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Burdekin Plum fruitBotanical Name: Pleiogynium timorense

This close relative of the Mango is a native tropical rainforest tree. The deep purple fleshy plum-like fruits need to be held for some days to soften and mellow. Early settlers (probably taught by the Aborigines) were known to bury them in the ground which had the effect of softening them and increasing palatability. The fruit can be eaten raw, or used in wines, jams and jellies. The burdekin plum is exceptionally hardy and can cope with long dry periods once it is established. It does however prefer free draining soil and lots of sunshine to perform well. Trees are monoecious and will usually set on their own, however they will produce much better yields if they are plants in small clusters of 2-3 trees.

Other Names: #CV
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$14.90 11 Seedling Medium

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$14.75 0 Seedling Small Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
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Burdekin Plum Burdekin Plum For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grown from Seed) Leaf of the Burdekin Plum Burdekin Plum For Sale (Size: Small)  (Grown from Seed)

Plant Information or Specifications

Preferred Climate

Subtropical, Warm Temperate
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Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

1+ Beneficial (cross pollination helps with fruit set)
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Can it Handle Frosts?


Amount of leaves in Winter?

All Leaves (Evergreen)

Water Requirements

Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree?

No (Full Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest

5+ Years

Sun or Shade

Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type

Good Drainage

Soil pH

Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months

February, March


Customer Comments on Burdekin Plum

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Burdekin Plum Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum

Burdekin Plum

You have to store them in a air tight acontainer in the fridge | Alice Ashleigh - Wagga Wagga, NSW 20-Mar-2006

Burdekin Plum

The burdekin plum is a good berry to try in fruit cakes | Garry - Katherine, N.T. 06-Sep-2007

Burdekin Plum

Planting Burdekin Plums from seed. Sow about 4 cm deep, need good quality soil, full sun and needs to be well watered. keep bugs and pests away from the small plant. | Ceilidh O'sullivan - Bundaberg, QLD 28-Apr-2008

Burdekin Plum

Before planting from seed, soak seed in water for 24 hours prior to sowing. | Ceilidh O'sullivan - Bundaberg, QLD 28-Apr-2008

Burdekin Plum

The dry seeds found under parenting trees can be used to make jewellry beads! Also, throw seeds in fresh water creeks or rivers and they can grow in more places. | Ceilidh O'sullivan - Bundaberg, QLD 28-Apr-2008

Burdekin Plum

I have a tree grown from seed originating at Mt Perry. A heavy crop after 6 years. I am allowing fruit to ripen and dry in sugar and some salt.When finished I will let all know the result. A bit tart for me as is! | Russell Drinkwater - Eidsvold, QLD 09-May-2008

Burdekin Plum

I made a cordial by boiling the ripe whole fruit & straining the liquid, then added sugar. Does anyone have any jam/jelly recipes? | Frana Mckinstry - Townsville, QLD 26-May-2008

Burdekin Plum

Burdekin plums are like paw paw's. you need a male and a female tree to be able to produce fruit. | Ceilidh O'sullivan - Bundaberg, QLD 07-Oct-2008

Burdekin Plum

I use fertiliser for my 1 and half year old plant. I reccomend Osmocote native plants. Availadle from Bunnings warehouse. | Ceilidh O'sullivan - Bundaberg, QLD 07-Oct-2008

Burdekin Plum

A friend just substituted Burdekin Plums for say ordinary plums boiled up the chopped plums with sugar, removed the seeds (left skin in for jam and strained for a jelly). Very Nice! | Carol Davis - Proserpine, QLD 18-Jun-2009

Burdekin Plum

I heard a good one recently ...soak overnight with charcoal to soak up the bitterness. this was apparently done by the aboriginals. I have not tried it. If anyone has some ripe fruit I have a lady keen to make jam with it. | Denise Wild - Captain Creek, QLD 05-Jan-2010

Burdekin Plum

We have a large burdekin plum tree that produces a bumpa crop of fruits. They are not very tasty as a little astringent but if left to soften a bit better. Haven't tried to make anything with them. Flying fox love them. | Faye Pini - Cooktown, QLD 12-May-2010

Burdekin Plum

I have a tree on my property the fruit of which has been made into the best wine. The winemaker gave us many bottle that went on to produce VERY popular bolegnaise sause. | Daphne Bawden - Gin Gin, QLD 09-Jun-2014

Burdekin Plum

As kids living at Bustard Head Lighthouse Station, we used to bury the Burdekin Plums in the sand in a paper bag. Ripened beautifully. Lots of trees growing wild at Boyne Island/Tannum Sands. | Oki Rose - Miriam Vale, QLD 11-Sep-2016
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Burdekin Plum

Customer Feedback
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Burdekin Plum

Phil@tyalgum's Edible Fruits
Update: 3320 days 3hrs

Comments: - Young trees used as part of an indigenous planting

Planted: 2009

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12 of 16 people found this review useful


Chooks19 says... [2926 days 20hrs ago]
My Mum taught us to bury the purple Burdekin Plum fruits in damp sand until they became soft and sweet. I think fruit flavour varied tree to tree but the sand trick turns them all into edible fruit within a few days.
Chooks19 says... [2926 days 20hrs ago]
Makes great wine - like pink champagne.

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Burdekin Plum (Seedling)

Rusticular's Edible Fruits
Update: 58 days 20hrs

Comments: - Planted by previous owners. Fruit much less astringent once ripe, more flesh than quandong.

Planted: 2011

Height 4 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 2

Fruit Harvest: 20 kilograms per Year

Sun/Shade: Full Shade

Pollination: Self Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: none

Pest Control: None

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