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August 2016

The Daley News

Once a year Daleys release a Spring Catalogue. Many of you find it a great time to pre order plants that are hard to get all together saving you freight. Highlighted Yellow are plants ready in Oct/Nov View Entire Spring Catalogue

Daleys Spring Catalogue for Pre Order

How does the Spring Catalogue Work?

You can pre purchase plants in stock now and plants highlighted yellow meaning they are usually ready later in Oct/Nov. After you place your order you can always adjust it and add in extra plants as they come available. When all the plants on your order are ready likely in Oct/Nov we will contact you by email to ask if it is a good time to send your order. Simple, versatile and gets you preparing those holes for new fruit trees this year. (View Entire Spring List)

Special Offer

We have limited this offer to 1 of each plant per customer. They are ready to be sent now but if you order this with plants from our Spring Catalogue they will be sent all together in Oct/Nov when all the plants you order are ready.

Special Offer

Youtube Tips

Valencia Pride Mango: Long impressive mangos with deep colours.

Guava Fruit Trees: Learn how cuttings are taken to produce some of the best and tastiest varieties of Guavas there are.

Pigeon Pea: Learn how the Pigeon pea is used as part of Permaculture Guild or companion planting.

Brazilian Spinach: If you have ever failed growing Spinach then the Brazilian Spinach could be a great solution we show you how to grow it.

Grafted vs Seedling: An in-depth look at the advantages of Grafted and Seedling grown fruit trees.

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