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Over the last 50 years or so native gardening has surged ahead in popularity and is gaining the respect it deserves, not only for its beauty and uniqueness but the qualities of low maintenance, low demand for water and fertilisers and offering food and shelter for our wildlife. Variation between native foliage is vast, with planning you can have spectacular flowers throughout the year, and you can add the delicious scent of the Australian bush to your garden.

Creeping Myoporum

$9.90 ($3.90-$9.90 choose a size)

This hardy native has pretty pink or white star shaped flowers from late spring to early autumn. It is an excellent, spreading groundcover for a sunny position and is hardy in a range of soils and climates.

Heath Myrtle - miniature


A beautiful screen plant that bears masses of small starry white flowers. Spreading habit with fine light green to bronze foliage 1.5m

Native Violet

$3.90 ($3.90-$4.90 choose a size)

Small spreading ground cover forming extensive mats in damp areas. White and purple violet-shaped flowers for long periods. Flowers are edible and can be used in salads. Full sun to part shade. Dies back in winter. Useful for hanging baskets
Buy 4+ @$3.90ea usually:$4.90ea

Black bean

$14.75 ($14.75-$17.90 choose a size)

An attractive native Riperian Rainforest tree with glossy dark green foliage and profuse flushes of yellow and red pea-like flowers during summer. The timber is highly prized. Bird attracting. 40m

Chocolate Lily

$23.90 ($23.90-$23.90 choose a size)

When harvested young, the tubers of this native lily are juicy and sweet. Flowers are lilac coloured with a chocolate scent and are also edible. Found in a range of habitats with lower rainfall across southern Australia. For best results, grow in a rich loamy medium.

Christmas Bush - Alberys Red


An outstanding form of NSW Christmas Bush, it has very bright red flowers just in time for Christmas, on a compact large shrub to small tree. The flowers are great for cutting for long lasting bunches for Christmas decoration. Prune about 30% off the plant, straight after flowering to encourage a more dense growth habit. A great feature plant and cut flower, growing to around 5 meters tall. It needs a good well drained sandy to loamy soil, in sun or dappled shade. Best in temperate to subtropical climates. Tolerates light frost.

Christmas Bush - NSW

$2.95 ($2.95-$14.90 choose a size)

A delightful shrub used for cut flowers and ornamental plantings. Masses of red flower like bracts cover the trees in December. Likes well drained soil.

Creeping Myoporum - Fine Leaf


Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf Form' is an evergreen, fast growing, spreading ground-cover with fine, narrow foliage. This easy to grow native plant produces a mass of small star shaped flowers over spring and summer.Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf Form' is best grown in full sun but will also grow well in part shade. Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf Form' will tolerate coastal conditions, dryness and moderate frost. It will also perform well in a variety of soil types but prefers well drained spots.This is an excellent plant for rockeries and embankments or to help smother out weeds in the garden. Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf Form' is a very quick growing plant that stays very low to the ground to produce a fantastic green 'lawn' in your garden. To maintain compact growth it is best to prune back after flowering.

Dianella - Kentlyn

$14.90 ($14.90-$14.90 choose a size)

Its slim foliage appears a beautiful shade of deep green and produces flowers that sit on stems above the foliage. The flowers and berries appear blue in colour and are produced during Spring and Summer. A great choice for informal borders, under-plantings or rockeries.

Federation Daisy - Summit Red, White, Pink, Sunday Best


A new breed of marguerite daisy that sets a superior standard of flowering performance. It is an early, long and repeat flowering variety that will delight in any garden or patio setting. Argyranthemum Federation Daisy bears masses of beautifully formed, yellow-centered flowers. Main flowering time in Spring and Autumn, with flushes of flowers occasionally throughout the rest of the year. Available in four colours - Summit Red, Sunday Best (Pink), and Summit White. Buy three or more and receive a selection of all colours

Hardenbergia - Mini HaHa


Evergreen shrub form of the native climber with profuse, deep violet, pea-shaped flowers in late winter to early spring. Grows well in full sun or part shade, preferring a well drained soil. Prune after flowering to maintain a more compact habit.

Kangaroo Paw Triple Treat

$14.90 ($3.90-$14.90 choose a size)

A stunning perenial plant with beautiful bird attracting flowers. They feature grass like foliage with brightly coloured flowers that resemble a Kangaroo paw. Anigozanthus will tolerate drought and coastal conditions. They can also survive a light frost. Used in mass plantings, borders, feature plants and for cut flowers. Prune back after flowering to promote new growth. Moderate watering required during dry season. Anigozanthus can be affected by 'ink disease' a fungus which can cause black marks on foliage.

Lomandra - Lime Tuff

$12.90 ($12.90-$12.90 choose a size)

A small, hardy native plant with a clumping habit and narrow, light green leaves. Small flowers grow amongst the foliage. It grows well in full sun to part shade and grows to about 70cm x 60cm. Perfect for garden borders and rockeries. A hardy and very adaptable plant, and thrives with minimum care. Does well in most soils types, drought, salt and frost tolerant.

Musk Mallow

$18.75 ($4.90-$18.75 choose a size)

Stunning red flowers last for only one day but are produced prolifically. Seeds are musk scented. Leaves, shoots and tuberous roots can be eaten raw or cooked. A small shrub that grows to about 2m. It is fast growing. Musk Mallow is not long lived, usually less than 15 years. Very Drought tolerant.

Native Pink Hibiscus


The flowers on this native Hibiscus are deeo pink with a darker throat. They are borne on a small shrub to one metre. Hibiscus flowers generally last only a day or two but continue to produce flowers over the summer and autumn Tip pruning will promote bushy growth. Native Pink Hibiscus is widespread in tropical areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, but adaptable to cooler areas, and can tolerate light frost

Native Rosella

$4.90 ($4.90-$14.75 choose a size)

Hibiscus heterophyllus is a tall erect shrub. The flowers may be white, pale pink or yellow with a large crimson central flute and are up to about 15 cm across. The leaves are either narrow, broader or deeply lobed, up to 15 cm long. 6m. Unlike Rosella the Native rosella has no edible calyx however the flowers and leaves are still edible. It is also used to make rope.

Old Man Saltbush

$14.90 ($4.90-$14.90 choose a size)

The largest of the saltbushes, growing to 3m. The leaves are an attractive silvery-grey. Flowers appear throughout the year on separate male or female plants. Frost and salt tolerant, it is hardy and responds well to pruning. Can be used in wind breaks or pruned into an attractive hedge. Frequently used as a fodder plant for sheep and cattle as it is drought tolerant and is an excellent forage when other feed is scarce. Does best in a sunny, well drained position. It will not tolerate water logging.

Prickly Rasp Fern


This fern is found growing in a variety of habitats such as rainforest margins, eucalypt forests and rainforests. It is well adapted to both sunny and shaded areas. Its new growth is bright orange-pink and is a stunning understory plant.  The fern is usually easy to grow in gardens, containers and baskets. Having a spreading growth habit makes D. aspera suitable as a groundcover. It grows best in shady conditions and in acidic soil, with high organic composition.

Ruby Saltbush


A low growing perennial, drought and frost tolerant native bushfood with small succulent edible berries that range in colours of green, yellow and red. Grows in a variety of soils, preferring well drained, sandy soils.

Sandalwood - Australian

$27.00 ($19.90-$27.00 choose a size)

Native to the semi-arid areas in Southwest Australia. It is traded as sandalwood for it aromatic oil and timber. The tree is a hemi-parasite requiring macro-nutrients from roots of hosts. The host should be surface rooted, evergreen, water storing, nutrient storing and with a high osmotic pressure. Olives, acacias and most Australian natives are good. Eucalytpus, conifers and citrus are not suitable hosts. The more trees and shrubs and ground covers you have in your yard as host plants the happier the Santalum will be. The kernal inside the hard shell is edible. Drought and salt tolerant. Host plant - Myoporum parvifolium

Stream Lily


Native to NSW and QLD rainforest creeks and gullies. They have long, dark-green strap-like leaves and form clumps that are up to 2 metres high. The tall flower spikes, which appear in the summer, are pale pink, look beautiful in their natural environment, landscaping the creeks of the Border Ranges. Loves moist shaded spots.

Waterfall Plant

$2.95 ($2.95-$9.90 choose a size)

This is a useful low growing plant with pretty, fine fern like foliage. Very suitable for a low hedge, in the rockery or in a hanging basket. Requires regular watering.

Westringia - Smokey


A small shrub with soft grey-green and white variegated foliage with small white flowers, which are attractive to butterflies and native bees. Attractive as a specimen or flowering container plant. Ideal for formal hedging and for mid level screening. Grows in a wide range of soils, and is well suited to coastal positions, as it is very salt tolerant.

White Bean


White Bean is a fast growing tree found on the Eastern seaboard, north from the Clarence River, NSW to North Qld and into SE Asia. It has a handsome form, as the tree develops an open branched structure, and the compound leaves cluster at the ends of the branches giving the foliage a feathery look. Attaining a maximum height of 35m and a stem diameter of up to 80cm when fully grown, it is a wonderful addition to rainforest regeneration plantings. It is well adapted to dry periods and does like good drainage in wet times.

Acacia - Wattle

Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Acacia - Wattle



Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Banksia

Banksia are a beautiful screen plant that bears masses of small starry white flowers. Spreading habit with fine light green to bronze foliage.

Callistemon - Bottlebrush

Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Callistemon - Bottlebrush

Native to Australia their flower is nick named a bottlebrush because of the the way the flower looks just like a bottle brush. Very drought resistant.

Grafted Grevillea - Weeping Standard

Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Grafted Grevillea - Weeping Standard

Grevillea sp.
Grafted with prostrate species to create a unique weeping feature plant these grafted grevilleas are both beautiful and attractive to native birds. Grafted onto Grevillea Robusta rootstocks which are tough and hardy making them ideal for a wide range of soils and positions, they are frost and drought hardy.

Grafted Grevilleas

Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Grafted Grevilleas

Grevillea sp.
Helen Howard of Grevillea Heritage has been grafting Grevilleas and other genera - Eremophila, Brachychiton, Eucalyptus, Verticordia and Casuarina, as well as Olives and Cashews, for over 15 years. She has a passion for the Grevillea species and hopes to educate people about the benefits of growing them in their gardens. She regularly gives talks to garden clubs about planting, pruning and of course, grafting! By planting Grevilleas we have birds, colour and atmosphere in our gardens! By grafting these beautiful Grevilleas onto Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) we give them a chance to survive for longer, to withstand disease, and to be resistant towards frosts so that they can perform at their best. Most of the Grevilleas thrive by being grafted and we now can successfully propagate many lovely Grevilleas from all states of Australia. Helen's passion is to continue to propagate the rarer species along with the hybrids well deserved of a place in gardens. If all Australians grow at least one species endemic to their area there would be less chance of a particular species being lost to the plant world forever. Recently some fairly ordinary hybrids have appeared in nurseries and some even have given the genus a bad name. Helen believes we should trial plants seriously before we release them onto the market. There are many beautiful species that will flower almost all year round which we should be promoting and encouraging people to grow. Grevilleas do best by giving them an annual pruning for shape, health, and extra flowers. It would be great not to have to provide artificial food for birds and allow them to gorge themselves on the natural supply in our gardens. Little wrens just love the prickly Grevilleas and each garden should have at least one prickly plant, giving a home for small birds to hide from predators. For orders and availability contact You can contact Helen Queries gladly answered.


Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Grevilleas

Grevilleas are some of Australia's favourite flowering shrubs and trees. Ranging from sprawling ground covers to the towering emergent Silky Oak, Grevillea robusta, the flowers of this genus attract and feed an enormous number of birds and insects throughout the year. They are part of an ancient plant family Protaceae, adapted to poor soil and dry conditions, so they are hardy and easy-to-maintain additions to any garden. Colours range from whites to yellows,oranges,reds and even purple. Many species flower through the cool months, brightening up a winter landscape. They can be used for hedging or display specimens on their own. Its not only the flowers that are attractive, but their often distinctive, divided foliage. Plant some today, you won't regret it.

Kangaroo Paw

Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos sp.
Kangaroo Paw are native clumping perennials originating in south western Australia. They are renowned for their spectacular displays of flower spikes now available in a range of colours - from red to pink to yellow. With good drainage, lots of sun and slightly acidic soil they will thrive.


Trees and Plants > Native Plants > Melaleuca

Tea Trees

Grevillea Silky Oak

$9.75 ($4.90-$18.75 choose a size)

Very fast growing slender tree with ferny foliage and bright yellow toothbrush flowers. Grows in a wide range of conditions including southern and inland areas. Good indoor plant.
Buy 4+ @$9.75ea usually:$17.75ea

Grevillea - Coconut Ice

$18.75 ($14.90-$18.75 choose a size)

The cultivar grows to 2m tall x 1-2m across. The plant has bright green foliage and is of medium density. The new growth is covered with fine red hairs. The flowers are in terminal racemes15cm long by 9cm diameter and are also covered with red hairs. Individual flowers are red/pink with dark red styles and flowers are found all year round in warmer climates.
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Eucalyptus - Forest Red Gum

$3.40 ($3.40-$4.90 choose a size)

Frequently tall with a thick trunk but also occurs with a short trunk and heavily branched crown. Very common Eucalypt along river banks of eastern Australia. A Koala food tree.
Buy 4+ @$3.40ea usually:$4.90ea

Melaleuca - Revolution Gold

$11.75 ($3.95-$14.90 choose a size)

Upright, evergreen shrub or small tree. Lance shaped golden yellow leaves with red stems. Numerous white brush flowers appear in summer. Excellent landscape specimen or hedge.
Buy 2+ @$11.75ea usually:$14.90ea

Melaleuca - White cloud tree

$3.75 ($3.75-$14.75 choose a size)

Fine scented foliage and profuse white flowers appearing in spring/summer. Tolerant of most well-drained soils and situations, including water logging and moderate frosts. Excellent riparian tree.
Buy 4+ @$3.75ea usually:$4.90ea

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