Fig Black Genoa

Ficus carica

Black Genoa fruit

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A large fruit with purple skin and red flesh that has a very sweet rich flavour. Grown commercially due to its high yields it is also a popular selection for home gardeners. Also known as San Piero abroad.
Other Names: San Piero California Brown Turkey

$29.00 ($19.75-$79.00 choose a size)

Specifications of Fig Black Genoa

Preferred Climate Subtropical, Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate, Arid (Dry)Learn About Climate Zones

Grown From CuttingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes (Often below -2)

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Suitability in Pots Yes

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? Can be pruned to 2m

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 2-3 Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months March, April

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Fig Black Genoa Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

Cq garden1
★★★ 1y ago

BILOELA, QLD, Australia

Fruit looks delicious

★★★★ 2y ago


Not as sweet as other varieties but still a good flavour. Kept in large pot to limit height. 

Potty Bob 1
★★★★★ 2y ago


Productive tree , kept small in pot , sweet fruit , protect from birds .i grew up on these figs in Brisbane .

Aaron Siemienow1
★★★★ 2y ago

GEROGERY, NSW, Australia

Love figs, thought id add some to my collection.

★★★ 3y ago

ST ANDREWS, NSW, Australia

Quick fruiting and large size.

★★★★★ 3y ago


Grafted to Sandpaper Fig. Fruits almost continually in Cairns with progressive leaf fall & fruit set; short dormant period in june/july/august. Fruits are large and tasty with minimal fruit splitting in extreme wet weather

★★★★★ 3y ago

TALOUMBI, NSW, Australia

We have had two crops within the first year. 

★★★★ 4y ago


Just like my Brown turkey fig, this was also purchased from bunnings. It was badly affected by rust in late autumn due to wet and humid weather. It has come back with great vigour and was the first to break dormancy out of all my figs. Potting mix is t...

Danny N1
★★★★★ 5y ago

WYNN VALE, SA, Australia

Love figs and ridicously expensive to buy from the markets, so i now have my very own!. Have got a Black Genoa and white, plus a Brown Turkey fig. Both still small around 2 feet in height but my Black genoa has set fruit and growing nicely!!.Very easy ...

★★★★★ 5y ago

VIRGINIA , QLD, Australia

Very vigorous plant. Absolutely no problems with it.  Easy to care for.

★★★ 5y ago

BUNGONIA, NSW, Australia

Prolific fruiting. Easy to strike from cuttings

★★★★ 5y ago

MAREEBA, QLD, Australia

This poor fig had a little accident. It was knocked off the deck that it was sitting on, and the top half of the plant was broken off. Despite that, the remaining little fig tree is doing amazingly. Plenty of new growth coming so quickly that I swear ...

★★★★ 6y ago


Doing well in a large pot, haven't had it long. Started fruiting in spring but they shriveled and dropped off, I think it may have got too much rain. I need to move the pot to a spot with more summer sun and less rain.Neighbour has pruned the Jacaranda...

★★★★ 6y ago

Boolwarra Heights, NSW, Australia

Beautiful large fruits when fresh and when dry is sweet and sticky. Large crop on a very small tree.

★★★ 6y ago


Sweet heavenly fruit

★★★★ 8y ago

Illawarra, NSW

Took a cutting from a family tree last autumn and is now shooting out of winter slumber. Plan to leave in a pot.

★★ 9y ago

Woodstock, NSW, Australia

LOve the fruit for eating fresh & jam

★★ 9y ago

, WA

I love the look of it

★★★★★ 9y ago

FLETCHER, NSW, Australia

1 meter tall Growingwell Newcastle AreaClay soil mulchedraised with good topsoil north facing daily watering

★★★★ 9y ago

Lennox Head, NSW, Australia

Tastes terrific and growing well here

★★★ 9y ago

St Agnes, SA, AUST

good eating and dries well for winter enjoyment also good for jams

★★★★ 9y ago

Bundaberg, Qld, Australia

Yum! What a plant. Needs lots of water in the warmer months and the application of pyrethrum and garlic prevents caterpillars from eating the leaves off. Fruit is very good; sweet and juicy. Size up around 100 grams which is pretty large.Mine (and my f...

★★ 10y ago


survived oct13 fires and relocation

★★★★ 10y ago

, Qld, Australia

Fruits prolifically.

★★★ 10y ago

Erskineville, nsw

Planted into a grow bag and to be espaliered against a west facing wall. It was very small when I bought it and it has now trippled in size and had 2 fruit last year. I noticed yesterday that there is fruit buds setting.  I prune to shape.  Spring 20...

★★★★ 10y ago

Mt Pleasant, SA, Australia

Planted in area of permenant moisture

★★★ 10y ago

Austinmer, NSW, Australia

Wanting to have some exotic fruit that you don't tend to buy. Interested in a very productive food garden, so getting lots of plants and seeing what flourishes.

★★★★ 10y ago

randwick, nsw, australia

Tasty fruit, lovely bark and sleek look when deciduous

★★★★★ 10y ago


I love this fig as I planted 5, 2 x Black Genoa, 2 x Brown Turkey and 1x white Adriatic which I purchased from you in 2008 to surprise my Husband who was recovering from his first stroke. They have all fruited and grown from small plants to over 3m hig...

★★★★ 10y ago

Mt Pleasant, Qld, Australia

Such a hardy fig, that makes a beautiful fresh fruit. I don't waste these ones on grilling/baking :) They are best eaten plucked fresh from the tree! They are the first EVER fruits I have grown, I am very proud of them!

★★★★★ 10y ago

MARYLAND, NSW, Australia

I love figs. I would say that they are probably my favourite. They fruit well, are a lovely shade tree, are low maintenance and you make SO MANY FRIENDS when people find out you have a fig tree! ;O)2009: All of my figs have grown from cuttings from ...

★★ 10y ago

Mulbring, NSW, Australia

not the best tasting fruit

★★★★★ 11y ago

Mt Pleasant, SA, Australia

Grown from tip layer from previous property.Planted near septic soak for moisture.

★★★★ 11y ago

Woongarra, QLD, Australia

Had a bumper crop 2009. Found by putting green mossie netting over plant the birds and bugs left fruit alone. Fruit is tasty if cooked on BBQ with a drizzle of honey.

★★ 11y ago

SAFETY BAY, WA, Australia

Never had much fruit from this-much more from an un-named variety I was given

★★★ 11y ago

Keperra, QLD, Australia

I like this fig, so planted one. It took a while to adapt to the new (dry rock/clay) conditions, shedding all of its leaves, but is now flushing with new growth from lower limbs.

★★★ 11y ago

Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia

Only planted in October 2009 and seems a bit slow to take off though I see it is getting some new growth now.  Had 3 figs on it but I removed them as they were bigger than the tree!!Took a little while to take off but is now showing good growth signs....

★★★ 11y ago

Greenbank, QLD, Australia

Bit slow growing, not sure why.

★★★ 11y ago


I had this fig for 2 years in a pot. Went into the ground 2 weeks ago and there are little fruit starting to form on the tree. (Oct 2014)

★★★ 11y ago

Eaton, WA, Australia

Grows very well in pot. Only planted in 2008 in a 50x50cm pot (keeps them dwarfed- and there's no more room in the ground).Doesn't taste as nice as the white adriatic I have as well- but it is a young tree so it may improve

★★★★★ 11y ago

WALLARAH, NSW, Australia

beautiful sweet tasting fruits.

★★★★ 11y ago

Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC, Australia

This tree was the last of our deciduous trees to be planted and the first to produce a crop, taking only one year to come up with some very delicious, sweet and beautiful fruit.  A dark brown skin with pink pulp which is very attractive on a platter w...

★★★ 11y ago

Sippy Downs, QLD, Australia

Strange shape tree.

★★★★ 11y ago

Unanderra, NSW, Australia

Fast easy to grow fig

Steve Walkden-brown
13y ago

Armidale, NSW, Australia

Fig Black Genoa

The taste of this fruit is superlative. Large luscious and sweet in Feb-May. The tree grows very slowly in cold Armidale, partly because of its urge to fruit. Some fruit have frass like material in them - unsure of the cause.

14y ago

Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia

Fig Black Genoa

Grows well in pots. They will fruit from a young age however the fruit often won't ripen when young. It may be best to take the fruit off so it puts its energy into growing more foliage at first.

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