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Don C's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/02/14 Updated: 01/02/14 Frost:
Location: Karangi

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Don C Forum Contributions
When will my new nectarine tree flower - Hi Doris, From what I have read, you should expect the fruit to be ready to pick by Dec in your location, earlier in places with warmer winters. The page for each variety has customer feedback on the bottom and some people put in their fruiting months. T..970 days 18hrs
Fruit trees in the illawarra - There is another thread that you may wish to look at http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forum/tropical-fruit-trees-successfuly-grown-in-sydneywollongongnewcastle3/ The Illawara seems to have quite a strong community of growers, so try visiting some of the com..983 days 20hrs
When will my new nectarine tree flower - Hi Murf. If the tree was heavily pruned when planted the fruit bearing wood may have been removed. Does it have flower buds? http://www.ent.uga.edu/peach/peachhbk/pdf/stages.pdf I think it is a mid season fruiter, around late January for you. You should ..985 days 10hrs
Planting fruit trees3 - Sounds like a lot of planning required. Contrasting requirements, on the one hand you want your trees bearing well when you move in, on the other it is not advisable for the trees to be bearing before you move in. If they do and there is no-one to manage..1005 days 17hrs
Apricot tree10 - Hi Crochet. Just letting you know that I noticed my apricot had broken dormancy three days ago. Hopefully, yours will soon, if it hasn't already...1012 days 17hrs
Apricot tree10 - My apricot is one of the last deciduous trees to break dormancy. It still doesn't look like it, although other stone fruits have already set fruit. Especially if it was a present, I wouldn't give up on it setting fruit. You should see the first flowers ..1022 days 15hrs
Seedless grapes - I think Thompson and Crimson seedless both need cane pruning. Giving them an even haircut all over will cut off the flower buds which appear further out along the canes. Marroo may be spur pruned though rather than cane pruned. From my knowledge cane p..1042 days 11hrs
Pruning mango tree - I also am not a mango expert, but have pruned one mango tree and several other fruit trees. From my experience, if you leave the tree unpruned, it is more likely to branch out higher above the ground than is ideal for low fruiting. If you wish to easily p..1214 days 16hrs
Hi i would like to buy a - I'm not sure if it is the same as a kiwano or African horned melon / cucumber. It looks the same to me. Seed can be bought from a few seed sellers, including: Eden seeds, Boondie seeds, cornucopia seeds, diggers and fair dinkum seeds...1267 days 6hrs
Qa to glenn walton qld arboricultural association - Yes we do have a big home garden. When we lived on a suburban block, we used two different cheap ones, both Rover from memory. I think there are four main differences between the cheap ones I used and the piecemaker. 1) Price 2) What you can chip (diame..1630 days 17hrs
Qa to glenn walton qld arboricultural association - We have the piece maker from Greenfield. They have a range of motors, we have the Kohler. Highly recommended...1630 days 20hrs
Pruning apple trees - My understanding about pears and chill, is that they are fussier about their chill requirement than apples. Daleys have some low chill varieties. However, these are bigger trees than the dwarfed apples. Therefore, if you have limited space you would need ..1637 days 20hrs
Pruning apple trees - Hi Slicko, if you want to espalier you can do it without a frame. I'm no expert, but in my limited experience apples are easier to espalier than other trees because their young wood is so flexible. They also can be tied horizontally. I have pseudo espali..1637 days 20hrs
Is malabar chestnut toxic - Just found: Food and Public Health 2012, 2(4): 104-109 DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120204.04 Chemical Characterization and Stability of the Bombacopsis glabra Nut Oil This states that for Bombacopsis glabra (synonym Pachira glabra) the nuts "are not suitab..1648 days 20hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - I bought a Newcastle Early from Yalca fruit trees this year. Daleys don't stock it (nor do most other places). I'm not sure that they can send to WA though, and they may not be sending stuff out again until next winter. From memory when in Booragoon, I ..1675 days 19hrs

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