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My Edible Fruit Trees: Asian Trees NT


Many of us are familiar with the lychee because they are easy to grow commercially but there are so many other asian fruits which are great tasting that you may only experience from the local growers below.

Carambola Starfruit - Kary 8/10

Linnie's Edible Fruits
Update: 1902 days 19hrs

Comments: -

Bought this plant from Daleys years ago. It achieved about 1.5 spindly metres growth, and then nearly died from frost, due to our marginal growing conditions. It held on, and, this year, has become very much more lush in appearance and looks like a sturdy, healthy plant. I hope it is self-pollinating, as I only have one plant, and I see the words "Pollination beneficial"!

Height 3 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Full Shade

Pollination: No

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Mulch, longalife, cow poo, blood and bone etc

When I Fertilise: Yearly

Pest Control:


Organic Status:Partially Organic


This Carambola (same one as discussed here some time ago) was bought as a grafted plant, but I can't recall which graft it was. It now fruits abundantly, starting about 3 years ago with its first handful of fruits, but going into full production a couple of years ago. The only problem is that the fruit is to astringent to make for pleasant eating. Any idea why, or how to correct that issue, as it is an abundant creature now?! :-) Thank you.

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