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  • Mediterranean Fruits

  • image: Carob
    The Carob also know as the Chocolate tree produces hard bean-like pods that can be eaten fresh from the tree or processed into carob powder. Ideal chocolate substitute. Male and female or bisexual trees required.


    Carobs picked by Carla By [All Rights Reserved]

    Carob - Clifford

    This one of the two available HERMAPHRODITES (self pollinating) which makes it a must for all orchards. The medium size beans are of good quality with 50%+ sugar content. An early fruit bearer on young trees. Yields are excellent with irrigation. This is the best variety we have.
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    $59.00 0 Grafted Pot: 4L
    Height: 40-50cm
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    $99.00 0 Grafted Pot: 200mmSQR
    Height: 50-60cm
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    Fruiting green carobs in Kefalonia


    This elegant tree is often referred to as fake chocolate due to its similarities to cocoa in taste and texture. A Mediterranean tree, favouring arid conditions. Seedlings can be Male, Female, or bisexual. Prefers well drained soil.
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    $14.90 0 Seedling Pot: MT
    Height: 20-30cm
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    $14.75 0 Seedling Pot: ST
    Height: 10-20cm
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    $32.95 0 Seedling Pot: 4L
    Height: 70-80cm
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