Melaleuca - Tea tree oil tree

$4.95 ($4.95-$18.75 choose a size)

This shrub has fine foliage and profuse white flowers appearing in spring/summer. Plants respond to pruning and can be grown as a hedge or screen. This species is grown for tea-tree oil extraction. 3m

Yam - Oca - Solomon (3)

$4.90 ($4.90-$21.90 choose a size)

The tubers are pink with red eyes. It is an average producer of 1/2 to one kg per plant. When harvesting tubers vary in size from small to large. Soil conditions can cause spottiness of the skin. Sold in bags with a minimum of 3 in them.Cook like potatoes, usually roasted until soft, but can be microwaved or added to stews. If you leave the tubers to dehydrate they become sweet, often sweet enough to eat like you would dried fruit.
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