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February 2015

The Daley News

We have a new line of Fruit Trees that are delivered to you Postage Free. They fit in a specially designed box. Watch our very cute video to see exactly what you will get^.

Very cute video showing you this new line of Fruit, Nut, Herb & Rainforest trees

^When combining plants that do have postage you still pay postage for those plants but the postage free plant will not add to the postage price.


$12.75 Macadamia Nut Tree Postage Free

Macadamia Nut for $12.75 Including Delivery

$14.90 Loquat Tree Free Postage Free

Loquat Tree $14.90 Freight Free

$19.75 Mulberry Tree Postage Free

Mulberry Tree Freight Free $19.75

$14.75 Flame Tree Postage Free

Flame Tree Free Postage

See All Postage Free Plants

See Postage Free Plants


Rare & Collectable

Some plants are hard to propagate and source and when they do become available it is often for a very short time. Highly valued plants like YuzusMarang and Salak can be found in our rare and collectible plants section sourced from rare fruit growers across Australia.

Rare and Collectible


New Contact Us Method in 2015

People have been asking us for fruit tree advice from all over the world via phone & email. To service Australian customers first & fast we have had to request you enter your full address to contact us. We can then give tailored advice whereas we couldn't before over email or calls left on answering machines. We can now find the right staff member to answer the right questions and reply to Australian customers with an absolute priority. (New Contact Us Page)

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