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Botanical Name: Pyrus communis

Pear Trees get far less attention than other fruits do, yet they are sweet and tasty, and nutritious. Like apple trees, they are long keepers when they are picked still green. If kept in a cool location they will last for months.

Pear Hood Compliments of perfect plants

Pear - Hood

Large, golden yellow fruit with a creamy white flesh. Great for fresh eating as the flesh is crisp and sweet. Vigorous tree, resistant to blight. Subtropical variety Chill 350 hours.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$29.00 26 Grafted 165mm

*Pollinator: Flordahome or Fla 57-75

Pear corella compliments of luscious lawns

Pear - Corella

Attractive red skinned flesh with yellow background. Mid season, early flowering variety requiring only a medium chill. Firm, moderate juice, small to medium sized fruit.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$29.00 24 Grafted 165mm

*Pollinator Nashi ya li

  $39.00 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Pear Packhams

Pear - Packhams Triumph

This sweet juicy pear has a subtle flavour that makes them ideal for cooking and bottling. Large fruit, green in colour and long in shape. A regular and heavy bearer. Requires a cold winter for good crops.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$29.00 18 Grafted 165mm

*Pollinators Nijissiki

  $39.00 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Pear Williams

Pear - Williams

Often called 'Bartlett' or Bon Chretien. Medium to large in size and very juicy with a sweet flavour. Pale green at picking, ripening to a clear attractive yellow, sometimes with a slight blush. Used for fresh fruit, juice, stewing, preserving and drying. Early season maturity. Pollinated by 'Beurre Bosc' or 'Nijisseiki' nashi. Partially self-fertile.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$29.00 13 Grafted 165mm

*Pollinator - Beurre Bosc or nashi beneficial

$39.00 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Pear Flordahome For Sale 165mm pot

Pear - Flordahome

Large fruit with green skin and thin tender white flesh. The flesh is very sweet with a juicy melting mild taste. Stores well and is very productive. Subtropical variety, chill 350 hours.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$31.95 10 Grafted 165mm

*Pollinator: Hood or Fla 57-75

Pear - D6

Rootstock for pears.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
  $9.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available In Production
Dwarf Pear Bonza

Dwarf Pear - Bonza

An early fruiting variety that is low chill and well suited to warmer regions. Harvest when the skin is still green and the fruit will ripen to yellow. Very sweet and self fertile. Rounded fruits similar to a nashi in shape.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$69.00 0 Grafted BR Email Me When Available In Production
Dwarf Pear Pretty Face

Dwarf Pear - Pretty Face

A small cocktail pear maturing early in the season. The attractive fruits have green/yellow skin with a red blush. Pollinators - Corella
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$69.00 0 Grafted BR Email Me When Available
*Pollinators - Corella In Production
Dwarf Pear Sunshine

Dwarf Pear - Sunshine

Early fruiting low chill variety with very sweet fruit. Self fertile this variety is well suited to warmer areas. Harvest when the skin is green and it will ripen to yellow. The rounded fruits are similar in shape to nashi pears.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
$69.00 0 Grafted BR Email Me When Available In Production
Pear - Fla 57-75

Pear - Fla 57-75

A low chill selection developed in Florida, a pollinator for the Hood and the Flordahome. The fruits are small and rounded with a light red blush. They have a good texture and a sweet flavour. They are picked early in the season with other low chill pears. They do not store well.
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
  $27.00 0 Grafted 175mm Email Me When Available
*Pollinate with Hood or Flordahome Seeking Propagation Material
Beurre Bosc Pear

Pear - Beurre Bosc

Large fruit, russet yellow-brown colour. Flesh is yellowish-white and juicy with a coarse texture and slightly granular. Flavour is very good and sweet. Full flavour develops after three to four weeks under refrigeration. Mid-season maturity. Recommended by Flemings Nursery - Pick of the Crop
ImagePriceAvail.PropagationPotBuy Options
  $49.00 0 Grafted BRT Email Me When Available
*Pollinators - Nijiseiki Seeking Propagation Material

Plant Information or Specifications

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

2 compatible plants (Pollination Required)
Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts?


Amount of leaves in Winter?

No Leaves (Deciduous)

Fruiting/Harvest Months

February, March, April


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