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Dkatbena's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/08/14 Updated: 22/08/14 Frost:
Location: wat is dis?phil.

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Dkatbena Forum Contributions
Coffee10 - I know coffee loves mild climate of the tropics but cannot tolerate freezing weather.Coffee loves the clay loam and loamy soils high in organic matter.it needs frequent watering in dry areas and trimming to ensure balanced growth of branches.needs high am..1450 days 11hrs
What did you sow today - Red japanese okra...2259 days 14hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - Buy them in store and try to propagate using the seeds. I watched american successfully grown soursoup also called gou- ya- ba- no in temp. Zones...2259 days 14hrs
Bananas5 - Banana like loam soil in warm climates.if the base of the plant is healthy or no desease, sprout will develop at desirable weather or temp..If your location is in temperate zone I think you need a glass transparent that can increase temp. Inside the green..2259 days 14hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Ok. Amarillo is Marigold with scientific name Tagetes Erecta linn...2259 days 15hrs

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