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August 2014

The Daley News

Take advantage of our most diverse fruit tree list of the year in Daleys' Big Spring Catalogue. Not only do you get to pre-order those hard to come-by plant varieties that you have been waiting for, but you can SAVE on freight costs by combining currently available stock with stock that won’t be ready until later in the Spring

Daleys Big Spring List

Daleys' Big Spring Catalogue

* Yes you can add to your order after it is placed online. * 100's of exciting varieties to choose from. *Limited Stock Numbers and once sold out may not be ready again until next Spring. * Sent when your entire order is ready to save on freight.  * Plants are a live product and sometimes it may not be possible to fulfil your order. 

Backyard jobs to do before Spring

1. Pruning: This is your last last chance before Spring hits to ensure you get that new growth from pruning. Read our Pruning Guide

2. Mulching: I bet you have forgotten how bad weeds can get during the Spring and Summer months! Get mulching now so that you don't have to struggle with weeds later. 

3. Planting New Trees: When you plant trees just before Spring you will allow them the maximum time to settle in before winter comes again next year.

Get Dad into the Backyard

Planting fruit trees in the backyard makes Dads and their families invest in a fruitful future. Let your Dad choose the fruit & nut trees he wants this Father's Day with one of our gift vouchers, or you can simply place an order and select "Fathers Day 2014" to send it as a gift.

Fathers Day


Why are they Discounted? - They are healthy and ready to send now but in a few weeks they will have outgrown their pots or we have an over supply of this product.

Check out our Daleys Specials

Strawberries - Buy 3 Get 1 FREE 

Strawberries Buy 3 get 1 FREE


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