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Fruit Tree Discounts
We hope you enjoy these fruit tree discounts. *For a Limited Time
Why are they Discounted?
- They are healthy and ready to send now but in a few weeks they will have outgrown their pots.
- We have an over supply of this product.

Variegated Kumquat

Kumquat - Variegated

A highly ornamental kumquat with variegated foliage. Well suited as a pot specimen. Also known as Calamondin it has acid fruit that is most commonly grown in the Philippine Islands although it is probably of Chinese origin.  It is believed to be a natural hybrid, with kumquat in the parentage. In the Philippines it is sometimes called calamonding or calamansi.  Here in the United States it is primarily planted as an ornamental, either growing in the ground or in a container. Calamondin is cold-resistant. The tree form is upright and columnar, and the leaves are small and dense gi

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$19.75 40 Grafted 165mm Normally:$24.90
Jaboticaba fruiting on stem


The jaboticabas habit of producing the fruit directly on the trunk makes this a striking tree. Fruit is similar to a grape with a sweet and aromatic flavour. The new coppery growth along with their beautiful honey scented flowers makes it a very ornamental tree. Bears heavy crops of quality fruit that can be eaten fresh from the tree. Often fruiting up to 3 times per year. Time from flowering to fruit being ready to eat is only 30 days.

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$14.75 79 Seedling 165mm Normally:$19.75
Jaboticaba - Large Leaf

Jaboticaba - Large Leaf

Ornamental evergreen tree from Brazil grown for unusual sweet black fruit which cover the inside trunks. Crops several times per year. Flowering to fruit maturity only takes about 1 month. Larger fruit than small leaf selection, but skin a little tougher.

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$13.75 131 Seedling 165mm Normally:$17.90
Grummichama fruit

Grumichama - Black

The tropical equivalent of the cherry. The purplish-black fruit 2cm diameter are produced in clusters. Flesh white, melting and tasty. Mostly used for fresh eating, but also highly prized for jams, jellies and pies.

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$9.75 90 Seedling MT Normally:$14.90
Ripening Monstera fruit Wrap in Newspaper and it will ripen from one end

Monstera - Fruit Salad Tree

Often called the Fruit Salad Tree or the Swiss Cheese Plant as the ripened fruit has a pineapple-banana odour and fruit salad taste. The mature fruit has a yellow-green, violet-spotted rind of hexagonal plates covering a creamy-white, soft pulp. Highly ornamental, an excellent choice for heavily shaded positions.  

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$9.75 37 Seedling MT Normally:$14.90
River Lily in flower

River Lily

A large lily that makes a great understory plant beneath eucalypts. Strap type leaves 2m long by 15cm wide. The white pleasantly perfumed flowers occur from November to March, are about 10cm across in clusters of 10-25.

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$7.95 85 Seedling MT Normally:$12.90
Cardamon Ginger plants

Cardamon Ginger

Cardamon ginger is a leafy ginger like plant that grows in clumps and makes an excellent low screen that adds a tropical feel to any garden. While the seeds don't resemble true cardamon the leaves can be used in desserts, to add flavour when steaming rice or used to wrap fish.  Leaves are also delicious when infused  to make spiced tea's, infuse one cardamon leaf, two sticks of lemon grass and one chopped chilli for a winter warmer.

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$7.75 47 Rhizome MT Normally:$12.90
Reaching for the top of the canopy in Border Ranges

Bangalow Palm

Tall graceful, fast growing palm which can stand boggy ground, full shade or some exposure. Frost tender when young. Mature specimens display large clusters of bird-attractive red fruits. Often Called the King Palm.

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$7.75 59 Seedling MT Normally:$14.90
Glossy Laurel For Sale Mega Tube

Glossy Laurel

A native rainforest shrub appearing in subtropical rainforests north of

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$6.75 27 Seedling MT Normally:$9.90
Cassowary seen crossing the ride while driving to Cape Tribulation

Cassowary Pine - Barringtonia calyptrata

This is a beautiful tree with large glossy leaves and stunning pendulous flowers. The flowers produce large quantities of nectar which attract lots of wildlife. Cassowary love feeding on the large fruits when in season.  Also called the mango pine, this deciduous or semi-deciduous tree is found in New Guinea and Australia chiefly in coastal areas. The glossy leaves tend to be whorled at the ends of the branches, The fragrant white flowers are in long pendulous spikes and appear just prior to the new growth flush. Will grow as far south as subtropical Northern NSW. 

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$6.75 48 Seedling ST Normally:$9.90
Xmas Bush Trees

NSW Xmas Bush

A delightful shrub used for cut flowers and ornamental plantings. Masses of red flower like bracts cover the trees in December. Likes well drained soil.

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$6.75 17 MT Normally:$9.90
Brown Tamarind For Sale Mega Tube

Brown Tamarind

A good shade tree with glossy, dark green foliage. Needs well-drained soil in a partially shaded position. Makes an excellent indoor plant. Leaves are pale grey and have a felt-like feel underneath.

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$5.90 45 Seedling MT Normally:$9.90
Native Frangipani Hymenosporum

Native Frangipani - Hymenosporum flavum

Evergreen Australian tree grown for it's beautiful highly perfumed spring flowers. Originally from rainforest areas, this tree has glossy pointed green foliage. In Spring a mass of sweetly fragrant yellow flowers almost hide the leaves. Quick growing to 12mtrs. Tolerant of frosts when established.

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$5.75 100 Seedling MT Normally:$9.90
Old Red Cedar left in Border Ranges

Red Cedar

Fast growing decidous rainforest tree,  highly valued for its timber in earlier days. Has now become rare. With grow easily on moist soils of eastern Australia.

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$5.75 60 Seedling MT Normally:$9.90
Chilli Birds Eye Fruits

Chilli - Birds Eye

The fruits are red,  yellow, purple or black. Pungent, hot and spicy. The flowers are greenish white or yellowish white. Can be called the Thai Chilli as well. The plant can grow up to 2m tall however very easily stays small especially in pots. It's origins are from Mexico however it is most famous for being used in Vietnamese cooking in soups, stir fries and salads.  Thai cuisine commonly uses this chilli and it is because it has a fruity taste and an extreme spiciness. Many of the Thai curries are centred around the flavour of the Birds Eye chilli

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$4.95 30 Seedling MT Normally:$7.90
Elephant Garlic Size against human hand

Elephant Garlic

This is not a true garlic but forms a bulb consisting of very large, garlic-like cloves. The flavour of these, while not exactly like garlic, is much more similar to garlic than to leeks. The flavour is milder than garlic, and much more palatable to some people than garlic when used raw as in salads. The mature bulb is broken up into cloves which are quite large and with papery skins and these are used for both culinary purposes and propagation. There are also much smaller cloves with a hard shell that occur on the outside of the bulb. These are often ignored, but if they are

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$4.75 50 Seedling ST Normally:$7.90
Acmena smithii compliments of Noosa Native plants

Acmena smithii - Creek Lilly Pilly

Attractive small tree has the ability to survive in a wide range of habitats. The small white fluffy blossom are born in early summer with mass fruiting occurring in autumn every few years. Most hardy frost tolerant lilly pilly

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$1.95 79 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95

Alpinia caerulea - Native Ginger

A versatile plant for Aboriginal people.The ginger tasting roots were eaten and the flesh from the bright blue fruit.The large leaves were thatched and used to make shelters and to wrap food for cooking. Excellent landscape specimen.

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$1.95 152 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Courtesy of Tree Logic

Brachychiton populneus - Kurrajong

A hardy tree for drier sites frequently grown for shade or stock fodder. Trees have a straight stout trunk and produce cream flowers in spring. Indigenous Australians used the bark fibres to make rope and string, the wood was used for fire sticks. A common tree in drier rainforests.

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$1.95 48 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Excellant pot plant when young

Cordyline petiolaris - Broad leaved palm lily

This is an excellent container plant with palm like foliage. An native understory rainforest plant. Very hardy and attractive landscape specimen.

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$1.95 133 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Firewheel Tree

Stenocarpus sinuatus - Firewheel Tree

This beautiful tree is planted all around the world but is naturally endemic to the rainforests of Qld and NSW. The name Wheel of Fire comes from the red flowers that resemble a flattened wheel. The timber is used for cabinetwork. To 30m

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$1.95 26 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Red Cedar at Brindle Creek in Border Ranges National Park

Toona ciliata - Red Cedar

Fast growing decidous rainforest tree,  highly valued for its timber in earlier days. Has now become rare. Easily grown on moist soils of eastern Australia.

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$1.95 192 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Native Frangipani Hymenosporum

Hymenosporum flavum - Native frangipani

A fast growing, Australian native rainforest tree bearing terminal clusters of very fragrant, cream flowers that age to a golden yellow. Highly recommended hardy specimen tree.

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$1.76 234 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
melicope rubra Little Evodia

Melicope rubra - Little Evodia

This is a beautiful small rainforest tree from North Queensland. Fast growing and tolerant of light frosts the vibrant lolly pink flowers light up the tree in summer. It is one of the food plants for the brilliant blue Ulysses butterfly.

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$1.45 132 Seedling FT Normally:$2.90
Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a pretty plant that prefers rich moist soil and partial shade. It can tolerate direct sunlight but plants grown in shade tend to be larger and more succulent. It is related to mint in appearance, but it is not as invasive and easier to control. A clump-forming herbaceous perennial with heart shaped, deeply veined leaves that are covered with stiff hairs. Chopped fresh leaves can be used to add zest to sweet or tangy dishes. It combines well with allspice, bay leaves, mint, pepper, rosemary and thyme. A wonderful addition to fruit salads, green salads, herb butters, frui

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$1.45 95 Seedling FT Normally:$1.95
Rainbow Chards

Rainbow Chard Silverbeet

A beautiful combination of colours including red, pink, yellow and green to brighten up the vegetable garden.  Drought tolerant and hardy these plants bring colour to the garden and the dinner plate. Will last for up to 2 years in the garden. Very ornamental and 

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$1.45 172 Seedling FT Normally:$1.95
Melaleuca bracteata - White cloud tree

Melaleuca bracteata - White cloud tree

Fine scented foliage and profuse white flowers appearing in spring/summer. Tolerant of most well-drained soils and situations, including waterlogging and moderate frosts. Excellent riparian tree.

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$1.38 32 Seedling FT Normally:$1.95
Old Brush Box at Carlas

Lophostemon confertus - QLD Brush box

These trees resemble a eucalypt in appearance but the large green leaves and flowers are distinctive. It has the largest trunk diameter of most rainforest trees. The showy flowers have showy white petals. Fruit is bell-shaped with three valves.

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$1.25 56 Seedling FT Normally:$1.95

Pouteria chartacea - Thin-leaved Coondoo

An understory tree of 10 - 12 m, from Byron Bay to the northern tip of Cape York.  Slow growing but forms a well shaped bushy tree.

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$0.95 40 Seedling FT Normally:$2.95
Grafted Avocados in deep 6 ltre bags

Planter Bags - 6L - White

These planter bags are an ideal size to move young growing trees into and are ideal for growing deep rooted plants in. 30cm high x 15cm diameter, they are made from a durable plastic.  Sold in multiples of 10.

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$0.19 808 Normally:$0.30