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November 2015

The Daley News

Video: Two essential tools for growing Fruit Trees

Fruit Outside Seasonal Times

Girdling can force fruiting outside of the normal seasonal fruiting time of the year . Also trees that tend to be biennial fruiters, For example you can cincturing separate branches alternately every year will ensure one gets fruit every year.

How Cincturing Works

Cincturing temporarily stops the flow of photosynthesised sugars to the roots. This forces the cinctured branch into producing flowers. At the same time the roots are being deprived temporarily of food and hence root growth slows which also slows a vigorous trees growth. The ideal way to get the best advantage from cincturing is to alternate each year a main branch of ones tree.

Where can I buy a Dwarfing Tool?

Dwarfing tools are for sale through Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Order before Sunday 13th December 2015 for Christmas

Order before Sunday 13th December

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Video: See our Postage Free Box | Plants on this page are Postage Free

Plants on this page are postage free

Video: Having some Fun with the sour Davidson Plum

Ideas for Christmas

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