dad has planted a abiu fruit tree in his garden and is keen to learn more about the fruit and the tree. I would also like to ask on behalf of him if anybody knows where the Brazil plantations of Abiu

★★★ 12y ago


I love the idea of caramel fruit! The tree is very tall and top heavy though so not sure how it will go - it looks very flimsy.

Mike Trenerry
12y ago

Cairns, QLD


Z4 and e4 varieties grow well in my yard in Cairns fruiting several times a year.They are tough and can be pruned short.

13y ago

Melbourne, VIC


Grows well in a conservatory here in Melbourne.

Thomas Phung
13y ago

El Monte, CA


The Abiu temperter 30f above if u live cold place use hay around the tree.





★★★★★ 14y ago

Keperra, QLD, Australia

Nice looking tree. Quite quick growing. I had it in an exposed spot and it grew quickly (contrary to popular thought) it flowered but set no fruit. I moved it to a prime spot to try to get it to set fruit and it is flowering again spring 2011.


14y ago

Wakeley, NSW, Australia

Couldn't survive the frosts

Noel Ramos
14y ago

Coral Springs, FL US


Abius grow well here in South Florida USA and I have several fruiting seedling trees. Both produce large quality fruit with a delicious vanilla-coconut flavor. Takes about 3 years from seed to produce.

★★★ 14y ago

Bluewater, QLD, Australia

Steadily growing.

★★ 14y ago

Worongary, QLD, Australia

Died due to lack of watering.

14y ago

Unanderra, NSW, Australia

Too cold in Wollongong for abiu but I thought Id give it a go.

14y ago

Davao City, DAVAO


Hey Goldie, I got Abiu seeds as a gift from my uncle, loved the fruit! am in Davao, Phils and am interested in getting tips how I can grow these... can you help me with info or any sites / articles that would give me some info 'bout it?

Goldie Alaban
15y ago

Lagunaphilippines, 4031


Abiu can be also grown in the Philippines. inarching as an asexual propagation method is practiced to make trees bear fruits earlier. :)

Scott Cox
16y ago

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


The Abiu is one of the most delicious fruits I've ever tried. I encountered them whilst in Brazil. I just bought one for my mother in law in QLD and wish I could grow them here in Melbourne.

Pancy Siam
17y ago

Singapore, 065


My country suggest that it has a mango and honey flavour

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