Ice Cream Bean from Tropical Fruit world picture taken

(1/7) Ice Cream Bean from Tropical Fruit world picture taken

ice cream bean

(2/7) ice cream bean By Dick Culbert [CC BY 2.0] (Photo Credits)

Ice cream bean flowering in Kyogle NSW Australia

(3/7) Ice cream bean flowering in Kyogle NSW Australia

Ice Cream Bean Tree flowering in Kyogle

(4/7) Ice Cream Bean Tree flowering in Kyogle

Leaf of the Ice Cream Bean

(5/7) Leaf of the Ice Cream Bean

Picture taken at tropical fruit world shop

(6/7) Picture taken at tropical fruit world shop

Ice Cream Bean Mountain For Sale

(7/7) Ice Cream Bean Mountain For Sale


Ice Cream Bean Mountain

Inga densiflora
Fruit Trees > Tropical Fruit Trees > Ice Cream Bean Mountain
A large attractive tree with spreading branches and lovely white and yellow pompom type flowers. The short pods look similar to a tamarind pod. Surrounding the inedible black seeds is a thick white juicy pulp that tastes very much like vanilla ice-cream. ... Read More
Other Names: Ice cream, Icecream


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Specifications of Ice Cream Bean Mountain

Preferred Climate Subtropical, TropicalLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From SeedlingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) +10m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Sometimes

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas WA

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Fruiting/Harvest Months , February, March, April

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Panama Berry

$14.90 ($14.90-$79.00 choose a size)

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Special Offer: Buy 1+ @$14.90ea usually:$19.75ea

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Ice Cream Bean Mountain Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 1y ago

OXENFORD, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

I bought it as a gift for someone who had been wanting it for some time

★★★★★ 2y ago

Greystanes, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

People generally dont know about this tree & its magnificent fruit & I want to educate everyone. If u are considering it dont delay. It grows my favourite fruit ever, sort of a banana/lychee texture with icecream flavour.

3y ago

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

You might just be seeing Daley's plant with the most tips or comments.


★★★ 4y ago


Inga sp. I like the "floss" around the seeds but my family aren't as impressed. I also planted it because it's a nitrogen fixer and I like the tree too. It has grown very fast here and is already 6m tall, and about 5m wide.It is not bothered by our bor...

Elvira Dammasch
5y ago

Cabooture South, Qld

Ice Cream Bean

I obtained my Icecream bean tree 4 years ago, It is huge, has flowered several times. But had no fruit. Frost free area.

Lorraine Taylor
5y ago

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Remember the story of Jack and The Bean Stalk? Well this must have been it. Grows like wild fire in Brisbane area. I had one that grew so fast it was unbelievable. It shaded almost a house block. It was great for kids to climb but many seedlings

6y ago

OCEAN VIEW, QLD, Australia

It is a healthy tree with low branches, it looks interesting. Has lots of fruit.

Shane Barry
6y ago

Moe, VIC, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

I live in Moe VICTORIA and have got a tree to 3.5 metres in about 5 years. Facing north in front of a shed. Maybe proper fruit in years to come....

★★★ 7y ago


I am dying to try this fruit, I had a small sapling but I realised I would never ba able to get fruit off it in a pot  so I gave it away to a local mango farm that also runs a cafe/ice cream shop as a tourist attraction. I thought it might be interest...

Simon Williams
8y ago

Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

I am in Hazelbrook Blue Mtns NSW and have young Inga edulis trees from Daleys which cope well with frost. Most of my garden gets hit hard by frost, which has effected other subtropical plants but not this one I would rate as medium to hardy frost tol

Ian Cox
9y ago

Conjola, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

My tree is two n half years and is now producing 100 - 150mm fruit pods. enjoys north aspect, handles strong breeze too. Still waiting to try the fruit!

Jack Chang
9y ago

Greenbank, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Most of inga sold in the nurseries is not true inga edulisInga edulis has very long pod and is smooth and greenMost inga trees seen near Brisbane has short and hairy yellow podsThere is a true one in mount cootha botanical garden

Rae Harrison
10y ago

Lockyer Valley, QLD, Australia, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

We planted a mature potted tree a year ago and we have fruit now, after floods, frost and drought conditions during that time.

R Braiuka
10y ago

Kempsey, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

We have many around the house on our property and make a wonderful shady sitting area. The birds are a joy to watch and the grandkids love climbing them also-good for attaching swings. Be sure not to plant near the house as the roots go forever.Millions o

Gloria Obuzor
11y ago

Port Harcourt, RIVER

Ice Cream Bean

For the past three years, my Inga Edulis will flower but will not fruit. Whats the problem?

11y ago

Ojai, CA

Ice Cream Bean

I grew one from's in a container in my bathroom, excellent conditions there along with passionfruit and kumquats. The bean is now almost 4 ft. tall and thriving!

Tiago Wilson
11y ago

Daintree, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Councils should be wary planting these as there is potential to be weed like as every seed shoots even before it gets to the ground recommend pruning as if too big hard to get fruit in it's prime great for garnish on dessert or just snack in the afternoon

Louis Bonomini
12y ago

Newcaste, NSW

Ice Cream Bean

In south America the beans are roasted and eaten whole.

Denise Bijoux
12y ago

Auckland, NZ

Ice Cream Bean

Mine has been fruiting in Auckland for several years. I'd like to know if the beans are edible too?

Stephane Boisjoli
12y ago

Ottawa, ON

Ice Cream Bean

This tree can be grown indoors, but during the cold season it won't do anything. You should be ready to prune it as well. No fruits yet, but I read it takes 3 years, and I've had it for 2.5 years. It is a very hardy grower even in a pot, loves sun.

Eryn Lawler
12y ago

Sydeny, 2449

Ice Cream Bean

There make good climbing trees so u can eat them when your up there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fredrick Buckley
13y ago

Noosa Hinterland, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Hi! We have two growing in different locations on our property,one is growing very fast and have discovered its potential to multiply with many seedlings popping up. Need to keep an eye on it .

★★★★★ 13y ago

Bardon, Qld, Australia

Unusual Tree. Look forward to tasting beans.

★★★ 13y ago

Wyndham Vale, VIC, Australia

Frostbite!! Poor little thing. I thought it was much hardier than it was...

★★★★ 13y ago

Blackwater, QLD, Australia

was not to happy in a 100lt pot at first but growing well now

Ira Evan Nevius
13y ago

Todos Santos, MEX

Ice Cream Bean

I planted mine 5 years ago and just got first fruit this year. It now stands at 20 feet . looks like it wants to be really big and is covered in flowers. As I think I am the only one with Inga tree in Todos Santos I assume they are self pollenating.

13y ago

Toormina , NSW

Ice Cream Bean

I love this tree but it makes such a mess. Every seed dropped has the potential to grow. I am constantly pulling the young trees out of the garden & lawn. Lovely tree but I would not recommend planting in a normal sized houseyard.

Jenny Wren
13y ago

Ballina, NSW

Ice Cream Bean

Every summer, The pods become an obsession for the white correllas,and I'm not left with many good pods!!they eat them and shred them..but hey Birds need to eat too!

★★★★ 13y ago

Keperra, QLD, Australia

Okay, not really mine, but grown by my neighbour between our houses. I take care of it though because I like the fruit. I just cut it back when it looks like clogging the gutters and maybe give it a bit of fertilizer, but it really takes care of itself...

★★ 14y ago

WALLARAH, NSW, Australia

 Newly planted trees, I've seen a couple of nice specimens only a couple of K's from my place so I thought I'd give them a try.


★★★ 14y ago

Unanderra, NSW, Australia

Fast growing, attractive shade tree with long, sweet pods kids love to snack from.  I grow them as quick, growing pioneer plant that will be cut down later when other fruit trees need its space.

Carol Leung
14y ago

West End, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Nikhil - it is growing over 198 bus stop near 313 Boundary Street (past Dornoch bridge towards river). There are also some in the community gardens in the park at Paradise Street.

Pete Gardner
14y ago

Santa Barbara, CA

Ice Cream Bean

I started my tree from seed indoors under artificial light this tree grew profusely its been in there one year and is already over 5' tall it loves abundant nutrients and water, beautiful pinnate leaves, going outside in spring under a warm california sun

Lyn Willshire
14y ago

Yetman, N.S.W, Australia, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Hi, could someone please tell me how & what to do with the fruit as I am a new owner. Beautiful tree.

Rosa Long
14y ago

Cairns, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

The ice cream bean is not on the DPI's list of weeds, neither is it included in a government list of "potential weeds" which discussed hundreds of plants. A search of the DPI and the EPA websites does not show up with anything at all.

15y ago

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Hello Carol Leung, Where in West End are these trees? Which street?I'd like to go and have a look.

15y ago

Coomera, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

We have several I. edulis here, all about 15 years old. All about 10m tall. Passiflora edulis var flavicarpa (yellow passionfruit) loves growing amongst these guys, and will grow to the canopy, fruiting profusely.

Greg Stewart
15y ago

Bulli, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Just harvested first time nice flavour grew ok we are near the sea illawarra region nsw now 4 meters high

David Mcminn
15y ago

Nimbin, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

This is a noxious weed and should not be planted in rural situations where it can spread into the environment. I poisoned all of our dozen or so trees.

Jack Kennedy
15y ago

Albany Creek, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

WE have 10 acres next to a creek our tree is about 15 years old and is HUGE!IT'S ABOUT THE SIZE of a Circus tent

Luke Watts
15y ago

Earlwood, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

This tree is awesome,I usually grow rare chillies and out of the blue I bought it it was at the end of last summer and wow it is fruiting already but fruit is not ripe yet

Paul Toovey
16y ago

Cowes, VIC, Australia, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Created a nice little micro climate out of the wind, but just wanted to let you know it grows well as far south as Phillip Island, Victoria

Carol Leung
16y ago

West End, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Planted by Council next to road - spreads exceedingly fast during summer and requires pruning to keep it off the road. Takes a while before good volumes of plump fruit are produced.

Brent Ireland
17y ago

Northgate, QLD, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Grew in full shade took ages to fruit-possum love it so do bats

David White
17y ago

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

Planted one on the nature strip 4 years ago and it's now 10 foot tall. Beautiful weeping foliage, nitrogen fixer, interesting flowers and delicious fruit. Tough as nails once established. Appreciates good water.

Bill Yates
17y ago

Blacktown, NSW, Australia

Ice Cream Bean

An observation-left outside in a pot for 4yrs.Hamered by frost' but survived.Once planted grew quickly and is fruiting profusely

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