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LILLY PILLY Syzygium sp

Australia boasts over 60 different varieties of lilly pillies all of which appear to be edible. They range from a small bush to a large tree and are well respected for their spectacular ornamental qualities. Their tastes vary quite markedly but all have a high pectin content and are well suited to preserving. The trees make excellent screens, windbreaks, bird attractants or garden ornamentals.

Powderpuff Lilly Pilly

Small to medium pendulous shrub to 3m high. New foliage is a very attractive bright pink. Flowers are large and crimson occuring in large fluffy heads.
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Lilly Pilly - Bluey

Lilly Pilly - Bluey

Cutting grown selection of the tasty and attractive Blue Lilly Pilly fruit. The delicate fruit is aromatic with a sweetish slightly gingery or turpentine flavour. Fruit is a distinctive blue colour.
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Cascade Lilly PIlly - Syzygium luehmannii x wilsonii

This is a hybrid species of lilly pilly that looks similar to the powderpuff lilly pilly but it has pale pink flowers followed by yummy pale pink fruits. Excellent for Hedges
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Grown From Climate Height Frost tol. Pollination req'd Evergreen/Deciduous Harvest period
2-25 Medium No Evergreen June - September

Customer Comments on Lilly Pilly

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Lilly Pilly Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum

Lilly Pilly

Be very carefull to pick a Lilly Pilly that is resistant to the lilly pilly psyllid (Trioza eugeniae) otherwise you have to spray fortnightly which is costly and makes the fruit inedible. | Mitch White - Turramurra, NSW 20-Sep-2007

Lilly Pilly

LILLY PILLY, Syzygium sp, the Small Leaved Lilly Pilly/Riberry makes a beautiful screening hedge. It does very well in my clay soil prepared with gypsum before planting. It has grown over 3 metres clipped annually. Now established, I rarely water. | Sue Brennan - Kew, VIC 02-Jan-2010

Lilly Pilly

Don't worry about the psyllids, they make the tree unsightly but they won't kill the tree or spoil the fruit. My trees provide loads of fruit despite the psyllids and without spraying. Otherwise try the Eugenia species which are psyllid resistant. | Janet Riepon - Beverly Hills, NSW 28-Jan-2010
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