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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Canungra and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Canungra Plants - Most Popular

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

Popularity: 2

Mandarin - Imperial

A proven early variety that is still very popular today. Excellent colour and flavour; the skin is smooth, glossy, thin and easy to peel. Older trees may develop a biennial bearing habit.
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$24.90 86 Grafted 4litre

Popularity: 1

Pecan Mohawk

Pecan - Mohawk (B) SP

Large nuts similar to Mahan. Thin shell of attractive appearance. Kernel can exceed 60% of weight of the entire nut. Separates easily from shell; high quality, matures early. Vigorous and hardy tree, prolific bearer.
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$29.00 26 Grafted 4litre

Popularity: 1


Rollinia - Picone

Selection from Northern NSW, consistent cropper in frost free subtropical locations, large juicy fruit. Rollinia is a relative of the cherimoya this plant has its origins in tropical America. The fruit about 100mm in diameter has a creamy juicy and delicious flesh, according to some tasting like lemon meringue pie.  Sourced from Picone Exotic Orchards
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$39.00 1 Grafted 165mm

Popularity: 1

Mandarin Honey Murcott

Mandarin - Honey Murcott

Small to medium size flat fruit with yellow-orange skin. The fruit is smooth and easy to peel. Has some seeds. Its rich red flesh is honey sweet and juicy, with a lovely fragrance. Frost sensitive. H Aug - Sept
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$24.90 7 Grafted 175mmL

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