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July 2012

The Daley News

Grape Vines

Grape Vines Buy1 Get 1 Free

Everyone has fond memories of Grapes Vines as Kids. Our parents had a fence and once a year that fence became alive with fruit that you could pick and eat often until we felt sick.

There are so many more ways to grow grapes then just on a fence. What about hanging down on a walkway like this:

WINE - Using your own Grapes

Another thing as we age is that with a bit of effort you can grow a Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz Grape Vine. You don't need expensive Wine Barrels and cellars to make wine. You can quite easily get yourself a wine making kit and use your own grapes.

Growing Multiple Grape Vines

To grow grapes commercially you often need a huge property. But Grape vines can be planted as close as 30cm apart. All you have to do is train one plant to go left on the fence and the other to go right.

How to Get More Grapes for a Longer Time

If you are lucky your grape vine will produce grapes in Summer. But often you get them all ready at once and then you have to wait another year for your next harvest. To help with this you can choose different grape varieties that fruit Early Summer, Mid Summer or Late Summer. Sometimes you can get grapes for 3 months of the year simply by being clever with your choice of variety.

Early Summer Fruiting Grape Varieties

Grape - Flame Seedless

Mid Summer Fruiting Grape Varieties

Grape - Cabernet Sauvignon

Grape - Black Muscat 

Late Summer Fruiting Grape Varieties

Grape - Shiraz

Deciduous Trees: Great for Backyards

Fig Black Genoa ($19.75)

PersimmonsPersimmons ($34.00)

PeachcottPeachcot ($27.00)

ApplesApples (From $27.75)

Nashi PearsNashi Pears ($24.90)

GrapesGrapes ($14.90)

PlumsPlums (From $24.90)

Liquidambar Liquidambar ($14.90)

Japanese Maple Japanese maples ($14.75)

Pin OaksPin Oaks ($14.90)



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