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IanW's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/06/17 Updated: 21/06/17 Frost:
Location: Ashfield

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

IanW Forum Contributions
Feijoa fruit sydney - My Unique was covered in flowers for the first time this spring. Unfortunately only two of the setting fruit remain, I'm guessing the heat waves cased them to drop? It got to 45 C here at its worst. My 12 seedlings are about a metre and a half, excep..172 days 17hrs
Soursop tree for sydney region - My Kyogle soursop has slowly lost all its leaves over winter. I have it in a little ALDI greenhouse. I can only hope the leaves will grow back in Spring. I'm in Inner West Sydney...323 days 13hrs
My new sour sop fruit - I just bought a Kyogle soursop that will have its first winter in Inner West Sydney, so I'm glad to hear it doesn't need a greenhouse in winter! My garden is tiny, so space is a premium, and I already have too many trees!..438 days 11hrs
Miracle fruit - The alcohol spray sounds promising. How is the alcohol sold? Methylated spirits, Ethanol?..774 days 7hrs
Miracle fruit - The plant went outside for Spring and Summer. It didn't grow any new leaves, and lost some more and browned some more. Now its cold again, I've brought it back inside and put an LED lamp on it since my windows don't get any direct sunlight. I noticed tiny..777 days 15hrs

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