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Perennial Vegetables make unusual, highly appealing ornamental plants that provide edible leaves or tubers for most of the year. Apart from being a plentiful food source they also serve other functions around the house such as screening (Arrowroot), ground covers (sweet potato), and edge plants used as a barrier against weeds (comfrey).

Madagascar Bean Rosella Chinese Waterchestnut
Rainbow Chard Silverbeet Jerusalem Artichoke Yacon - Apple of the Earth
Asparagus - Mary Washington Mushroom Plant Sweet Leaf Bush
Cassava Bamboo - Oldhamii Garlic Chives
Pigeon Pea Arrowroot French Sorrel
Malabar Spinach Jicama Lebanese cress
Yam - Oca Purple Globe Artichoke Rhubarb
Strawberry Sweet Potato Taro