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Mulberry  - Black English For Sale (Large)

(2/2) Mulberry - Black English For Sale (Large)


Mulberry - Black English

Morus nigra
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Large quantities of good sized, sweet, black mulberries are produce in late spring. The tree is a large spreading deciduous shade tree with an attractive form. Well suited to colder climates.

$69.00 ($49.00-$69.00 choose a size)

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Specifications of Mulberry - Black English

Preferred Climate Warm Temperate, Cool TemperateLearn About Climate Zones

Grown From GraftedLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes (Often below -2)

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas WA

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? No (Full Size)

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest First Year

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months February, November, December

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Mulberry - Black English Reviews & Tips

Star Rating


★★★★ 5y ago


Was planted by previous owners. A gnarly looking tree that fruits well. Lovely complex mulberry flavour and is my favourite of our types. Very messy fruit though - and the birds love them too. 

Aaron Siemienow1
★★★★★ 5y ago

GEROGERY, NSW, Australia

Slow growing - in my dog run as a shade tree with the bonus of getting berries. dogs chase the birds away, and sometimes get a high protein meal in the process. Very tasty little fruit.

★★★ 7y ago

ATWELL, WA, Australia

Bargin purchase as very root bound. Planted into clay and gravel location #3 of orchard


★★ 7y ago

THE PATCH, VIC, Australia

Lots of fruit, but few fill up, most shrivel up before they are ripew. Water is not an issue.

★★★ 9y ago


lots of fruit, summer shade for my bees

★★★★ 10y ago

HILLARYS, WA, Australia

I have no idea what variety of black mulberry I have but they are absolutely massive and I have never seen any bigger.  Mine was grown from a cutting given by a friend.  I hack the tree back every year after fruiting and bend down all the fruiting w...

★★★★ 11y ago

Kensington, NSW, Australia

fruits well, can't keep up with it for three monts of the year, grew fast, tasty, after 5 years a climbing tree for the kids

★★★ 11y ago

Belmont, VIC, Australia

Can't wait to eat the fruit

★★★★ 12y ago

South West, WA, Australia

Our tree is huge and graceful. Its beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat.We prune off the dead canes from the inside each year, and its about 3m2 inside now. My kids use it for a cubby house:)The fruit ripens in waves; raining berries for abou...


★★★★ 12y ago


Actually this is my neighbours tree, a large portion falls on my side of the fence.  I prune and take care of my side, little I can do for the other side.  The kids love picking the berries in summer.  I don't think the berries are as plump as th...

★★★★★ 12y ago

Miranda, NSW, Australia

Has a few fruit set already, only been in for about a month. Hopefull will stay manageable in a pot. Got about 20 mulberries (October) which were delicious & have pruned back a little to see if I get more fruit later in summer



★★★★★ 12y ago


Our black mulberry is where you will find a lot of them- over the chookyard. A perfect symbiolic relationship. It is only a year old and has the first green fruit on its branch. Trying to decide whether to let grow up as a single trunk or prune it to b...


★★★★ 12y ago

EDEN, NSW, Australia

The fruit is divine, so rich and flavor full, the birds get most of the fruit besides one branch we net.

★★★ 13y ago

ËIDSVOLD, QLD, Australia

tastes good and the kids love the berries

★★★★ 13y ago

chinchilla, qld, australia

My tree was planted in nov 2008 it was just one tall stick about 150cm high, now it is sept 2010 and it is close to 3m high and it is covered with fruit on every branch. we had about 15 fruit last summer but we are in for a good feed this summer.

★★★★ 13y ago

wodonga, Vic, Australia

Eat fruit straight from the tree while working in the shed or enjoying the back yard, I have espalliered the tree to cover an unattractive fence and as it is a fast grower it has achieved this well. Low maintenance and easy to look after.

★★★★ 13y ago

Frankston, VIC, Australia

Bought two bare rooted via mail order from ebay in April 2010.   (They were grown from cuttings.) Immediately planted into large pots and tied to stakes. Put in a wind protected location but with little sun they looked to struggle. Moved so they are...

★★★★★ 14y ago

Kadina, SA, Australia

I am searching for any seeds or cutings, as I will be having some silk worms to feed very soon




★★★★★ 14y ago

MARYLAND, NSW, Australia

Again I don't know exactly what sort of mulberry I have. I grew it from a cutting from my old tree (that stayed at my old house) which in turn was grown from my dad's tree which HE struck from a cutting from a job site when I was a little girl.They lo...

★★★★ 14y ago

Talbot, VIC, Australia

 About 3 yrs old, alive and starting to make progress. First few fruits summer 08. Tough as old boots and you can grow them near walnuts - one of the very few trees that will.


★★★★★ 14y ago

Maryborough, QLD, Australia

planted next to the chooks house so they clean up the mess on the ground when the fruit falls. it also gives them shade in summer. has grown very fast.

★★★★ 14y ago

Eaton, WA, Australia

Purchased this in 2008 as I enjoy mulberries but don't have the room left in the yard for a full sized tree. Growing this in half a wine barrel will keep the tree dwarfed and I'll still get a "taste" of fruit off it.Reasonably heavily pruned due to be...

★★★ 14y ago

WALLARAH, NSW, Australia

This is a very old tree I inherited with the purchase of the property 15 years ago.  The original tree is no longer there but a side shoot which is now an old tree.  It's got this beautiful long weeping style about it.  The fruit is not as good as o...




★★★★ 14y ago

Worongary, QLD, Australia

This tree is about 6 years old, but I prune it back twice a year, once really hard in winter and again after it has finished fruiting in spring, as this stimulates another crop.


★★★★★ 14y ago


Easy to grow and handles wind, salinity, heat etc. Bob-tails love to eat the fallen fruit.

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