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Aromatic Foliage - Beautifully aromatic foliage

Asian Favourite - A favourite Asian fruit

Australian Hardwood Timber Tree - Perfect for woodlots and timber plots, the timber is used in construction

Autumn Leaf Colour - Beautiful leaf colour in the autumn is the highlight of thie tree

Bird Attracting - Attracts birds to your garden

Blueberry - Northern Highbush - Suited to cool temperate climates

Blueberry - Rabbiteye - Suited to warm temperate and subtropical climates, cross pollinate two different rabbiteye varieties for pollination

Blueberry Southern Highbush - Suited to warm temperate and subtropical climate

Bon -

Bonsai - Perfect for Bonsai

Cabinet Timber Tree - Perfect for woodlots and timber plots

Chill High - Suited to cooler climates and areas with frosty winters

Chill Low - Suited to warmer areas and subtropical climates

Climber - Requires a trellis to climb over

Colour Flower Pink - Plants with pink flowers

Colour Flower Red - Plants with red flowers

Colour Flower White - Plants with white flowers

Colour Fruit Flesh White - Fruit that have white flesh

Colour Fruit Skin Orange - Fruit with orange skin

Colour Fruit Skin Yellow - Fruit that has yellow skin

Colour Leaf Flush - Plants that produce coloured new growth

Crisp Jackfruit - The arils when consumed fresh are firmer and easier to digest.

Cut Flowers - Beautiful flowers that can be cut and used in flower arragements

Dried Fruit - Perfect for making dried fruit

Eat Fresh - Plants that can be eaten fresh

Eat Icecream - Plants can be used to flavour icecream or other desserts

Eat Medicinal - Plants that can be used medicinally

Edible And Medicinal - Has medicinal qualities as well as being a useful food crop.

Edible Flower - Plants with edible flowers

Edible Flowers - The flowers are lovely when added to salads and are tasty snacks in the garden

Edible Fruit - Plants that have edible Fruit

Edible Hedge Or Screen - Ideal for using as a screen or hedge

Edible Leaves - Plants with edible leaves

EdibleRoot - Plants with edible roots

Edible Seeds - Plants with edible seeds

Equador - Country of Origin

Farm Tree - Large spreading shade tree, perfect for farms and parklands

Flesh Texture Jelly - Fruit has a jelly like pulp

Fruit Picked Ripe - Fruit best picked when ripe

Fruit Shape Oblong - Plants with oblong shaped fruit

Great For Juicing - Excellent for making fresh fruit juice

Great For Kids - Children will love these fruits

Ground Cover - Great to use as an edible ground cover or edging plant

Indian Favourite - A favourite Indian fruit

Indoor Plant - Plants that can be Grown inside

Jam Pickle And Preserve - makes delicious jam and is perfect for preserves

Koala Food Tree - Essential food tree for koalas

Landscape Espalier - Plants suitable for espalier

Landscape Hedge - Plants suitable for hedging

Landscape Pots - Plants suitable for pots

Landscape Specimen - Plants suited to being specimens.

Nutrition Carbohydrate High - Plants that have carbohydrate higher than 20g/100g

Nutrition Fat High - Fruits or nuts that have a high fat content. Made up of 5g of fat per 100g or more.

Nutrition Fat Low - Plants that have less than 1g/100g Fat

Nutrition Protein Low - Plants with protein lower than 10g/100g

Origin Asia - Plants that originate in Asia

Origin South America - Plants that originated in South America

Ornamental Flower - Plants grown for ornamental flowers

Ornamental Fruit Tree - Beautiful and productive

Ornamental Screening Plant - Ideal for using in a screen

Ornamental Specimen Tree - A beautiful tree that will make a great feature plant

PBR Or TM - Plant Breaders Rights or Trademark plant varieties

Perennial Leafy Greens - Perennial plants where the leaves can be eaten especially in salads

Perennial Vegetables - These are vegetables that keep producing each year and do not need to be continually replanted.

Pest Control Plant - This plant has pest control properties

PlantNet® - PlantNet® branded plants

Pollination Avocado A Type - This is an A Type Avocado and grows best with a B type Avocado

Pollination Avocado B Type - B Type Avocado which goes best for pollination with a A Type Avocado grown close together.

Protect Your Fruit - Useful products to protect your fruit from pests.

Rare And Unusual - Unusual, interesting and rare

Riparian Species - Perfect for planting along creeks and river banks

Scented Flowers - Beautifully perfumed flowers

ScionWood - This is wood from a known and quality cultivator that can be grafted onto a rootstock.

Size Fruit 10 - 20 Cm - Fruit that is 10 - 20 cm in length

Size Plant Width 1-2m - Plants that grow 1 to 2 meters wide

Size Plant Width 2-5m - Plants that grow 2-5m wide

Soft Jackfruit - Soft Jackfruit have a texture that is sometimes described as slimy when consumed fresh however the flavour of soft jackfruit is often more full and tasty.

Spices - Grown to add flavour or spice to dishes

Sweet - Delicious sweet fruits

Tangy - Lovely, tangy-sour fruit

Taste Flesh Mild - Fruit that has mild tasting flesh

Taste Flesh Sour - Fruit that has sour tasting flesh

Taste Flesh Spicy - Fruit that has spicy tasting flesh

Taste Flesh Sweet - Fruit that has sweet tasting flesh

Taste Flesh Tropical - Plants that have tropical tasting flesh

Traditional Mediterranean - Fruit and nuts native to the Mediterranean region

Tropical Garden Plant - Create the feel of a tropical garden with these beautiful ornamental plants.

Understory Plant - Ideal for shady places under the canopy of other plants

Verandah Pots And Patio - Will happily grow in a pot on verandahs and patios