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Testimonials for Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Sending Quality Fruit Trees to your home is what Daleys Nursery is Excellent at.


3 months after a purchase we get our customers to leave us some feedback. Some of these customers allow us to share below what they said.

Excellent Service. Great Packaging and quality of plants. Thanks very much !!!!!!! Adele, Kawarren, VIC (11th Jan 2015)

All good keep it up Whilst living in Queensland I have no hesitation in ordering plants from you, as my experience is that I have received quality plants in good condition that have been packaged in an appropriate way to handle the transport. John, Caloundra West, QLD (11th Jan 2015)

Trees arrive quickly and are packaged well. Trees are a good size and are strong. The staff seem to take pride in their work and care about the plants. Gunter, Serviceton, VIC (11th Jan 2015)

Very happy customer, transaction totally online, products doing well and postage was great too. MARY, North Warrandyte, VIC (11th Jan 2015)

Love them plants from here ! Will order again soon , thank you Piyanuch, Mannum, SA (11th Jan 2015)

Keep up the good work! Philip, Wodonga, VIC (11th Jan 2015)

Have found it difficult to connect with staff via phone or email to ask questions regarding my order. My last order had one plant that was still an unrooted cutting and hence didn't set roots and grow. Paul, Brays Creek, NSW (10th Jan 2015)

I am hoping to pop down soon and visit Daleys in person, to spend time looking through. As I've only even been able to order through your website- which I love! I'm always grateful for the great service you always provide. Thanks heaps, Mark. Mark, Currumbin Waters, QLD (10th Jan 2015)

Every order I have made has been delivered promptly, the plant is very well packaged with no damage to the trees and communication via email is excellent Thanks Julie, Seven Hills, NSW (9th Jan 2015)

It would be very helpful if your website would show how to raise the plants you sell on specific regions as collected from the experiences of your buyers and from agricultural data and not just postings that are unfinished or incomplete and sometimes even irrelevant. A blog might on your website might offer some useful out of the ordinary advise from some backyard gardeners that discover remedies for common problems in organic ways. A free plant reward is nice but it would be better if the shipping comes with it. Otherwise, it will appear as a bait to buy some more instead of a true reward. Besides, a true gardener would tend to take the REWARD and be tempted to buy more anyway. Jerome, Edensor Park, NSW (9th Jan 2015)

more specific about the choice of delivery options. My past bad experience with one of courier company, even though it was not under control of Daleys nursery, affected my enthusiasm on purchase nina, Wolli Creek, NSW (9th Jan 2015)

starf must talk to each other to tell me honestly when delivery has left and arrival time is otherwise all good Peter, Russell Island, QLD (8th Jan 2015)

The staff at Daleys were most helpful and very professional. Our dwarf Mulberry is thriving in Southern Victoria and thanks to the assistance and tips of the friendly staff. Mark, Highton, VIC (8th Jan 2015)

Dear All at Daleys I have bought plants from you on two occasions, and both times I have been delighted with your prompt response,the accuracy of the information you gave re delivery and the fabulous condition in which I received the plants. I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, and find your website really interesting and easy to use. It is also very helpful that you host comments on the website from gardeners - a great help to an amateur like me. Many thanks, and wishing you every success Regards Cecile Leibowitz Cecile, Oakleigh, VIC (8th Jan 2015)

Keep up the good work. Joelle, Federal, NSW (7th Jan 2015)

all the plants i brought are doing great, i converted pallets into pots and the seem to be doing well. Siuta , Ellen Grove, QLD (6th Jan 2015)

Compared to the first time I purchased plants from Daley's I noticed the delivery time has increased quite a lot. Also the fact that a different courier service is used meant that deliveries to Sydney were longer than some other places. The plants themselves are the high quality I remember with careful, eco-friendly packaging but I would say the longish delivery time is letting Daley's down a bit. Food for though. Kind regards, Catherine Dever Catherine, Chester Hill, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Your advice and service are outstanding. Plants are always of good quality and arrive in excellent condition. NB The Nectarine White Satin I purchased from you turned out to be a peach. susan, North Maleny, QLD (6th Jan 2015)

Your advice and service are outstanding. Plants are always of good quality and arrive in excellent condition. NB The Nectarine White Satin I purchased from you turned out to be a peach. susan, North Maleny, QLD (6th Jan 2015)

The plants I received arrived in wonderful condition and has never looked back. The Panama berry started flowering within a month of my purchase and all the Ceylon Hill Gooseberries have doubled in size and it's only been two and a half months since I bought them. I'm very happy that I went through Daley's to buy my plants. Fay Fay, North Toowoomba, QLD (6th Jan 2015)

I've lodged my interest on two lychee plants and a kassia lime but did not receive any advice whether these plants are available. Eventually I bought a Irwin mango plant instead. Also bought a papaya and soursop before that. I have planted the plants in the ground and they are growing very well. Kim Teck, Putney, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Hello There I am very pleased with your quality and service. Keep it up! The only thing I would like to say is that I bought a Sapodilla plant in 2013 but it is not doing very well. Am not sure if the spot I have chosen for it is good or is it the soil. It has hardly grown. I also bought a Cape Gooseberry from you last year. It has picked-up very well but would like to have more information on it, will the plant survive in the winter? Will I need to buy a new plant again or can this plant continue to grow. Thanks and looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards wilma Gusi Wilma , East Hills, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

I am very happy with the purchase . Prompt delivery and healthy plants.Thank you . LAI, Bruce, ACT (6th Jan 2015)

Very happy with my walnut tree Thanks a lot Marwa, Eagle Vale , (6th Jan 2015)

The plant came very well packed, I had not received plants in the mail, and was a little worried, but the packing was excellent. The plant was in excellent condition. Keep up the good work. paul, Greensborough, VIC (6th Jan 2015)

 A sevice advisory on the phone will help you sale more. 2 No other service for delivery is in offer towards your advance crop, please let me know if any Avaliable. 3 When the grafted mango trees will be avaliable  Adam, Prospect, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Fantastic nursery and very reasonable freight costs. VICTORIA, Aroona, QLD (6th Jan 2015)

The 'drumstick moringa' seedling was much bigger than we expected, so we were very happy. The packaging of the seedling was first class as was the courier delivery. We are now looking at ordering more fruit trees from Daleys Fruit. Rafael, Rosebery, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Was very impressed with the fast efficient service. Also the packaging of the plants and express courier service. The 3 cape gooseberry plants I purchased are thriving and am looking forward to them bearing fruit. I definitely would repurchase from you and recommend you to my friends. Jane, Moss Vale, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Reason for the 4 in quality and overall satisfaction is one of the two purchases died? not sure why the other is thriving. Overall satisfied and I will come back for future purchases. Leigh, Emu Plains, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

What I love the most is the control I have over my purchase, your site allows me to make changes to the order as the order hasn't been dispatched. It's a fantastic feature! Cindy, Macquarie, ACT (6th Jan 2015)

My plants always arrive in good condition - healthy, good plants. All have survived transplant and are doing well. Enjoyed fruit from my mulberry tree already. Very happy using Daley's and have recommended them to others. Carla, Wanniassa, ACT (6th Jan 2015)

Last purchase was 4 x Goji Berries and a Poinciana. Poinciana is doing ok, but Goji's looked dried out when received. I watered well for a week before planting. All except one has done nothing since planting, in fact only one has showed any signs of growth, and the other three look like they may die. Very disappointing. Ian, Stuarts Point, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

Love the comments and tips from other customers about the plants. Stef, Camden Head, NSW (6th Jan 2015)

You need to give more accurate time for when we express interest in a plant to when it might be available. I prefer to plant in Autumn, late Winter early Spring so that the roots develop to support them independently in summer . It is difficult when I am planting in the preschool early Summer, to sustain them over the school holidays when no-one is there.Thanks, Maree. maree, Carlingford, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

My Kwan Mango has grown 21 cm since I planted it 7 weeks ago in Nov. 2014. This can be attributed to the fact that Daleys sent me healthy ready to go plant and the fact that I took every measure to ensure that it would grow! Thank you Daleys for taking every effort to ensure that my tree arrived in good condition. George from Burpengary Qld. George, Burpengary, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

The plants are extremely healthy & have put enormous amounts of new growth in the few short weeks after they were delivered I have no hesitation ordering more trees & plants (some date palms next ) thank you. One very happy customer josh Josh, Mooloolaba, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

The plants are extremely healthy & have put enormous amounts of new growth in the few short weeks after they were delivered I have no hesitation ordering more trees & plants (some date palms next ) thank you. One very happy customer josh Josh, Mooloolaba, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

The quality of your plants is outstanding all my plants are healthy and growing well. My one bit of frustration came from the difficulty of adding to an existing order as yet not delivered particularly adding plants as they become available after an inquiry. But despite this I would not purchase from anyone else Regards Maria Tripolone maria, Picketts Valley, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

Some company that give bonus to their client on the client birthday. Some other company give bonus such as a few percentage off if their client spend up to a certain amount. These are a few suggestions that you may want to take up. I find that these incentives encourage me to introduce my friend to these companies. MICHAEL TRUC, Castlecrag, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

i already sent an email about issues with the delivery apart from that everything was fine paula, Randwick, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

Excellent service, Mathi , North Sydney, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

outstanding as always , really enjoy dealing with you Karen, Coolum Beach, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

I buy all my plants via your website and found it easy to use. All plants have always been good and healthy an to this date have had no deaths:) would highly recommend. Kim, Capalaba, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

Probably some communication regarding the progress with back orders. Rob, South Maclean, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

Excellent service and product... The plants arrived in very quick time and well packed. I am very happy to purchase from you again... Tim, Murrumbeena, VIC (5th Jan 2015)

Overall I am very happy with Daley's service. Fintan, Enoggera, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

You can read what I said about you in my forthcoming book on growing bush tucker. Peter Peter, Yass, NSW (5th Jan 2015)

I ordered a Japanese Raison tree and was delighted at how prompt the service was. I was also very happy at the excellent condition the tree was in. Especially since the tree had travelled by courier in a cardboard box. Once planted it began growing new shoots almost immediately. Adam, Enoggera, QLD (5th Jan 2015)

Just love your variety,i have my tree growing well at this has been very wet here in Boonah so i have been worried about my tree.your service was fantastic and i have told many people about you and the great way you looked after me.Thankyou very much I will be buying from you again for sure.Thanks from Sherria. SHERRIA, Boonah, QLD (4th Jan 2015)

on the website there is not enough information generally on plant requirements, and for many it is very difficult to establish plant frost tolerance. stephen, Thowgla Valley, VIC (4th Jan 2015)

The plants that I have received from you have all ways been of a very high quality but the brachychiton-populneus I received in my last order where not to your usual high standards. But a very happy customer. Pamela, Augathella, QLD (4th Jan 2015)

I really was a bit surprised was not expecting that the mulberry would be that small by the way how tall will it grow in a pot in case it survives. I,m doing this not because of the reword simple one have to waite long time to see some results and at my age I need plants that start fruiting in one or two years time. Happy New Year to you all. Jorge, Prospect, SA (4th Jan 2015)

I really was a bit surprised was not expecting that the mulberry would be that small by the way how tall will it grow in a pot in case it survives. I,m doing this not because of the reword simple one have to waite long time to see some results and at my age I need plants that start fruiting in one or two years time. Happy New Year to you all. Jorge, Prospect, SA (4th Jan 2015)

I am very pl;ease with servicefrom Daley's and with the plants. phil, Kalang, NSW (4th Jan 2015)

Everything went smoothly, Freight is at a reasonable rate as a lot of times it is the limiting factor as to whether I purchase over the net or not. Trees were in good order, so thumbs up all round. Cheers Rob Robert, Brandy Ck, QLD (4th Jan 2015)

The service is wonderful, the packaging of the plants is excellent, I have no hesitation in using Daleys again. . Anne , Manning Point, NSW (4th Jan 2015)

We had two 45 degree days in spring. Unusual. Bought a fig. Lovely young tree. Didn't get a chance to plant it in ground for around a month. Lost all but two leaves. Planted it anyway. 38 plus degree days. It has now regenerated back to original glory. Thank you Maxine McCosker, Bourke, NSW (4th Jan 2015)

Is it possible to get plant height included in descriptions even if it's only approximate. Maybe high lite in colour plants on the ordering page that are not yet available but ordered so dummies like me read the description better. Your packaging is superb, thank you for going to so much effort to keep the plants safe. charlene, Burpengary, QLD (4th Jan 2015)

you guys are fabulous! Maria, Batesford, VIC (3rd Jan 2015)

While there is nothing I like more than a physical wander around a local nursery, I love that I can have a virtual wander through Daley's, place an order, and come home from work a couple of days later to find a little garden in a box! Excellent range, quality, and service. love the videos. Thank you and all the best to all at Daley's for 2015. Linda Linda, Taree, NSW (3rd Jan 2015)

Have had several orders and have been happy with all of them. Thank you Michele, Tinonee, NSW (3rd Jan 2015)

Would prefer to speak directly with staff via mobile as opposed to email. Other then that the service and product are exceptional. Thanking you Marc Schubach Marc, Wollongbar, NSW (1st Jan 2015)

All very straightforward. Thanks. Lisa, Coogee, NSW (1st Jan 2015)

I have been buying my edible plants from you for years now and have always been pleased with the service and quality of the plants. In fact, I have chosen to use your service over local suppliers because I trust your service and quality. I tell all my friends and acquaintances about you - Thank you for a job well done and my Daley's garden:). Tina, Jones Hill, QLD (31st Dec 2014)

sorry to take so long to reply to your email.Thank you Daleys staff for such excellent service.All plants have been transplanted to the garden.all plants have accustomed to the clay soil that I have.So far so good.but the true test will be the wet season. Wishing all your staff aHAPPY AND PEACEFUL 2015 ray, Black River, QLD (30th Dec 2014)

There is nothing to improve on. Your range of plants is exceptional, as is the service you provide. DANIELLE, Bathurst, NSW (30th Dec 2014)

Unexpected prompt delivery prior to Christmas. Had estimated delivery would have been in new year (2015). Robert, Tuncurry, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

Plants always arrive in good condition with clear instructions. Have never had a failure and consistently grow on well Lyndal, Dunwich, QLD (29th Dec 2014)

Requests made using the system provided on line to purchase plants which are not in stock can go for 6 months without feedback. A better way might be to advise an estimate e.g. "6 to 24 months" or "production not in adequate quantities to fulfil any further orders at this time" andrew, North Curl Curl, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

More hard to source stock please! :-) Jeremy, Shailer Park, QLD (29th Dec 2014)

Excellent service . May be instruction with the plant need some more informations . Sandrakumar, Prospect, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

Specify the provenance of the native species you grow ie where the seeds or cuttings were collected. Thanks!! Emma, Mount Pleasant, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

Should also include the quality of packaging in the survey. My plant is still trying to survive as the roots had been broken due to packaging. Josephine, Tuggerawong, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

Overall the website is very good but it is a bit cluttered. It takes a while to get the hang of where everything is, I think it would be especially tricky for older people. Jonathan, Mount Ommaney, QLD (29th Dec 2014)

I purchased Japanese rasin trees and they have doubled in size in only a couple of months. They are so healthy thank you. Kate, North Nowra, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

My fig tree is growing very nicely in a big pot, but more importantly it is still ALIVE! Susan, Bundamba, QLD (29th Dec 2014)

Very healthy plants and a good selection of hard to get plants Nektarios , Edmondson Park, NSW (29th Dec 2014)

I used your website to be notified when you had Dwarf coconut palms in stock. I was very impressed with the notification system and also the whole delivery and tracking process was excellent. Katie, Battery Hill, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

can not work your free tree offer peter, Nyora, VIC (28th Dec 2014)

I can't suggest anything better. You are n. one in your job! severino, Thornlands, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

Make navigation on your site a little easier. Also when I am notified of stock becoming available it has often gone before I even log in! Apart from that the service and quality of the produce is almost faultless. anna, Veteran, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

All Good Ladislau, Point Vernon, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

I was a bit worried about ordering plants online, but when the box arrived only a couple of days after placing my order the plants were so healthy, and are thriving now in my back yard. I have definitely recommended your nursery to my friends and family Stacey, Marian, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

Freight was packaged perfectly. I ordered online from another provider last year and the plants arrived damaged due to the packaging. Well done by your team. Raffaele, Taylors Lakes, VIC (28th Dec 2014)


As always the service and quality of product was fantastic. I have had a 100% success rate with all my purchases and in a few years will have a wonderful fruit forest...thank you. Robert, Proserpine, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

The only thing better I've found is a local nursery man who sells at Nanango market once a month, apart from him I'll continue to bye from you, plants I can't get from him. Ken, Benarkin North, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

Plants all doing well. Very happy MARY, North Warrandyte, VIC (28th Dec 2014)

Plants sent by post and arrived in excellent condition. Julie, Coomboona, VIC (28th Dec 2014)

still waiting for my cinnamon tree...... spero, Manly West, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

I find your web site is not very user friendly when doing a search. I did a search for banana tree and get other sites including jobs in banana industry? NSW Xmas bush none available however there is 25 for $9.90? Not sure what this one is? Cliff, Garbutt, QLD (28th Dec 2014)

I would like to be able to talk to some one in case of needing some advise. I bought few trees from you ,and replanted them, all are doing well except the three . I have send an email,would have been nice to be advised what to do . Other wise all is good Cyrus, Wellington Point, QLD (27th Dec 2014)

Hi there We recently purchased 2 large leaf Jaboticaba's trees, (2014) and I was quite concerned that they would deteriorate in transit, after they left your care. However, they arrived in no time at all, and have thrived in our garden in Brisbane. Previous purchases have been fine too, with no issues to report. Corry Brisbane Corry, Camp Hill, QLD (26th Dec 2014)

Text and email are great, and realise it is expensive to phone, but it would be good to talk to someone every now and again. Being able to get grapes into Queensland would be a great thing too. You have varieties that suit, and very difficult to source them up here. Des , Thagoona, QLD (25th Dec 2014)

Shipping is a little expensive but the plants are good :) Elizabeth, Castle Hill, NSW (24th Dec 2014)

Your site is very user friendly. I particularly find your videos very educational. I am looking for Thai Ginger as such if you can assist. I shall buy from you again, and have recommended you to so friends. denny, Balmoral, QLD (23rd Dec 2014)

There was a problem with courier in delivery. I would suggest allow in your order a possibility of the entrance description to the property concerned. Such information would assist to a courier driver for a proper item's delivery Jan, Goodna, QLD (23rd Dec 2014)

The order was delivered unexpectedly quickly and the plants were extremely well packed, not stressed and as described. I will surely reorder from Daley's. Bina, Florey, ACT (23rd Dec 2014)

A phone contact service would be a good option if one doesn't want to communicate via email. Nigel, Nunawading, VIC (22nd Dec 2014)

All the plants I have purchased from Daleys are thriving and growing well. I have never had any trouble with delivery of the goods, the plants have always arrived in good condition and they always include instructions on how to care for the plants. Thank you Daleys - best wishes and a Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year to the management and staff Kay, Mount Warren Park, QLD (22nd Dec 2014)

My Guava tree arrived well packed and healthy. A bit bigger would be better!! Roberto, Botany, NSW (22nd Dec 2014)

Hi i was gladly surprised with the prompt delivery and i was really excited to receive beautiful healthy plants, i have not bought plants online before, the ease of using the website was great and i got a text message to let me know when the plant was in stock as one of the plants i was interested in was not available at the time which i think is great customer service thankyou kind regards Sarah. Sarah, Avoca Beach, NSW (22nd Dec 2014)

The plants from the last order were not ready there were was no root development and when I took the plants out of the pot all the potting mix fell away. With the Lychee the root ball would have not been greater than 100mm across. Ian, Korora, NSW (22nd Dec 2014)

I think with these rewards you need to put them on our accounts so when we buy they are there, I have had a few and bought more plants but these 'rewards' didn't come through. Last one I the tea order I wrote a note so hopefully that might result in the 'reward' It would be easier all round if it was there on our account and then we could choose which tree/plant we want. Thanks Edwina Murphy-Osborne Edwina, Withcott, QLD (22nd Dec 2014)

I bought a mulberry tree for a friend and was going to purchase one myself but didn't when I realised I would pay double freight. Bronwyn, Grovedale, VIC (21st Dec 2014)

I Was very impressed with the packing of the plants. They arrived safely and in good condition and still moist. Thankyou for the care instructions for the plants as well. I have recommended you to many of my friends as I was impressed with your prices, quality and variety of your plants. 10 out of 10 for your services. Amanda Putnam Amanda, Hatton Vale, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

Possibly indicate how long it will take to have some plants in culture in stock in weeks. It would help with planting preparation. The plants we have purchased have all been healthy in active growth phase and pest free. Thank you Neil, Innisfail, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

Bit dissappointed with recent Pittaya purchase. Due to bery thin stem, had to divide into sections, still waiting for them to show roots so I can plant them. One was sturdy and has been planted, the second as above. Marilyn , Tapitallee, NSW (21st Dec 2014)

All the plants I have bought from you, and there are quite a few now, are going like steam trains - even the cacao, which, I must confess, wasn't too keen on the subtropical winter. John, Pelican Waters, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

The website is a bit hard to navigate. David , Southport Park, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

My favourite E-store for plants. Plants arrived healthy and good condition. Andy, Springvale, VIC (21st Dec 2014)

It would be good to speak to a real person when you ring Daleys. Thanks Sue Sue, Mareeba , QLD (21st Dec 2014)

Love the wide variety of plants and the enormous range! Martha, Clovelly, NSW (21st Dec 2014)

great sevice and plants thanks very much AAAA++++ Chris, Oxenford, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

Best online nursery in Australia. Stock always in excellent condition. Service and information excellent. Always recommending you to friends. Keep up the good work. MATTHEW , Bowen, QLD (21st Dec 2014)

The dwarf mulberry looks dying. It's not growing... Jingyu, Oaklands Park, SA (21st Dec 2014)

I love Daley's plants! they always arrive in excellent condition and are healthy and well established. I have a question though - I am getting to the point where I can only fit about 6 to 10 more trees in my orchard, and the ones I want are 'not available' at different times of year. It is difficult for me to make my last order as freight is expensive for just one tree, and it is more cost effective to order all together. Since I have been a good customer, I wonder if you could help me out with the freight, either by holding part of my order until it can all go together, or by giving me the discounted freight cost even if I have to get the plants in 2 or 3 shipments? I realise that the cost of freight is high because you put in such a good effort to make sure they arrive in perfect condition, but I wonder if you could advise me about my issue? I think sometimes a plant is 'not available' because it is just the wrong time of year to send it, and sometimes it is because you have limited stock and the only way to get it is to grab it as soon as it is ready. Perhaps if I talk to someone I can time my order so that the freight cost is the least? warm regards, Jodie Eden Jodie , Atherton, QLD (20th Dec 2014)

I think the website plant list needs to come under different categories, more simple and straight forward. Definately need a photo and description for every plant. Sometimes my order list wont let me remove or add an item. Peter, Killara, NSW (19th Dec 2014)

Dear Delays Most of plants are good but I like to see more plants for the temperate zones I live in the western Sydney and most good plants are frost free and is very hard to maintein it pass winter. I like rare fruits plants that are good for health. A good search for the beneficial plants, fruits and vegetables. And please more crafted fruit trees, there is a lot pest and deceases And please cheaper couriers Thank you Vicky, Mount Druitt, NSW (17th Dec 2014)

Very satisfied with products paul, Scotts Head, NSW (17th Dec 2014)

I've never had a problem with the website or with ordering. My last purchase was a pick-up at the nursery and I found the staff very friendly and helpful. Geoff, Talarm, NSW (17th Dec 2014)

open a nursery in Newcastle n.s.w david, Wallsend, NSW (16th Dec 2014)

Carry more stock. Ruth, Cooranbong, NSW (16th Dec 2014)

I wish I could give a 10 rating for your service and your plants. I have suggested to all my family and friends if they're looking to buy plants they should buy through daleys nursery. Kim, Cabramatta , NSW (16th Dec 2014)

Thank you - I appreciate the comprehensive stock that you generally hold, and your update emails - not too many too often - just right. Would like to visit one day (not sure I can afford it - might buy too many things!) Helen, Milton, QLD (16th Dec 2014)

I gave you a "5" for "Dealings with staff" although I did not dweal with any staff at all- purely an online purchase. However, the process was so smooth that I did not require direct interaction with a staff member and it feels wrong to give an ungenerous score here because of that. Andrew, , (16th Dec 2014)

Hi folks, i've dealt with you for a number of years and Kath has always been very helpful. Even when i call for gardening advice! I think your quality of plants are great and speed of service is fantastic. You guys and diggers are my #1 go to for plants. will continue to be a purchaser into the future :) -nat Nathan, Normanhurst, NSW (16th Dec 2014)

Unfortunately the tea tree I purchased from you deteriorated to dying soon after I received it. Rod Rod, North Maclean, QLD (16th Dec 2014)

I really like the way you conduct business and always feel 100% confident placing an order with you. One minor gripe is that I was on the waiting list for Kangaroo Paws several months ago. I haven't heard a thing since then. An update would have been helpful. Jeremy, Newport, NSW (16th Dec 2014)

All good, Purchased three pomegranate tree's one died within two weeks Maria, Kyle Bay, NSW (16th Dec 2014)

I did recommend you to my sister and she did use you site. Thanks Jennifer, Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD (16th Dec 2014)

Very happy with all the plants I have purchased over the years. Much better value and selection than local nursery and excellent quality. Nicole, Mulbring, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

I couldn't be more satisfied with your business dealings. In my opinion you are an exemplary business. Congratulations. Oh - Ava rili bloody good change of year festive season. Chris, Ormond, VIC (15th Dec 2014)

Its an easy process to order. Get my deliverers quick. and even let me know when something i am after is in stock. What else is there. john, Holland Park West, QLD (15th Dec 2014)

All great. Thank you. Anne, Ashgrove, QLD (15th Dec 2014)

I put a rating of 3 for dealing with staff only because I did not deal with any person over the phone so I cannot rate it. Had I done so, I am sure it would also be a 5 based on all the other items. Thanks and regards, Babar Babar, The Ponds, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

No comment. The quality of your plants and service is second to none. Liz, Hillside, VIC (15th Dec 2014)

Didn't deal with staff so therefore could not rate highly, but otherwise a perfect shopping experience and thank-you. Taya, Wentworth Falls, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Could give an indication of when a product will be available rather than "in production". manuel, Ingleburn, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Keep up the good work! Helene, Lane Cove North, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

I didn't realise how small those red papaya plants would be but they are growing really well so no misgivings. Info on dealing with plants on arrival is excellent. I might not have read the size of the plants when I ordered, if you give it somewhere but if not that is the only extra info I would have liked. I'd certainly order from you in the future if I need more plants. Jill Slatter, Bolwarra Heights, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

The guava plants were in excellent condition on arrival. Packaging was excellent. I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and the total packaging and delivery process. Will definitely purchase again. JILL, Padstow, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Two times I had problem with jackfruit tree. The quality was not good and the trees died. Other trees were excellent. Dr Fazlul, Kenthurst, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Hi, I am being really honest here, so sorry I am being brutal. My husband and I really wanted to talk to someone about fruit trees and what goes with what, etc etc however because I couldn't actually touch base with a person I was finding it hard to make a decision. In the end we only bought the three trees from you, but I had heard you had great trees. Two are doing one well but one is very sick. On that note we did buy aprox 20 fruit/nut trees from someone else because I could talk to someone and ask questions.Sorry .. you would have had the full sale if only someone would speak and then there was a mix up with delivery times, once again due to lack of one on one conversation. We struggle with internet services and mobile service. Anyway there you are.I would only buy from you if I knew exactly what I wanted due to being unable to ask questions. The pecans however are doing great. Many thanks Jacqui Beale jacqui, Mungallala, QLD (15th Dec 2014)

I look at your website and I want to plant ALL the fruit trees but I have only a small garden in the inner city in Sydney. The ones I have are all doing very well. Thank you. Margaret, Camperdown, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

The Nam Doc Mai and Paw Paw I ordered were both really healthy and have taken off quickly after they were repotted. I've got them growing in a greenhouse in Melbourne and they are very happy. I also changed my order at one point and the staff and website made it all really easy. Definitely will be a return customer. Thanks. Andrew, Cheltenham, VIC (15th Dec 2014)

Improved website for scrolling through comments. Ian, Rankin Park, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

The plants were a lot smaller and less developed than anticipated for the amount I paid Margot, Dural, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

All great - love the packaging gale, Tintenbar, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Improved website for scrolling through comments. Ian, Rankin Park, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Great packaging! Maggie, Marsfield, NSW (15th Dec 2014)

Wondering if ever see fruits trees like the breadfruit or durian, matissa came back,could buy them long time ago nursery here, sam, Kedron, QLD (15th Dec 2014)

I just wish I had a bigger garden to buy more of your amazing plants!!! well done Margaret, Ocean Grove, VIC (14th Dec 2014)

We have always been very happy with your web page and online purchases. Also we like the emails with info about propagating and plant care etc. Our son and partner were recently down your way and called in and were extremely delighted with the variety of plants and the helpful service they received. We will certainly be buying from you again and tell all our friends and family about you. Thanks Chris Chris, Peregian Beach, QLD (14th Dec 2014)

So impressed with the quality of my plants and the careful packaging to protect it while being shipped. The post office lady was oohing and ahhing over my little conifer that she could see peeking out, and the most important part was that my husband, who usually dislikes plants & gardening, claimed my order as his when I unpacked it. Amy, Rhodes, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

Your web site is too "busy", too many things on a page vying for attention. Other than that, I like your nursery. Ray, Newling, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

I recommend you guys to everyone! I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the trees I purchased, will definitely be an ongoing future customer. After the beautiful soaking rain we have received over the last week the trees are rewarding us with oodles of healthy new growth! Alisa, Hamilton Creek, QLD (14th Dec 2014)

Quality of plants compensates for cost of delivery. Plant's arrive undamaged and delivered to door even when you can't be there. The plants I got have established even more so than the locally bought ones fantastic that you stock the rarer and more unusual as well. Well done hope you continue to be supported. . Pamela, Narre Warren North, VIC (14th Dec 2014)

Both trees are doing well, considering the dry period we have just experienced, but with all the rain i expect they will pick up now,Thanks,Barry Barry, Tinana South, QLD (14th Dec 2014)

Your service was brilliant and the plant was so well packed it arrived in very good condition. many thanks to you all.john Hart Bright Vic John, Bright, VIC (14th Dec 2014)

Best quality trees arrive in perfect order with great instructions. Highly recommended. Melissa, Burringbar, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

Need "N/A" for dealings with staff, as I have not ever needed to deal with the staff - a testament to your staff! The website's a little busy and difficult to visually navigate. The pictures/text in the banner navigation thing at the top are definitely too small to see easily... The included "What to do with your box of plants" document was a nice touch, as I always can use tips or a reminder. Though it needs your logo on it, since I'm not even sure if that was from you guys! Great company, see you next order! Greg, Brombin, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

All went extremely well with the purchase and delivery. The macadamia I bought was a very strong plant and has done well. Unfortunately the paw paw, which I thought would flourish, has died. Christine, Killabakh, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

the only problem we have is the time it took the plants from leaving your nursery to our door .left your place on Monday and we got them Tuesday week. we live two hours away.luckily it was cool weather, the plants did survived but didn't look to happy when we got them.i doubt they would of survived the week in the box in summer time. lyn, Bilambil Heights, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

great plants and great service Stephen, Numurkah, VIC (14th Dec 2014)

A fact sheet detailing the plant and its qualities and how best to help it survive ,where to best plant it Helen, Crohamhurst, QLD (14th Dec 2014)

Excellent in every way, excellent source of bush foods, have already recommended you to friends. David, The Oaks, NSW (14th Dec 2014)

As a novice gardener please tell others not to fertilize as I did and have killed the reeds avocado and burnt all the leaves of the others. ( not sure whether they will live as is has been hot as well) Found your site a little hard to follow but over all experience good and plants turned up in very good condition it was only me that was the problem peter, Emerald, QLD (11th Dec 2014)

The speed of service was a little slow due to the quarantine requiments. Peter, Berrimah, NT (11th Dec 2014)

nothing, it was the perfect deal! Ken, Tongala, VIC (10th Dec 2014)

I couldn't believe how well and in good order the plants arrived in. Was very pleased and all are doing really well. Meredith, Samford, QLD (10th Dec 2014)

I didn't deal with staff so have not rated that aspect. I was delighted with my plants which are all flourishing even though not yet planted out some weeks on! That is a testament to how they were raised. thanks Fiona Fiona, Flemington, VIC (9th Dec 2014)

my riccoto chilli's have grown about 4-5 inche's since i recieved them i am quite pleased about their progress. thankyou.rob. , , (9th Dec 2014)

The trees were very well packed and all lovely and fresh on arrival. I really like that the roots are all fresh and ready to go. No root bound plants, which often take a bit of getting going. The only things that puts me off ordering is the cost of handling and postage, which is no reflection on yourselves. Kathy, Theodore, QLD (9th Dec 2014)

Would all be a 5 if you were organic. Jazmin, Narangba, QLD (8th Dec 2014)

I bought a Dwarf Mullbery Tree arrived in good condition. The info with the tree was of great use and I am very happy. Bruce Bruce, Woolooware, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Love your packing. Plants arrive healthy looking. Love your variety and selection. Keep up the good work. Tong , Hallett Cove, SA (8th Dec 2014)

Totally satisfied ... Thank-you !! Joan, Buderim, QLD (8th Dec 2014)

I think there are to many emails. When I purchased the plant it seemed that I received a lot of email keeping me updated with my order, I think only one email is enough. Fiona, Katoomba, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Dealings with staff marked down as most contact was either Mobile/Computer. Overall impressed with service. Robert, Tuncurry, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

It is great to deal with you, speedy delivery, good service, great packaging and instrauctions. Keep up the good work, looking forward to buying more from you. Joelle Joelle, Federal, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

The survey doesn't reflect the the right amount of difference between questions i.e. the Website is great and worth a 5 but the Staff are fantastic and deserve a much higher number. Kind regards Graeme Graeme, Patterson Lakes, VIC (8th Dec 2014)

A great company, easy to deal with and very happy with the trees that arrive at my door !!! Mat, Raglan, QLD (8th Dec 2014)

I was surprised the tree had three limbs. So I cut 2 limbs off and staked the mulberry's remaining limb as a central limb. It has gone through really hot dry days of 48*but I have fertilised and watered it well and now it is 150cm high. I have disbuded bottom shoots and now horizontal branches are forming 140cm above ground. This is one of my favorite trees. I will be selling in 10 months and moving to Townsville so will need lots of trees then. A lot of young people would not know what to do with a tree with 3 branches so I feel instructions should be given on how to prune. It's easy for me because I am a passionate gardener and read lots of books and on line information. Karen, Dubbo, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Could not rate dealing with staff, as I have corresponded with email only I found your way of shipping very good the plants have arrived healthy and at the moment are doing great. Your instruction how to care for the plants are easy to understand Angelo, Griffith, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Very happy to be able to track such a rare tree, (dwarf black Mulberry) thankyou Deb Marks debra, Seville East, VIC (8th Dec 2014)

Provide competitive pricing for accessories such as fruit fly eradication products extra or provide a discount for buying through your web site and not from local farm service suppliers . Remember when one is located remote from suburbia there most economic and timely way to acquire needs is by internet ordering and postal delivery . Alex, Kurmond, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Thanks very happy with your plants. I have already recommend you to my friends Stoyan, Prospect, SA (8th Dec 2014)

2 problems. I wanted a tree that was delayed as you didn't have stock. I had to phone you to see what was the delay. It still wasn't available. So I missed spring planting and my tree planting was delayed because of v high temps >30. Staff should have contacted me and advised delay and asked me what I wanted to do. Also I wanted fejoas which kept being snapped up. I should have paid before hand rather than waiting for availability. My ignorance on how you operate. sue, Kulnura, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

only two plants growing well wait and see, tahnks rabindra, Rowville, VIC (8th Dec 2014)

Good range of plants not available locally. I have had success with previous purchases. The latest is slow to get started. Lets hope it's putting down roots. I will purchase from you again next winter. Ines, Bermagui, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

The Moringa tree didn't look as good as the standard of plants I normally receive from Daleys. Fortunately since I have planted it out, it has grown a lot of new leaves and is looking good. Unfortunatley, one of the two pecans died very suddenly. The other is still looking good. Perhaps something attacked its roots. When the pecan arrived it looked perfect, so I'm not blaming Daleys for it dying. Don, Karangi, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

Best quality stock & price I have found online. David, Fairfield, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

I didn't deal with your staf when I bought my plants so I cannot rate for the "Dealings with Staff". Mari, Bentleigh, VIC (8th Dec 2014)

I bought a Yuzu tree and was very happy that you are stocking these. I was disappointed as I was only allowed to buy one. Would but 4 more if I could. nancy, Mt Wilson, NSW (8th Dec 2014)

All good. fast service. Mark, Cremorne, NSW (5th Dec 2014)

All Good Couriers Please great service for Super Plants Ian, Willaston, SA (5th Dec 2014)

Staff are friendly and helpful but service can be slow as most customers take their time selecting and often tie up staff for long periods. Sometimes stock of certain items is low or out and this can be frustrating as we travel for an hour to get there. But overall good. Thanks. Bruno, Whian Whian, NSW (5th Dec 2014)

great packaging of tree john, Glenmore Park, NSW (4th Dec 2014)

a few of trees have die, a paw paw, a pomegranate and finger lime Erica, Maleny, QLD (3rd Dec 2014)

One of my hazelnut trees was dead on planting it Tony, Mossiface, VIC (3rd Dec 2014)

efficient customer service, fast delivery Divina, Lugarno, NSW (3rd Dec 2014)

If you could do better you'd be landscaping the Garden of Eden. Bob, Kambah, ACT (2nd Dec 2014)

It is frustrating not to be able to buy snd hold the purchase to bundle within a month with plants still coming. Perhaps you could enable more prepurchasing and let us add it to current stock sales Ann, Taree, NSW (2nd Dec 2014)

The plants were safely and beautifully packed and arrived in perfect condition. The person I spoke to on the 'phone was helpful and well informed...these are things which you probably do all the time but when I compare your service to others I find your service fantastic and quite exceptional. Thank you again Patricia Lo Cascio patricia, Albert Park, VIC (2nd Dec 2014)

Great service which is much appreciated as I Iive too far away to visit in person. Thanks. The only challenge is that plants I want are often not available when I want them. Ali , Port Macquarie, NSW (2nd Dec 2014)

provide more technical support will be better. leigh, Hurstville, NSW (2nd Dec 2014)

Need to be able to purchase plants that are larger. I bought a dwarf black mulberry but I would have liked a more established tree. Otherwise all good. My delay comment was understandable as the tree had to grow. Peter, Georges Hall, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Quality, healthy trees and shrubs. Excellent courier service. My preferred mail order nursery for live plants. robert, North Rothbury, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Always happy to shop with you . Fran, Munruben, QLD (1st Dec 2014)

My second order of 3 types of fruit trees - Nashi Pear (Shinseiki), pawpaw (Southern Red) & Dwarf Mulberry are all doing very well. Thank you. Looking forward to purchasing more trees from your nursery. Jackie, Epping, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Both trees arrived in very good condition. Fig - Brown Turkey, is doing great, already have 4 figs on the tree. Dwarf Persimmon is dormant ? No new leaves yet. Jackie, Epping, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Shartoot mulberry was on two different root stock, am not sure which will be best. Have not received last order sent 24th Nov aren't here yet, tracked to Syd. but will be praying they are safe.... think Australia post may have been best but ay will try be confident and keep you posted. Plants from first settled well, hope pecans don't suffer in travel stress. cheers Rik Rick, Tallangatta, VIC (1st Dec 2014)

No really very good. The Mulberry is going great guns about 1/3 bigger than when purchased 2 months ago. Excellent. Thanks Mal Malcolm, Coorparoo, QLD (1st Dec 2014)

an excellent company to deal with and our little tree is thriving. Robyn, Marsden, QLD (1st Dec 2014)

I found your service to be most convenient and gave me exactly what I wanted in choice of varieties. Much better than going to local nursery and finding them out of stock Bill, Burnside, SA (1st Dec 2014)

*I've never dealt with staff as its all on line sales,,, *Plants are always very healthy and packed well. *Variety is very good,, *Be good to get a description of the fruit and how to use it or how to harvest it,,, *I loved your Christmas decorate a tree and deliver it gift special, though the link was a little confusing as it took you to an order form which seemed to go no where, the ordering for the Christmas gift idea: it wasn't till you paid and was on the last page that you entered the gift check box and filled in the message so was a little tentative as I didn't know whether it was going to give me the Christmas gift option until the very last page so spent the whole process wondering if I was in the Christmas gift section. * Don't understand why some of your fruit trees are seedlings and others are grafted, so a bit hesitant to buy seedlings as not true to type. Mark, Moorooka, QLD (1st Dec 2014)

Very satisfied with the plants. As expected they were quite small (Never use Bunning's for plants butI see the same size citrus in Bunning's for $10). All plants are thriving. David, Blackburn South, VIC (1st Dec 2014)

The delivery courier was extremely disappointing. They just dumped the plants at the front gate in bushes and it was only by chance that we found the plants. The delivery courier has caused problems with other neighbours and appears to have a lack of care. klaus, Bundanoon, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

I can't think of anything. I am truly impressed with your service and quality of plants, and have recommended you to a number of friends. Thank you for all your help with selecting my fruit trees some months back - your suggestions were invaluable. All trees and plants doing very well and hoping to add something to your forum over the holiday break. Regards, Eilean Eilean, Chifley, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Very pleased with the product and the generous inclusion of some extra trees! Didn't really have any interaction with staff, hence the "3". Scott, Ourimbah, NSW (1st Dec 2014)

Beautifully packaged...kept it 3 days before planting out in well-prepared spot...leaves started curling, browning and looking dreadful so I snipped them all off. Have been patiently crossing my fingers whilst the remaining stick still looked to be "green". This week I notice tiny bright green growing from the base and also along the thin trunk. So "Yaaaaaay" hopefully will be eating gorgeous fruit in the future :-) Susan, Lindenow, VIC (30th Nov 2014)

I know that rating looks like I just ticked all the same boxes, but I do think your service is great! I look forward to my next purchase. Jannette, Mount Crosby, QLD (30th Nov 2014)

Transaction was great...however was very hot weather when the plants arrived and post office staff didnt check the plants so they were a bit stresed when we received them but recovered well with TLC. Robyn, Goomeri, QLD (30th Nov 2014)

Very impressed with the level of service. I was kept up to date with when the plant was posted and where it was on route. Lexie , Armidale, NSW (30th Nov 2014)

I am very happy with the mulberry tree. it arrived safely and in excellent condition. it has since started to shoot and I am looking forward to lots of yummy fruit in the future. beris m. beris, Warneet, VIC (30th Nov 2014)

About the only thing that could improve the service I receive is if you were to come and plant them for me ;-) Very satisfied (and I can be fussy!) Lynette, Albert, NSW (30th Nov 2014)

The best nursery I have been to. Erin, Larnook, NSW (26th Nov 2014)

I am very happy with your service and communication. The plant I have bought over the years have all survived the trip and being planted out. Being in WA there are some quarantine problems:-( but you seems to be able to provide most of what I am looking for with quarantine treatment. Very few plant sales places offer that service so thankyou very much. , , (25th Nov 2014)

Very quick delivery, well packaged and high quality trees. Prices for fruit trees are not as cheap as Bunnings and then delivery is added. Better product tho. Vina, Kotara South, NSW (25th Nov 2014)

Really happy with the way the plants arrived, they were all healthy and well packaged. The instructions were helpful and the plants are now growing well in my garden. The staff have been an absolute pleasure to deal with as well. (One small glitch on my first order however, I wasn't emailed when the plants were sent out, and missed the delivery because I wasn't looking out/ waiting at home for it. But the next time I ordered, I received the email, so it worked out well). Sharon, Dee Why, NSW (24th Nov 2014)

The best nursery around. Always provide the best customer service and fast delivery of the highest quality of plants. Always a pleasure to buy from. Sarah, Bundaberg South, QLD (24th Nov 2014)

I have nothing but good things to say about Daleys. Virtually my whole edible garden has been supplied by them. From the text message alert (when the plants I want come in stock) to the personalised responses to an order, every time I have dealt with them it has been fantastic. My requests for timings of deliveries have been always been met, the plants are always beautifully healthy. Highly recommended! Kate, Tarragindi, QLD (24th Nov 2014)

"Dealings with staff"? Well there weren't any I just bought online and it arrive by courier. David, Willoughby East, NSW (24th Nov 2014)

Nice and easy transaction, Plants arrive safely :) Paul, Alfords Point, NSW (24th Nov 2014)


I have better results with Daleys plants than the local nurseries. Even taking into account the price of delivery the cost is still very competative. GRANT, Moonee Ponds, VIC (24th Nov 2014)

Very happy with my purchase. I didn't have any interaction with staff so can't answer that question! Jeni, Mansfield Private Boxes, VIC (24th Nov 2014)

The plants I order were in excellent condition I found them to be better specimens than the ones I bought from gromaster. Thanks heaps Tanjileen, Erica, VIC (24th Nov 2014)

from my point of view your service and quality of plants are to me all i need. They are hardy well packed and they can stay in there containers until i am well enough to put them in the ground robert i , Gorokan, NSW (24th Nov 2014)

It would be great if a customer could find out how long before the items on the wish list are expected to be ready. That way customers could combine a couple of orders together, if its not going to be too long, and save a bit on postage costs. Otherwise very satisfied with the ordering system. Kaye, Brierfield, NSW (23rd Nov 2014)

Items purchased were packed well and arrived as said. All items have been repotted and all survived. Well done. John John, Churchill, VIC (23rd Nov 2014)

It would sometimes be helpful to speak directly to staff. I have found it frustrating when I really wanted to find something out and couldn't make contact or get an answer really quickly. The plants I ordered from you looked really good when they were delivered which was great. The only problem I have had is that two things I ordered from you died: tamarillo and an afourer mandarin. Gayle Russell Gayle, Corrimal, NSW (23rd Nov 2014)

I only purchased 4 plants therefore I did not liaise with staff. You run a very professional operation. JEANETTE, Cootharaba, QLD (23rd Nov 2014)

Great healthy plants arrived in Adelaide, well packed. All doing well several months on. Thanks Peter croft Peter, Parkside, SA (23rd Nov 2014)

Nothing... all good Mark, Telegraph Point, NSW (23rd Nov 2014)

Hi great service very happy to recommend people to you Regards Kaye Kaye , Ewingsdale, NSW (21st Nov 2014)

My trees arrived well packaged and were good quality stock. I purchased others from another supplier at the same time and they were damaged and wrapped in a garbage bag and posted. I will definitely use Daleys again and recommend them to everyone.Thank you Kerry, Orange, NSW (21st Nov 2014)

Everything was well organised, the staff are always helpful, plants arrive when you say they are going to and the quanlity of the plants are second to no one. Mat Mathew, Stanwell Park, NSW (21st Nov 2014)

Excellent service shows in the quality of plants and care shown in packaging and despatch. Nice to see customer satisfaction seen as a priority. Barry, Kilburn, SA (20th Nov 2014)

Amazing range, prompt service, easy to use site, plants always in great condition and packed very well during shipping Thanks Caleb,Kangaroo FlatVIC (19th Nov 2014)

I share with family and friends the fun of growing dwarf fruit trees and always refer them to Daleys Nursery. Staff are so helpful and polite and easy to do business with! Holly-AnnChambers FlatQLD (18th Nov 2014)

Great website and vast choice SueEarlwoodNSW (18th Nov 2014)

While dealing with Daleys Nursery staff was a very positive experience, the service by Fastway was poor. There was a delay and parcels delivered to a wrong place. BrankaVaucluseNSW (18th Nov 2014)

Dispatch of goods has dropped a little from time of purchase, i put that down to high volumes of orders. On the site i would like to see a link on each plant or tree for more information on them. clintonMilesQLD (18th Nov 2014)

At this stage with only two completed transactions the overall satisfaction levels of the purchase to delivery process have truly been a high 5. Great job, we are really happy with the plants, packaging and information supplied, by the way the dragon fruit plants are really starting to take off, no sign yet of fruit but the plants are going strong. morganComoNSW (17th Nov 2014)

It was a great product. god information and speedy delivery . What more could I ask for? KristenRivettACT (17th Nov 2014)

We are just waiting for more passionfruit from you as the service and quality of plants were great. Cant wait for a fruit salad trees to bear.TamiCabarlahQLD (17th Nov 2014)

Would like to see more type of Asian vegetable seeds ShunHolland Park WestQLD (17th Nov 2014)

I have bought more than 50 plants (must be getting close to 10 orders) over the last five years from daleys online store. The only problem I have is that they've raised the bar for all other online and offline plant nurseries. No one else can really compete with their standards. Every order has arrived in perfect condition! Their packing standards never seem to falter. The plants have never arrived damaged. I've ordered in very hot weather and they still arrive perfectly—even the little herbs—thanks to the care taken packing. I also like being able to add in plants or change my mind for a few days after purchasing—it's such a flexible system. The plant selection and variety doesn't exist anywhere else. Though the website is getting on a bit, it all works well. Love all the YouTube videos, too. Thanks for the great selection, good prices and consistently reliable service. I'm always recommending Daleys plants to friends who want to grow trees that reliably fruit, and Daleys has an excellent selection of named cultivars if you want to grow reliably tasty fruit (my feijoa Unique and Apollo will change your mind about feijoas if you've only tried those seedling varieties, and the same goes for my loquat Nagasakiwase). Without Daleys I might still be struggling to grow anything tasty. RaeTorrensACT (17th Nov 2014)

I have been dealing with Daleys now for upwards f 5 years now and have always found them to be easy to deal with and their fruit trees have always been of the highest quality. Last year I purchased two different dwarf mango trees and BOTH of them fruited in the first year. Great company, Regards, Lindsay Morgan LindsayWheeler HeightsNSW (17th Nov 2014)

I have not had to deal with staff, I find the catalogues a bit messy but overall am very happy with my shopping experiences. AngelaWagga Wagga NorthNSW (17th Nov 2014)

Some times its hard from long distance to call you re advice when ordering KateDudleyNSW (17th Nov 2014)

Process for selection of plants, ordering, payment and delivery I found to be excellent. Plants arrived in good health. HerbertNerrenaVIC(17th Nov 2014)

The ability to better narrow search results would be great. For example, if I was looking for Fruit Trees that would grow in a Sub Tropical Zone, in Moderate to Full Sun, and would only grow to under 2 metres. Then maybe select the options that were In Stock from that. There are just so many options, it would really help to be able to exclude the ones that aren't suitable to a person's situation. JanFerny GroveQLD(17th Nov 2014)

The only thing is that a plant was labelled lilypilly when it was a Grumichana, which caused confusion as it didn't look like alike a lilypilly but the label said it was rare or endangered so we looked it up, still not sure which is which as I haven't seen either tree before to identify. I love your service! I can get anything from you and I am building a food forest up for our new property so I think you are awesome and I have used your service for over ten years now. EdwinaWithcottQLD (17th Nov 2014)

I really enjoy my dealings with Daleys they are knowledgable, they are very professional and have great products. JohnBirkdaleQLD(17th Nov 2014)

The leaves on the lemon tree were a bit droopy and some died. A leaflet telling you how to rejuvenate plants that find the post experience difficult would be helpful. AngelaLawsonNSW (16th Nov 2014)

To tell the truth, I was a little astonished at the delivery time. I believe it was 3 days from dispatch to arrival at my door. This is a very good delivery service. All of my plants are doing well. The only thing that I would like to see your business concentrate on, is the supply of, and documentation (and photos), of indigenous edible plants, especially for the southern states. Otherwise, keep up the good work you are doing. I will be purchasing more plants from your business in the near future. TonyVineyardNSW (16th Nov 2014)

To make our interaction perfect I would like to know the variety of the camellia sinensis 'tea' plants that I purchased Regards, Phil JacksonPhillipSpringsideNSW (16th Nov 2014)

The website is comprehensive and easy to navigate. I like the fact that you can be advised when plants you want come in. You have to be quick though! You have a big range but not all are in stock, which is understandable. I am waiting on quite a few. Thank you Eden ,Stewarts RiverNSW (16th Nov 2014)

It must be due to a change in climate, but tree lost most of its leaves, it is sprouting new ones now SteveJamestownSA (16th Nov 2014)

Maybe suggest if plants will survive in the area that you live, i.e. I live in the mallee in victoria, very cold in winter, very hot in summer with dry north winds, not sure if my waratah will survive. EleanorCardrossVIC (16th Nov 2014)

Plants arrived promptly and were packaged professionally and all plants were healthy. All plants grew on immediately and have not looked back. gordonTownsvilleQLD (16th Nov 2014)

The top position on each aspect of the rating chart is a genuine appraisal. The plants traveled without distress, and are thriving despite the worst conditions of heat and dry weather. I couldn't be more pleased. JohnSandstone PointQLD (16th Nov 2014)

get more varitey of south east asia fruits and vegetables seeding as it is very hard to find it would be good thanks SunisaEdwardstownSA(15th Nov 2014)

get more varitey of south east asia fruits and vegetables seeding as it is very hard to find it would be good thanks SunisaEdwardstownSA(15th Nov 2014)

I was so happy with my Daley's order, but it made me really dissatisfied with our local nursery who's plants are of inferior quality and more expensive. I wish I had found Daley's sooner. Maybe you could look to add a permaculture / companion planting section to your range with tips such as growing foxgloves under apple trees for the best tasting apples, natural insect repelling plants etc. RebeccaTuross HeadNSW(13th Nov 2014)

We had repeatedly asked re suitability of various plants for our environment by email when trying to establish our 1 acre garden here in Mitchell Queensland - not one reply! We have repeatedly queried our accounts by email as changes were always being made to our order, not one reply! We have battled to try to survive plants here during the hot weather only to lose them in the winter - answers to our questions may have helped us purchase more suitable stock! Two plants failed at the graft before they were able to suffer our conditions here. We have ordered on your website from the catalogue only to find other plants not on the catalogue but elsewhere on your site - when ordering these we found they ended up as separate orders with separate expensive delivery costs and we were unable to consolidate the various orders even though they were made during the one visit to your site. DavidMitchellQLD (12th Nov 2014)

Sadly two of my macadamias out if three are struggling. The bigger plant I got was fine and is doing well but the smaller ones less so Karen ,BuderimQLD (12th Nov 2014)

When invoiced freight price is increased (freight company nominated by Daley's does not deliver to this area)customer should be advised prior to order being sent not only become aware of the increase when credit card account is received. Freight cost was excessive. Margaret,KawunganQLD (12th Nov 2014)

Outstanding Australian company, you are setting the standards. JasonJunction HillNSW (11th Nov 2014)

I can't think of anything you need to improve. The Longan plant was very well packed and the instructions were clear. Your staff are very friendly and helpful. Everything went smoothly. Thank you. :-) BobWerris CreekNSW (10th Nov 2014)

I've always had great service from you at Daleys. Plants arrive in good condition and really quickly. Thanks for a great service. Just a small website navigation suggestion - since I tend to order more than one item at a time, it would be good if the site didn't automatically redirect to the shopping cart after adding each item. Instead, allow the user to choose when to check out. Thanks! Julie Reed JulieAustinmerNSW(10th Nov 2014)

Like last time I think the website needs to look better and should remember the list of plants I am interested in once I log on so that I don't need to select it all the time when it times out. Coles and woolies have this feature and it's very helpful. Still the main reason I buy is the your range of unique plants that I can't get anywhere else in australia. EddieGosfordNSW (10th Nov 2014)

It would be good if more care taken to package plants that shed leaves easily like the Amla I bought a while ago. When I opened the box, 80% of its leaves were found at the bottom of the box and the plant was really stressed and recovery has been really slow. Thanks. Chung,BoroniaVIC (10th Nov 2014)

I have had better results with plants from DALEYS than the local nurseries and in most cases the cost is less from DALEYS including the shipping costs. Grant GRANTMoonee PondsVIC (10th Nov 2014)

Waiting for the CURRY LEAF Tree to come on Line I am sorry to inform you that I have Bay Leaf Tree on your notify list when available, but I was able to acquire a Dwarf type, Locally. Lance Lewis LanceToowongQLD (10th Nov 2014)

always very efficient - great plants and very helpful staff georgeEudloQLD (10th Nov 2014)

I love the concept of what you are doing with interesting edibles. A couple of my plants arrived with caterpillars munching away on the young growth - not a serious issue, they just looked a bit daggy for a while - but are already shooting new growth. WilliamKillarney HeightsNSW (10th Nov 2014)

I really think how you are doing things now, including the blog, youtube videos and forum pages, is really great. I have learned a lot and love browsing your site. Every order I have recieved has arrived promptly, in great condition and is growing well. Keep up the great work, keep the business personal and you can't lose. It is a pleasure dealing with you. AliciaWynnum WestQLD (10th Nov 2014)

Hi, I was really happy with the plants and the staff were wonderful. Please keep doing the great work! Cheers Rosemary Rosemary,Dundowran BeachQLD (10th Nov 2014)

website seems to have many different plants listed but not in stock, which makes the site more time consuming when wanting add a new fruit tree to the garden. justinAyrQLD (10th Nov 2014)

great products and service. the website isn't great on mobile / tablet devices though. AlexSouth MelbourneVIC (10th Nov 2014)

I ordered a custard apple and a mango tree. They arrived within the week in great condition. Within a day of planting them I went overseas for 5 weeks and the trees had to establish themselves just with the tiny bit of rainfall. They have thrived and I am very happy to see them growing and looking so healthy. JanetTallaiQLD (10th Nov 2014)

Hi, I was very happy with everything about my order The Avocado tree was in very good condition when it arrived. I planted it out a few days later and it has not looked back Thank You all very much. Kind Regards Sue Hayman SueMount GarnetQLD (9th Nov 2014)

Service was great. I did lose a couple of plants but more from planting in the wrong spot. They were healthy when I received them. So will wait til next spring to replace them with a different variety. The rest of plants are going great. Thank you robynPenrith Private Boxes,NSW (9th Nov 2014)

As you can see from my replies there is nothing I could suggest for improvement. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the tree and the care taken with it's packing. Also the delivery service and notifications of arrival were first rate Very well done Georgina ReidyGeorginaMansfieldVIC (9th Nov 2014)

Better than Christmas when boxes of plants arrive,happy with everything I get,just about to order some more plants,and just got a big lot,would just love to know a rough E.T.A for plants in production,so could plan ahead,the month would be fine,thank you very much,GlennglennTugunQLD (7th Nov 2014)

As an ex nursery owner I found the placement of plant labels to be variable and not professional. Eg. Labels on the stem at the soil level in the pot, labels used to secure plant stem to the stake. Of the 15 plants I received, I had to re-label 14 in order for the labels to survive a reasonable time and to be easily read. I would hope you have a label placement policy in place. Otherwise Of the many purchases I have made from Daleys, I have found the quality of the plants to be of the highest order. RobSouth MacleanQLD (7th Nov 2014)

I ring to talk to someone and all I get is a message service. I have bought quite a few plants from you for my back yard. I would have bought many more if you had given me the courtesy of ringing me to talk to me so I can get advice and some suggestions on what would be suitable for the conditions here. In my life, I have text less than a handful of times. I do not expect to be text after I ring you!! I think it is so impersonal. I also went to take up a 2 for 1 offer and nothing happened. I was later told by text that the offer wasn't available. Why is the offer still advertised!! NOT GOOD BUSINESS!! GlennGoodnaQLD (6th Nov 2014)

All Plants are doing well , my wife loves the strewberrys TonyClontarfQLD (6th Nov 2014)

The out of stock/in production status could be made somewhat clearer to give an idea of eta. CraigNorth ManlyNSW (6th Nov 2014)

The fruit trees we have purchased over the years have always thrived the last 2 Finger Limes were a gift for our daughter, they are doing well I have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends. regards Nancy Menegazzo nancyLake HeightsNSW (6th Nov 2014)

Please, please send us some rain. 9mm in three months. Waiting on a load of water at the moment so trees are suffering. FranMunruben,QLD (6th Nov 2014)

I cannot commend your service enough. Our recent arrivals were the healthiest, hardiest (and so large!) trees I have purchased - and that was on receipt in Melbourne before I had watered them in. It is a pleasure supporting such a wonderful business and look forward to many more additions to our gardens. All we can say is perhaps more frost resistant plants for your Southern customers who are very jealous of your extensive tropical range. AlanSouth YarraVIC (6th Nov 2014)

Would have been helpful to state somewhere in the descriptions that citrus plants can’t be sent to SA due to quarantine instead of finding out during checkout. JayTaperooSA (6th Nov 2014)

Website could make it easier to search for trees. I found it a bit tricky to find the fruit tree that I was after at times although I knew it was there. Great quality, well priced trees delivered in a reasonable timeframe. AndrewJamberooNSW (6th Nov 2014)

Top quality plants, well packed arrived safe and healthy. LachlanPort MelbourneVIC (6th Nov 2014)

All plants previously provided have been good quality - so I've come to expect that. Persimmon I bought recently hasn't grown, and I've been asked by Daley's staff to 'wait & see' for a long time - now I've probably missed the opportunity to replace it within this year's spring growing season - that's dissapointing. I know plants aren't foolproof - that's why I would have like a more prompt replacement. Still waiting, still not growing.... MargaretHornsbyNSW (6th Nov 2014)

Great quality so far from all the items I received.... I have not delt with staff, so far all on-line. AlanSouth YarraVIC (6th Nov 2014)

I did my purchase of the web site and I was really pleased with the service as my choice of plants were not in stock. As soon as they came in I received the email . Very good communication thank you . Bev bevTallebudgeraQLD (6th Nov 2014)

Sorry, but I can't remember some areas. BruceBonnells BayNSW (6th Nov 2014)

Outstanding attention, understanding and follow thru from staff throughout to solve some ordering and delivery issues. About the best personal service I've received from ANY company not just a nursery. Did have a little trouble with the ordering process on your website. [Pls do not incl this bit in Testimonial though!] PaulMount Gravatt EastQLD (6th Nov 2014)

I was introduced to Daleys a while back now by a friend and have used them to plant out my 25 acres with fruit, shade and unique tree's. Although I prefer to buy personally from the store, not only for the 10% VIP discount but for the warm, friendly service that is afforded me, I cannot always make the road journey north, so the mail order service has also served me well. I recently discovered the Spring Catalogue setup that allows you to buy up and continue to add/modify my order until it is ready to ship. I have found this to be a great tool for saving freight charges. Regards, Tony TonyWhiteman CreekNSW (6th Nov 2014)

everything sensational. beautiful variety of dwarf trees for the small inner city yards. first class delivery speed and packaging. quality stock and healthy specimen on arrival. recommended highly. also a wonderfully helpful forum. had it all. a true pleasure. AvrilRed HillQLD(6th Nov 2014)

my only comment is that I would like more accurate info about what trees are good for my area - that info is not always accurate. Many thanks CarolineLake BathurstNSW (3rd Nov 2014)

To help people like me you could tell us the best time to order, then getting our plants in a shorter time and in a better condition. Having now spent what I consider a lot of money with you I was very disappointed when one batch was only just saved by me, they came after 8 days in transit and had limbs broken. That lesson was nearly costly for me and I recon you guys should hold up delivery automatically if plants have to spend holidays and weekends in transit. KenBenarkin NorthQLD (3rd Nov 2014)

All good - great service RandallCumberland ParkSA (2nd Nov 2014)

Service was quick, well packaged so as nothing was damaged. All trees have opened and growing in there pots. Website was easy to move around and find the trees I was after, overall it was great doing business with you I will come back again next season. John. JohnChurchill,VIC (2nd Nov 2014)

Thanks for another great lot of plants! TehillahEllalongNSW (2nd Nov 2014)

Better than Christmas when boxes of plants arrive,am happy with everything I get,would just love to know rough E.T.A for sale of plants that are in production,just the month you think they will be available,thank you kindly,Glenn glennTugunQLD (31st Oct 2014)

The Strawberry guavas you supplied are all doing well and arrived in great condition. Thanks for letting me know when they became available. JanetEdithvaleVIC (31st Oct 2014)

Your service and quality of plants are excellent. It would be good to be able to order plants and have them held until others are available instead of having to post immediately. When waiting for a number of plants it can result in having to post them individually which is less than ideal. DanielLower BeechmontQLD (29th Oct 2014)

As a business person I was very impressed with the service and the website. also the staff suggestions for my indoor garden. You have also negotiated great freight rates with carriers.Well done. Keep up the good work. MikeFyshwickACT (29th Oct 2014)

I find that your organization is very efficient and stock i receive is in good condition.Only slight confusion with payment and delivery address not clear about difference between Credit Card address and delivery address if different. DavidAuchenflowerQLD (29th Oct 2014)

Nothing really. The time it took to get the stock in that I requested took some time but I can understand the logistics, perhaps it was out of season or unavailable come suppliers, etc. Thanks very much. MattUmina BeachNSW (29th Oct 2014)

I only put a 4 for Quality as I got a dud boysenberry plant, planted both of them the same but only one took off the other didn't sprout. Kerri,LoganholmeQLD (28th Oct 2014)

I would like to have a tree from your rewards lists but unfortunately none of them are interesting. Why don't you include some of your good and interesting fruit trees and give us a reasonable discount instead !!!. Thank you, Mely Senior MelyRobinaQLD (28th Oct 2014)

I have been consistently impressed by the range of edibles available and consistently happy with the condition in which they arrive in Sydney. Many thanks, Oliver Brown Maroubra OliverMaroubraNSW (28th Oct 2014)

just that I never know if you will really notify me when I placed an enquiry about a plant that is in production. I placed few "notify me" in the past but never got notify. thanks Tearza TearzaRandwickNSW (28th Oct 2014)

My reason for the staff score is that i havent had dealings with staff.... this also reflects the fact that in over 6 years of ordering with you, I've never had reason to ring about unsatisfactory or missing items from orders.... pretty amazing service! rebeccaGumdaleQLD (28th Oct 2014)

Very happy with all our purchases. Plants arrived in excellent condition. A care and maintenance information sheet would be beneficial for each plant type. Eg fertilisation regime, pruning etc. DavidSpringfieldQLD (28th Oct 2014)

Can't improve on perfection!!!! JennyYerongaQLD (28th Oct 2014)

Thanks for a great service and for the quick response via email when making a planting enquirery SuljaDutton ParkQLD (27th Oct 2014)

The only problem I had was with your website. I think you may have updated it but if you want to browse through your entire selection of trees, it's not the easiest to navigate. Other than that I am extremely happy and have already suggest you to my friends. DirkForestdaleQLD (27th Oct 2014)

the raspberry tree that I have purchased is still bared it has no buds the other trees that I have purchased have leaves now , except the raspberry very disappointed. MichaelCoburgVIC (27th Oct 2014)

I was extremely happy with my purchase, well packaged, delivered fast and no problems at all even though it had to travel all the way to SE Queensland. The plant was strong and vigorous when it arrived and is now happily growing in my garden, in future I will be buying all my plants from here. JohnMaryboroughQLD (27th Oct 2014)

nothing im happy rodneyBelmontNSW (27th Oct 2014)

I only put a 3 for dealing with staff as I have never dealt with your staff. I don't need to. I now have a cinnamon tree because your website, emails and your text messages work. Our trees have always been extremely healthy and I'm very happy at your range of the rare trees I want. I'm not looking for a basic orange or lemon tree. Love your work. :-) Darren DarrenBenarabyQLD (27th Oct 2014)

The Daleys Search engine I find is a little hard to use, I seem to get weird results not showing what I search for, some times it works but some times it's weird. I've never delt with staff, so can't comment, but I'm sure they would be 4 - 5 like everything else, I just get that vibe. I love ur range and ur email when in stock system, I always look forward to shopping with you guys online and everything always comes packed realy nice like the person packing cares, I don't mind paying 20 bucks or whatever postage when it's presented so well. Cheers Ryan RyanBlue BayNSW (27th Oct 2014)

I have always been really happy with my purchases. The website is easy to navigate and there is always information regarding the plants on the website and also accompanying the plants when they arrive. A very professional and efficient business. JaneBray ParkNSW (27th Oct 2014)

My plant,a sturdy specimen , was beautifully packaged and arrived in perfect condition,thank you! JacquelineNeutral BayNSW (27th Oct 2014)

I would like to be able to ring and talk to someone on the phone,other than that I'm very happy with Daleys plants and service dallasDoolandellaQLD (27th Oct 2014)

I had never purchased plants online before so you can imagine my concern. It was so pleasing to receive the tree in such good health and so professionally packed. IreneUpper LansdowneNSW (27th Oct 2014)

I had a little problem with my order but your staff fixed the problem immediately, very satisfactorily. I was very pleased to deal with Daleys and have recommended your site to 3-4 people who were looking for fruit/shade trees. You people are 10/10. Leah AshmoreQLD (27th Oct 2014)

Delivery took a little longer than I expected but that may have been due to when I ordered and when you make up the orders for distribution. I actually thought one of the trees I bought was dead, but the buds are opening now ChristineKingstonVIC (26th Oct 2014)

Have an ETA on plants that are pre-purchase and in production. More options like the spring catalogue to let shopping be done over a few weeks to save on shipping, we have had quite a few orders arrive and then in the next few days some of the ones in our wait list are available and we buy and ship again. justinKiama DownsNSW (26th Oct 2014)

I was so impressed by your service that I mentioned it to a commercial landscaper who was surprised as he has had poor experiences with other suppliers. PETERMelvilleWA (26th Oct 2014)

There is nothing you need to do your service is perfect. nongyaoBoundary BendVIC (26th Oct 2014)

When you go from the list of plant to look at a particular plant then go back it takes you to the top of the list. It would be much better if it took you back to the place where you had been as it is hard to find where you had got to in the list. JillCooee BayQLD (26th Oct 2014)

We have been most impressed with the efficiency of Daleys, with the quality of trees we have purchased (they have continued to thrive) and particularly with the way they are packaged to ensure they arrive undamaged. The website is very easy to negotiate. SusanUpper SturtSA (26th Oct 2014)

the plants you sell are not familiar with the temperatures of Melbourne so the gardner's in Melbourne have very little understanding of the fertilisers and what is best to use in the greenhouse for these plants slow or liquid the leaves seem to change a bit of colour in the greenhouse they go to a light green after a while so the right fertiliser would help a great deal. If your webside would have this kind of information would help a great deal. Thank you. I love your plants you have been the best I ever bought from the plants are healthy and so beautiful. Thank you so much. Maria,ReservoirVIC (26th Oct 2014)

Love this nursery, love the website, love the people, LOVE the fruit trees! Which is exactly why I keep coming back, and exactly why I plan to keep coming back again and again... ... At least until I fill my yard up with lovely trees. Thanks guys! TehillahEllalongNSW (26th Oct 2014)

Very impressed with speed of delivery and emails that kept us updated on progress of order, greatly appreciated and found the complete transaction to be very professional but still with a personal touch. Many thanks, Helen. HelenTinanaQLD (26th Oct 2014)

If you could indicate how far away from completion of plants 'in production' are ,that would be helpful. FrankFaulconbridgeNSW (26th Oct 2014)

Daleys fruit is the best online plant nursery in Australia because not only do they have a large range of hard to get plants but they also sell other useful items such as fruit fly netting which is better than bird netting because it keeps the bugs off your fruit not just the birds and they sell it cheaper than other online sites and you get it faster! It's cheaper buying rare plants from daleys because they're the ones that normally supply the plant nurserys that sell rare plants! They're the best but they could still improve by getting more grafted male and female fruit trees of the ones that need male and female plants to get fruit from because i try to avoid fruit trees when you need a male and female plant but don't know what sex they're which means you have to get 3 or more so that you can get male and female plants also grafted seem to fruit faster which is a extra benefit. Nathan,KenwickWA (26th Oct 2014)

The range and quality of plants available is fabulous! It would be great if we could get some idea of how far away "in production" plants are - expected within 6 months? 12 months? Years away? But the text/email when they become available is VERY much appreciated!! CarolMelvilleWA(25th Oct 2014)

Plants always arrive on time and in perfect condition. The instructions for planting are always relevant and easily understood. Alice Halloran AliceGalstonNSW (24th Oct 2014)

I have been very happy with all of the plants purchased from Daley's over the past 10 years. I have also purchased elsewhere and have found yours to be high quality and healthy. KerrynNimbinNSW (24th Oct 2014)

Very happy all round as my answers to the above questions no doubt would indicate. John McKeon John Sinnamon ParkQLD (24th Oct 2014)

Its hard to make perfect better! I am completely satisfied. Thanks, Geraldine McKenzie geraldineBroken HillNSW (23rd Oct 2014)

Looks like one of my pomegranates is kaput... dead stick time but everything else is thriving.... JeanCorindaQLD (23rd Oct 2014)

just great, maybe cheaper postage BrentonMylorSA (22nd Oct 2014)

I can not comment on dealing with Staff as I only been dealing with you via Email Your packaging is very good, Your plant care info is very clear and easy to follow AngeloGriffithNSW (22nd Oct 2014)

I have already recommended my friends in WA to shop with you..... My advocado is going great ... Thank you DebbieKojonupWA (22nd Oct 2014)

get Khat plants in. you cant find them anywhere! HughSouth YarraVIC (22nd Oct 2014)

Fast safe and secure delivery as your advertisement promises is true.... equally fast and effective feedback when ordering. Plants are strong and healthy and well packaged for travel. Information on website extensive and relevant to Australian states. Pleasure to do business and will again. SandySandyGlen InnesNSW (22nd Oct 2014)

Speed of service regarding delivery is of course slow because I live in WA and you have to wait to fill the WA based order, plus there is a further delay with quarantine regulations...... so sorry about the low rating. JoanTriggWA (22nd Oct 2014)

Speed of service regarding delivery is of course slow because I live in WA and you have to wait to fill the WA based order, plus there is a further delay with quarantine regulations...... so sorry about the low rating. JoanTriggWA (22nd Oct 2014)

too long to wait for a shipment to WA. Great packaging but only the citrus was healthy on arrival not the avocados. JenKalamundaWA (22nd Oct 2014)

My lime tree arrived here in WA in very good condition, especially considering the time for travel and quarantine. It is now thriving really well and has grown. Thank you Daleys for a job well done. Regards, jenny JennyWhite Gum ValleyWA (22nd Oct 2014)

Really happy with the quality of plants, I purchased fruit trees and I like that I can set up a message when an item is out of stock and it tells me when it is in. It would be great if I could create a "wish list" of plants I want so that I could purchase of the list when our budget allows or the item is in stock. TraceyCamp MountainQLD (22nd Oct 2014)

Website is good but could be better. I found it difficult at times to find the plant that I was after even though I knew you had it listed somewhere. I was really happy with the range, prices and quality of the plants. Delivery time was great and all the plants arrived in good condition. Information on the plants I was thinking of purchasing was invaluable. It is really nice to deal with a company that delivers what it promises. AndrewJamberooNSW (22nd Oct 2014)

Keep doing what your doing, great job, My grape vine is growing in a large tub & has already has it's 1st bunch of grapes growing on the vine. How exciting MarkAshmoreQLD (20th Oct 2014)

The website is a great resource and has lots of products and information but its all a bit messy. My guess is you would pick up even more business with a cleaner, more polished site to match the products you offer... stevenChandlerQLD (15th Oct 2014)

Very happy with delivery and so far they are surviving victoria climate. Have already recommended your sight to others thank you carolByawathaVIC (15th Oct 2014)

Very happy with delivery and so far they are surviving victoria climate. Have already recommended your sight to others thank you carolByawathaVIC (15th Oct 2014)

Dear Sir/Madam, I just sent out an rmail to you to praise your very professional services of selling me more than twenty fruit trees for the past years All the best Regards Charles Chow Charles chowDonvaleVIC (14th Oct 2014)

I find much difficulty in negotiating your webpage when trying to make a Fruit tree selection AlanPullenvaleQLD (13th Oct 2014)

Im 66 and still like to talk to people. I am known for buying living compost but so far the coffe threes have grown and look realy healthy thanks. When I buy my next plant it will be a gift for a friend. Can the free plant also be delivered to that address? RexKillcare HeightsNSW (13th Oct 2014)

Always pleasure doing business HelgaBellingenNSW (13th Oct 2014)

Nearly two month ago, I bought a persimmon. It hasn't sprouted since then. It just grows new leaves recently while I nearly give up. I googled a lot and find that the persimmon like warm environment. (I live in Wollongong, 80km south of Sydney) So I think if there is some description of the plant for example, when sprout, when flower, etc. That would be even better. GavinBalgownieNSW (13th Oct 2014)

Never recommend never you, i have expressed by dissatisfaction at plants that were not suitable. All citrus purchased died, All Mulberry died form top of cutting. All walnuts also only took below graft line. Peaches, Apple, Pear Nectarine all did well Apricot ok Some cherries ok - some not suitable. KerrieBelmoreNSW (13th Oct 2014)

Hi Guys Very happy with service George GeorgeFairfieldVIC (13th Oct 2014)

I love the wide variety of plants you stock. The website is very easy to use. EstHelensburgh NSW (12th Oct 2014)

The website is a bit cluttered I think, but it does the job, so it's OK. What's important is the trees - and so far they're going great. Thanks. RhettKnoxfieldVIC (12th Oct 2014)

Order processed promptly and correctly and couries service great vest happy with the quality of plants Yhank you IanWillastonSA (12th Oct 2014)

Forgot to say, packaging compared to other mail order nurseries I have dealt with was exceptioninally good. ralphBuderimQLD (12th Oct 2014)

As a person that has worked and managed both wholesale and retail nurseries, a couple of the varieties were severely lacking in nutrient. If when I was working in wholesale I sent that to a retail store, they would have been returned. Unless the customer is advised prior in advance. Although i know it was only a temporary situation, i never made a comment to you back then. Someone needs to check the health of the plants before shipment. ralphBuderimQLD (12th Oct 2014)

Hello you don't have to do anything better, i have just put in another order of fruit trees with you and not to mention how good the staff is. I purchased a Bare Rooted Persimmon Nightingale i put it in a pot with good soil till i was ready to find a spot for it, well!!! it is doing so good that i'm not going to Disturb it till next year. Thankyou again Mina Walker IPSWICH, Qld. MinaEastern HeightsQLD (9th Oct 2014)

Our Moorpark Apricot tree is looking very healthy in its sunny position by the fence. Next year we will espalier it. It looks like the perfect specimen for this. Beth BethUrrbraeSA (8th Oct 2014)

The only reason for the 4 in dealings with staff. I have only used the internet to contact you. I think your delivery and quality of trees i have purchased has been excellant. MyEatons HillQLD (7th Oct 2014)

Everything has been great, amazing really. Hard to think of improvements. One tree had a split branch, which I think probably happened during packing, so I guess you could take greater care than you already obviously do. LindaTareeNSW (6th Oct 2014)


You guys do it so well already. Very much appreciated and respected. Michelle GavenQLD (6th Oct 2014)

There is some room for improvement in delivery whether it be from the Daleys or contractor used to deliver . Also often instructions are ignored and plants are just dumped in the front yard , when instructions say otherwise . Phil McdowallQLD (6th Oct 2014)

we are very happy with our last order and we are waiting on a dwarf avacardoto be available,we can not suggest any thing to be improved. irisBlue HavenNSW (6th Oct 2014)

All dealings have been great. Website looks a bit older or feels very busy but works fine. But love the feature of allowing text notifications when plants are available. Work colleagues are so intrigued when my plants are delivered to the office. BiancaEight Mile PlainsQLD (5th Oct 2014)

Do you have the Shady Lady White Waratah? I'm after one or two! JudithCarlingfordNSW (5th Oct 2014)

Fantastic plants and great people! ClaudiaGympieQLD (5th Oct 2014)

I have nil complains. Excellent service. I must admit, I was warned that it may be cold here. Yes my capote plant is struggling, the cold still continues to hamper growth. Thank you.MJ MichaelMorwellVIC (5th Oct 2014)

I have been buying from you for many years and have recommended your business to family, friends and co-workers who have all had very good experiences and feedback. keep up the good work. Best regards Matt Beaven MattCharlestownNSW (5th Oct 2014)

As in the past extremely pleased with all aspects of dealing with your business. My little tree is doing wonderfully well. Thank you. Judy JudyScarnessQLD (5th Oct 2014)

Excellent service. I have made 3 large orders since May this year and all fruit trees, shrubs have survived. Everything was packaged beautifully and all items were very fresh. The information included with the orders were very helpful as I am a first time gardener. CarmenWest Wollongong,NSW (4th Oct 2014)

You guys already do a fantastic job so I personally can't see how you could do better. I'm happy to recommend you to all. Kerrie KerrieSumnerQLD (2nd Oct 2014)

I have experienced fantastic service from Daleys Nursery. My fruit trees came very quickly which was a pleasant surprise. My trees came In great condition. All of them have started getting their leaves now. Communication was great with Daleys they are always ready to answer your questions. I will definitely be shopping here again. Jessica JessicaMurgonQLD (2nd Oct 2014)

I have purchased a few tree's, plants from your nursery. My last purchase the two boysenberry bushes one started shooting and the other didn't although a sucker came up next to it. KerriLoganholmeQLD (1st Oct 2014)

I am so happy with all my plant purchases and very happy to recommend you to anyone . Mely RobinaQLD (1st Oct 2014)

Not much else to say really. You guys are doing great work. Keep it up. GeoffreyPenshurstNSW (1st Oct 2014)

We bought a few plants from another on-line nursery but they weren't as hardy as the ones we have bought from Daley's. The plants are always really healthy and happy when they arrive. The SMS's and emails to let us know the plants are available is great. We have bought a few trees over the years and now have more space so we keep coming back for more - we just need to keep the wallaby at bay - he thinks the plants are just delicious. best regards Sherry SherrySlacks CreekQLD (30th Sep 2014)

Sometimes it's a bit hard to find things on the website and confusing about the availability. Some more information at times is needed to determine how we plant or where we plant and what conditions are best. The plants that come are generally good vigour and I've had no loss of plants with previous orders. It seems to be well suited for Queensland climate. The proof of course will be in a few years when they start to fruit of course! Thank you for everything so far. The plants are packed really well and come in good condition. CorinnaToowongQLD (30th Sep 2014)

Iv brought & pre ordered plants from Daleys Nursery for a couple of years now. I love the website which is so informative & user friendly. I like watching the webinars which give out info on plants & trees never seen before & thorough instructions for their & all plants care. Also there are plant recommendations for the state which you live in so this is cost effective in itself. The plants Iv received are well packed & have arrived looking healthy with vibrant colour & have thrived where ever they've been planted & are still looking wonderful & healthy. I highly recommend any plant or tree enthusiast to buy from Daleys - you wont regret it. Final word, 'Thankyou Daleys for making the garden experiences so much easier, blooming & beautiful! R King QLD RhondaMargateQLD (30th Sep 2014)

I'm very pleased with everything that I have received from you and all are doing well. My only suggestions would be to offer express postage as my plants where very dry and it took a while for them to recover under normal mail service, and perhaps a little more information on the plant info sticks as to Ph levels and appropriate fertilizing for them. Other than that great all round. phyllusTenterfieldNSW (30th Sep 2014)

species and cultivar names might be included….. LysaLeopoldVIC (30th Sep 2014)

probably send a bit more information about the plant and how to care for it would be helpful. CynthiaMorningtonVIC (29th Sep 2014)

it's a bit early to tell yet but the grape vine must have taken root as new leaves are starting to grow and a couple of new shoots are starting to appear looks like all is going to be ok robertClevelandQLD (29th Sep 2014)

Very happy with all thank you. plants very healthy and beautifully packed. My finger lime that is about 9months old has just flowered hoping for a fruit HeatherTaranganbaQLD (29th Sep 2014)

great service will be buying more from you in the near future thank you for your service catherineYarravelNSW (29th Sep 2014)

Would be much better if you answered the phone when customers call. Didn't like having to leave messages and then wait for someone to message back. AnthonyNambourQLD (29th Sep 2014)

It was great to deal with you, fast and east, I cant find anything that you would need to fix and I will be buying more off you, thanks Chris ChrisOxenfordQLD (29th Sep 2014)

All of your trees are of good quality and have so far budded. I am very happy with your service and quality. Rob Kennewell RobChirnside ParkVIC (29th Sep 2014)

My last purchase was two nam doc mango trees previously i had bought a red shatoot and two irwin mangoes and have been enjoying fruit from both.The variety daley's offers and particularly the dwarf plants you propogate for sale, encourage any suburban gardener to convert their backyard into a mini environment that reconnects us to nature. I know each backyard is differing in aspect etc.but perhaps a basic design and a list of known successful plantings for the area was available might encourage people to green the "Burbs",particularly the city areas...regards..James james ,Mount WarrigalNSW (29th Sep 2014)

The trees arrived in great shape and have responded well to the new location. Thank you Sybella AshburtonVIC (29th Sep 2014)

Hello, My name is David Colliver. My partner and I have placed a couple of orders from Daleys and have purchased about 10 fruit trees. In my most recent order I received a peach tree that was was severley damaged; of course, I expect some minor damage in transport but this was extreme, there were broken branches, buds had been crushed and broken, the main stem was snapped at the top and I was very unsatissfied, i felt sorry for the tree. I wrote to Daleys and complained about the transportation and condition of the tree upon arrival and requested another peach tree in replacement of the one that was damaged however this was not accommodated. I was told that Daleys guarantees their fruit trees; I am yet to experience such a guarantee. We are establishing an orchard on our Braidwood property upon which we will build our home. After receiving such a badly damaged peach tree and NOT receving a replacement when requested, I will not be buying fruit trees from Daleys again unless I have no choice. I have found another nursery that supplies and delivers fruit trees to Canberra which is based in Melbourne and I will be giving them my future business. If you wish to reconsider rectifying this issue I can be contacted on: Regards, David Colliver Canberra DavidCurtinACT (29th Sep 2014)

My plants have not looked back since they arrived. Purchase was very simple and trees arrived promptly and in perfect condition LeonieBeaudesertQLD (24th Sep 2014)

I am very happy with the service and plants and very happy to recommend you to anyone I know .Thank you for free plant the next time I order. Mely Senior You had a good sense of humour as you got me when you put an ad about mango with no seeds . Mely RobinaQLD (24th Sep 2014)

Super fast service, secure packaging. Always a pleasure to deal with and most importantly the plants are always super healthy. Just keep up the great service. LindaPadstow HeightsNSW (24th Sep 2014)

I would appreciate my orders being sent to my postal address. I have had plants sent to it by others many times. The Murwillumbah PO has no objection to that. :) jeanieMurwillumbahNSW (24th Sep 2014)

As usual very happy with the wide range of choices available all in one place. It is the first go to site when I am looking for a specific fruit tree. I like to browse the site to see what's new. Thanks. DavidNelson BayNSW (23rd Sep 2014)

As a reward for purchasing, I was given packs of coir seed raising pods. I found these to be highly ineffective. Other than this disappointment (that I didn't pay for), I amimpressed by the products and information provided with them. I found the website to be informative but a bit messy and quite a challenge to navigate on a phone JeanieWoodridgeQLD (23rd Sep 2014)

Hi folk,I was extremely pleased with the plants and especially pleased with the way they were packaged for transport and they arrived in perfect condition,I would like to say thanks and will certainly purchase from you in the future.Kind regards,Ray Hobby. RayTaturaVIC (23rd Sep 2014)

All my fruit trees are doing great even though they are in pot in my little back yard. My 2 year old loves eating mulberries from the tree. Thanks Daleys good info on web site to allow me to choose the right tree for me. Easy ordering and fast delivery. KimCabooltureQLD (22nd Sep 2014)

more post-planting info, for fruit trees particularly... I bought a dwarf peach, which arrived in good order but immediately coming into leaf has developed leaf curl... was it sprayed by you when it was pruned or is that something I should have done on receiving it?... SusanWarriewoodNSW(22nd Sep 2014)

I think the way you are dealing with customers is spot on. Very easy layout on the website, fast delivery and an excellent product. Have had no problems. Patrick Happy ValleySA (22nd Sep 2014)

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the service and the plants I purchased, they were in perfect order with no broken branches and are already flowering for spring. The only improvement I can suggest is that the website is a bit old and clunky, however it performs the function it set out to do. RodEast LindfieldNSW (22nd Sep 2014)

Always happy with your products and service and careful packaging - have bought 30-40 trees and other plants from you and had only one die so very good odds :) Always happy to recommend you and have discovered many fellow tree-growers who also buy your products. Thank you for growing so many varieties of food plants; by baby urban potted food forest thanks you!! DonnaCranbourneVIC (22nd Sep 2014)

Even though in Victoria found I could email and get answers to questions thankyou it is gratefully appreciated. trees growing wonderful regards Vicki vickiDevon MeadowsVIC (22nd Sep 2014)

Because I live in area that gets frost, more information on the "chill hours" would be helpful. Low chill up to 300 hours seems okay Thank You Ken A. Ranson KenWidgeeQLD (21st Sep 2014)

Perhaps build a check when you place an order to warn you if you don't have a pollinator in your purchase for trees that require a pollinator? That would be an enhancement for the site. Everything else is perfect. Thank you so much! NadiaRingwood NorthVIC (19th Sep 2014)

Website could have better user design and needs to be mobile optimised. I like the customer reviews. Shipping options a bit confusing. Variety of plants is awesome. Would love more rare apple/pear varieties QuyenBusbyNSW (18th Sep 2014)

Some more information regarding planting requirements for the plant would be helpful michaelRedheadNSW (18th Sep 2014)

:) nothing really. Quality service and quality plants, I have had full success with all plants I've purchased and been very happy with the advice given verbally and care sheets provided for my plants. Thanks lots Dayelys. RachelCedar ValeQLD (18th Sep 2014)

I have been buying trees from you for about 7 years and the quality is always excellent. My last order included a claret ash and I was very disappointed in the state of it. It was so root bound (by the main tap root) that I had to cut the pot off from around the root, which had been cut off to allow the pot to be lifted up I assume, as the root had curled around inside the pot and was quite thick and cut off level with the bottom of the pot. I do not know how this plant will go, but I suspect it may never grow as well if the roots had not been in that state. FelicitySugar LoafNSW (18th Sep 2014)

Staff were very pleasant and forthcoming with information with regards to my concerns over plant damage. I was very happy with their advice and attitudes. Thank you. KimberleyWoy WoyNSW (17th Sep 2014)

I would not change anything. PatriciaPakenhamVIC (17th Sep 2014)

Great service thank you ValerieAlbany CreekQLD (17th Sep 2014)

The only thing about daleys that really needs fixing is the website. Considering all Daleys knowledge of trees, why can't that knowledge be displayed on the website. Kath & Greg I am along term customer and I know you have the knowledge so why not display that knowledge on your website. When I look up products on the website why can't I see the characteristics of each tree in a standard format. Instead of just making slapdash "SALES" comments about a product, have a standard format or drop down box that gives the horticultural characteristics so the customer knows what to expect and doesn't need to look up that tree's characteristics on some other website. Be the "Go-to" and "One Stop Shop" that you could be. After all this time with a website why do you have generic pictures of trees such as mangoes instead of a picture of the actual tree and its fruit. So there it is, now lets see if you really want feedback or are just looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling from a good percentage rating from the tick boxes. King regard, Hal JudyNorth RocksNSW (16th Sep 2014)

Ordered two raspberry canes - good/sprouting leaves - and one boysenberry - didn't look viable and hasn't shown any sign of growth yet. ClaireHallidays PointNSW (16th Sep 2014)

had trouble getting one of my last tea cammillias out of their sqare pots without damaging disturbing the roots paulGirards HillNSW (16th Sep 2014)

I ticked the box "Notify me when plant is available" for several different plants. It would be good if your website could indicate roughly how long to wait for them if possible. Thanks. ChungBoroniaVIC (16th Sep 2014)

Haven't delay with staff only online. DarylMount TamborineQLD (16th Sep 2014)

Your packaging and delivery service is exceptional - especially compared to your competitors. I find communications with your staff could be better - they could be better at just pre-empting solutions and what would work best for me and just contact me with the proposed way forward. Also, you emails (I assume they are auto generated) are not always relevant. I pre-paid for two plants and I got a number of emails (which I assume were auto-generated) and I started to get concerned and confused about what was going on with my order. It would have been better if your staff had of just called me to clear things up rather than continuing with email correspondence. SusanCoalfallsQLD (16th Sep 2014)

No thankyou. Really appreciated the care and planting instructions JenniferPymbleNSW (16th Sep 2014)

As with every purchase the plant was delivered promptly and in good condition. It has been planted on espalier trellis and is growing well. Thank You GregSouth MackayQLD (16th Sep 2014)

That I have no complaints at all. I had order a persimmon, and waited till it was available. I was promptly notified many thanks DaleMoss ValeNSW (16th Sep 2014)

all good, as usual ShaneGeorgicaNSW (15th Sep 2014)

A very pleasant experience. Most of the fruit trees have already started to shoot, though the grapes are yet to show any life. They survived a very cold winter here in Glen Innes. Your assistance in advising which types of trees would be suitable for our climate was very much appreciated.GarryGlen InnesNSW (15th Sep 2014)

Gave '3' for dealing with staff as I didn't have to deal with staff (so a neutral answer). Gave '3' for website as it sometimes takes me awhile to navigate about the page to find what I'm looking for (there is a page where I can see an entire range of fruit trees and another that is where you select a few options based on temp, water availability, height of plant etc and then the page gives you closely matched results) - it takes me sometime finding that page each time. The quality of the products I received was excellent (dwarf apples) which are doing very well. Very pleasing. Within one week, the bare root stock had leaves, they have since flowered and I can now see buds of fruit forming. I followed the guidelines for their care which appears to be working. I would purchase my fruit trees here, again. Thank you. MeghanOcean ViewQLD (15th Sep 2014)

This is the second time that I have ordered with you and a bit of feed back as to how tall a plant might be when we receive it would be good also if you could tell us if the plant we order is suited for the area that we are in would be helpful as we all know if you live in a desert you don't need rain forest trees to plant because of water restraints but in general you are good guys JudithWalgettNSW (15th Sep 2014)

I asked to be notified of the availability of an Avocado. I was sent many text messages and emails, but whenever I got on the website to purchase the plant. The website always said it was unavailable. BernadetteDalbyQLD (15th Sep 2014)

Plants were very healthy, and transplanted well - 100% success rate! RosemaryNewtownVIC (15th Sep 2014)

Plants were very healthy, and transplanted well - 100% success rate! Rosemary, Newtown, VIC (15th Sep 2014)

So happy with my plants and service from Daleys. Have passed on details to other gardening enthusiasts. Particularly happy with the "not so usual" plants on offer. I take great delight in showing visitors my Jaboticaba trees and my Peanut Butter tree. All my dwarf fruit trees are flourishing with the onset of Spring and each day is another discovery delight Sue, Flagstaff Hill, SA (15th Sep 2014)

I have been pleasantly amazed at the help and support I have received always have been impressed with how fast things arrive and the promptness of plants been sent out the plants have always arrived in tip top condition as far as I am concerned you are the best nursery in Australia I only wished I lived closer so I didn't have to pay for postage Isabelle, Edwardstown, SA (15th Sep 2014)

Awesome plants thank you..... Michelle, Toowoomba City, QLD (15th Sep 2014)

Saul Good mate :) David, Wentworth Falls, NSW (12th Sep 2014)

I am always happy to recommend Daleys as my experience with them has always proved positive. The staff have been very helpful and replied soon after my query. I have never had any problems with any plants. They always arrive healthy. I have bought most of my plants in my orchard from Daleys as I believe you get value for money. The postage is cheap too compared to buying from ebay. Very happy customer Denise, Burpengary, QLD (12th Sep 2014)

My favourite website, informative, helpful and a delight to browse Debbie, Parkes, NSW (11th Sep 2014)

Very happy with website. I like the helpful forums too. Dianne , Belair, SA (10th Sep 2014)

Great selection of plants, good specimens, very reasonable delivery costs. Carly, Kedron, QLD (10th Sep 2014)

Fantastic nursery Erin, Larnook, NSW (10th Sep 2014)

My biggest bugbear is the StarTrack freight. Here in Cobar NSW we have a strange way that StarTrack comes into town. Its freight can come directly to the Post Office with the morning mail with the rest being split up between three other transport companies. You wouldn't accept my Post Office as a delivery address so my parcel was addressed to the Post Office street address because I work there. I finally found my parcel after at the third of the other freight companies. My plants were sitting on the top of the rest of the freight in the sun. This was at about midday and I had finished work and was on my way home. If I hadn't found them who knows how long they would have been on the delivery vehicle. StarTrack parcels for Cobar can only be tracked online as far as Dubbo. It was only knowing this that let me search for my plants otherwise I would not have got them until the next day or drive all the way back into town when they were delivered to the Post Office. The address label was very small and someone had put a black texta mark right through it. The only way I noticed the parcel was first seeing the 'Live Plants' and hoping it was mine. Is it your policy about not delivering to a PO Box? We get many StarTrack parcels that are addressed to PO Boxes. I sent an email to StarTrack regarding their policies but I am not surprised that I did not get a reply. Suellen, Cobar, NSW (9th Sep 2014)

Great Product, great service... always a pleasure to deal with you all. Thanks Graham Graham, Normanhurst, NSW (9th Sep 2014)

Your doing a great job, thanks for the amazing selection of plants and trees you offer. George, Coorparoo, QLD (9th Sep 2014)

Great service and quality products. Your website is a little confusing to navigate. Tony, Lower Tenthill, QLD (9th Sep 2014)

No dealings with staff, completely done via website. Too easy. Colin, Maudsland, QLD (9th Sep 2014)

Fantastic help from staff to sort out my duplicate orders, right up until just before dispatch. Tim, Pelton, NSW (9th Sep 2014)

I bought a plum that in its description failed to tell me it had huge thorns, if it did I would have chosen something else, it's a shame as I have small children and don't think that I can plant it anyway in our yard. All ur plants that arrive r very healthy and I am happy to buy more from u. U guys do a great job and this is the first time I've had anything negative to say Matthew, Guildford, NSW (9th Sep 2014)

Plants were well packaged with very helpful guidelines for early care. Would definitely order from Daleys again. Shona, Blackheath, NSW (9th Sep 2014)

You provide a great service, plants are well packaged and Star Track Couriers have been Great. Kind Regards Graham Graham, Armidale, NSW (8th Sep 2014)

I like it when you specify whether a particular variety suits a cool climate. We live in Mittagong and the fig tree that produced lovely ripe purple figs in Tamworth(could be a Blue Provence, but not sure)does produce some figs here in Mittagong, but they just don't ripen!!. Whereas another fig, a lovely yellowy-green when ripe, we also brought with us from Tamworth, was bothered by the heat there, and was more prone to fruit fly there than the purple fig, does produce figs here in Mittagong that actually ripen !! (albeit a little late in the season) The dwarf bare-rooted plum we bought from you recently has started to shoot green shoots and wasn't bothered by a quite sharp frost just after I planted it. I don't recall the variety, but I think it is suited to a cool climate. All the best Neil Neil, Mittagong, NSW (8th Sep 2014)

All good no problems with fresh fruit trees in post great stuff Roger, Adare, QLD (8th Sep 2014)

Didn't deal with any staff so find that hard to rate on the survey. Diana Diana, Glenorie, NSW (8th Sep 2014)

Maybe advise or show the size of anticipated purchase for promotional plants. Would prefer to pay more for a larger plant especially when bought for a birthday . Probably my mistake in my selection. Richard, Malvern East, VIC (8th Sep 2014)

Try to hurry along plants that are in production (probably not possible! !) Julie, Parkesbourne, NSW (8th Sep 2014)

We can't fault the service provided by your nursery, from our initial enquiry to receiving the fruit trees. The trees are excellent quality and arrived in perfect condition. Staff were friendly and helpful from our very first phone call, despite the fact that our order was only for two plants. Our thanks go to all concerned in the ordering and despatch as well as those involved in growing such healthy plants. The information supplied with the trees as well as the despatch/consignment details provided was also extremely helpful. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we would not hesitate to recommend you nursery to others. Phillip, Greenethorpe, NSW (8th Sep 2014)

great quality, fast delivery Emma, Mount Crosby, QLD (8th Sep 2014)

On the website after picking a plant you have to go back to the start and search again. It would be great if you could go back to the plant you picked and then continue where you were rather than start over. It would be much quicker and happy experience to purchase and encourage more "continue shopping" actions I think? Penny, Buderim, QLD (8th Sep 2014)

Outstanding plants - always perform really well and great feedback when I need some advice! Lyndal, Cooroy, QLD (8th Sep 2014)

Get a cheaper courier ! Make it possible to pick up from FASTWAY courier's depot in Cairns for example for people living on the Atherton Tablelands. It's possible with Forbidden Fruits Nursery in Myocum. This makes freight cheaper. Jake, Wondecla, QLD (8th Sep 2014)

just appreciate the prompt service, the packaging and the friendly staff. thankyou Jeane, Taigum, QLD (6th Sep 2014)

Extremely happy with the service and quality of plants that is why I keep on coming back for more plants thank you again your the free plants it is always appreciated. kris, Kambah, ACT (6th Sep 2014)

Very happy Denise, Bexley, NSW (6th Sep 2014)

One thing I don't know is with Acid loving plants is what soil to plant them in. I have lost 2 trees as they died after planting them in the ground. Need to know how to look after them once planted. Mary, Brighton, QLD (5th Sep 2014)

its good you ask or feedback sadly the leaves all fell off the curry leaf plant and it died. im a keen gardener and nothing much i plant dies. it was in a nice protected part of the garden in a pot. however its been very cold Martina, Kings Park, VIC (5th Sep 2014)

Just a easy friendly company to deal with. Everything is growing very well, so I am happy. Kathie, Nerang, QLD (4th Sep 2014)

Those plants 'in production' available more of the time. ive, Carindale, QLD (3rd Sep 2014)

it is all good, very happy, luis, Hunters Hill, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

Love ordering from you keep up the good work mark, Alexandra Hills, QLD (2nd Sep 2014)

1 1117 Grape - Black Muscat (Fruits Midway) $12.90 1 2861 Grape - Gordo Blanco $12.90 Both the grape vines mentioned above are very weak in the stems and are showing no signs of sprouting. I think they may be dead. They are separately potted up with two other vines separately potted "Flame Seedless" and "Autumn Royal". Both these vines are already sprouting and are extremely vigorous in appearance. I am extremely disappointed with the Black Muscat and the Gordo Blanco. Good money down the drain. Jo, Glencoe, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

The quality of the plants I order was great. I purchased these bush tucker plants for my grandkids primary school as they are educating the children on the benifits of growing and eating there own food in the school garden. The school was very happy with the gift. Thank you. Kerrie, Chifley, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I love the fact that I can be notified when a plant is back in stock. Alisha, Engadine, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I had to ring, because am older and not very computer savy . I found the staff very helpful with sound advice, I will certainly use again. Thank you Deb, Nerang, QLD (2nd Sep 2014)

I have always had satisfaction in my dealings with you and your plants have arrived in good order. Cecilia M, Centenary Heights, QLD (2nd Sep 2014)

Your website is good, but if you could find an ace designer to improve it, I think it would help customers like me. Your website is a little difficult to navigate and hiddily piggily. It could be better with a more modern look - or even a rustic or "garden" look. Just a theme/design that pulls it all together and makes it clearer/quicker to establish where to go for what. One thing I think is great about your service is that you can put in an order when a plant is in production and you let us know when it is ready. It's a fabulous service and you execute it excellently. Other readers comments on different plants is very interesting too. Daley's also makes life alot easier by allowing online customers to add to their order. All three of the points above are quite unique and really sets Daley's apart from other plant providers. If you were to send me a regular newletter on fruit tree/plant care and maintenance I would love to read it. Your staff, particularly Kath with whom I have spoken several times, is so knowledgeable. There's alot to know about growing fruit successfully and I imagine most buyers are amateurs like me who love to learn more about how to be successful with the gorgeous plants you send us. Kind Regards Lorraine Yeomans Online Customer Lorraine, Killarney Heights, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I was a bit dissappointed when I found that the pre-order I'd made for Crimson Grapes was cancelled on me... I later learned that the rootstock was being sourced from WA (if I'm remembering correctly) and it was either unavailable or was not able to go from the source state to NSW. I eventually was able to change the order & still get some grape stock in the pre-order when it was delivered... but it wasn't the ones I previously selected. To the point, I think the way it was done - initially cancelling, instead of giving me the option to request a different grape was likely not the most customer service friendly approach. Had I allowed that to sit, I would have been peeved & unlikely to remain a faithful customer -- but I have in the past always liked your service. So, I persevered. As I said, I did get in contact with Kath (ta!) who was most understanding & helpful with updating my order. The nectarine trees are waterlogged (from our recent Monsoon Season!), but growing happily -- as are the grapes, so all's well that ends well. DS Gilson Didi, Anna Bay, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I purchased a bare rooted greengage plum. It is just now starting to show a tiny bit of green on one or two of the buds. I know where I live is probably not ideal for this sort of plum but I live in hope that eventually I will get a crop of these delicious little fruit. I like to shop at Daley's because you tend to have some of the more unusual fruits and plants. Jenny Bouda. Bouda, Hammondville, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

Last time we bought bare rooted dwarf fruit trees, planted them the way you advised and now 2 months later they are thriving and look so healthy. I always look at your website when I want to buy plants for our garden. Rochelle Herbert Rochelle, Lake Cathie, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I received an email saying I needed to "confirm" an order that I had already placed and already paid for; the implication seemed that if I didn't do this, my order would be cancelled. I complained that this seemed unecessary and had it explained to me (very patiently, I have to say) in an exchange of emails that this was a consequence of the fact that I had placed my order via the web site. Nevertheless, it seemed to me (and still does) that this should not have been necessary and I still feel that I have more to do with my time that spend it confirming an order that I have already paid for. In all other respects, your service, customer relations and your products are impecable; I congratulate you especially on the beautiful plants you invariable provide. Alan, Blackheath, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

There was a slight hiccup with the price charged on one item & listed differently on the website, but this was quickly & politely resolved. The plants were all healthy & packed well. Appreciated being informed as products/plants became available so that these could be added to the original order before dispatch. Overall very happy with this first order : } Halle, Parramatta, NSW (2nd Sep 2014)

I was thrilled with the quality of the dwarf peach tree, the rhubarb and the asparagus but I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with the Autumn Royal grapevine cutting which I've been waiting for for some considerable time. I HOPE it's going to survive but with what appears to be only one small bud, I'm not too confident, hence my score of 4/5. Here's hoping!  Keva, Sea Lake, VIC (1st Sep 2014)

Very well packed. Product arrived safely and no stress. All plants transplanted well. Very happy customer. Matthew, Faulconbridge, NSW (1st Sep 2014)

I thought your service was impressive. But I'm still waiting for the vines to show any signs of life. I assume its still too early in the season? Michael, Culburra Beach, NSW (1st Sep 2014)

One of our 3 Black Muscat grape stock hasn't taken. Disappointed and unsure if there is any recourse for replacement. We bought 5 types of grapes altogether and followed instructions provided, so disappointed that the stock was not healthy for that one. Otherwise, we won't buy our trees from anywhere but Daley's. David, Holmesville, NSW (31st Aug 2014)

When I buy fruit trees from Daleys I can be confident that the plants will arrive in healthy condition and will be well grown specimens. It's not worth buying from other sources as their product is often inferior. Daleys have the best range of trees suitable for my local area that I have found on any website. The 'email me when available' service is a great idea. Virginia, Caboolture, QLD (31st Aug 2014)

Thank you for your great service.Your email updates and delivery details made purchasing over the web so easy. Gary Gary, Mordialloc, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

Im Not savvy enough vicki, Devon Meadows, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

Speedy , friendly and professional service and a web site that is extremely informative and very user-friendly. John, Diamond Creek, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

I would order more and more often if there were different options for shipping so that you could chose the mode of shipping which would affect the cost. Rather than courier services AustPost is cheaper and yes takes slightly longer but then the responsibility of the condition of the plants would then be the person who chose the cheapest and longest method of transport. Please consider different options. Cheryl, Bittern, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

The quality of the interaction with the staff is second to none. Over the years that I have been dealing with Daleys Nursery online and by phone, I have not had any issues with ordering or delivery. Because we live out of town, Daleys always lets us know when the plants leave them and we are able to collect our packages in a timely manner. Overall, the plants we purchase from Daleys have a better survivability rate....We always expect some losses because of our harsh conditions in central west NSW. Paul, Stubbo, NSW (31st Aug 2014)

My first experience with Daley's in 2012 was great hence why I returned in 2014 and it was not the same experience. Despite placing specific request on my order, the trees received were disappointing. I was told to refer to the instructions that came with my trees which did not help because they did not address my initial concerns with the trees supplied nor did the instructions match what I received. On second follow up I am then told the nursery does not see what growers supply which is something not called out to purchasers therefore how could my order request be matched if no one is checking. Anton, Parkdale, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

I just clicked out of my free offer to check to see if I had a reference number and when I went back it told me it was closed, I was going to request the free native frangipani. Anyway my fruit trees are in the ground and I am getting buds on the plum so exciting. Bev, Grovedale, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

My 4 grape vines arrived for me to pick up at the local freight depot. The depot is a 160km round trip for me. Considering the extremely expensive freight charges, this did not seem to be value for money. Most of my garden purchases and any other online purchase comes through Australia Post which is delivered to my door. Kerry, Thallon, QLD (31st Aug 2014)

I have purchased many plants from you and they have always arrived in perfect condition and in no time at all. I love the fact that you have such a variety when I cannot find them elsewhere. It's very rewarding growing your own fruit in a small back yard and to be able to just go out there pick them fresh is fantastic. Thank you so much. Dianne, Croydon Hills, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

As you can see fully satisfied. However I had no direct dealings with the staff, but just had the fine results from their work. John, Carlton, VIC (31st Aug 2014)

Good efforts great range of trees. It would be good to have a little more information on growth stats for dwarf varieties from fruits to avocado gives a better watch indication on time in the ground Steven, Burnett Heads, QLD (31st Aug 2014)

Overall I'm very satisfied with our order process, packing, & delivery. The trees were good particularly the Macadamias. However the "Pawnee" pecans appeared to be stock that had put on little growth in the nursery and were quite small (and distorted), whereas the other varieties were more like what I expected. Having dealt with Pecans since 1987 I know the roots are far more important than the top so we'll see the result of the first year's growth before ordering anything more. Royce, Gapsted, VIC (28th Aug 2014)

Couldn't speak more highly of Daley's. The quality of their products and service are second to none. paul, Tenambit, NSW (27th Aug 2014)

I couldn't answer Dealings with Staff because I have had no need to contact your staff. I'm sure they would be very pleasant and helpful. Jessie, Ninderry, QLD (26th Aug 2014)

I picked Daleys because you had a product that I had been looking for for some time. I was amaized with the speed of delivery and the professional packaging. Great Job Daleys. Justin, Curl Curl, NSW (25th Aug 2014)

Its just such a great experience, I don't think that you can do it any better thank you for stocking my garden full of wonderful things. its such a luxury to be able to get the plants we want and have them delivered to our door thank you lisa, Mount Crosby, QLD (25th Aug 2014)

I have bought from Daley's a number of times and i'm always happy with the trees. I do like to talk to someone before purchasing trees about climate, cross pollination etc. however i found on the last occasion that staff seemed too busy to return my call and instead texted me to say i should put my questions in an email. Personally i would rather talk to someone over the phone even if it's only briefly. All in all though l am happy with Daley's and will continue to purchase trees from you. Thanks. Alice, Bronte, NSW (25th Aug 2014)

Delivery of stock that was being grown was perfect after being informed that the plant was available Frank, Kuraby, QLD (24th Aug 2014)

Your plants, service and overall satisfaction was fantastic, but there is one point that I should point out is that the delivery person put the plants outside the front gate, (as this could be stolen by someone). So please request the delivery person to put the plants inside my property for next delivery, many thanks. Truc (Michael) Michael , Castlecrag, NSW (24th Aug 2014)

Fantastic care in packing! Michelle , Pyrmont, NSW (24th Aug 2014)

The plants are still sleeping hope they wake up soon Regards John Savic. John, Castle Hill, NSW (24th Aug 2014)

There was a slight problem with freight on strawberries with the website adding $20 freight for each strawberry plant, this was quickly sorted out over the phone. John, Walcha, NSW (24th Aug 2014)

I am impressed with your products and the ease at which they adapt to Melbourne's weather as I had expected them to suffer a bit from the cold but they haven't. Your area growing guide seems very accurate. Your service is excellent and your catalogue very interesting and useful. I have already passed it on to an interested neighbour. I would like to know how to pollinate macadamias in Melbourne where native wasps are few but the trees grow well. Keep up the excellent work. David Hosking David, Essendon, VIC (24th Aug 2014)

Website is confusing. Perhaps a bit outdated?? Elene , Highgate Hill, QLD (24th Aug 2014)

Best dwarf varieties around thank you Steven, Burnett Heads, QLD (24th Aug 2014)

We have been delighted in our transactions with Daley's and would recommend them to anyone with needs / interests in this industry. Jens, Telegraph Point, NSW (24th Aug 2014)

I'm happy with my last purchase but I am a person of like to see what I'm getting but of course this nursery is a little too far for me to drive, but it's good to see my plant growing already., in other word I'm happy. Mario, Bethania, QLD (24th Aug 2014)

may be to deliver tropical fruits plant in warmer weather. i had my water jambu delivered right in winter. i've transplant it into 25L planter bag and move into shed at night, worried that it could die. fortunately, the leaves turn a litter lighter but it still going strong. hopefully coming spring, it will start to grow. Sew, Sydenham, VIC (23rd Aug 2014)

Excellent service and variety of plants. The funnest place to shop for plants online and instore. Erin, Larnook, NSW (20th Aug 2014)

Your staff are helpful and seem to have good knowledge of the plants that you sell. Les, Silverdale, NSW (20th Aug 2014)

 Perhaps specific notes on areas in which plants would grow. Charmian, Wentworth Falls, NSW (20th Aug 2014)

The variety of plants is fantastic and only wish my garden was big enough to accommodate all the plants I really want to have growing. PhillipParramattaNSW (18th Aug 2014)

I ordered 3 trees recently from Daleys Nursery and was very surprised by the size of the trees. They were well established and in excellent condition. I have purchased from other online nurseries and the plants are usually very small in size. Plus, I just love the postage with Daleys. Really good value. Thanks for an outstanding job. I always check your website now when I'm shopping for plants, and if you have what I'm looking, you're my first choice in terms of where to purchase. CheryllRuncornQLD (18th Aug 2014)

I thought the service was excellent and the plants turned up in very good condition. stephaniePort MacquarieNSW (18th Aug 2014)

Very good packing and excellent service AnthonyGordonNSW (18th Aug 2014)

I love Daleys, I have put in questions via email and had very prompt responses. Staff have provided advice on the types of plants would best suit my area, all of the bare rooted trees I bought are now sprouting and thriving. (Well, my grapevine is still nude,but I guess it just needs a little longer). I love the alerts, and am impatiently awaiting my next lot of trees to be ready. LisaBellbowrieQLD (18th Aug 2014)

I am happy with the way my orders have been handled in the past so I can't think of any thing I can add to be makes things any better. FrancesEverton HillsQLD (17th Aug 2014)

Just keep up the good work. Everything went wonderfully well and the avocado is progressing well without any setback when planted out. We will be back. ChrisMoggillQLD (17th Aug 2014)

I purchased 2 Tamarillo plants but living in the Southern Highlands which have frosty winters, I did not think they would be quite so fragile. I repotted them into larger pots and kept them on the back verandah, out of direct weather, but the cold temperatures have stripped them of most of their leaves. I now have them covered with plastic bags and surrounded with mulch hoping they will come back to life with the warmer temps. DonelleMoss ValeNSW (17th Aug 2014)

Your plants are always healthy. I wish that I had a bigger garden to plant more of them. MargaretBirkdaleQLD (17th Aug 2014)

You know what I love, I tell you what I want, you send the message then the race is on because if you don't grab that avocado or lychee straight away then hey presto it's gone. I'm having a show of how I grow 58 fruit trees in a Sydney suburban block, for Permaculture East plus how I got $1500 worth of Avocados, way more than we can eat, off one Secondo tree and 5 buckets of macadamias this year. Daley's, the provider of the trees will be a big part of the show. DavidKensingtonNSW (17th Aug 2014)

Your trees grow so much larger & faster than those bought locally. No comparison. I think trees sit in the nursery for several years here, no new stock. Yours are spectacularly healthy & happy. The Tropical Beauty Peach was a revelation. The Anzac peach I bought locally 8 years ago, looks great, but has never fruited. Psychotic peach tree. I may need to try blueberries from you, but have to learn to second guess the climate. My Valencia Pride Mango (yours) flowered in June this year! The Fireball Apricot is a favourite, the peachcot very moreish. DonnaRisdon ParkSA (16th Aug 2014)

Just a fine and very handy online service! MattAuchenflowerQLD (14th Aug 2014)

Your service was very good. LeeWallsendNSW (13th Aug 2014)

Not that I had much contact with staff. I Have already spread the word!! The passionfruit is powering! and the Mulberry has so many new buds. Fantastic quality and value. I've bought thousands of plants over my life and I've NEVER had such quality. Looking forward to buying my next plant from you guys.MargaretBonny HillsNSW (13th Aug 2014)

Hi, Sorry for delay in reply response. All plants are progressing well, but slow over winter, and all look very promising. I was a bit disappointed in locating plants suitable for my area and identifying from your web site, but start from that I am very pleased, Thank you John johnThirroulNSW (12th Aug 2014)

I am very happy with your service, I was impressed with the way the plants were packaged. The fig trees I purchased still haven't shot, is this normal Regards Pamela PAMELARochedale SouthQLD (12th Aug 2014)

A school site for school gardens. StuartKiamaNSW (12th Aug 2014)

I was a little nervous buying plants online but was more than happy with the speed of delivery and the safe packaging of my plants. They were all healthy and happy on arrival. I have recommended Daleys to family and friends and will definitely be back for more! CherieThe GapQLD (12th Aug 2014)

Very quick service - and great standard of information given on the website. The plants arrived via the post packaged with care, and were in great nick. Thanks ! RebeccaKenmoreQLD (12th Aug 2014)

Would not change anything!! Packaging & instructions Were fantastic Thank you Val Lamb ValYambaNSW (12th Aug 2014)

It would be good to provide some more information on what is needed to ensure a successful outcome. What soil type, organic fertilizer, water requirements and protection from bugs and the like would be appreciated. Some anecdotal reports from other people who have grown this plant would also be good.beverleyCedar CreekQLD (11th Aug 2014)

Thank you for your prompt assistance.I am extremely happy with your products and service. GinoHiltonSA (11th Aug 2014)

Great Range..All has been good. No complaints. Havent had to deal with customer service or speak to anyone as internet service has been really great :) angelRosebud WestVIC (11th Aug 2014)

I have already told my realitives and friends about your wonderful nursery. Both the Mango and Manderine trees are thriving, thanks guys. PeterGoodnaQLD (11th Aug 2014)

excellent Dr FazlulKenthurstNSW (10th Aug 2014)

I have bought 3 avocado trees from Daleys and all three have failed (for 2 distinct reasons). Two have failed because of attack from animal, possum, turkey or even rats are likely culprits. The trunk has been de-barked by this animal. It would be good if you could have a warning on the site/packaging about any known susceptibility to attack like this so that purchasers could adequately protect the plants. DamienAlderleyQLD (6th Aug 2014)

Staff were great - contacted me by ams to let me know I had an important email to read when I hadn't responded. Trees arrived well-packaged and in good health and are currently surviving/enjoying the frosts of Canberra. Many thanks. BronwynNgunnawalACT (6th Aug 2014)

We need special school support. StuartKiamaNSW (5th Aug 2014)

I was wanting an avocado tree and Daleys had a really good range to choose from and only having an ordinary house block I chose the PINKERTON TREE which is an absolute beauty. The tree is only 2 foot tall and last year it had 2 avo's which were the most delicious I have ever tasted, creamy & oily, and this year it is covered with flowers, have never seen so many flowers on a small tree,can't wait till fruit set. PhyllisGraftonNSW (5th Aug 2014)

love your website. sorry i have not dealt with staff to rate dealings with staff. i have mentioned your site to all my friends. thankyou, Mark. markCurrumbin WatersQLD (4th Aug 2014)

Wonderful service and trees. Great packing RobChirnside ParkVIC (4th Aug 2014)

I could not believe the speed I received the plants and the care/ planting instructions that came in the delivery box was very helpful. I will be ordering more plants very soon! AdrianMirandaNSW (4th Aug 2014)

your plant quality continues to improve. i cant fault your product or service so i will continue to use you greg GregStafford HeightsQLD (4th Aug 2014)

You are already doing a great job and already have a speedy delivery time and postage fee is awesome in this day and age. Plants come well packaged. MichelleGavenQLD (3rd Aug 2014)

The forum is great but a bit clunky to use. JoelWaterfallNSW (3rd Aug 2014)

Beautiful plants and great value. Staff were extremely helpful and knew plants that would suit my area ElizabethDiddillibahQLD (3rd Aug 2014)

I don't recall the website orthe staff but do recall that we were very pleasantly surprised by the speed & efficiency of the delivery. The plant was packaged very well - we had'nt ordered a plant online before. we would certainly recommend you. And, the plant is going well. PeterEastwoodNSW (3rd Aug 2014)

Just a bit more info on how to treat the particular plant, all in all a good service richardVaucluseNSW (3rd Aug 2014)

great service. The quickest delivery from an internet purchase ever, Cheers CarlGlenbrookNSW (3rd Aug 2014)

availablity of products so we don't have to wait and then forget or no longer entusiastic. EugenioSouth GranvilleNSW (30th Jul 2014)

a native tree in a tube was so root bound that it is still struggling to live even after I have repotted it. Every other purchase was extremely healthy and all are thriving. Delivery was quick and plants were packed very well andarrived healthy. rosslynLogan ReserveQLD (29th Jul 2014)

Well can't think of anything you could do better because the service was fast & the size of the mandarin tree was great Julie(29th Jul 2014)

Would be good to see a plant that is 'in production', estimated date of when it should be ready for sale. ChrisSt IvesNSW (28th Jul 2014)

Efficient, authoritative,helpful....says it all rteally! Will WillMoruyaNSW (28th Jul 2014)

I think Daleys is a well oiled operation. Well done guys! SteveNararaNSW (28th Jul 2014)

I recently made a purchase of a gift certificate. Unless I read it incorrectly I had to also make a purchase to achieve this. I do not think this is a very fair way to go about things. JohnSinnamon ParkQLD (28th Jul 2014)

I made some general queries regarding your products and service prior to placing my order and your staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful with these, thanks very much! IainMulgraveVIC (28th Jul 2014)

Two plants bought both orange tamarillos. Both planted out in 60 litre planters with occasional seaweed fertiliser. One continues and seems fine, the other developed black patches on the leaves within a week or so, the black patches extended until the plant wilted, then died. JohnMacleanNSW (28th Jul 2014)

Great choice of plants and good pricing. AndyNorth RydeNSW (28th Jul 2014)

my first purchase was elephant garlic twice and they are excellent quality but i havent bought bay trees before or grown one so thats why i have given a 3 for quality but a 5 for the elephant garlic rodneyBelmontNSW (27th Jul 2014)

my first purchase was elephant garlic twice and they are excellent quality but i havent bought bay trees before or grown one so thats why i have given a 3 for quality but a 5 for the elephant garlic rodneyBelmontNSW (27th Jul 2014)

We have bought many fruit trees from Daleys Nursery during the last 7 years and we've always been completely satisfied. Keep up the good work! AnnetteLorneNSW (27th Jul 2014)

I like the details ie height given for each plant and freading the comments by customers. DeniseBurpengaryQLD (27th Jul 2014)

I like the fact that you give the estimated height of fruit trees as it helps when you only have limited space in your garden DeniseBurpengaryQLD (27th Jul 2014)

No problems, everything is growing great so far. PhilDungowanNSW (27th Jul 2014)

Service is great, plants are great, delivery is great. What more do I need. IvyRedlynchQLD (24th Jul 2014)

All good. Excellent service. eddieHornsbyNSW (22nd Jul 2014)

Advice as to why some species are not sent to WA & weed potential of some species . GregCowaramupWA (22nd Jul 2014)

Ordered 6 , as was stock showing on hand. 2 not available took 3 months to receive the 4 plants ordered. 2 have since died , but more than likely cold snap. guy guyCity Beach Beecroft ParkWA (22nd Jul 2014)

Your website is most informative and very useful for me, considering the huge range of trees/plants that you have and the educative tools that you provide. Thank you. JanetBrigadoonWA (22nd Jul 2014)

Plants arrived in a semi dead condition. The top of cassava and yacon have wilted.I am hoping they will recover and regrow. Perhaps the plant were too small for transport and probably too cold. The drumstick have been planted in ground. Their leaves wilted and hopefully recover. Are you able to mail me the yacon tubers instead? I am still keen to grow yacon in Perth. Ref your invoice #1051868 Justin Siew Mob: 0409 090649 JustinDuncraigWA (22nd Jul 2014)

Given the cost of transport to Perth (inc quarantine), I tried to optimising the transport costs, as they make up a major part of the overall costs. As such I was extremely disappointed that one of the plants was cancelled at the last minute, whilst transport effectively no cheaper. Also, one of the plants that I don't believe is available in Perth (yacon) arrived completely dead. RobertScarboroughWA (21st Jul 2014)

I find your preorder confusing - I thought when I preordered something I was actually ordering and paying for it?? Perhaps clarifying or simplifying that and the 'notify when available' Other than that I have been absolutely delighted at the robustness of your plants after such a long journey! Thank you :) Deb,BeckenhamWA (21st Jul 2014)

Unfortunately two of my three yacon plants looked very sad and droopy when they arrived. Those two never seemed to recover from the trip west (WA) and one died in my garden and the other in a friend's garden. I have one doing okay and I noticed new growth at last several weeks ago. I am wondering if the yacon plants should have been younger to be transported (? - difficult for you in timing for interstate purchases I realise). My pionciana tree had already started losing all its leaves when it arrived and has now lost virtually all of them. I am not sure if this is normal and I hope that it will recover and be okay. The two coffee plants are in lovely condition and should be fine. I haven't planted them out yet but they look healthy and happy. Thanks very much for following up. I am very keen to get some yacon established but I realise that this is not the season to transport them - I'll try again next year, or would love to have some rhyzomes instead of a free plant when the season is right. Kind regards Sue Rhodes SueKoongamiaWA (21st Jul 2014)

All good the plant is changing colour on the base is that ok WayneBaulkham HillsNSW (21st Jul 2014)

I have purchased from Daleys Nursery twice, and on both occassions have been happy with the service and quality of the plants ordered. I will definitely buy from them again! JacobaWooloowinQLD (21st Jul 2014)

I consider the packing & posting to be a little expensive. BasilBallajuraWA (21st Jul 2014)

Thank you. My mulberry arrived in great condition and is loving life. JillCarineWA (21st Jul 2014)

The packaging of the plants and the condition they arrived in was truly excellent. I appreciated the care instructions and now everything is going strong in my garden. DanielleEight Mile PlainsQLD (21st Jul 2014)

You have always been very helpful, fast and the plants excellent. One thing that might help, is that Ive been waiting for a Yuzu plant - and I don't know how many people are waiting before me and how long it is going to be for me to receive your notification that I can actually have a plant from you - - -I think it's been at least 2.5yrs since I put my name down on the 'notify me' list. It would be nice to know if it is highliy unlikely for me to be offered any Yuzu plant at all. thank you. AkikoNew LambtonNSW (21st Jul 2014)

We have bought a number of plants from Daley's Nursery and have always been very satisfied with our purchases, that is why we always come back to Daley's for our plants. GeorgeWondunnaQLD (20th Jul 2014)

I have been very happy with all my purchases from Daleys. I have been able to access unusual plants which are not available (and I was not even aware of) from local markets. Service and advice is prompt. I have passed my catalogue around to a few people. Loving getting those well packed plants so soon after ordering. It's like Christmas every time. Best of all, all my plants are thriving. SueFlagstaff HillSA (20th Jul 2014)

I thought it was perfect MireilleChermsideQLD (20th Jul 2014)

Make sure you label plants that could become environmental weeds. Otherwise Daleys is magnificent! NicoleBerowraNSW (17th Jul 2014)

Ordered several times now, always happy. ClaireSunnybank HillsQLD (16th Jul 2014)

We have bought quite a few plants of you over the last 4 yrs. Every time they have turned up quickly and in good condition. More importantly they have all been healthy strong looking trees. We have also tried some of the other mail order plants from your area and they have supplied sickly munted plants that have not survived. Not all the ones from you have survived but we are in a harsh enviroment up here and cant fault your plants. Thankyou. AlanCalliopeQLD (15th Jul 2014)

I would like to be able to be able to purchase plants when they become available and have them held until next pension allows me to purchase more which would cut down on freight costs. Alternatively an account that is paid fortnightly and then the plants are sent in one batch would be ideal. Andree RobardsandreeGlenthorneNSW (15th Jul 2014)

Thankyou for the offer of a free plant, but I'm generally not very fond of the limited plants that you offer for free - thus I don't feel rewarded. Other than that, I am happy with the service and quality you offer. JenKleintonQLD (15th Jul 2014)

The maple trees arrived with wind damaged leaves. The a growing fine but they did look pretty shabby compared to the usual standard. If they had been in bunnings i would not have bought them. KERRYAlderleyQLD (15th Jul 2014)

Great service! Beautiful plants! EstelleForestvilleNSW (14th Jul 2014)

Perhaps an indication when 'in production trees' and likely to be available. KeithFitzgibbonQLD (14th Jul 2014)

Thank-you for having your nursery, I love the selection especially the native plants. We only have a town block but keeping an eye out for some acreage to plant a selection of native plants that's hearty to our climate. I could just shop till I drop if I had the space. Deleys, you have a loyal customer here. Thank-you.Anna Mackay NorthQLD (14th Jul 2014)

I tried to pre-purchase several friut trees so I did not miss out while overseas & was not allowed. It would be helpful if you allowed that in those circunstances. It's not as if I could just get the next batch in a few weeks. It is many months or years between batches RossKelvin GroveQLD (14th Jul 2014)

The quality of the products you sell is first class. They are very well packaged and arrive in very good condition. I am only too pleased to recommend you to my friends. Roy King RoyBellbowrieQLD (14th Jul 2014)

I didnt have any dealings with staff for this order. perhaps you should have a n/a button on your survey. cheers Trisha TrishaCedar CreekQLD (14th Jul 2014)

Your quality and service is excellent and i would highly recommend you to anyone RichardThirlmereNSW (14th Jul 2014)

Great service and quality of plants!!!! I had been looking for months for a grafted Jakfruit tree in the nurseries around the Gold Coast and Brisbane......but no one had any in stock at all!! I had forgotten about had a look, and sure enough they had a few in stock. Mine was a galaxy (I love the soft jakfruit, not so keen on the crisp types), and I think they had about 7 left in stock. I'm glad I ordered when I did, as over the next few days, that dropped down to none in I would have missed out and would still be looking. It arrived in great shape (lovely and green), and I was able to keep an eye on it with the tracking number. I would definitely buy from them again. PaulaWorongaryQLD (14th Jul 2014)

Your web site is too sensitive. when you scroll down from top to bottom the top tabs always activate and get in the way. my order was not processed it seemed till i sent a reminder. i status report might be an idea. lastly i know you are an internet site but it is always nicer to speak to someone rahter than email. just a better personal touch. RiyaazKurabyQLD (14th Jul 2014)

The 5 lime trees arrived quickly and safely and the detailed care instruction were useful. The trees are doing well and I will buy again. Thank you bambi BambiCarinaQLD (14th Jul 2014)

I was totally satisfied with all aspects of my purchase from Daleys. Plants arrived in excellent condition & I happily recommend to others. JenniferBonbeachVIC (14th Jul 2014)

Your service is really good. Would make me even more happy if I could find in your shop pseudowintera colorata [horopito] or okoubaka tree. Thank you Daniela DanielaDoncaster EastVIC (14th Jul 2014)

Have ordered two times from you and both times very happy with my plants and the way they were packaged and sent to me. Will keep ordering from you in the future as well! DanielleKings LangleyNSW (13th Jul 2014)

Husband says to make it 2 free plants next time! Seriously though, the service was excellent and I love my tree. RuthBelmontVIC (13th Jul 2014)

Really appreciated the advice and responses from staff and updates on when order was ready for despatch. Thank you. CharmianWentworth FallsNSW (13th Jul 2014)

Great products. Much better than other bare rooted trees I have bought. Followed delivery instructions to the tee. Very happy indeed. ColletteClearviewSA (13th Jul 2014)

Didn't have any dealing with staff, so cannot answer. Trees arrived in great condition, delivered as per instructions. Impressed with trees. ColletteClearviewSA (12th Jul 2014)

I like the professionalism of your business and good variety of products. Looking forward to you shipping the Bacon Avocado plants! KarlDalmenyNSW (12th Jul 2014)

Havent really dealt with staff, but I am very happy with it all. gerdaCardiffNSW (12th Jul 2014)

Daleysfruit fruit have been great in finding hard to find fruit trees and delivery has always been fast. Love them! FionaBurrawangNSW (11th Jul 2014)

Nothing! I love your variety of plants and advice about what others in my locality have purchased. Also like reading the experience of other customers with particular species. Thank you. DonnaWyomingNSW (9th Jul 2014)

Love the service the quality of the stock the excellent packaging and condition of my plants when they arrive.  Robyn, Sexton, QLD (8th Jul 2014)

It was easy to order and it was great to receive the plants. The process was so smooth I didn't talk to anyone. I'm sure I'll be ordering more plants. Now all I'll need to do is keep all the plants alive :-) Gordon, Collingwood Park, QLD (7th Jul 2014)

Excellent plants guys and great service, I have referred you guys to my friends, cheers john, Kanwal, NSW (7th Jul 2014)

Get Jamun trees, its good for diabetic people. Its found in Indo-Pakistan. Fozia, Westmead, NSW (7th Jul 2014)

Thats hard for me to comment on at this stage, I am very happy with the service and plants i have received. Maybe more information video's on the website, but to be honest i have not really read every last bit of the site, so it might be there in short: Keep up the good work! Joost, Pennant Hills, NSW (7th Jul 2014)

Because of the service and quality of your products I have decided to purchase all of my fruit trees etc. from Daley's Nursery. Keep up the great work and wonderful friendly service. Cheers, Kerry, Gateshead, NSW (7th Jul 2014)

I've only had positive experiences with Daleys. Orders are processed and dispatched quickly and plants are in great shape when they arrive. I've placed three orders so far, totalling about 50 plants and trees and will definitely be back for more. I'm only a novice gardener, but I haven't managed to kill any of my plants yet, so they're obviously good quality. The variety of plants offered is amazing (although sometimes the ones I want aren't available). It would be nice if the website included an estimated time of when plants will become available. Would definitely recommend Daleys to anyone. Wayne, Riverhills, QLD (7th Jul 2014)

Have already provided your website and details to 2 friends. Colleen, Melrose, SA (7th Jul 2014)

i think you guys are pretty spot on with the services you guys are providing,i just wish i have more land in my garden so that i can buy more fruit trees from you guys. keep up with the good job. tracie, Canley Vale, NSW (6th Jul 2014)

Your plants are great, postage is always a restricting factor for us ordering more.. Jeremy, Bairnsdale, VIC (6th Jul 2014)

This was the first time ordering plants online, I did not know what to expect, to my surprise my mandrine tree came in a nice box all in order, now just waiting for spring and new shoots will be comming Edwin, Toongabbie, NSW (6th Jul 2014)

Very happy with the service I have recieved and happy with the plants I have ordered. Heather, Encounter Bay, SA (6th Jul 2014)

It was a very long wait for the Secundo avocado and altho I'd place my online request (twice) there was never any confirmation that my request had been received or indication of expected delivery period. I understand about waiting for grafted material so the wait was ok but the lack of info (and not knowing if I was on the order list) was a concern. Rod, Black Mountain, QLD (6th Jul 2014)

Overall great service Helen Helen, Wollongbar, NSW (6th Jul 2014)

Nothing negative to offer. Plant arrived in unique custom made container in excellent condition by courier. sandy, Greenwell Point, NSW (6th Jul 2014)

I have ordered from your online store three times and all transactions have been prompt & reliable as well as high quality! Luke, Draper, QLD (6th Jul 2014)

Thanks for the fantastic service. I was surprised with the packaging. And very quick delivery. Will definitly use your website again. Thanks. John from melbourne. John, Rowville, VIC (6th Jul 2014)

Maybe set up a number of plants and therefor free delivery. Thank you. Nick. Nicholas, Mogendoura, NSW (6th Jul 2014)

All the plants I have ordered from Daleys Nursery are the most healthiest plants and the quickest delivery. Iam so very happy with there plants I order only from them now. Mary, Brighton, QLD (3rd Jul 2014)

I have found your knowledge and support for growing plants and species invaluable guiding me to what to buy and plant. And having plants a little different from the regular nurseries, I don't even bother with them now when looking as your stock is seasonal, well priced and good quality. One thing you could add to the parcel so I don't have to go back for the computer is some basic details of planting for the particular plant sent. ie expected growth dimensions and growing needs as per sun / shade etc. I thank my Son for discovering you. Penelope, Milton, QLD (2nd Jul 2014)

Thank for the free tree offer but I don't have any more room on my property. Barrie, Torquay, QLD (1st Jul 2014)

Hi, would love to see a rough time estimate or expected date availability of plants that are in production. Chris, St Ives, NSW (1st Jul 2014)

Cannot be faulted. The plant was very healthy and well packaged. Postage was quick. Will definitely shop from again. Mac, Zillmere, QLD (30th Jun 2014)

The website is quite difficult to use compared to others. It is awkward and time consuming to find and locate items for purchase. For example, often when selecting an item I wish to buy, I am taken to the forum areas - Not what I am looking for. Other times - with nut trees for example, I ould not find the full list of nut trees when I selected that option. I did manage to find it late by following a different path but I only persevered because I knew from previous inquiry that you had the particular tree I was after. Otherwise though I think your plants and service are fine and I do refer others to it. Regards, John & Pat, Geebung, QLD (30th Jun 2014)

I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone for delivering quality products backed up by quality service. Rosemerryn, Forster, NSW (30th Jun 2014)

Website often takes a bit long to open and plants themselves need sufficient time for the roots to set when sending. Bis, Alstonville, NSW (30th Jun 2014)

outstanding Karen, Coolum Beach, QLD (30th Jun 2014)

The pawpaws were in great condition when they arrived but are not liking the cold at the moment. William, The Gap, QLD (30th Jun 2014)

Your website can be hard to navigate, sometimes I found I couldn't find things in their logical place. Emily, Kirrawee, NSW (30th Jun 2014)

We're regular buyers of unusual fruit trees, but we don't only shop at Daleys for the wide range. Daleys are fantastic at sending top quality, well packaged plants in good time. Usually the whole transaction has been cheaper than nearby nurseries, which didn't stock the types we wanted anyway. I couldn't recommend Daleys highly enough. Our orchard is living proof! Jennifer, Ourimbah, NSW (30th Jun 2014)

The plants/fruit trees are always healthy and in a good condition when they arrive. I was actually recommended to you by my sister who also was happy with plants she had purchased. I like the fact that you can order multiple plants and pay a small fee for postage. Other places I have used are not as reasonable with postage. The plants are packaged well and arrive only a few days after being ordered. I like your site as you have plenty of information about the plants/fruit trees,. I would be happy to recommend Daley's Nursery to friends. Denise, Burpengary, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

Great service and wonderful fruit trees. Geoff, Bald Knob, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

I love the huge variety of plants you sell and have been happy with all my purchases. Your 'what's in my garden' feature is great! Donna, Cranbourne, VIC (29th Jun 2014)

Plants arrived in good time and in excellent condition. All are thriving. Staff very helpful with a problem with my credit card. Website can sometimes be a bit difficult to navigate but generally very informative. Love the you tubes! Jenny, Woodwark, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

Only that in future ill use australia post Melicia, Wallumbilla, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

Have better availability; eg mangoes and avacados not available until summer when it is a bad time to plant here. Trees ordered disappear too quickly. Good delivery and health of trees. Not enough information on negative points for fruit trees; eg cool climate only and humidity tolerance. Alan, Woodville, NSW (29th Jun 2014)

I made the mistake if going somewhere else to start with. Never again!! You were terrific in every area especially the quality of plant!! Allison, Charters Towers, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

I am always impressed with the quality of Daleys plants as well as the courier service. Natalia, Doonan, QLD (29th Jun 2014)

Thank you very much for your service, I'm giving you top marks for everything and would gladly deal with you again in the future.  Milla, Lovely Banks, VIC (28th Jun 2014)

We were very happy with the whole process of purchasing our plants from Daleys. The plants arrived in good health and we will definitely purchase more in the future. John, Cashmere, QLD (27th Jun 2014)

Info on the website - videos and content is great but it can be hard to navigate/ seem to be duplicate indexes. I was really excited when I came across the subtropical index with pics but had to bookmark it as I'm not sure I'll find it again. Same with articles, I found an article that talked about planting fruit trees in the ground in bonsai bags but I've struggled to navigate to it again Bree, Gaythorne, QLD (25th Jun 2014)

Never had a problem at all with either delivery or plant quality.... John, Marsden, QLD (24th Jun 2014)

I would increase the specification on chill requirement when possible Prices are also a concern for the consumers keeping them as low as possible would benefit also for the greening and possibly the health of people. Carlo , Guildford, NSW (24th Jun 2014)

Nothing, everything was as stated. Delivery was prompt, plants were in great condition and packaging was sturdy enough to protect the plants well in transit. Liam, Forestdale, QLD (23rd Jun 2014)

I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the plants and the quality of packaging for posting. Thanks so much! Linda, Capalaba, QLD (23rd Jun 2014)

For some reason the webpage didn't charge the correct freight for my delivery, the order then didn't go through properly and cause my order not be be processed and delivered on time. For my fathers birthday. I live in Canberra and needed a reliable nursery to deliver a present, not sure I was very happy with the service in the end. Sharee, , (22nd Jun 2014)

Couldn't be better. I am very happy with the service and quality of the plants. Julie, Pelican Waters, QLD (22nd Jun 2014)

I am from one of the Botanical Gardens in Townsville and we were absolutely stoked with the quality of the plants. Can't really think of anything you could do better. Julie, Mundingburra, QLD (19th Jun 2014)

Because I now live locally I tend to call in every now and again to see whats available. At times what the information given on the website does not match with what is actually available. For example, your website about 2 months ago indicated there was an advanced lychee available for me to purchase, however when I turned up ready to buy it in the week following the advertisement, there were no lychees and despite staff looking around no-one could locate a lychee or knew anything about the web ad. This happened similarly with another email I received indicating there was an advanced macadamia I had requested waiting for me. However when I turned up to receive it, no one knew anything about it and although a macadamia was located, it wasn't specifically set aside for me. The next day I received a call indicating my macadamia was there to collect and when I said I already picked it up and paid for it, I was asked when had this happened. It seems to me that communication between staff is a little confused at times. That being said, I have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful and I enjoy checking out the videos and attending in person. carmel, Goonellabah, NSW (17th Jun 2014)

have dealt with Daleys for over 3 years, and the service and quality has always been first class ... that's why I keep coming back brendan, Athelstone, SA (17th Jun 2014)

I am fully nsatisfied with your service. Thangarajah, Vermont South, VIC (16th Jun 2014)

First time I have bought a plant on line.quick smooth transaction..thankyou Pamela, Maryland, NSW (16th Jun 2014)

Hi Guys, Overall very happy with the quality of your plants, delivery of the goods and the range that you have available! The only thing I can suggest to make things even better is an update on the look of the website, but apart from that everything else is great! regards, Ben Mount Waverley, VIC (16th Jun 2014)

You are doing well keep up the good work. Thank you.Juliana Juliana, Arncliffe, NSW (16th Jun 2014)

Wonderful selection and service. Would use you again and certainly recommend. Just wish you were a big closer to Bangalow. Denise, Bangalow, NSW (15th Jun 2014)

I love Daley's, one suggestion, that you give a time estimate for when a product will be available David, Kensington, NSW (15th Jun 2014)

You have all the plants that most of the other nursery don't have. I'm really lucky that I found you online. Vannasone , Hillside, VIC (15th Jun 2014)

Plants arrived looking great and all are doing well. Tony, Maryborough, QLD (15th Jun 2014)

I was amazed at the expert advise I was given and the delivery of the plants, had no hassles what's so ever and I will defiantly recommend all my friends Paolo, Reservoir North, VIC (15th Jun 2014)

To be honest, from the beginning till the end it was a smooth experience. The plant arrived to my door beautifully packaged with love. Instructions were thoughtfully attached. I followed the instructions, and now I have a new healthy growing plant in my garden. I would definitely recommend this site to my friends and family, and I will be buying more plants in the future. Riva, Glen Huntly, VIC (15th Jun 2014)

I have had plants delivered to Spring Hill(Brisbane City) by Fastways and received them the day after being dispatched but the last purchase, I chose Couriers please and it took 5 days to receive my order when sent to my Tallebudgera address. In all cases the quality of plants was high. Helen, Spring Hill, QLD (14th Jun 2014)

Great variety of plants to choose from.will buy from Daley in future. Leonard, Croydon, VIC (14th Jun 2014)

I've purchased items over the last few years and they have always arrived quickly and in great condition. The web pages and staff videos are very informative. I always shop at Dayleys 1st.jessica, Wooloweyah, NSW (13th Jun 2014)

2 of the plants died, so that was a bit disappointing Emanuela, Croydon Park, NSW (12th Jun 2014)

It is good idea to send more details about tree, like care instruction, weather requirement, how to maintain tree with every tree purchased. Kind Regards Anagha , Holsworthy, NSW (12th Jun 2014)

Plant was in great condition, maybe a little small but healthy and got to me in good time. Was very well packed etc. Allan, South Golden Beach, NSW (11th Jun 2014)

I still Find your site a little difficult to navigate. It is possibly me- although I have five different websites servicing my own company and am at least slightly qualified -but i find it easy to get sidelined within a simple search. I do think your forums are great your staff when I call them positive and well informed and your back order feedback excellent. All in all a good job but a little clunky. Martin, Naremburn, NSW (10th Jun 2014)

Overall I am very pleased with everything you do I have only had the odd failure which has been to do with our drought not your products. I have already encouraged friends to purchase from you as your produce it always superior to any cheaper ones from Markets. I think it would be good to stress more noticeably where another plant is needed for pollination. Kind Regards,Karen, North Deep Creek, QLD (10th Jun 2014)

There was no need for me to deal with staff, website is very detailed and speed of delivery is good. i like reading the tips included by grower Kim-Oanh, Mansfield Park, SA (10th Jun 2014)

i do not like the new web site the old web site was better as the plants were in Zone as, so i know what plants are good for melbourne sam, Geelong, VIC (10th Jun 2014)

impressive packaging. Thanks Anthony, Wollstonecraft, NSW (9th Jun 2014

Just one of the plant purchased was not a healthy specimen and did subsequently die. Len, Lennox Head, NSW (9th Jun 2014)

very happy with the web page and quality of the plant. It arrives promptly and in excellent condition. I've already 'spread the word'on a great Nursery Marg Margaret, Bonny Hills, NSW (9th Jun 2014)

Plant arrived fast and was very well packaged. It has been planted and is shooting new leaves now. devji, Indooroopilly, QLD (9th Jun 2014)

Fairly professional outfit. ray, Lithgow, NSW (9th Jun 2014)

I have ordered many times from your website. Yours would be the best I have ever dealt with. Services is always brilliant. Plants always arrive ridiculously quick and in great condition. Website is simple but effective. Anthony, Manly Vale, NSW (9th Jun 2014)

I purchased 5 trees (2 x Longans, 2 hazelnuts, 1 fig) - The longan trees were great. - I was not given any information on how to care for any of the trees. An information sheet would have been appreciated. - The fig tree was small. - The packaging was excellent. P.S. The reward offer did not work. Fab, Dundas, NSW (9th Jun 2014)

Great service and keep on greening Australia Tyrone, Pimpama, QLD (9th Jun 2014)

I'm really satisfy with everything. The packing and handling are professionally done. Very very please and satisfy Basrah, Tarneit, VIC (8th Jun 2014)

We were very pleased with the ease of ordering and the short time in which we received our plants. Thank you. WENDY , Banksia Park, SA (8th Jun 2014)

Your plants were amazing lushes green and weren't root bound as I have purchased plants before that were terrible but your stock was great. Thank you David, Ashfield, QLD (8th Jun 2014)

The freight charges are to high, pls use other means. Albert, Mission Beach, QLD (8th Jun 2014)

Prompt professional service. Will do business again Brian, Peregian Beach, QLD (8th Jun 2014)

All so efficient. Thankyou. Harold, Middle Dural, NSW (5th Jun 2014)

The prompt delivery was great. I love the availability of product notification. The web site can be hard to navigate, some plants come up in unexpected categories. Staff are very friendly and responsive. Overall fantastic service :-) Karina, Mitchelton, QLD (4th Jun 2014)

I have purchased many plants from Daleys Nursery and will continue. I would like to see more plant information, growing conditions and suited climate. Thank you, Vanessa. Vanessa, Albanvale, VIC (2nd Jun 2014)

More informations how to take care of those plants. Mei, Calamvale, QLD (2nd Jun 2014)

I bought your last Cashew tree only by looking online I missed the email/text and wasn't sure why as I have been waiting for a year or two for more plants since my first order and I'm sure I was on the email notification. Thanks. dallas, Doolandella, QLD (2nd Jun 2014)

Delivery service is too slow creating anxiety about the quality of the product at the point of accepting the product. Phil, Geelong, VIC (2nd Jun 2014)

website is somewhat complex to operate. joseph, Caulfield South, VIC (2nd Jun 2014)

Great variety of plants also. Thank you. Patricia, Gooburrum, QLD (1st Jun 2014)

Longan tree does not look healthy. Quyen, Annerley, QLD (31st May 2014)

Hi Daleys. I can't really answer the question about dealings with staff because I haven't had any yet, however I'm sure they are great. The main thing is the trees I ordered were extremely well packaged and arrived in Melbourne in great condition, were heathy, and no signs of any pests or disease. They are in bigger pots now and doing well. I'm very happy with my purchase, and if it weren't for the fact I have a very small garden I'd go beserk and order many more trees! Also, several of my wife's filipina friends have asked where I got my "calamansi" so you will probably get some more orders as word spreads through their community. All the best, David. David, Coburg, VIC (31st May 2014)

I am extremely happy with Daley Fruit and already have recommended to friends. My plants are strong, healthy and good priced. Thank you Wendy, Edgeworth, NSW (30th May 2014)

The best thing about the Daley's website is the amount of information available to assist with making selections to suit the area and real/ personal information shared which helps minimise the pitfalls of planting out and maintaining gardens. Nothing is too hard for the Daley's staff. Thanks Paul, Stubbo, NSW (30th May 2014)

Was very happy with service and plant - thank you - I do recommend you often to people looking for food plants - especially for finger limes. Bev, Gladesville, NSW (29th May 2014)

After many many orders from Daleys they remain my favourite (and now only)fruit tree nursery. The robust quality of the trees delivered is always pleasing, along with plenty of leaflet advice to help us get the best results. The staff reply to queries quickly and with just the right amount of detail. They are such a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Guys!! Peter, Everton Hills, QLD (29th May 2014)

I am very happy as a first time customer although my native lime and Papaya still alive not too happy with the cool Sydney nights but I am determined to see them mature. thank you again you have done and given all the right advice I sertendly recomend you to all olympia, Mcgraths Hill, NSW (29th May 2014)

beautiful and healthy plants chris, Campsie, NSW (28th May 2014)

Daleys' response time for an email enquiry was excellent. The quality of the plants I received was first class and I would not hesitate to order more plants. Keep up the good work Daleys !!! Alan, Klemzig, SA (28th May 2014)

Overall very good, maybe a follow up on how bought plants are doing would be good. Would love to visit one day !  Elena, Bundamba, QLD (28th May 2014)

More clear and organised website natalie, Lennox Head, NSW (28th May 2014)

Just keep supporting schools Stuart, Kiama, NSW (28th May 2014)

Nothing, the service was great. When we are next in the area we will definitely return. Vince, Wangaratta, VIC (27th May 2014)

Delighted to be able to obtain this unusual species and the plants were in excellent condition. Great packing, clear instructions on what steps to follow on receipt of plants and first-class service in every way. Very happy to recommend you to others, thanks. Reg, Caulfield, VIC (26th May 2014)

10/10 Daleys! I never give reviews but you guys deserved this one. The plant I ordered arrived so well packaged it was actually quite amazing. It was delivered at exactly the place requested and was a healthy, vigorous specimen. It arrived the morning after the dispatch email was sent as well! Really I wish I could give you some "you could do this better" feedback, but I just can't think of how you could have done any better. Well done, I can't wait to order something else as soon as I have the time and space in my garden! Thomas, Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW (26th May 2014)

Excellent customer services, fast delivery and a great range of plants. Highly recommended!! Dwain, Roxburgh Park, VIC (26th May 2014)

No problems. Unfortunately some of the plants arent looking too good as Glen Innes is a bit cold! Eric, Kingsland, NSW (26th May 2014)

Speed lower only because plants were initially out of stock. But very happy overall and received the small plants very well boxed and packaged for their transit to Sydney - thank you. Rebecca, Cammeray, NSW (26th May 2014)

My 6 fruit plants (2 tomarillo, 2 guava, 1 mandarine, 1 drumstick) arrived in a nice condition within a week after placing my order. I was happy with the overall online ordering process and look forward to buy few more friut plants in coming spring/summer. Really nice to see so many varieties of friut plants in your website. Love to see more dwarf fruit plants and few more cool climate fruit plants. Alakananda, Mckellar, ACT (26th May 2014)

excellent experience, i have already referred 4 people to your website and at lease one have purchase from you that i know of. Norman, Bossley Park, NSW (26th May 2014)

I haven't had any dealings with your staff so I can't comment Raymond, The Leap, QLD (26th May 2014)

maybe more notes on planting out (fruit trees in this case) Garry, Dodsworth, NSW (26th May 2014)

Ensure the plants are set in the pots for easy removal later. Bis, Alstonville, NSW (26th May 2014)

The variety and rarity of the fruit trees made the website very attractive. I ordered 1 Namroi grapefruit and 1 longan. The Namroi is doing well though the Longan is somewhat weak. Maybe it is too young to tolerate the cold weather (I am living in Brisbane). I have to wait to see if it can survive this coming winter. Quyen, Annerley, QLD (26th May 2014)

One of the best online nurseries out there, if not the best. Plants always arrive healthy and in great condition thanks to above average packing and handling care. I have purchased many plants over the last few years and will definately purchase from daleys in the future :) Matt, Greystanes, NSW (26th May 2014)

Well packaging and great service Fernando , Greystanes, NSW (26th May 2014)

Plain arrive in good condition and doing well ninik, Upper Coomera, QLD (26th May 2014)

I didn't deal with any staff hence the 3 Peter, Eatons Hill, QLD (26th May 2014)

Perhaps more cultural advice regarding the plants on the website .Very reliable service and good packing. Mary, New Lambton Heights, NSW (26th May 2014)

I wanted cheaper postage a couple of years ago, and you've done that, Excellent in every way !! Allison, Charters Towers, QLD (25th May 2014)

Always great quality trees and very fast delivery Rosilin, Yarraman, QLD (25th May 2014)

Always professional ray, Lithgow, NSW (25th May 2014)

I have just recommended your business to our new neighbors that want to establish a fruit tree garden because the quality of the plants I have purchased from you and the prices are far superior to the local garden centers it's always a pleasure doing business with you,thank you Terry, Bungadoo, QLD (25th May 2014)

I would revamp your web pages and include more about tree care than you currently have Anna, Veteran, QLD (25th May 2014)

I am satisfied with all aspects from the ordering quality and delivery. Thank you for the extensive varieties. Love your site. Jennifer, Howard, QLD (24th May 2014)

My fruit trees arrived in excellent condition, having been extremely well packed. They are all doing well in the garden. Pricing was very competitive too, considering the excellence and size of the trees - I am used to getting much smaller specimens for these prices. Your web-site is very informative, although a bit 'busy' with a lot of material packed onto each page. The main problem with my first order was that the instructions for unpacking the box was inside the box! I only read it after I had puzzled a bit and then slightly botched my way in. Could the instructions for opening be taped to the outside of the box? :-) Jillian, Thornleigh, NSW (22nd May 2014)

Fruit trees arrived in excellent healthy condition, packed very well, with informative instructions on transplanting. Very happy with them, and the great service. Sandra, Point Vernon, QLD (20th May 2014)

bought a mini mango did not realize it was grafted  james, Grange, QLD (20th May 2014)

I have made a couple of purchases from Daley's and the purchase experience and quality of product has always been outstanding.Love the variety of plants. Miriam, Narara, NSW (20th May 2014)

The Avocado secondo tree i purchased died caused by 2 weeks continous rain. A warning would have helped if delivered with the tree,clearly stating that the avocado rootball will not tolerate wet roots.Unfortunatly for me i discovered this on your website after it died.The tree you posted to me was in excellent order, so i am very disappointed to have lost it.I will try again in spring time. Kind Regards, Bernie Manning. Bernie, Holmesville, NSW (20th May 2014)

Your packaging was awesome!! I have not lost a single plant, unlike other places I've purchased live plants and lost about 1/3. Everything is happy and healthy. THANK YOU so much!! My only suggestion would be to fix up the website, it can be a little hard to navigate. But focus on the plants they are the best. Thanks again Peta, Mackay West, QLD (20th May 2014)

No need to change anything, thanks. Love your service, products and online advice and videos. Thanks :-) Vivianne, Leichhardt, QLD (19th May 2014)

absolute pleasure dealing with you. Plants are all first rate! thank you Karen, Coolum Beach, QLD (19th May 2014)

the plants we received were very healthy and good quality. Also love the delivery service. Would order from Daleys again, definately. Lisa, Petrie Terrace, QLD (19th May 2014)

I really appreciate the prompt service with excellent healthy plants. Thanks Herbert, Nerrena, VIC (19th May 2014)

Spoke with staff which helped me with delivery specifics. Very helpful and great variety and price on all trees and plants. Delivery was fast. Extremely happy ! SHANE, Mordialloc, VIC (19th May 2014)

I can't fault the service I have received. Plants have all been healthy and correctly labelled which has not always been the case when I have sourced fruit plants elsewhere. Lynda, Mcdowall, QLD (19th May 2014)

I was very impressed with the way the plant was packed for posting. Stay happy, Al. Alan, Ravenswood, QLD (19th May 2014)

Everything was perfect and my plants are flourishing. Looking forward to your notification regarding the availability of the SpiceZee nectarine. Wish you had it in bare root version as I plan to plant it in a dual planting with a bare rooted peach. Love your website but running out of space in the garden! Shirley, Bacchus Marsh, VIC (19th May 2014)

As usual everything was AOK. Thanks! frances, Monbulk, VIC (18th May 2014)

Keep up with your current standard of goods and service Wendy, Edgeworth, NSW (18th May 2014)

The plant package arrived in very good condition. Cannot complained Thanh Thao, Leumeah, NSW (18th May 2014)

a little expensive. But I will be back. Thankyou. peter, Bowen, QLD (17th May 2014)

My experience was very positive and I fully intend to use your service again in the future. I gave your website only a pass because it is quite difficult to use on a mobile device. I hope this feedback helps but all in all a brilliant experince. See you next time. Scott Claire, Albany Creek, QLD (16th May 2014)

The website is not that easy to navigate. It would be nice if you could provide more pictures when the plants are fully grown to give us an idea how it would look like. Ma. Antonina, Carramar, NSW (14th May 2014)

both plants I purchased are doing really well, am very happy with them erica, Mooloolah, QLD (14th May 2014)

Love the message you send when a wanted plant becomes available, great service Mona, Karalee, QLD (13th May 2014)

Keep up the good work and I, look forward to purchasing more of your products in the near future. andrew, Doolandella, QLD (13th May 2014)

I am very happy with your service. The information that you put with the plants that I ordered are brilliant. Sandra, Isabella Plains, ACT (13th May 2014)

Everything about Daleys service was wonderful! adrian, Boambee, NSW (13th May 2014)

I bought two Mexican Cream guavas from you. Everything about the process was very good with excellent information about where the order was at etc. The packaging was also excellent and the trees arrived safely. I gave a only a 4 for quality because one of the trees was in perfect condition when it arrived, but the other was slightly taller and its new growth at the top had been compressed by the top of the box. This meant that the new growth turned black (the weather was hot at the time of transport) and this tree was slower to establish. Both trees are now growing well and looking healthy. I would certainly order from you again! Thanks! Timothy, Highton, VIC (13th May 2014)

I bought 2 plants from you and at the same time 2 the same from a local nursery, yours are doing growing and looking better at this stage. I would be happy to order from you again, esp. With the tips on how to grow. Thank you! veronika, Bundaberg, QLD (12th May 2014)

I've purchased on line from a number of nursery's now and have to say that Daley's have been the best packaged and best quality plants I have received so far, you would not have even thought they had been freighted they were in such good condition when I received them. If you want quality for money Daley's give you exactly that. Michelle, Blacktown, NSW (12th May 2014)

Very happy with purchase. Great assistance given by staff. Great packaging and quick delivery. Trees great quality and am keen to see them grow and flower. Julie, Wahroonga, NSW (12th May 2014)

Not sure how to change it, but website could be a bit smoother to use. Deanne, Narangba, QLD (12th May 2014)

The one thing i was really disappointed with. I ordered a crimson seedless grape (and it was labelled as such) only to find recently that is not a crimson seedless at all - but a black seeded grape Elizabeth, Frenchville, QLD (12th May 2014)

Daley's is excellent. The plants I received were in fantastic condition and by far the best online plant order I have gotten anywhere. I'm a bit of a website perfectionist as it's part of my day job so I tend to think the website is a bit busy, however it's functional, secure and does it's job and I will definitely be purchasing again. Miss J L, Adelaide, SA (12th May 2014)

I can't see how; your friendly service is magnificent! Bob, Kambah, ACT (12th May 2014)

Excellent service... The best I have ever used. Plants were packaged well and I had no problems when I received them. The care and planting instructions from the time I received them to planting was an added bonus thank you. I have already recommended Daleys to a number of friends. I will most definitely be purchasing more plants in the near future. Thanks once again and keep up the excellent service. Best regards Mohamed Ismail Mohamed, Sunnybank Hills, QLD (12th May 2014)

Always a pleasure to deal with Margaret, Cameron Park, (12th May 2014)

My only problem is the high cost of postage. But I realise that's difficult for you to change. It must put a lot of people off ordering. Eden, Frenchs Forest, NSW (12th May 2014)

I have had nothing but the best dealings with Daleys. Twice I have contacted staff with questions and both times there was a prompt and friendly reply. I tell everyone about Daleys if they like gardening! Thankyou- keep it up. Jane Jane zwartz, Waverley, NSW (12th May 2014)

It's a pleasure doing business with your nursery Barrie, Torquay, QLD (12th May 2014)

Very happy with the service. Leila, Marrickville, NSW (11th May 2014)

Daley's price for the purchased item was the lowest, and that was with delivery included. Diane, Goomeri, QLD (11th May 2014)

Love your extensive range of fruit trees and vines. Keeping us informed on many different offers is great. Jennifer, Howard, QLD (11th May 2014)

very good for me Uong Vara, Salisbury East, SA (11th May 2014)

Ensure plants are "pest free" prior to shipment (mine included a colony of leaf miner) Anthony, Corowa, NSW (10th May 2014)

Daleys is my first choice for plants, and the place I send people to first. The only thing I could suggest is an estimate that plants will be available for purchase... Chris, Delaneys Creek, QLD (10th May 2014)

Looking forward to future purchases Margaret, Denmark, WA (9th May 2014)

Overall, very satisfied with dealings. It is just a pity that State legislation (WA) makes it almost prohibitive (extra quarantine time and fees). For species and cultivars that are hard to obtain for the local gardener, I would recommend Daley's. David, Orana, WA (9th May 2014)

Freight and handling costs are very high. Edward, Calen, QLD (9th May 2014)

very happy thanks.despite quarantine trees doing well.thankyou. karen, Nilgen, WA (7th May 2014)

One of the finger limes nearly died when I got it. Had to cut the top off as it never recovered. The leaves regrew and it's fine now, just a lot shorter. The other plants were fine and are still in excellent condition. I'm guessing it dried out in transport. Glenn, Goodna, QLD (6th May 2014)

Consistent excellent service. Plants arrived in Perth WA in pristine condition after surviving WA quarantine treatment. Ian, Shelley, WA (6th May 2014)

Although the ratings are all over the place, over all I'm very happy with my purchases. Delivery is rated lower on the scale because I had to wait a couple of months for an order to be transported here to WA (a problem with living over here on the other side of Australia), and low for the website, based on my ordering experience when I tried to claim a free plant from the site. Most could not be sent to WA (not obvious from your site initially - only when a request was denied), so perhaps more info up front would be helpful rather than building up my hopes initially ;( Other than that, super good and your doing a great job :) Joan, Trigg, WA (6th May 2014)

Good quality plant VERRY, Winthrop, WA (6th May 2014)

I realise Speed of Service is difficult to manage. The customer would like the product/s within a week or two but when they live interstate your business only sends orders at certain times of the year. Jasmine, Duncraig, WA (6th May 2014)

I was impressed as to how well the plants were packed for shipping.your information sheet enclosed with the plants was very helpful. Kenneth, Australind, WA (6th May 2014)

the one tree Lychee - Bosworth 3 I was wanting did not make it the leaves where dry and it never came back, but all the rest of the plants are going well.  Greg, South Hedland, WA (6th May 2014)

The plants arrived in excellent condition. I am very happy with the service provided by Daleys and wouldn't hesitate to order again. Amanda, Wembley, WA (5th May 2014)

Website ordering sometimes messes up - especially if you leave the current order to look at a tree in more detail, then attempt to order it; the website will sometimes then make a separate order then refuse to merge the 2 orders (even while both orders are open on different tabs AND I am signed in) This also happens on occasion if I have a running order and then I attempt to add to it after a notification that a plant became available BUT then I look at the plant first. (if I order/pay for it, THEN check out the plant it is fine). - On the last order, 2 of the plants arrived in very poor condition - I thought both would die. Not Daley's fault! It looked like the box had been left in full sun for an extended period en route - all the leaves on the 2 plants were burned to a crisp (Shatoot mulberry and Madagascar bean). The plants must have been in fabulous condition before they left you - both made a full recovery. (The other plants in the box were wilted but fine and did very well, except for the Yacon which never recovered). - I wonder if it is possible to get some idea of how far away some of the "in production" plants are? for example - yes, we expect to have lots/some/only a few available and soon/this season/not until next season. Carol, Hamilton Hill, WA (5th May 2014)

Love your shop. I wholeheartedly believe that Daley's is providing a pivotal service which is building the culture around how Australian's grow their own food. The new website is great. Only thing is that when I look at a plant profile on my ipad a growing information icon appears on the screen and I can't get rid of it. This blocks me reading what is behind it. Would be nice if you included a plant's tolerance to shade in each plant profile - given that a lot of us are plant obsessed and trying to fit in 'just one more plant' and we have already taken up all the sweet full sun spots. Might be a nice way for you to boost sales for shade tolerant plants! Colin, Lakemba, NSW (5th May 2014)

I've always been happy with your service and the range of plants available so just keep up the good work :-) melissa, Middle Park, QLD (5th May 2014)

Overall very happy. Trees arrived quickly and very healthy. Cant thank you guys enough for your help and speedy service. Will definitely be shopping with you again in the near future Cheers Brenton Brenton, Raceview, QLD (4th May 2014)

Maybe more information on some of the plants. Joanne, Moorland, NSW (4th May 2014)

When I am looking for particular plants some are available and others may not be which means I have to order in dribs and drab and added courier cost for individual plants. Jammuna, Silverdale, NSW (4th May 2014)

Excellent service - I will be purchasing more plants from Daley's in the future. Jonathan, Macmasters Beach, NSW (4th May 2014)

Plants arrived in excellent condition. Beautifully packed Colleen, Birdwood, NSW (4th May 2014)

I find obtaining information by telephone from Daleys Nursery almost impossible, as calls invariably go straight to an answering machine. Candida, Curtin, ACT (4th May 2014)

Spoke before. Need to have the website remember the selection because your site has so many plants I want I want to compare so that I can make a decision of which plant I want at this point in time. Then as I save up more money I can get the others. Right now it's a little frustrating that I have to remember them for the next time Eddie, Gosford, NSW (4th May 2014)

perhaps a little more hands on help at pickup would be appreciated..the one lady dealing with a few customers was under a lot of pressure...but she herself was brilliant golda, Marom Creek, NSW (4th May 2014)

Easy selection, prompt delivery and good quality - first time user and very impressed. Keep up the good work! JA, Brighton Vic John, Brighton, VIC (3rd May 2014)

I have always love buy fruit tree from you. So far I have bought six fruit trees from your website and they are all healthy plants which still continue growing, I have given your nursery book to my neighbor so he can order some trees from you. I were very surprised and happy with how the trees was packed and all the plants came as described. I will definitely buy more from you in the near future. Anh, St Johns Park, NSW (3rd May 2014)

Please include best zone area to plant your seedlings. Jerome, Edensor Park, NSW (1st May 2014)

I asked mum why we never went to Daleys when we moved up this way as a family in the late seventies. She said, I dont know dear.... unfortunately she doesnt have a farm anymore Pam, Kyogle, NSW (30th Apr 2014)

I was disappointed when my 3 passion-fruit vines arrived to find that the Sweet Granadilla vine was only 1/3 the height of the other vines shipped together. This vine although being planted in the same area and under the same conditions as the other vines has since died. The others have grown rapidly. Allen, Warner, QLD (29th Apr 2014)

Don't change anything; just keep it up! Nicholas, Sheldon, QLD (28th Apr 2014)

You do a good job. Like the help available on line. Jeay, Kingscliff, NSW (27th Apr 2014)

Provide more detail on the conditions the plants best to be grown in. Phenpak, Artarmon, NSW (27th Apr 2014)

Only problem I had was that the "other" fig I bought - thinking it was an edible fig was a humungus Port Jackson Fig! just as well we're on an acreage - we planted it in an are with erosion - should help there! Sara, Kincumber, NSW (27th Apr 2014)

nothing i could suggest. my experienced dealing with you is excellent. one of my friends ordered tree from you. JESSIE, Parkwood, QLD (26th Apr 2014)

First time buyer, will be a regular! Very impressed. Craig, Glenning Valley, NSW (26th Apr 2014)

faultless - wonderful service ewa , Dover Heights, NSW (26th Apr 2014)

More specific estimation of when stock coming in. eg. 3 months. or within 2 weeks. Sandy, Blaxland, NSW (26th Apr 2014)

Website is slightly overwhelming. Good service!! Van, Lidcombe, NSW (25th Apr 2014)

Top quality, good packing and reliable delivery, makes us order more and more. Prakash, Carlingford, NSW (25th Apr 2014)

I was very pleased to get offered to buy the capulin cherry that I have been waiting for. What dissapointed me was that I could only buy one while it was possible for people not on the waiting list to buy from the website (hence a 4 instead of 5) I ended up buying another one under my partner's name (oops given away my 'secret'). very pleased with the quality of the plants, packaging and initial care instructions. A recommendation would be to include a page on the preferred location, soiltype etc for the plants bought. Saskia, Burpengary, QLD (25th Apr 2014)

Show best areas for plants to grow & cultivation tips about each fruit tree. Other than that I find you very rewarding. thanks. ps thanks for the free too with my next order. Barrie, Torquay, QLD (25th Apr 2014)

Plants looked healthy, excellent service and fast deivery Gwat, Upper Coomera, QLD (25th Apr 2014)

I have always had wonderful service from you HOWEVER in the last order, the Pecan which was the only tree I really wanted arrived in a distressed state & has not recovered. As in is dead. Linda, Bingara, NSW (25th Apr 2014)

hello,I dont think you could do anything more to improve any aspect of your service,just keep up the good work.Price & range of merchandise is not itemised or included in the survey,but if so would also attract a 5 from me.I find it difficult to make garden purchases from so called garden centres who have limited stock of a questionable quality,& even less product knowledge apart from what is on the label!! Regards,Ray. Ray, Tweed Heads, NSW (25th Apr 2014)

Please stock many different kinds of variegated citrus trees, not only the variegated cumquats. Make it possible for me to see on my screen a list of plants I have ordered that are still in production. Jake, Wondecla, QLD (25th Apr 2014)

We currently are living in a unit with a very small low maintenance native garden,& have only one area in a corner facing NE with citrus trees & raised veggie garden.We have also a lot of plants in pots in order to take with us when we move.We currently have this property for sale,as we want to go back to having a house on a large block with large fruit & veg garden. As soon as we move we will be looking to purchase stock of exotic fruit trees from you. I dont believe you could improve your service much,as you provide quality stock at a fair price,with great packaging,delivery,even growing advice,care & maintenance etc.You also carry such a wide range of product& varieties to choose from. Regards, Ray, Tweed Heads, NSW (25th Apr 2014)

Courier service could be better had some plants badly heat affected by delivery taking to long not Daleys fault. Kevin, Hamlyn Heights, VIC (24th Apr 2014)

Enjoyed the visit, despite the 45 degree day! Karen, Tenterfield, NSW (24th Apr 2014)

The only things I would pick at is: usually not enough people out there to help. I realise its hard to predict what plants people want but I hate it when I drive from Lismore only to find 2 of the three plants I want are sold out or not available, twice this has happened. But I still love coming out and know the ones I get are healthy enough to survive my driving and transplantation. 2 thumbs up! Kelly, South Lismore, NSW (24th Apr 2014)

Very positive experience, looking forward to my next order! Tim, Loftus, NSW (24th Apr 2014)

Hi guys, I could not be anymore happy then I am with my overall experience. I found out about you guys of an Internet forum for the dwarf coconut trees that you sell. I submitted my interested on your page. Months passed and I was very surprised to receive a txt message saying they were instock. I placed my order online. During my purchasing experience I was a bit nervous to be honest with buying plants/tress online. My coconuts tree arrived perfectly packed, and left in the shade just like you guys mentioned on your site. I have recommended you to all my friends/family. Thanks again!!! Dominic Joseph Gold Coast Dominic , Mudgeeraba, QLD (23rd Apr 2014)

Always look forward to receiving my order! Packed securely and freighted fast via courier to front door. Your plants are always bigger, healthier and better than any other online nursery that I purchase from. Keep up the great work!!! Nancy, Moruya, NSW (22nd Apr 2014)

staff were very helphful and courteous thanks Dave. david, Kalbar, (22nd Apr 2014)

Signage required updating. Liz, Collins Creek, NSW (22nd Apr 2014)

You are 100% Thank you Sue Marler sue, Lismore, NSW (22nd Apr 2014)

Not much to improve upon!!! Leanne, Bald Knob, QLD (22nd Apr 2014)

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Restricted opening hours are the only limitation, especially when coming from Brisbane. Jean, East Brisbane, QLD (21st Apr 2014)

I've always has very positive dealing with Daleys and the postal service is excellent. Plants always arrive in surprisingly good condition. Lachlan, Coffs Harbour, NSW (21st Apr 2014)

We are very happy with your nursery. Maybe stay open a little later on Sayurday. Graeme, Fawcetts Plain, NSW (21st Apr 2014)

My questions re appropriate fruit trees for my area were promptly and satisfactorily answered. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was fantastic. Although early days and winter approaches, the plants appear to be very happy. Harold, Asquith, NSW (21st Apr 2014)

On your website, when I click on to some of your available plants, the site will not respond to give me further information. I would estimate that this happens with One in Fifteen plants I look at. ie., today, I wanted to look at the smaller plants of Syzygium australe to buy, but I could not access them. Margaret, Dalby, QLD (21st Apr 2014)

Love your nursery Michelle, Larnook, NSW (21st Apr 2014)

Hi no complaints apple trees doing well hope they survive the coming frost Charles Zielke, Brassall, QLD (21st Apr 2014)

I am very impressed with the quality of the plants and the service provided. Jennifer, Woodford, QLD (21st Apr 2014)

Daleys is a treasure to our region, such wonderful variety of plant, knowledgeable and friendly staff and a beautiful location. Only on some days you need more members to attend to so many customers. Thank you for such a great business. mandy, Alstonville, NSW (20th Apr 2014)

Garden knomes. There should be garden knomes. Better still have the staff dress in the costume of a garden knome. That would be great. Shell, Wiangaree, NSW (20th Apr 2014)

Always a pleasure and do recommend Daleys Nursery. Many Thanks MARIAN, Mountain Top, NSW (20th Apr 2014)

Please move closer to Brisbane. Lovely to see you nursery. Regards Jack & Gail , Macgregor, QLD (20th Apr 2014)

Check for ants and do a warm water dip before sending to prevent the spread of pests.. Mikayla, Edmonton, QLD (20th Apr 2014)

A café would be nice but it would probably make it too crowded.. I love the place and the staff knowledge was excellent considering we did not live immediately local. I have told all my friends and they rave about it too :) Narelle, Nymboida, NSW (20th Apr 2014)

thanks all good Peter, Chevallum, QLD (20th Apr 2014)

I'd like to buy native dichondra seed and native grass seed , so I can replace the invasive grasses with natives. I think this would be a great addition to the fabulous nursery you have Thank you Jhabel, Ettrick, NSW (20th Apr 2014)

I love your YouTube segments on seasonal fruit trees atached to the website. Very cool. Karina, Mitchelton, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

I have recently brought fruit tree twice online from daleysfruit and packaging was very neat & well packed. Orders always received in 3 days. Well done daleysfruit, keep it up. Thank you!. Phong, Truganina, VIC (19th Apr 2014)

Very friendly & helpful staff. Great service. barry, Oakey, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

Nothing, I love you guys. william, Kyogle, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

The only thing you could really do is to read my mind and have exactly the species I want, ready and waiting for me, every time I visit :-) I love visiting Daleys and bringing my adult kids along, too, and now they're taking their friends! linnie, Cawongla, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Can't think of anything. You seem to have it down pat - good products, good service, rewards for frequent customers, lots of online-email specials and such. Keep it up. Stephen, Nimbin, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

A bit more information on each plant would be useful. As part of my research on plants, I sourced several books and sites to help me make my decision. For example, I have purchased a pomegranate plant and it would have been useful to have a comparison chart. In the end I went with a Azerbaijan rather than wonderful, but I am not sure if I made the best choice, so it will be an experiment. Apart from that, great site, great business, thanks. Ian, Gerringong, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Always a great selection of plants, staff have always been helpful and polite. Not yet purchased a plant that has died on me since its been planted nor a diseased plant. Recommend Dayleys to both my local and interstate friends. sam, Green Pigeon, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

The special list on your web page could be advertised at the nursery as well. Rhett, Alstonville, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Little better description of the climate best suited to the fruit trees. Jeane, Taigum, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

I would still like to take advantage of your free Tamarillo tree from your last email, if there are any left. As I work 6 days a week it is difficult to get to your nursery given my hours. Lorna, Eden Creek, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Great service Jim, Kyogle, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Some prices uncompetitive with larger stores but choices are better daleys caleb, Sandgate, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

Why not put in a coffee machine, charge even $2 per cup. Many people (like us) travel a couple of hours to reach your nursery. Otherwise, service was fantastic and range of trees was good. Thanks so much. Marj, Broadbeach Waters, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

Sophia was amazing. Her enthusiasm, knowledge & help was exceptional & she loved her job! I lost the Granadillo but it was a very healthy specimen & am blaming my choice of position, lack of drainage and the unusually dry weather we are experiencing. Looking forward to another visit when not so busy. Thanks, Anna Anna Cutler, Goolmangar, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

Very helpful and a wealh of information x Kath, Mermaid Beach, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

Just preparing/planning my place so my orders are limited. I just happened across your web site on a google search. I suggest you look at ways of increasing your profile so that more people could find you. Wish I lived in the tropics and could buy some of those varieties from you. Jenna, Hornsby, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

It's great to have your nursery in our community and over the years even when we lived at The Channon, Whian Whian Dorroughby and later on in Lismore then in two previous places here in Kyogle, we purchased fruit and cabinet timbers from you - many many thousands of dollars and always headed for your nursery when we needed any trees, natives or vines - so keep up the good work and give yourselves a pat on the back! cheers  Michael J., Kyogle, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

I would like more information about the specific tree and it's care ie like a fact sheet. Green Harvest do this well. I often tell others about your company when they are looking for subtropical fruit trees for small areas. Jan, Indooroopilly, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

I really enjoy coming to your nursery. And also I spend time online as we'll . Your website is full of usefull information. Your fruit trees are the best most healthiest fruit trees I have ever brought..thank you.. cassie, Casino, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

We purchased ten paw paw trees that day plus a number of other fruit trees. They have tripled in size. Thank you Melinda, Tallai, QLD (19th Apr 2014)

I purchased a fig and a red papaw at the same time. The fig was great but the top of the papaw had been broken off. I planted it although it only had one leaf left on it and it is now shooting so hopefully it'll recover! I possibly caused the top to break off as the fig, the papaw and a passionfruit vine were all packaged in the one box. It would probably be smarter to send them in separate boxes? DAMIEN, East Ballina, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

It was difficult to get time with staff to ask questions about products because there was always a line up for this. More staff rostered would be the answer or perhaps an interactive computer where customers could research questions about plants? Both expensive options, sorry. Apart from this we enjoy our time there and all of our plants are thriving. Thank you. Toni, Nymboida, NSW (19th Apr 2014)

This is not a criticism of you. The courier used to deliver the plant totally ignored the instructions for delivery on the consignment note and left the box with the plant in direct sunlight out on the street. I simply asked that it be left in the shade, over my gate, about three metres away from where it was left. Bruce, Mount Alford, QLD (18th Apr 2014)

neem tree is is everything I expected, fast and good looking grower ,Grafting on a cedar great, Idea. Thank You, Leopold. leopold, Lightning Ridge, NSW (18th Apr 2014)

The plant was delivered to the wrong address. Luckily the lady down the street delivered it to me two days later. It was addressed correctly, I can only assume the courier did not look properly. Sandra, Berry, NSW (18th Apr 2014)

I love the variety of plants you have, but it is not always available all year round, i had to wait 3months before they are available and number is quite limited. Kardina, Melbourne, VIC (18th Apr 2014)

Thanks for the free tree. I would like to see in your descriptions of trees & plants the height & width trees can grow to & what soil conditions are needed. Bye thanks Barrie, Torquay, QLD (18th Apr 2014)

Need tidy up with the website, vast and useful information but not organize hard yo read at times. Andy, Springvale, VIC (17th Apr 2014)

I have be very happy with everything your customer service is excellent. I have recommended both family, friends and customer where I work about your nursery. Your website is easy to use there is so much information you can find out just about anything with out having to ask any questions. I also like that you show who does all the hard work in your nursery it makes you feel more comfortable that these loving people know what there doing. I can honestly say I am a very happy customer. Julie, Toolooa, QLD (17th Apr 2014)

Fantastic service. The plant was delivered in great time and staff where ever so helpful and getting back to my queries. Very happy with both my purchases. Dana, Miami, QLD (14th Apr 2014)

Happy customer. Will buy from Daley's again . Hedley, Penrith, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

Still needing more technical info on your plant listings such as length of time until fruiting and climatic zone. laura, Balmoral, QLD (15th Apr 2014)

Plants doing really well in the ground-that's the most important issue for us andrew, Nashua, NSW (15th Apr 2014)

!) being able to talk to someone 2)An estimated time of how long the plants in production will take before being available David, Kensington, NSW (14th Apr 2014)

I was really happy with how far advanced the citrus trees I bought were. I thought at the time they were a little pricey but when I saw the quality I felt they were excellent value for money. All of them are growing strong with many new shoots. The shipping costs were also extremely reasonable given the amount of trees I bought. I would definitely buy again. Thank you also for the prompt delivery Annie, Stepney, SA (14th Apr 2014)

I had no dealings with staff, only the website. Some of the dwarf trees I bought were gifts - great satisfaction from everyone. I will certainly order again. Connie, Cromer Heights, NSW (14th Apr 2014)

The only let down for me was that on both orders that I made I had to call the courier company to follow up delevery. They only deliver once a week to my area (Tue I think) but for some reason although they recieved the plant prior to the first Tue they missed the delevly day that week so I think it was 3 weeks before I got Maple. Toni, Maianbar, NSW (14th Apr 2014)

I only say 4 for the last one because I don't have any friends who would order any plants at the moment. This might change of course. Eden, Frenchs Forest, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

Great all round! Robert, Koongal, QLD (13th Apr 2014)

Tamarillo died, I may have killed it. Peter, Beenleigh, QLD (13th Apr 2014)

please do put more info in how to look after plants with pictures in website. some times the only show the seeds not the plants extra info on plants is very helpful thank you Vicky, Mount Druitt Village, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

When I purchased a Blueberry Burst from your Company payment, delivery and advice was most appreciated. Bruce, Towradgi, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

Excellent service with superior quality and variety of plants Suzanne, Lindfield, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

Excellent quality plants and customer service. Highly recommend! NATALIE, Lennox Head, NSW (13th Apr 2014)

Very happy with the service and products. Looking forward to dealing with your company near future. Kind regards from Jason. Jason, Helidon, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

Quite often some of your seedlings are too big for their pots and there is quite a root ball when planted out. But I LOVE your nursery - lots of variety, good prices and well set out. You have some great varieties. A few more from Diggers etc would be fabulous too. Lucinda, Epping, NSW (12th Apr 2014)

When I dig some more holes and set up water I will get some more plants Thanks AF. Allan, Mount Louisa, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

I was a bit surprised at the cost of the plants at first but have since found out that this would be the normal price. My mistake. But I am VERY happy with the way they have grown, and they are so healthy. I have bought plants before, NOT from Daleys, and after a short time, they have died. I thought they were doing well until then. I will definitely use Daleys again in future. Very happy with the service. Thank you. Jan jeanette, Whalan, NSW (12th Apr 2014)

Really happy with everything. All the trees we have bought from you have arrived in perfect condition and settled in beautifully. We had over 4 kilos of delicious plums from an 18 month old Ruby Gold a few months ago. Alison, Wights Mountain, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

Terrific quality and very interesting plants. Great value for money. Always recommend you! Only thought is a search with more filters would be very helpful (growing conditions/location in garden, geographic location can grow, edible, bird attracting, height, flower colour etc), currently avail etc. Keep up the great work!! Melissa, Scarborough, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

I won't buy fruit trees from anyone but Daleys! Rob, Condell Park, NSW (12th Apr 2014)

Plants are amazing and brilliant price for such large, healthy plants. Could not be better, can't wait for the grafted grevilleas. lynne, Forestdale, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

I would like some planting instructions on delivery however staff are very helpful. Quality of plants is very good. Robyn, North Tamborine, QLD (12th Apr 2014)

Nothing! packaging and delivery is awesome, and the price is quite reasonable, the item is clean and healthy, Great job! Just keep up the way you deal and treat your customers. Fantastic! Thank you, Celso Jr, Rooty Hill, NSW (12th Apr 2014)

The plants were healthy and of excellent quality . Certainly a far better experience in every respect compared to the previous nursery I ordered from FRANCIS, Templestowe, VIC (12th Apr 2014)

Our recent order of orange trees were the best we've ever seen! Can't wait to receive our next order. Lorne, Essendon, VIC (11th Apr 2014)

You should consider a cacti range ! Stephanie, Loganholme, QLD (11th Apr 2014)

I was extremely satisfied with the service and would recommend Daley's to everyone. Raymond, Bulli, NSW (11th Apr 2014

I really appreciate your service. You may improve (website) on the following:- Yesterday I have found out that some plants when I order 2 or more then I’ll get discount. But unfortunately I can’t see that in mail order plants list. For this we need to individually go to the plant page to see that. I have missed out on this in my last order. Sritharan, Seven Hills, NSW (11th Apr 2014)

Golden shower trees had catapillars on them which by the time the trees were unloaded in Melbourne had eaten quite a few tips and new leaves. The trees appeared very soft, appeared not to have been sufficiently hardened off in the nursery and as a result seemed vulnerable to the weather. However this may have been the result of having been removed from there dark box immediately they arrived, my mistake, James , Collingwood, VIC (11th Apr 2014)

I was happy with the quality of trees/plants I purchased and they arrived in lovely condition. Just an idea, it would be great to be able to save items into a wish list, there are numerous trees I still want but am waiting until you have them all in stock to avoid paying several freight charges so if you could put them into a wish list and then put them into a shopping cart from there it would be excellent. Tracey, Camp Mountain, QLD (11th Apr 2014)

Your packaging is very good but for me much too expensive. Edward, Calen, QLD (11th Apr 2014)

Everything was very good, with lovely healthy specimens arriving safely and quickly. The plants were also very reasonable in price, and not available elsewhere. Thank you Daley's Peter, Tewantin, QLD (11th Apr 2014)

Not related to this purchase - I have had my name on the waiting list for golden nugget jackfruit for 2 years (?) now. If orders take that long to fill I do not know the plants be should be on your website as a stock line, or indicative waiting times should be noted. Scott, Paddington, QLD (11th Apr 2014)

good range, reasonable delivery time, plants were good quality. Will use again. Much better and cheaper than local sources Steven, Cook, ACT (10th Apr 2014)

I am very happy and amazed that the transaction, delivery and condition of tree was so expedient in arrival in very good condition. No hesitation in using your services again and recommend anyone hesitant in doing it there is no worries. David, Wilmington, SA (10th Apr 2014)

thank you for the great plant (black pepper tree), very good doing business with you. Eric, Lyneham, ACT (10th Apr 2014)

all's good thanks patrick, Tawonga, VIC (7th Apr 2014)

Better layout of the website, making it easier to find rare plants on the website. Monika, North Nowra, NSW (6th Apr 2014)

I like to see Quality trees in the order And faster delivery, Regards Paul. Paul, Matraville, NSW (6th Apr 2014)

Website need to be improve . Reona, Ballarat East, VIC (5th Apr 2014)

Was really good to buy in this nurdely !!! I'm gonna use this nursurly in e future ;) thanks Reona, Ballarat East, VIC (5th Apr 2014)

Thankyou for the great service, getting our little trees in the mail is wonderful. They arrive safe, healthy and ready to go. We would love more info on after care up on the website, more about problems six mths to a year later. Thanks again! Greg, Shailer Park, QLD (5th Apr 2014)

I know you can't do much about it, but postage added a lot to the price. I was reluctant to pay that much. Eden, Frenchs Forest, NSW (4th Apr 2014)

IMHO I think that one thing that would great would be a nice matrix that shows the months down one axis, and plants along the other, with a colouring scheme to show what flowers, what to plant, what to harvest etc. by clicking on the matrix a certain point you could then display relevant sales, comment from customers so forth for that plant and time Anthony, Eastwood, NSW (4th Apr 2014)

You guys have amazing customer service and are unbelievably prompt. No real complaints but it would be great to have a bit more clear information on the plants listed and their needs, just to ensure you are buying the right thing for the climate you are taking it to. Rebecca, Newport Beach, NSW (4th Apr 2014)

Just keep on doing what you are doing now. I have been extremely satisfied with all of my purchases and with staff and service. Many thanks, Greg Gregory H, Sandstone Point, QLD (4th Apr 2014)

Daleys Nursery has a good selection of plants and I appreciate your commitment to supplying things that you do not initially have in stock. I would like to be able to talk to someone directly, rather than only being able to email. Terry, Mitchell Park, SA (4th Apr 2014)

I am originally from India and moved to Sydney about 12 years ago. Just happened to stumble upon your website while surfing the net - and was left gob-smacked to see that I could actually find fruiting trees from home available in this country. I bought a lot of saplings and each one brings memories of many many happy moments while growing up in Delhi. Amongst the many saplings I bought were Neem, Imli [Tamarind], Kathal [Jackfruit], Amla, Qamraq [Starfruit], Sharifa [Custrad Apple] and [wonder-of-wonders] even a Phalsa – thank you very very much for making me so happy. Every evening when I get home I just walk around the garden admiring each sapling individually. I am not even sure if all of these will fruit when they mature because the Sydney climate is not exactly what most of these trees need – but, hey, for me it is the tree which is important and not the fruit. Wish I had a bigger lot because when these trees are mature there won’t be much place left for me to live – and, like any other gardner, I am greedy for more. Greedy Gardner [aka NADEEM] Nadeem, Epping, NSW (4th Apr 2014)

I think the website need improvements or upgrade, look a little all over the place. Andy, Springvale, VIC (4th Apr 2014)

I thought the plant came very well packaged and the information on the care of the plant was very helpful. Regards Garry Garry, Glen Waverley, VIC (4th Apr 2014)

Everything I have purchased over the last couple of years has flourished - great variety and excellent service suzanne, Kingsgrove, NSW (4th Apr 2014)

Be organic! That's why I withheld one point in the quality section. Sorry, I can't think of anything much else. You're pretty good already. Oh, just one thing: In the instructions or hints that you send with the plants, you suggest to water them immediately upon their arrival. My husband, not knowing much about plants, was going to follow that instruction slavishly. I, however, could see that they were already thoroughly moist, having presumably been watered before dispatch. Maybe you should change that instruction to something like, "Check soil moisture immediately and water thoroughly if necessary". Lachlan, Moore Park Beach, QLD (3rd Apr 2014)

Loved the presentation/packaging. Will have to learn how to grow the plants and the web site is very helpful. Thanks David David, Tuckombil, NSW (3rd Apr 2014)

The experience in dealing with Daley's is up there with the best of the internet based suppliers. Information is timely and accurate and even your packaging is superb! ron, West Pennant Hills, NSW (3rd Apr 2014)

Make it easier to navigate by climate which plants are suited. Karen-Anne, Pyrmont, NSW (3rd Apr 2014)

Plants turned up a week after ordering severely dehydrated. Would have been been better off posting the plants on a monday to ensure they were not in a freight terminal over a weekend. Steve, The Range, QLD (3rd Apr 2014)

Updated website to make it easier. Maybe even a mobile version! Otherwise everything else is fantastic! Christine, , (3rd Apr 2014)

more information about the plant purchased and how to take care of it. Alissar, Hurlstone Park, NSW (3rd Apr 2014)

Keep up the good work :) Peter, Banksia Beach, QLD (31st Mar 2014)

please add foreign names of your plants i.e. tagalog or filipino. thanks. John, Fairfield, NSW (31st Mar 2014)

I have been waiting for the Pawpaw tree from cutting (Pawpaw - Cutting Grown Southern Red) as shown in the Video. Please notify me when available. I am looking for the Ground Ivy, aka Creeping Charlie for many years. Please notify me if available. Allen, Brookvale, NSW (31st Mar 2014)

Totally impressed with the complete service Daley's have provided. The plant I ordered was packed exceptionally well, and it travelled unharmed. Thank you for your professionalism. Lisa, Mackay North, QLD (30th Mar 2014)

As your specialists are so far away for consultation, it would be nice to also receive a detailed cultural notes and tips on the planting, aspects, pruning, fertilizing requirements, the likes & dislikes of the bought plants. e.g. the rather rare Moringa trees and stevia herb plants. Do they like acid or alkaline soil? Do they require a lot of water? What & when to fertilize? etc etc. To maintain the health of the plants sold it is necessary to give your customers enough knowledge of plant care, so that it has become a part of an excellent aftersale service. L Siig (Sydney) Lin, Westleigh, NSW (30th Mar 2014)

my plants took 2 weeks to arrive, but other than that I am very satisfied and will definitely purchase again! Laura, Conondale, QLD (30th Mar 2014)

Pleasantly surprised at pgpt service. Healthy plants and good advice for planting. Overall I was very pleased Wendy, Tenterfield, NSW (30th Mar 2014)

As shipping adds to the cost and dictates the number of mouth watering tropical fruits I am able to buy...How about a shipping free deal once a month.Maybe using younger plants.You have a greater turnover and we would have a greener,edible backyard.I'm sure you would find more than myself agreeing on this. Marie, Bluewater Park, QLD (30th Mar 2014)

I found the tree I ordered to be in great condition. What made me select your products over other internet sites was the wealth of information re: growing areas, specific tree details, the posting of info of other buyers of how they were managing their trees and results etc. Meredith, Stanwell Tops, NSW (30th Mar 2014)

Every thing was fantastic as usual but this time the narinjilla plant arrived in verypoor condition actually almost dead. I'm still trying to resuscitate it. This is the firstt time in what must be 50 plants I have boughtof Daley by now where this has happened so I not upset. Usually plants arrive in better condition than anything you can by from a nursery. Thanking you Dany, Hamilton East, NSW (30th Mar 2014)

I purchased a lime tree and was very impressed the packaging was the best I have seen. My tree arrived in excellent condition even though the weather had been extremely hot. If I ever need another tree, I will certainly have no hesitation in using your company. Dorothy, North Nowra, NSW (30th Mar 2014)

I find the plants sent by Daleys to be of a consistently high standard and have never been let down over the years I have been purchasing from them. Plants arrive promptly after ordering. fiona, Normanhurst, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

I love your service, your range of plants is forever growing and I have not had any issues with them when they arrive at my place - always well packed. One thing - your web site has undergone quite some changes, I personally think it is now too cluttered and it takes me much longer to find the information I am after. (Also - programming errors do not help) Because I know how great everything else is, I don't care too much about your web site. For new customers it might be an issue, though. elke, Dunbogan, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

I am very happy with you guys The plants always arrive healthy & arrive fast Cheers  don, East Maitland, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

My last lot of plants are still in their pots and surviving. I had incredible heat, drought and then so much rain. They are holding up well and going in the ground in the next week. I love your selection of trees. Thanks so much. Rosy Ward Rosy , Chatham Valley, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

I only purchase any mail order trees from you as I can be sure that they will arrive fast and in good condition. I have recommended you to several people who had had very bad experiences with our large mail order firms. sue, Woy Woy, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

As you can see I am very happy with the plants and service. The plants are thriving thanks to their initial strength and quick delivery. Thanks Andrew Andrew, Werri Beach, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

This site is great and easy to use. The information you need when buying is all there. The trees i purchased all looked healthy and are growing beautifully. So well done. Lesley Lesley, Gumma, NSW (29th Mar 2014)

By far the best selection of plants ...... In the world! Love how you show how many you have in stock. And love reading your customer reviews. They really help when selecting plants. One improvement you may like to think about would be to provide a status update on an order. Ie, received, approved, packed, shipped. Etc. Also your survey could be improved if you asked some more specific questions. Ie. quality of plant material provided Quality of customer service Quality selections available You are a specialist nursery so the range and quality of your actual plant material is important. Also it would be good if . Geographic location was a searchable field for plant feedback. If I'm looking to review member feedback on a particular plant, then I'm most interested in reviews from a specific region. Ie. if I live in Sydney then I'm more interested on how people are going with their wampees in Sydney, than in Darwin. Paul, Empire Bay, NSW (28th Mar 2014)

Still no bamboo? HENG K, Mulgoa, NSW (28th Mar 2014)

I'm very happy with the plants from you, although I'm a little concerned about one of my blueberries ( it's small and weak) but from the previous experience I'm quite confident it will be ok. I'm planning to come to your place to have look at more plants. Best regards  Ewa, Sunnybank Hills, QLD (28th Mar 2014)

trees were sent during a heatwave,can't help that,both mandarine trees still moist no stress,dwarf red shatoot mulberry was bone dry with shrivelled leaves.But some TLC for a couple of weeks and you wouldn't know the tree now (even has a few mulberries to tantalise us ) neal, Mansfield, VIC (27th Mar 2014)

Website is the one area that is not as easy to navigate etc. Otherwas it has been as excellent experience. Staff have been prompt to respond to questions and very helpful over the phone. Ray, Ballina, NSW (26th Mar 2014)

The plants arrived safe and sound much faster than expected. Good Instructions for initial care. They are thriving. I have only given a 1 for staff because everything was done online and there was no real staff/customer contact Service was fast and easy, price reasonable and the product good. Cheers! will shop again. Rebecca, Svensson Heights, QLD (25th Mar 2014)

i am happy and will use Daleys often thank you rana, Burnside, SA (25th Mar 2014)

Service was excellent, plant arrived on time in perfect condition. Shalen, Hinchinbrook, NSW (25th Mar 2014)

Delivery was a little slow, which is ok, but just suggest you let customer know it might take a few weeks. Tree is growing really well. Thanks michael, Lota, QLD (24th Mar 2014)

Keep up the good work you are doing a great job. Cheers RIO, Cooroibah, QLD (24th Mar 2014)

highlight the youtube videos better on your page - they are great ! make the videos more about growing conditions of plants (yes it's great to know what they taste like but.......) Reiner, East Lismore, NSW (24th Mar 2014)

I have nothing but good things to say about Daley. The plants are always in great condition and sent within days. Sharon, Wavell Heights, QLD (23rd Mar 2014)

Very happy with our purchase, quality was excellent . It arrived very professionally packed with no stress to the plant. Ws very happy with the service as I received exactly what I ordered. Thankyou craig, Battery Hill, QLD (23rd Mar 2014)

Website a little messy but ok to get around. Sadly one plant (Ginger) out of 5 died. Not sure why - didn't look very healthy when it arrived. All others were OK and growing. Love the variety and the growing area finder for plants. Linda, Galston, NSW (23rd Mar 2014)

I recommend many of the people who come to my Ecobotanica workshops, to order from you. The pklants you sent me this year were excellent in vigour and size so I was delighted. Australia POst seemed to have cared for them very well so they came well packaged and looking as fresh as if I had bought them from you that day. They are (almost all) in ground already and flourishing. I find the staff always courteous and the company a pleasure to deal with. I'd love to purchase cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and true cardamon from you. Any available? Thanks, Linda Brennan Ecobotanica Linda, Capalaba, QLD (23rd Mar 2014)

The website needs more information on the plants - grafted or seedling, when available (if currently in production), years to fruiting. laura, Balmoral, QLD (23rd Mar 2014)

very happy with the service. Liz, Para Hills, SA (22nd Mar 2014)

Nothing at all. The plants arrived I great condition, your planting advice was excellent, and the plants are thriving after less than 2 months. We would definitely buy from you again. Rosemary, East Gosford, NSW (22nd Mar 2014)

I have purchased trees from Daleys for approximately 15 years. They have always been of good quality and in excellent condition on arrival. Have found staff friendly and willing to assist. Well done. christian , Sarina Beach, QLD (22nd Mar 2014)

I have already recommend your website to my workmate. Aurora, Padstow, NSW (22nd Mar 2014)

I was very happy to receive such healthy plants perfectly packaged and fast delivery. Would definitely recommend to friends to purchase their trees from Daleys. Carole, Mount Beauty, VIC (21st Mar 2014)

Excellent product (mulberry tree) and good advice. Postage savage but cost unavoidable? Regards Paul Lewer Paul, Gunning, NSW (21st Mar 2014)

Absolute top notch quality products, well packaged with good information on how to care for the new plants or trees. Janet, Toormina, NSW (21st Mar 2014)

Packing could be improved. Parcel was a bit crushed and all the dirt had come out of container into plastic bag. Had a tear/hole in the carton. Looked like it had a rough journey, but anyway I put the plant in and it has started shooting so hopefully it will keep going. Cheers Marlene, Cobar, NSW (21st Mar 2014)

We are very happy with the site and service and will happily aquire more different plants down the track. clinton, Select Your Suburb, QLD (20th Mar 2014)

my only problem is delivery charge..we are not really remote..and find picking up from lismore is too far for me to go having already paid for delivery golda, Marom Creek, NSW (20th Mar 2014)

1) Your website is difficult to navigate 2) Despite paying extra for rapid delivery, my purchase took an unacceptable time to arrive. Orders should be given clear delivery estimates, and customers should be kept informed of any potential delays. Joseph, Pullenvale, QLD (20th Mar 2014)

I appreciated the way in which the plants were packed and the instructions accompanying them. i was also grateful that you had remembered my request for jelly palms and notified me when they were available. james, Mareeba, QLD (20th Mar 2014)

the way you pack the plants is sensational, more mail order companys should get onto that . Thankyou juliana, Midge Point, QLD (19th Mar 2014)

Just keep doing what your doing because your business is second to none and I have been more than satisfied on every occasion that I have purchased from you Terry, Bungadoo, QLD (19th Mar 2014

Every plant I have bought from Daley's has been excellent quality and thrived Pauline, Goodwood, SA (19th Mar 2014

Friends aren't mad gardeners like I am. Susan, Granville, NSW (18th Mar 2014)

I have had difficulty in the past with contacting someone by phone. If there was at least a mobile number where i could leave a text message, that would be very helpful. For example, i ordered an Abiu which appeared to arrive with scale and some advise would have been helpful. i could not readily ask for advice on this matter. Overall though the quality and the friendly service is excellent. i am placing another order in the next couple of days, but wish my order to arrive around a particular date. Hopefully i can do this. Thanks George. George, Ocean Shores, NSW (17th Mar 2014)

Was very impressed, first time I had ordered so wasn't sure how the plants would be by the time they made it all the way up to Cooktown but came through very well and are now happily growing in the garden. John, Cooktown, QLD (17th Mar 2014)

I am very happy with the avocado plant thank you. Last year I didn't have much luck with a few of the plants which died..including the persimmon - but I will continue to purchase when items are at good prices. I especially like the specials. Exotic and unusual fruits that aren't available locally/elsewhere...are always an interesting purchase. How about a section on edible leaves/vines? thanks again thank you Susan, Blacktown, NSW (17th Mar 2014)

enjoy your videos on utube also. Linda , Ashmore, QLD (17th Mar 2014)

Really pleased with my purchase - will be sure to buy more from you kathy, Emu Park, QLD (17th Mar 2014)

Everything was beyond my expectations. Living in a rural area we always have to wait so long for everything I was surprised how quickly I received the order Thank you Gordon, Possum Brush, NSW (16th Mar 2014)

I love the blogs and support as well! I have not participated yet but have read many and they have really given me FANTASTIC direction as a 'new' gardener. My plants are doing very well as a result :-) Dianne, Windsor, NSW (16th Mar 2014)

Love my Buddha Hand. Packaging was excellent. Our area had so many 40c degree days I was concerned - (not sure if that came into your despatch time or not) - but arrived non stressed. It now has 4 flowers and I think looks healthy. Notice chef Curtis Stone's new Maude restaurant in Beverly Hills features Buddha Hand in recipes for the month of March. Can't wait to see a fruit !! Judith, Colignan, VIC (16th Mar 2014)

Nothing you could do better in my own case... every tree we've ever had from you has thrived. In fact we have been eating Bacon Avocado and Black Mulberries( a third flush for the year!) today. Love your work! Regards, John Crowe. john, Paynesville, VIC (15th Mar 2014)

Really fast and careful delivery, and plants were in excellent condition. The website is attractive and the planting instructions supplied are really useful. David, St Ives, NSW (15th Mar 2014)

The quality of your systems and processes, and more importantly your plants is beyond expectations of a traditional e-purchase. The plants were incredibly healthy on arrival and your tips on how to orient them to their new home were both insightful and easy to understand. They are doing well and the mulberry plant has almost doubled in size and already produced some very yummy fruit. Thank you Daleys' team. kevin, Wellington Point, QLD (15th Mar 2014)

I bought two red paw paw trees (bisexual). They are growing side by side roughly the same size. One is fruiting beautifully... the other has smaller flowers and no fruit setting. Does this mean it is a male only? ... only issue I've had and I've bought about 30 trees with you ... all growing well! Chris, Bangalow, NSW (15th Mar 2014)

Your products were better than I had thought they might be, all growing well- will look to you guys first in the future for anything else I need to buy. And thanks for the added information leaflet Regards Michael Spencer Michael, Metford, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

It was a quick and efficient delivery. The plant was in good health and is now growing quiet well. Thank you Kelly, Umina Beach, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

Finding what I wanted, ordering, and receiving the pomelo tree was a breeze, and I especially appreciated the careful packaging and the planting advice that came with the tree. Many thanks. Jane, Alexandra Headland, QLD (14th Mar 2014)

Great products and customer service. Sometimes specialty items are difficult to find on the website, but staff is ever so helpful. Monika, Nowra North, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

Excellent quality fantastic service lime tree arrived perfectly packed in tiptop condition have planted it in a pot and it is doing well would not hesitate to purchase again and have recommended you to family and friends keep up the good work regards Rosemary, Russell Vale, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

I would be handy to have better description on items, more details like chill hours required, hight/width, rate of growth, any special growing requirements. Some items have good descriptions, others - barely anything so i have to research elsewhere before purchase. Also when I use your website on ipad it comes up with plenty of 'bugs', especially looking up comments on the item, very hard to navigate So basically: products are great, but website needs alot of work OLGA, Woonona East, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

Plants and service are excellent freight costs are to expensive Eric , Cootamundra, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

Not downgrading your staff, just haven't had to need to speak with them. Lynn, South Ripley, QLD (14th Mar 2014)

very good quality trees. Already had a pecan nut. Thanks David M, Hervey Bay, QLD (14th Mar 2014)

Generally happy with the plants and excellent service from staff. The catalogue has made a big difference to my gardening understanding. Thanks for that issue. Hope Daley's continue to upgrade this publication. Root size estimates as well as final plant size is very useful particularly for larger plants and obviously trees. It is mostly not specified by Nurseries to their detriment. Alan, Thornton, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

Dear Daleys, I love your service! I have made a couple of purchases and I tell my friends.  Martin, Broulee, NSW (14th Mar 2014)

I purchased 50 Tagasaste. Of the 50 there was one dead one which was not apparent. I cannot remember exactly how high the Tagasaste plants were however I have read that 100mm (4" in my language) is best. I know I took a few weeks to actually plant them out so you may dispute the height. From my experience the height appears important as there were winds to ~ 20-25km for several weeks which did not help their survival. Also I would recommend that you emphasise more, that they do not tolerate wet feet. Many years ago I lost all (50) bare rooted Tagasaste ~5' high plants( this was in Richmond NSW). I cannot remember exactly what your sign says on the entrance driveway but I suggest it may be reviewed to be more welcoming/friendly - your call. I had arrived on Saturday morning just before opening time from Glenreagh and ended just driving through after the official opening time. There was no one there so I just looked around and discovered my tray of Tagasaste waiting for my pick up - very impressed with your action with having them there. The staff member who arrived soon after was very knowledgable and helped the customer ahead of me. I also purchased an English Oak tree and was impressed with that whole process. I will be asking about citrus trees in the near future as I have a north facing bank of ~300m which is ~4-5m deep which I feel is ideal for a mixed planting with a maximum citrus fruiting time. I am impressed with the information on your web site as well as your marketing; keep up the good work! Fodder trees for cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs may be an area that could be profitable. We are on 155ha with ~35% steep tree covered slope. I have a Leucania tree and will be transplanting the small trees which we have encouraged from the dropped seed pods. Vetiver grass. Pigeon Pea. kind regards Ted Clarke Ted, Glenreagh, NSW (12th Mar 2014)

You support our school garden activities well Stuart, Kiama, NSW (12th Mar 2014)

Not much wrong. the trees where packed excellent. they all arrived with no damage and where in excellent condition. Michelle, Point Cook, VIC (12th Mar 2014)

I was really impressed with your level of service. Denis, Menai, NSW (11th Mar 2014)

Very satisfied with everythinG. Cannot fault your service. Bob, Woodford, QLD (11th Mar 2014)

Daleys Nursery's customer service is one of the best I have come across. Your management should be proud of your team as a large bulk of returned customers are due to good customer service. Plants ordered came in on good time, safely packed and queries were answered promptly. annie, Mccrae, VIC (11th Mar 2014)

It would be fantastic if you have molodorum fruticosum. Puthick, Scullin, ACT (11th Mar 2014)

Didn't have a problem, plants arrived healthy and well packed. Megan, Yennora, NSW (10th Mar 2014)

Happy with the plants not sure how many will survive the cold I will protected them for the first two winters. The pine nut tree arrived with dead needles near the trunk and branches I don't know if that is normal? I have the problem with the cold Canberra weather choosing plants from your lovely selection it would be interesting what will survive. Very happy tough little plants so far. K., Kambah, ACT (10th Mar 2014)

I would like real picture of the actual mango or custard apple on the label instead of a mono one picture of the mango for all different mango varieties. Also when the tree is label in production and would like to know how long it would take.Thanks. I like the varieties fruit trees that offer in your web site, for example, the mango, only your web site has different varieties, while other web site has only Bowen Mango to offer. I also like your quick delivery and packaging service. Thanh Thao, Leumeah, NSW (9th Mar 2014)

Don't like having to buy certain plants in multiples. When purchasing Qld Hollywood, had to buy 4. Would prefer to pay more & buy a smaller quantity. Otherwise extremely happy with the range of plants and the service. Kim, Graceville, QLD (9th Mar 2014)

I've bought a few different plants through your website now and the speed of delivery and condition of the plants has always been fantastic. I've never had to deal with any staff so that's why I gave a 3. My only issue is that I don't have enough space for all the plants I want. Thanks again. Dane, Figtree, NSW (9th Mar 2014)

Love your site. Kate , , (8th Mar 2014)

I was very impressed with your prompt sending of my plants . they were of top quality and are now growing like mad things. carol, Scarborough, QLD (8th Mar 2014)

We visited Daley's and were very impressed with the quality of plants, helpful staff and atmosphere of your beautiful nursery. The plants we purchased are thriving. We also ordered more plants online and they arrived in magnificent condition. Scott, Elanora, QLD (8th Mar 2014)

good work you offer unique plants thanks Peter, Chevallum, QLD (8th Mar 2014)

inprove your fright time to make customers happy. cedric, Elsmore, NSW (8th Mar 2014)

Very happy with service, presentation of plants and the fact that I could actually get a small order (of Chambourcin grapes) with you Chloe, Rosemount, QLD (8th Mar 2014)

An outlet in Townsville would be great.The information on your website and the feedback from others is invaluable.I am turning my backyard into a food bowl.My grummies are thriving....sofar..not looking forward to another cyclone threat....though so far this wet I have only lost an avocardo. Marie, Bluewater Park, QLD (8th Mar 2014)

Both Thai Guava plants are flourishing. New leaves have appeared. Packing was excellent. Could not have asked for anything better. The only thing that needs improvement is the time it has taken from placing order till the plants were delivered. Regards MUHAMMAD, Sydenham, VIC (7th Mar 2014)

Thank you for the wonderful selection of unusual fruit trees! Charlotte, Deception Bay, QLD (7th Mar 2014)

Citrus trees, especially those on Trifoliate need to be planted into a much better soil medium. A coarse bark type potting mix is ill suited to intensive fibrous root dvelopment which a young plant so desperately needs in order to produce a strong tree. Daniel, Currimundi, QLD (7th Mar 2014)

The transaction went without a hitch. The info sheet with the plant was very helpful. Thanks. Russell, Capalaba, QLD (7th Mar 2014)

plants are excellent freight is expensive eg a free gift with freight of near $19.00 no thanks Eric, Cootamundra, NSW (7th Mar 2014)

I bought the trees as a xmass gift for Wayne and Leigh and they were over the moon to have the trees delivered right to their door as they live in a rural area. The quality of the trees was outstanding. They made excellent gifts for xmass. Sandra , , (6th Mar 2014)

I always feel confident in the quality of the plants from Daleys. Amanda, Mount Cotton, QLD (3rd Mar 2014)

The plants I purchased from you are thriving, thank you so much! Noni, Blue Knob, NSW (24th Feb 2014)

You have an awesome business, extremely helpful staff and excellent products. Well done. Tony, Whiteman Creek, NSW (23rd Feb 2014)

Maybe stock a few more 'standard' vegetable seedlings, e.g. lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, silverbeet, baby spinach, and one of my very favourites which you often have, rainbow chard silverbeet. pat, Kyogle, NSW (23rd Feb 2014)

Everyone we have dealt with have been friendly, helpful and forth coming with sharing their knowledge. All our fruit trees in our orchard are doing well. Cheers Judith Judith, Green Pigeon, NSW (22nd Feb 2014)

I always enjoy my visits to Daleys - I am interested in purchasing a Cara Cara Blood Orange and a Washington Navel Orange when the weather breaks properly?? Do you have same in stock or will you be getting them in? My big Illawara Flame Tree had many seed pods on this year - you have gathered them from here before (the flowers are a deep blood red and very showy) are you interested in my keeping the pods for you in future for free of course? Also I have gathered some Pigeon Berry Ash seeds( Cryptocarya erythroxylon) which I have never seen you stock? You may need to look to stock Ebony Myrtle (Diospyros pantemara)also - both of these trees are important feed trees for our native rain forest birds (Wompoo Pigeon, Regent Bower bird, Rose Crown Fruit Dove, Green Cat Bird, Brown Cuckoo Dove and Topknot Pigeon (Flock). Their wider distribution would greatly benefit these birds. JAMES, Kyogle, NSW (22nd Feb 2014)

Recently my daughters requested that I accompany them to Daley's, as I've bought so many interesting plants from you over the years, I now have a working knowledge of many of the plants' sizes and cultivation requirements etc. We arrived home with car loaded, and just a couple of weekends ago one daughter returned with another couple of friends and they took another decent chunk of your stock home with them. Great selection, friendly and helpful staff (a special mention to Sophie who gave my young ones a crash course). I often tell people about Daley's, because I like encouraging others in their gardening, and I love the chance to get over there myself to see what knew species I 'need'. The score of 4 for Overall Satisfaction is simply because some plants that I have on my 'want to buy' list aren't in stock occasionally (for legitimate reasons :-)) when I arrive all enthusiastic after perusing your catalogue yet again. I guess that's what the wishlist is for! :-) linnie, Cawongla, NSW (22nd Feb 2014)

I am so pleased with the fruit and nut trees I purchased! They were packed well and arrived quickly. They were all healthy, strong and have all established themselves brilliantly. I will be a repeat buyer.. Thank you so much! Your website isn't always compatible with Ipad use. It would be great to have a history of previous purchases (so I can remember what I have previously purchased). Lisa, Ninderry, QLD (20th Feb 2014)

Sometimes it is necessary to wait a long time to be served - on a memorable occasion, a "gentleman" completetly monopolised the single staff member by asking him availablity of every plant known to man - admittedly he did order some of them, but the performance was bizarre theatre which i was unable to appreciate because i just wanted to buy my three plants and get out of the heat... so there needs to be some system of fast laning by calling for back-up. If I'd thought i could get the plants elsewhere i would definitely have given up and left that day. I did feel for the person serving as the gentleman was most over-bearing and self-assured, but perhaps a suggestion that those waiting could be served whilst he drew breath may have worked lyn, Goolmangar, NSW (20th Feb 2014)

Always enjoy visiting your nursery. The only suggestion (albeit a small one) is that more staff could be on hand at busy times. On a couple of occasions there have been several other customers there with me and only one staff member to assist with enquiries etc. Once recently I had to wait up to half an hour to be served. I never cease to be fascinated by the range of unusual and exotic plants you keep in stock. peter, Wiangaree, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

We have spent thousands of dollars or bought thousands of trees from your nursery over the years, many many, and treed out three properties and many others with hundreds of gum trees, three or four orchards of every fruit tree in different homes and now our children are purchasing trees from you. We have always enjoyed our trips to the Fruit Tree Nursery and always had some particular purchase in mind, but ended up with many more as the trees were always in very good condition and asking to be planted out. We are very lucky to have such a nursery in our area. Thank-you.  Bett, Kyogle, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

2nd time I have brought from your nursery and couriered to Brisbane. Very professional and extremely happy with the service you provide. will continue to shop with you. thanks James, Riverhills, QLD (19th Feb 2014)

I purchased my plants online and didn't really have any dealings with staff but my purchase went smoothly and my plants arrived in good time and fair condition. It was a lovely hassle free transaction. Thankyou Tracy, Gerringong, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

It's great to get some down to earth honest advice and service. Ross, Ashby, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

Clearer pricing on plants. ;) Andy, Launching Place, VIC (19th Feb 2014)

I am a very keen gardener in the process of establishing a garden of approximately five acres around my home. It is a long, slow process highlighted by my many visits to the nursery to select plants, especially natives and fruit trees. I consider myself very fortunate to live near Kyogle, where I have easy access to such a wonderful supply of plants. Lola, Ettrick, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

All my fruit trees recently planted are doing well. I would have liked a little more information with the purchases about pruning, especially the dwarf apples and how to keep the plums small but fruiting, as I wish to net them all. i have asked you to let me know when your recommended pruning book comes in. Margaret, Wongawallan, QLD (19th Feb 2014)

I really enjoy the short plant variety information videos you make, keep them coming. Alex, Spring Hill, QLD (19th Feb 2014)

I have bought a few plants online from you and they are all thriving. The enclosed leaflets are always instructive. I look forward to eventually ordering a Belimbing plant from you too!! Maureen , Valentine, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

I think your nursery is fanstatic! I have shopped with you for years and am always impressed with the quality and range of your stock and the knowledge and enthusiasm of your staff. I am always inspired when I visit. This is because you promote and encourage sustainability through growing food plants, as well as conservation of our bushland by selling local rainforest species. Thank you  jenny, Mount Burrell, NSW (19th Feb 2014)

This was my first purchase from you, and for any plant online/mail order. The packaging of the plant was brilliant, delivery speed and overall ease of transaction excellent. The condition and quality of my Dwarf Macadamia was outstanding and is absolutely thriving. Thank-you. Mark, Darra, QLD (19th Feb 2014)

You guys are fantastic . The plants i ordered are very healthy and the way you pack them and and courier them over to Queensland is just is great. I have recommended you to many friends and i am sure they will be happy with your excellent service. Thanks for your great service and excellent service RUSSELL, Cashmere, QLD (18th Feb 2014)

Have used your nursery a lot over the years and the plant quality has been faultless. Also appreciate the rewards that you offer......John Marsden QLD John, Marsden, QLD (18th Feb 2014)

all plants ordered have arrived in cairns in great condition and all are jumping out of the ground ,very happy with your service keep up the good work regards rob robert arthur, Caravonica, QLD (18th Feb 2014)

my wife and I are very happy with the service we receive when dealing with Daleys... the tree's arrive in great condition, even though they have come such a long distance (Kyogle N.S.W. to Hallett Cove S.A.).. we order on a sunday and they arrive on a thursday or friday. packed perfectly looking healthy like we've bought them from a local nursery. I was very happy that the last time your staff delayed my order because of extreme temperatures in my area. very thoughtful as the mid 40's would of killed the plants in transit... mark, Hallett Cove, SA (18th Feb 2014)

I found my experience with Daleys to be completely positive. All plants have been excellent quality and arrived quickly and in good health and once planted are growing well. Thank you. Alison, Beechworth, VIC (17th Feb 2014)

Hi Guys wasn't entirely happy as finished up ringing thecouriers to see what was happening . To be told they had dropped them at local post office and not at my home as discussed 6 days after you sent them!! all had lost their leaves two came back but lost one. since I paid and was asked where I wanted them left I at least thought this would happen!! Kym, Walter Lever Estate, QLD (17th Feb 2014)

Website is a bit messy, all the information is there, but it's hard to read. Customer service and speed of delivery was absolutely fantastic. Sandi, Macksville, NSW (17th Feb 2014)

We are very happy with your service, the plants and delivery times. Robbert, Woombye, QLD (17th Feb 2014)

Plants have not arrived as yet but they have always been of the highest quality, packaged beautifully, and the service from you excellent. Thank you. Elizabeth, Hillside, VIC (17th Feb 2014)

We love our white michelia alba. They are very hard to find. Orderd on line so did not deal with staff. Cheers Evan Evan, Brooklana, NSW (17th Feb 2014)

More Info regarding Climate Zones & clearer Info about each plant eg: Full descriptions of plant, what's best for pollination with Climate Zones indicated. Anthony, Amamoor, QLD (17th Feb 2014)

Website is easy to navigate, plants arrived in very good order, quality of plants was excellent. Thank you for a great method to obtain high quality products. Peter, Moogerah, QLD (17th Feb 2014)

I really have no comments I was perfectly satisfied. Dean, St Helens Park, NSW (17th Feb 2014)

Really I like Daleys Nursery, and appreciate Their faster, timing service.Always I'm Telling about Daleys Nursery to my friends. In future I will buy more plants from Daleys. Thank you  Best Wishes SULOCHANA, South Maclean, QLD (16th Feb 2014)

I was a little hesitant ordering fruit trees on line. I wasnt sure what to expect really but thought I'd give it a try. My trees not only arrived super fast but were packed in a way that they would have been safe for a week or more. Clear instructions and details on the trees care were also included. I'll definitely be a retuen customer. Janine, Mundoolun, QLD (16th Feb 2014)

The custard apple is growing really well thanks! I've got it in a large pot. Alison, Forest Lodge, NSW (16th Feb 2014)

make website a little easier Ashlyn, West Pennant Hills, NSW (16th Feb 2014)

look forward to doing more business with you in the future adam, Gin Gin, QLD (16th Feb 2014)

I appreciated the advice on the web site regarding different plants. Delivery was timely and the trees /plants arrived in excellent condition with an extremely helpful explanation regarding transplanting to ensure the best outcome. Sandy , Forreston, SA (16th Feb 2014)

I love your web page and recommend you to family and friends. I love exploring your wide range of plants. Thanks Daleys Alan, Tuckombil, NSW (15th Feb 2014)

I have purchases at least a dozen fruit trees over the past 12 months and all have been of excellant quality. My recent dwarf Mango has 2 small mangos growing on it already. Fantastic service as well. Recommend to anyone wanting great quality fruit trees. Lindsay Morgan Lindsay, Wheeler Heights, NSW (14th Feb 2014)

All of my plants arrived alive and intact. Thank you! :) Tan, Alexandria, NSW (13th Feb 2014)

Very pleased with your service Daleys is my first choice for fruit trees. However for many of types of fruit you have many different varieties, a simpler method of comparing their mature size, time to fruiting, color etc. Would save a lot of clicking through pages. Also an actual estimate of time to availability would very useful. Thanks Brian brian, Indooroopilly, QLD (13th Feb 2014)

I was very impressed with the whole process from go to woe. Thanks so much. My husband loves his Mulberry tree. Teresa, Henley, (12th Feb 2014)

EXCELLENT!!!! NO COMPLAINTS OR PROBLEMS! Greg, Tennyson, QLD (12th Feb 2014)

I am a difficult person to deliver to because I am way out of town and things go to the post office. My last lot where at the PO over the weekend and the owner/staff watered  PS I used your service because Jackie French recommends. Rosy , Chatham Valley, NSW (12th Feb 2014)

I have always been thrilled with Daley's Nursery in every aspect of my dealings with you. Sandra, Winmalee, NSW (12th Feb 2014)

I've got the best service so can't expect any better then that Ahmad , Guildford, NSW (11th Feb 2014)

Cheaper freight :o) Giles, Round Hill, QLD (11th Feb 2014)

Great service! Ileana, Redland Bay, QLD (11th Feb 2014)

I did not deal with staff for this purchase however when I have had to deal with staff they have been informative and very helpful Patricia, Singleton Heights, NSW (11th Feb 2014)

I've been very impressed with the service I've received. All the trees have been in excellent condition, never root bound and are growing well. I've now planted 150+ trees (I've lost count) of all varieties on my several acres. Star track couriers seem quite happy to deliver to my house down a 6km dirt road. Ron, Mangrove Creek, NSW (11th Feb 2014)

Plants in good condition when received & received in a timely manner Ellen, Basin View, NSW (11th Feb 2014)

Thankyou for the opportunity to give you some feedback. Our "baby" arrived tucked up in a wonderful box. We followed your instructions to the "t" and placed the open box in a sheltered spot and watered (it rained that weekend and was cool). After planting it has shot up, now at about 1 1/2 metres high with one lonely fruit down the trunk! Caroline, Middle Ridge, QLD (11th Feb 2014)

The web page could be structured better: In the subsections the lists of fruit trees or plants are organised randomly-not alphabetically. Perhaps a picture would also help. The herb section is also limited. But overall this is one of my favourite sites to buy from. Alex, West Ryde, NSW (11th Feb 2014)

I am just writing you an email to give you feedback on your shipping.
I ordered a pomegranate tree and a more delicate plant (Sauropus Androgynus) from you in the summer. While it took the courier 6 days to deliver the two plants in the 30°+ heat, the plants arrived upright and very well packed. There was no damage to the box, and upon removing the plants and following the care instructions the plants settled down with surprisingly little signs of stress from the trip. And to be fair, Kyogle to Adelaide is a long journey.
I was concerned that the time it took to receive the plants was going to affect them, but I am pleased to report that this wasn't the case at all. Both plants are happily growing in my backyard, and I will certainly order from you again and I would definitely recommend your company.Regards, Jess (30 Jan 2014)

Daleys is my go-to nursery if I want unusual plants, and I trust their quality so I'd buy from Daleys rather than the 'big-box' hardware store's garden section because I know they are looked after right until they're posted to me, unlike the ones in the garden centre. Elisha, Blacktown, NSW (30th Jan 2014)

Have brought from Daleys a few times and always great service. Some seasonality of plants and availability gets frustrating at times, but I can understand the process in involved. Andrew, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW (30th Jan 2014)

I order more plants from daleysfruit as they come into stock for myself mostly but also for friends and family that want hard to get plants and rare types of plants such as lime - kassia and red pineapples also they have a large amount of native plants that grow edible fruit that grows well in Australia that can deal with frost/summer heat with no problems! I have been buying from them since 19/2/13 and learned about their website from the plant name label after buying some rare fruit trees from a wa nursery because they order their plants from daleys which means that i have almost been doing it for a year now and have had no problems with the plants even though i have them sent all the way to wa also every plant that i have ordered from them is still alive today. I have irrigation set up for my fruit trees not growing in pots because i have over 300 also i have put shade cloth over a few fruit trees that were getting leaf burn due to the summer 40°+ heat but my dragon fruit,apple cactus,pineapple and finger limes have been planted without irrigation and do just fine i only water my dragon fruit and apple cactus once every 2 weeks and only water the finger limes which keep giving me fruit and pineapple twice a week even in the summer but sometimes forget and only water them once a week but it does not effect them. Nathan, Kenwick, WA (29th Jan 2014)

Thank you for the wonderful plants that just keep on giving and the informative site that I can refer to and learn from. Nicole, Hornsby Heights, NSW (29th Jan 2014)

I am very pleased with the plants. They all arrived in good condition, looked healthy and are growing well. None were pot bound like many I have bought from other nurseries. Frank, Upper Coomera, QLD (28th Jan 2014)

Website could be designed better. William, Upper Coomera, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

The quality of your plants has been faultless. I have bought fruit trees and bush food plants and I have been impressed with the speed I received the plants, how well they were packaged, the quality of the plants and the price. Thank you. Anita, Bald Hills, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

The website plant descriptions need to be extended. It needs to say whether the plants are grafted, thus likely to fruit soon. Also more data generally - e.g. I am looking for a macadamia for Brisbane that is early to yield from planting, and is a high cropper. Not enough info provided. I am a regular shopper with you having spent many hundreds of dollars over the years. You just need a bot more info, to make the experience perfect. laura, Balmoral, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

very good service the plant were very healthy when i received - Amla tree & two hog plums tree last yera . The respond was very good kangatharan, Wentworthville, NSW (27th Jan 2014)

More specials and bonuses on larger orders. Faster delivery as for my particular case I paid extra for the delivery to Cairns (Main city) and it took weeks to arrive. My wife had a Christmas frenzy and had orders coming from Europe and America that were placed well after my order but arrived well before my plants. Daniel, Redlynch, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

I would like to see Daleys nursery encourage or facilitate the wide spread development of tropical and subtropical fruits as it will help Australia's farm export to Asian market, as Asia is losing their forest and open space due to their mode of urbanization and population increase. Engsan, Jilliby, NSW (27th Jan 2014)

I enjoy buying plants from you ,as I,m a beginner you explain plant details in plain english Glen, Childers, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

I had no dealings with staff cannot honestly rat it Carlos Alberto, Buderim, QLD (27th Jan 2014)

I enjoyed my purchasing experience, just keep up the good work and service you are providing Klarissa, Woy Woy, NSW (27th Jan 2014)

I cannot give a 5 out of 5 for the dealings with staff as I did not deal with any staff. georgie, Lilli Pilli, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

I love the stunning variety of plants you offer at competitive prices, the useful discussion forum & prompt delivery to my door! Rohini, Leura, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

Great service, fair price and a quality plant that has thrived so far in our Garden. Thanks very much will be happy to use you for our next tree purchase. Peter, Eastwood, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

You need a N/A in your survey: no interaction with staff... But super happy with the plants and the delivery! Website is 'ok' not super responsive, but it works well enough to give the information. Thank you Sandi , Lawson, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

I have only ever bought online so am unable to rate your staff, but all my dealing with you have been very positive. My only wish is that you have more. More stock and more variety. Llewellyn, Tucabia, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

I was really happy to receive my magnolia solangeana. It was packaged perfectly and had absolutely no damage at all when it was delivered to my door. Arrived very quick, and overall I was really happy with my purchase. (sorry Im just replying now - purchased last year) Carolyn, Burpengary, QLD (26th Jan 2014)

Service and products excellent as we continue to order from you. However would perfer the courier to drop the plants of at our home address rather than a pet shop in South Grafton. Even if it is dropped off out our general store where we get all our parcels delivered to. It requires a big effort to get into Sth Grafton at the times the pet shop is open, especally after we have already paid for Postage. This needs to be rectified. Steven , Coutts Crossing, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

My plants arrived good and in very quick time a lot faster than I expected really top rate service will be using again. Don, Clermont, QLD (26th Jan 2014)

all good Roger, South West Rocks, NSW (26th Jan 2014)

Service excellent. Plants healthy and in good condition on arrival.. Will be back to order more Isabel, Queenton, QLD (25th Jan 2014)

I think your delivery people could have knocked on the door to advise me they had delivered. Sandra M, Cooran, QLD (25th Jan 2014)

Hi Guys, Overall, I would give a 5 rating for everything. I have recommended your shop and website to so many people. We did receive some herbs that looked very poorly and died even after love and care was given to them. Apart from that we couldn't be happier and everything else that we have bought has been very strong and robust - and all are doing well thus far!! We will be ordering again when we can find some room to plant them. Thanks again for such great service. Best wishes, Polly. Peter, Everton Hills, QLD (25th Jan 2014)

The freight costs a little prohibitive. Is Australia Post an option? I know Diggers use them. Probably a cheaper option Terry, Scone, NSW (25th Jan 2014)

I am really pleased with the service I have received from everyone at Daleys Nursery, and will be doing a lot more business with you in the future. If you thought it viable, I would love more lines in the bamboo range but will be buying more Gracilis anyway as other Co's charge through the roof and make it unviable for the ordinary person to buy quantities of Bamboo. Also I am looking forward to the 'Clifford' Carob trees to be ready. I also appreciate your discounts and free plants, keeps me coming back when I know my custom is appreciated. Well Done to you all. CATRIONA, Palen Creek, QLD (25th Jan 2014)

Keep up the good work Olive, Strathpine, QLD (24th Jan 2014)

Very happy with Daley's service. Would love access through your site to each plants requirements eg. Best planting time, ph requirements, fertilising regime, common pests, etc Alan, Tuckombil, NSW (22nd Jan 2014)

Blueberry Burst is soon available and can be prepaid. I had to go to your website to find out. I would have liked an email to let me know. Ivy, Redlynch, QLD (22nd Jan 2014)

Didn't understand what I needed to do to get free tree so missed out. We found it better to buy on line than go to the nursery. We liked the reminder email when a plant became available. Both trees from this order are in the ground and doing well. Jan, Indooroopilly, QLD (21st Jan 2014)

for the different areas, that some of these plants are going, it would be good to get specific, planting out details. Gavan, Little Mountain, QLD (21st Jan 2014)

Gave 4 out of 5 for the website because these are always a work in progress and will continue to evolve over time. The others from my experience cannot be faulted Keep up the good work. I hope I don't kill my plants in the meantime David, Bayswater North, VIC (21st Jan 2014)

Include recommended climate zones for each plant, similar to The Diggers Club. I find this very useful. Kurt, Leichhardt, NSW (21st Jan 2014)

I think Daleys is so fantastic and I will keep buying from your business! Airena, Davidson, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

Excellent service and quality of plants. Mine are looking really good - looking forward to the fruit. Sue, Pacific Pines, QLD (20th Jan 2014)

We had a mulberry tree on order for over 12 months. After many enquirys we were advised that if we prepaid we would have priority. We did this and got our tree promptly. Thanks richard, Glenaubyn, QLD (20th Jan 2014)

Maybe cheaper prices.. Percy, Wiley Park, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

Since my youth I have savoured the flavour of banana passionfruit eaten directly from the vine so I was very excited to receive the banana passionfruit plants which I had been searching Melbourne without success. I just hope the Melbourne climate will allow the plants to flourish. I have no complaints or concerns, your service and management of the plants is excellent. Jenny, Moorabbin East, VIC (20th Jan 2014)

No complaints, you're doing it right. James, Woronora, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

The plants are sensational and are growing very well. Fast delivery, packed well in better condition coming through the post than going to Bunnings. Thank you! My only negative point is that other competitors have betternewer websites. Having said that, the site works and everything went smoothly. Matthew, Glenmore Park, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

Your delivery box is not quite long enough. One of the plants had the top broken off (not that it matters a lot; it will shoot and branch from there. Ross, Kelvin Grove, QLD (20th Jan 2014)

You are always good to deal with and I will continue to support your business - and recommend you to my friends regards Grahame Grahame, Bulahdelah, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

You might consider an occasional newsletter which describes trees and plants that will become available shortly. Stephen , Bolwarra, NSW (20th Jan 2014)

Much improved website! Thanks for listening to my feedback. I do think however that it can be smarter in terms of plant selection. Eg a Decidious Rainforest plant that can handle clay soils. Right now it doesn't give me this capability but I am sure you will continue to improve on the site. Thanks Eddie, Gosford, NSW (19th Jan 2014)

One plant/ tree i bought died quiet quickly. The second has not died but is extremely hard to kill. Overall service was fine Heather, Seaforth, NSW (19th Jan 2014)

I love the careful instructions you give with the trees in a box.My Daley's trees are flourishing and I will be ordering more. frances, Monbulk, VIC (19th Jan 2014)

I think you have everything covered margaret, Parrakie, SA (19th Jan 2014)

I had been put on a waiting list for some rosella plants. I am still waiting which is very disappointing as I see you now have them for sale! Erica Parker Erica, Bellbowrie, QLD (19th Jan 2014)

You have a fantastic range, and the system all seems to work very well (plants are very well packed and delivered promptly). John, Blackburn North, VIC (19th Jan 2014)

TREES DOING WELL EVEN THROUGH HEAT WAVE. Vinod, Northgate, SA (19th Jan 2014)

I have been buying from Daleys for years. I started when I lived in Canberra and now I live in Echuca and am starting my garden again. I love being able to shop at home and get home delivery. Wish you delivered to PO boxes though. I live rurally and when delivered to my home it always ends up at the PO of the next town and I have to go get it anyway. Your plants are always healthy and well packed. Keep up the good work. Bronwyn, Ballendella, VIC (19th Jan 2014)

The overall experience with Daleys Nursery has been great! I was very impressed with the speed that my Feijoa plant arrived and in tip top condition as well! (no damage whatsoever!). I have already mentioned and recommended your website to my workmates when they saw my purchase in the office. The only thing I can suggest to improve things is to give the website a facelift and to make it more user friendly on mobile phones but apart from that the site itself is very functional! Regards, Ben Benjamin, Mount Waverley, VIC (16th J

The achacha tree was very small and has since died despite having been looked after very well Dale, Hampton, VIC (16th Jan 2014)

Great plants, great service great choice! Some issues with the website in regards to cold hardiness. I.e what is medium cold hardiness in temperature? And more info on what type of soil a plant likes. Why are avocado bacon never available? Nicola, Katoomba, NSW (15th Jan 2014)

I purchase through Diggers as well and their delivery is through Australia post which is quick and considerable cheaper, any chance Daley's could go down this track. Kellee, Busselton, WA (15th Jan 2014)

I am a very happy customer. Great range of plants,, particularly fruits and natives. Great customer service and prompt ,helpful responses to emails. Plants always arrive very promptly and are very healthy. Thank you Regards Andrew Andrew, Avalon, NSW (14th Jan 2014)

Overall, great job guys, Had a problem with overcharging when Daley's changed over to a new computer system late last year and I added to my initial order, but this was quickly addressed when I picked up the error. Well done :) This was my second order with Daley's and in every case the plants have arrived in great health, and have quickly started to thrive over here in WA. Again, well done! I have noticed that some of the 'special offers' have given the false impression that the plants were available for all customers - but when I've tried to access them WA has been excluded (e.g. last year I couldn't get the grape or rosella offer):( It would be nice to know this beforehand rather than the trail and error approach which leads to disappointment. Perhaps your specials could include Eastern States and WA options? :) Really enjoy your variety and will continue to be a customer into the future. I know there's not much you can do to decrease the cost of freight and quarantine for us in the West, but if you could give that some thought that would be great :) Kind regards to the team at Daley's. Cheers, Joan. Joan, Trigg, WA (14th Jan 2014)

Thank you for growing beautiful plants, we need them, they make us happy:) Wish the delivery to be quicker. Svetlana, Kiels Mountain, QLD (14th Jan 2014)

I am very pleased that I have received the plants in good condition, and are doing well, through the hot summer we had in Perth recently.Thanks.Rolando Rolando , Thornlie, WA (14th Jan 2014)

You certainly love your plants. Thank you. Savina, Hamilton, QLD (14th Jan 2014)

I would like to see is some indication of expected due dates for In Production/etc stock. Otherwise, I tell lots of friends about Daleys. Chris, Delaneys Creek, QLD (13th Jan 2014)

I appreciated the way the plants were packaged and all additional information thanks Daphne, Teneriffe, QLD (13th Jan 2014)

Doing very well. Service , Packaging amd prompt delivery excellent and plant come in greta condition. Nebojsa, Kingsford, NSW (13th Jan 2014)

Please allow greater range of free plants for VIP customers,I did not receive my "free" plant for my last oder that was over $1 50.00 Thanks Rosalie, Meerschaum Vale, NSW (13th Jan 2014)

I found everything about dealing with Daleys to be extremely easy. Our Passionfruit arrived within a week of ordering & they were packed safely so no damage. They've flourished (after following the helpful instructions) - looking forward to getting fruit. Thanks for me Robyn Mahoney Robyn, Nambour, QLD (13th Jan 2014)

Love your packaging and would love to be able to use something similar when we send out our hibiscus plants. Christine, Walkers Point, QLD (13th Jan 2014)

very good reliable service Merrilyn, Kenmore, QLD (13th Jan 2014)

Thanks for a good service. My order arrived promptly and I am happy with the plants' progress. The only negative aspect was that, because of the mailing constraints, I had to buy two plants when I only needed one. Otherwise I am very happy. Clem Clem, Glen Waverley, VIC (13th Jan 2014)

Thank you for being prompt with your notifications, also thank you for the great over the phone advice you give and also for the quick delivery service. Plants are first class and are now thriving. AAA service! Rita, Greystanes, NSW (13th Jan 2014)

I've been a bit naughty the plants r still in the original pots but they've grown and still very healthy. paul, Jimboomba, QLD (12th Jan 2014)

I am very happy with the plants I have ordered. Great value with size and quality compared with some other purchases I have made. The only thing i find annoying is you have a large range of the plants but many of the ones i am after are waiting on propagating stock. Rob, Forest Hill, VIC (12th Jan 2014)

We were very impressed with the way the product was delivered. Our dwarf red shatoot mulberry has not looked back since we planted it. Looking forward to receiving our two Feijoas when we order them. Thank you. Most impressed Maryanne, Smythes Creek, VIC (12th Jan 2014)

You have a wonderful variety of plants and I appreciate the way you send them upright in a long cardboard box and you are honest about the size of them and which region they will grow in. The three I ordered are now planted and doing well. Thank you. Suzy, Stepney, SA (12th Jan 2014)

Firstly, let me thank you for the best range of Rare Fruit trees in Australia; and for your excellent Catalog and helpful Forums. It's important that you don't use "marketing spin" when describing your fruit. For example, when a fruit is described as "good for jam" or "has lots of Vitamin C", this often means that it's sour. Some people don't mind sour fruit, but others don't like it. eg the Red Brazilian Cherry; the Black is much better. Other trees (eg Acerola) may become terribly bushy and hard to control; I took mine out. The flavour was only average. Noni fruit tastes & smells awful, despote spin about medicinal wonders. My friend took his out. Kei Apple has long thorns. No-one raves about it. Best be as honest as possible, because if someone plants the wrong fruit (for their taste), it may be 4 years until they find out. That means heartache, and a waste of money and time. Help your customers to avoid mistakes and choose what they really want. If THEY are happy, they'll make YOU happy. A spreadsheet listing (for each kind of tree) Flood Tolerance, Frost Tolerance, Drought Tolerance, Salt Tolerance, Wind Tolerance, and Taste Rating would be a good addition to your website. As an example, Florida's Best Fruiting Pants, by Charles R. Boning, rates all its trees this way. Of course, there is some variation in the scoring, eg for Taste. Different people may report different results for Flood Tolerance etc. So your spreadsheet should have a "Notes/Comments" column, and also link to your Forums. Peter, North Isis, QLD (12th Jan 2014)

only thing was i ordered grapes, thinking i wouldn't get them till this year later for planting in ideal weather. the hot weather hit them but not sure how they will go nothing else everything great thanks jenny, Gilgandra, NSW (11th Jan 2014)

A very good business that I am only too happy to recommend to all. Thanks Jeff. Newcastle. Jeffrey, Dudley, NSW (11th Jan 2014)

We seem to have problems with granadilla vines. We have lost at least 3 in the last few months. They are planted in well fertilised, well mulched soil. Watered at least twice a week. We have one that looks okay at present, but the newest one looks quite sick and probably won't survive. Admittedly, we had extremely hot weather a week ago which didn't help this particular one. A Sapodilla that has been planted for a few months is just sitting - not dying, but not putting out new leaves. Otherwise, we have been really happy with the other fruit trees we have ordered. Robbert, Woombye, QLD (11th Jan 2014)

service is not included in most businesses these days. although there was a problem with the delivery address, it was solved to my satisfaction in a good way and I thank you for that, great service! Daan, Corindi Beach, NSW (11th Jan 2014)

Make it easier on website to find plants via common and Latin name, especially when there are different varieties Monika, Nowra North, NSW (9th Jan 2014)

Try to despatch trees and plants on Monday only so as to ensure that they are not held by the delivery company over weekends. lian sen, West Pennant Hills, NSW (9th Jan 2014)

very happy everything was great packaging was very clever plant healthy and delivery time acceptable. rated 5 for dealin with staff but did not actually have any personal contact. did not have all t he stock I wanted at the time but will order again Paul, Shell Cove, NSW (7th Jan 2014)

Great web site. Competitive pricing. Excellent service. Outstanding plants delivered quickly in top condition. I'm very happy to recommend you. Megan, Matcham, NSW (7th Jan 2014)

I would like to order a lychee tree, the website indicates that they are not currently available- it would be helpful if the wedsite indicated when they will be available. Thanks Richard, Curl Curl North, NSW (7th Jan 2014)

Keep up the good work. Salim, Cecil Hills, NSW (7th Jan 2014)

Dear Sir, Madam, Website - I think that the option "Catalogue" is somewhat misleading. I expected to get the list of all plants for sale, each accompanied with a picture (I like pictures). In fact it is an order sheet. Staff - On one hand, I did not directly deal with your staff; on the other hand, I receive good and appropriate information in respect of the plants and itshandling; therefore it is hard to rate this criteria; I stated as being above the average based on the service provided; I think there is always way in improving customer service and therefore rated it a 4. Regards  Denise & Art, Darley, VIC (7th Jan 2014)

Very happy with the quality of plants received and I had emailed Daleys previously to tell them of my satisfaction with the company and service Linda , Thorneside, QLD (6th Jan 2014)

You already have a great service and I can't make any suggestions for improvement. Joseph, Mitchelton, QLD (6th Jan 2014)

I only gave a '3' for dealings with staff, because I had no direct dealings with your staff so can only make a neutral comment. You are doing a great job and hope you have a very successful year in 2014. My three little trees are growing and doing well. Thank you very much Maria, Faulconbridge, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

The Trees are great and really flourishing in bad soil, so much better than the ones I bought locally. Most impressive was that they were disease free. All the best. James, Graceville, QLD (6th Jan 2014)

Very helpful, friendly and efficient. Thanks Rob (The website wasn't the clearest, but that could just be me ) Robert, Picketts Valley, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

I am very happy with each aspect of the service you provided.Marilyn, Muswellbrook, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

Delivery is "not cheap" Shimon, Bellevue Hill, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

Make your catalogue available on line as well as paper copy. Index prices with links to photos for the less green thumb people out there like myself. With the exception of a wrong palm type being supplied i find the response to correct this unfortunate outcome was handled in a first class manner. The deliveries have been prompt and well packed for travel to NSW. Generally very happy with Daley's Nursery plants and customer service. Alan, Thornton, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

Pls open a branch in Sydney. Agnes, Kyle Bay, NSW (6th Jan 2014)

I don't have any idea of how you could improve.... I am very satisfied with the service and the plants/delivery. Jennifer, Woodford, QLD (5th Jan 2014)

I will be honest, i drive past a nursery everyday going to work and i will continue going there just for the convenience factor however, should i need something they don't have you guys gave me an excellent product and service and you will be the next people i contact. Cheers Glenn Glenn, Nowra, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

I would like a bit more information on the website for what kind of soil conditions each type of fruit tree likes and photos of what the full grown tree looks like. My blueberries bushes all died because I didn't realise they needed really acidic soil and I just added compost and manure when I planted them like my other fruit trees. saskia, Wagstaffe, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

thank you for the rapid service , plus the delivery man rang us before to make sure we are home , so the plant was in a very good condition ( very important ) ........ regards .......... helen Helen, Caboolture, QLD (5th Jan 2014)

The order was all perfect, as usual, apart from one or two of the labels being missing or lost. Peter, Toowong, QLD (5th Jan 2014)

Order arrived in good condition. After receipt of our order, we hardened the passionfruit and papaya in the sun for two days as per your advice and then planted them in a soil/potting mix mixture (Searles) in a sunny position. After a week or so the passionfruit lost all of its leaves over a couple of days and it died an untimely death a couple of days later. The papaya lasted a week or so longer, but the same occurred with it. I immedately purchased the same passionfruit type from Bunnings and it has thriverd and doubled in size in the same position. The Grumichama still looks good although its growth seems somewhat dormant at the moment. I would love to know what happened to the passionfruit and papaya. Shane, River Heads, QLD (5th Jan 2014)

A Few plants were not up to scratch and smaller than expected. Staff and service are great. Thanks  sebastian, St Ives Chase, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

My white weeping mulberries were delivered to my door by the courier you chose, that was great. Thanks Catherine CATHERINE, Faulconbridge, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

I would appreciate more detailed information about the best growing conditions for each plant on the website. But by and large the website is great, easy to use, the purchases by area very good. Jenefer, Chatswood, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

Loved the variety. I was recommended by someone after I was unable to purchase a cara cara tree in south Australia. Terrific variety and I will purchase again and have recommended other people. Well done on a fabulous service. kathryn, Teringie, SA (5th Jan 2014)

You guys do a fabulous job! Everything I've ordered has turned up promptly, in great condition and just as described. One of your competitors  responded to my query, claimed they had what I wanted, then sent something completely different with a hand-altered label intended to deceive me. That was a little disappointing. Keep up the brilliant work Daleys!!! Clive, Caulfield South, VIC (5th Jan 2014)

Great service, great website. Nice range of healthy plants, what more could you ask for. Christopher, Baulkham Hills, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

I am not sure whether I changed any of my responses since I filled this in a week or two ago. It will be interesting for you to check. My bushtucker garden, most of the plants in which came from Daleys, will be the feature on some southern highlands garden tours in March this year. I'll probably tell you what the visitors think! Peter Peter, Yass, NSW (5th Jan 2014)

The website was easy to get around and clear and service was as promised with my plants arriving in good condition and they are thriving. I'll be back for more exotic plants. Joanne, Ferny Grove, QLD (5th Jan 2014)

My only gripe is that Glen Aplin is just across the NSW border from Tenterfield, but because we have a 4381 postcode I have to pay more for freight. Fay, Glen Aplin, QLD (4th Jan 2014)

I love your website and your service. Your plants have always arrived in good condition as a healthy plant should. Being in Victoria it is difficult to purchase plants from interstate and actually have those plants suit the climate here, but I have never had a problem. Thank you folks. Andrea, Lake Entrance, VIC (4th Jan 2014)

The web based ordering system was not very user friendly. There is room for improvement. Dr Yahya, Greenbank, QLD (4th Jan 2014)

I have already given details of your nursery to my friends Now please give a price for a breadfruit tree Regards  Sada, Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD (3rd Jan 2014)

Fantastic range and lots of useful information Klas, Drummoyne, NSW (3rd Jan 2014)

Would be great to get guava and coconut palm pass quarantine to s.a. CHHET-PHACHY, Burton, SA (3rd Jan 2014)

Plant arrived in great condition. Have already recommended you to others. Deborah, Hoppers Crossing, VIC (1st Jan 2014)

All good except for the courier used left my new plants by the front gate in the son - only a short walk away from our shady verandah - not your fault I know but please request that plants be left in the shade if possible George, Eudlo, QLD (1st Jan 2014)

Time of ordering to time of sending plants was rather lengthy when I deposited money in bank. Barbara Barbara Morgan, Stephens, QLD (1st Jan 2014)

hi, my drumstick, african pride plants are goose berry,mandarins,navel orange and m.spinach are v.good. tropical sun have only two leaves.when i place next order please keth little more leaves on my trees. when can i place order for Sapodilla - Krasuey,paw paw cutting and Guava Hawaiian - Pink Supreme.thanks for producing special fruit trees. thanks once again happy new year. take care, madhavi.v madhavi, Cambridge Park, NSW (31st Dec 2013)

I would like to buy Honey Gem grevillea and I registered my interest on your website. Still waiting for it, when you propagate it. Could you advise me if you ever have it? Thank you very much for your plants. They are beautiful. Look very happy and healthy. Elena Elena, Bilambil Heights, NSW (31st Dec 2013)

The comments could be better organised and more information on the best growing conditions for each plant would be appreciated. Jenefer, Chatswood, NSW (31st Dec 2013)

Keep up the good work! Alfred, Thornlands, QLD (31st Dec 2013)

We are continually impressed by the information available on your website, variety of stock offered, the care taken in packaging and most importantly the quality of the plants supplied. We were chasing certain unavailable items recently and were impressed when eventually a message came to let us know you had stock available. Keep up the good work. Tony, Brookfield, QLD (30th Dec 2013)

Can you organise JAMUN plant please. It is found in Pakistan & India, thanks. Fozia, Westmead, NSW (30th Dec 2013)

Great service and support, I would most definitely purchase from you again. Can't wait to get my strawberry guavas. Cheers Stephen, Bundanoon, NSW (30th Dec 2013)

find cheaper means of transport the current means of delivery doubles the cost of a plant Eric, Cootamundra, NSW (30th Dec 2013)

Plants arrived in excellent health swiftly after ordering, and very well packed. They have all grown well since! Horst, Dorrigo, NSW (30th Dec 2013)

I was delighted with my purchases, and the email contact from staff etc All plants are doing very well. They were a little dehydrated upon arrival, and I was more concerned about the couriers as I could not contact them, and although their tracking system told me I should expect delivery on the Friday (prior to weekend, and as per my instructions) they did not arrive until Monday, and I was concerned the plants were left in a van all weekend, and that there would be no one home here on Monday to receive the package, which was the case. However this does not reflect on Daley's service at all. Thank you! Bonny, Bowen Mountain, NSW (30th Dec 2013)

My custard apple is not thriving, in fact despite all my best efforts I think it is dying. It was planted at the same time as peach, plum, mango, nectarine and various citrus trees and all have thrived, other than the custard apple so I know it is nothing I have done. Very disappointing. Sharon, Glass House Mountains, QLD (30th Dec 2013)

Excellent speedy service Leigh, Lota, QLD (30th Dec 2013)

Keep the good stuff coming! Hilary, Lalor, VIC (30th Dec 2013)

I was very pleased with the quality of the trees and also the packaging of the plants. All the pots were tied into the bottom of the box and that kept them very stable. They were nice and fresh when I received them and had only been in transit for two - three days. Kaye, Wivenhoe Pocket, QLD (29th Dec 2013)

What a find. Great range of plants at competitive prices. It is nice to find some unusual plants as well. Louise, Tambo, QLD (29th Dec 2013)

Dealing with your company was very satisfactory, you have provided excellent service. Thank you Catherine, Porepunkah, VIC (28th Dec 2013)

I had to be advised when my particular citrus tree became available. That system worked very well. When the tree came (which it did quite quickly) I planted it with three others from (ehem) a well-known hardware chain. The Daley's tree had fewer (if any) weeds with it, and can now be easily picked out as the most robust-looking of the four. John, Pelican Waters, QLD (28th Dec 2013)

Thankyou for quality plants and good service. I will be purchasing again soon. Belinda, Port Macquarie, NSW (28th Dec 2013)

We have been very happy with our purchases from Daleys, and are looking forward to lots of good fruit in the future! Kelly, Mooroobool, QLD (28th Dec 2013)

Hi. Can you help me with my soil? I have sandy soil on Gold Coast. haw I can improve the soil so plants grow faster and healthy? Regards. Maja Larsen Maja, Palm Beach, QLD (28th Dec 2013)

Hi. Can you help me with my soil? I have sandy soil on Gold Coast. haw I can improve the soil so plants grow faster and healthy? Regards. Maja Larsen Maja, Palm Beach, QLD (28th Dec 2013)

Outstanding service. Prompt, perfect product, perfect transport and packing. Communications via email very informative re progress of my order. The website works marvellously and is kept up to date. Overall, truly excellent and totally professional. Well done Daleys. Ian, Tuckombil, NSW (27th Dec 2013)

it would be good if you sold banana plants on your site george, Clontarf, QLD (27th Dec 2013)

Everything was exceptional, except the website which is a bit convoluted to use. For instance, when I was web-surfing prior to ordering, I found dwarf citrus trees under citrus and under dwarf fruit trees, but the list of dwarf citrus trees under each was not the same. It made it a little hard to find what I wanted when it came time to order. Rebecca, Conder, ACT (26th Dec 2013)

Well packaged and nice looking plants. Eleni, Beenleigh, QLD (25th Dec 2013)

I find it frustrating that it is difficult to talk to someone at your nursery.....the phone appears to only be answered by a message machine. Candida, Curtin, ACT (25th Dec 2013)

I love surfing through the Daley's site and finding plants that help shape my plans for our garden. The website is easy to use and helpful. The plants are delivered on time and are of good quality - I've always been satisfied with my order Michael, Daceyville, NSW (24th Dec 2013)

Great plant range and specific info. Will definately use your services again soon. Sue, Highvale, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

all is great we are looking forward to Lemon myrtle coming in stock before we order more plans I have passed you details on to other family, friends & clients all the best Angela sam, St Kilda East, VIC (23rd Dec 2013)

I am never disappointed with the plant or service quality, ive been buying off u for 3yrs now & can guarantee i will never stop. merry xmas to u all & thank you for the amazing service.xo heather, Brassall, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

Service and products are excellent. Lawrence, Harristown, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

It is rare indeed for me to respond with 'all excellent' in any survey but, from the website to being informed after sales, the service could not have been bettered. The healthy-looking mulberry tree arrived after only a few days extremely well packed and has continued to thrive. Strangely, already I think I can see one or two small fruits on it -- could that be so? Service like you provided deserve accolades. Brian, Lindfield, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

Your are the best. rajesh, Woodcroft, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

The trees were beautifully packaged & arrived in excellent condition, very happy, they are all doing well. Many thanks :-) Rosemarie, Upper Coomera, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

I am not happy because you are not in a position to supply Alphanso Mango tree for a very very long time. I have promised to my daughters that I will give you one each to my three daughter. Hope you will do something at least one you can acquire for some other nurseries to please your favourite customer. K. B. khodadad, Wahroonga, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

Hard to think of any bad points. I deal with other nurseries online and don't get as good service. Your purchase prices are quite competetive so I know I always get a good deal. I bought some English walnuts which i thought would be suitable for my small farm in Megalong Valley but I have had poor results. Half died others are struggling and a small number doing OK. Cant tell you what the problem is other than being unsuitable for the climate. I have also purchased a range of Pecans which seem to be doing very well so it seems luck of the draw. would like to be able to purchase some almond trees. regards  Ronald, Wentworth Falls, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

A bit better growing information about types of soils and best rquirements overall including climates and chill hours would be handy instead of trying to find out through other growers. Even if information such as adjustments needed in certain areas. I know it is hard to be too definitive, but I often don't get any real idea from your website regarding certain varieties of a particular fruit tree, and then find myself reading USA based information to get a better idea. Wendy, Tea Gardens, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

Great plants like Neem tree, champaca (Michelia Aba) and many more. I would be delighted if you have Melodorum Fruticosum. A small technical comment: the website does not appear properly on Firefox in GNU/Linux. The search button overflows to the content frame/panel. Puthick, Scullin, ACT (23rd Dec 2013)

Great selection of plants. The plants i got are all doing well. Slightly better communication of eta would have been appreciated but i will definately buy from your site again. KERRY, Alderley, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

Plants arrived healthy and are thriving, well done daleys. John, Dulwich Hill, NSW (23rd Dec 2013)

Thank you for selling Japanese ginger to me. I am looking for it, but I could not fined other place. It was just in time to plant to my small garden,and it is growing well in my garden now. I am so happy to get it. In the future I want to buy more vegetable and tree from here. I thought when I saw website, it is little messy.because words font is small and many function ,maybe because i am using I pad to see page? But selling products are good, I am interested in it! Thank you a lot. AYASE, Labrador, QLD (23rd Dec 2013)

Not much to improve on - I like the way you keep the customer informed at all times - particularly important when we are waiting for plants in production to be ready for shipping. Karl, Dalmeny, NSW (22nd Dec 2013)

all good martin, Bawley Point, NSW (22nd Dec 2013)

I have bought from you many times and have always been satisfied. Thank you, Helen, Eight Mile Plains, QLD (21st Dec 2013)

no improvement necessary Emanuela, Croydon Park, NSW (19th Dec 2013)

Very happy.sometimes I find the website not all that clear. But that might be more my problem,  gerda, Cardiff, NSW (18th Dec 2013)

Service was excellent, quality of plants and their packaging also was exceptionally good. Could not make any recommendation for improvement and pleased to recommend to others. End result made me want to buy more plants which I will do again in 2014 Randall, Cumberland Park, SA (17th Dec 2013)

Beautiful healthy plants..great service!! Well done and thank you Roanne, Booval, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

Would be very interesting to have info. re height of Dwarf fruit trees if possible. You do an excellent job. jack & gail Oliver. PS. I am 81. & i am looking forward to seeing my asparagus plant over the next 20 years Regards. Jack & Gail , Macgregor, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

Your freight costs are very reasonable, although we have to drive to Beaudesert to pick up our parcels from the post office. However I realise to have them delivered right to our door would be more expensive. Margaret, Hillview, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

Good quality and variety of plants and great customer service. Thanks Roland Brown Glenbrook NSW Roland, Glenbrook, NSW (17th Dec 2013)

Hi- usually I am really happy with deliveries from you- but this time, when I needed to have the plants delivered within specific dates, and had corresponded about it- they were actually sent after the dates I needed them by- luckily I had neighbors who looked after the plants for 2 weeks- the plants look fine- so no worries- Nancy, Dunwich, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

Wonderful kelli, Salisbury, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

The only reason I gave a 2 in dealing with staff is that one can never get on to anyone for advise or help with an order. However, I do understand that answering the phone constantly would be very time consuming and in some cases counter productive. robyn, Canungra, QLD (17th Dec 2013)

I know it is hard but if freight costs can be lower then more frequent purchases would happen. It is the one thing that drives me to local retailer as it is off putting. Tim, Diamond Beach, NSW (17th Dec 2013)

You guys are great it would be fantastic if all the business we deal with would be as good as you guys. Keep up the good work. Rio RIO, Cooroibah, QLD (16th Dec 2013)

Always extremely happy with your service and the quality of trees. Thankyou. Roslyn, Mayfield, NSW (16th Dec 2013)

Very pleased to recommend you to everyone and do. Thanks Jeff Arnold. Jeffrey, Dudley, NSW (16th Dec 2013)

Hi Daleys team You do it very well - the plants are great and beautifully packed. Info on website excellent. PS I love your cartons !! Kind regards Kaye, Tyagarah, NSW (16th Dec 2013)

I always buy my fruit trees from Daleys as they are always healthy and service is great. It would be helpful to have more detailed information about the plant sizes and exact chill hours required for some plants but otherwise fantastic! Karen, Redland Bay, QLD (16th Dec 2013)

Keep up the good work. Have a lovely Christmas and a profitable 2014. matt, Chandler, QLD (16th Dec 2013)

Hi, I can't give you a rating for "Dealing with Staff" because I ordered via the net - but when I have visited the nursery, the staff have been great. I was really impressed with how my pepper vine was packed - very secure and no damage to the plant. I also really appreciate your service that emails advice when a plant is available in stock (especially for hard to get plants). I'm currently enjoying a glut of wonderful peaches from trees I purchased from you 4 years ago! Janet, Bangalow, NSW (16th Dec 2013)

When are you are going to start selling bamboos... and crocuses for saffron? Your plants always come promptly AND in good condition. Terry, Mulgoa, NSW (15th Dec 2013)

Our beautiful grape and Burberry are so strong and settled. They arrived in wonderful condition and have transplanted beautifully. Thank you so much! What a Joy! Kate, Waratah West, NSW (15th Dec 2013)

easy to deal with and accurate in the information John, Wellsford, VIC (15th Dec 2013)

I have been looking for wurtz avs for a while as my local supplier had some issues I could not get them. I was apprehensive initially about buying plants on line from interstate. However I was plesantly surprised at the ease, speed and quality of the plants. They were packaged very well and came with care instructions which I also liked. All that and they were almost half the price of my local supplier!! The plants have now been in the ground for a couple of months and are flourishing. I have not a bad word to say and have and will contu to reccomend you guys in future. Thanks.  ben, Fulham Gardens, SA (15th Dec 2013)

I am happy with the service and the quality of plants deleted to me Thank you Marg kendrick Margaret , Myall, VIC (15th Dec 2013)

I do believe that you & your website have it covered --the way you packed my plants really ensured their arrival in great condition. Anthony, Gordon, VIC (15th Dec 2013)

you do not need to do nothing the service is excellent keith, Berowra, NSW (15th Dec 2013)

Trees I purchased were in excellent condition on arrival here in Victoria. Thanking you sally, Winchelsea, VIC (15th Dec 2013)

Great nursery, and would enjoy visiting but I find it difficult to come to the nursery with your hours, I can't come Saturday, and Sunday you are closed (Sunday is a good day for us & most people). You close 'too early' Friday, and every other day. How about Sunday opening or staying open late Friday ... 6pm? would enjoy visiting regardsMary, Laravale, QLD (15th Dec 2013)

I didn't have to deal with staff as I just ordered directly online. Website feedback : it could probably do with an update as the search engine is not very comprehensive and is a little "busy" looking compared to other online nursery sites. Donna, Bundaberg North, QLD (15th Dec 2013)

You need to be aware that Aust post can be slow to deliver to Victoria,(see speed of service) and plants can dry out severely. Perhaps wrap the pots in damp newspaper to help them survive longer. 2 of my grapes had dried out and lost all their leaves thanks to Aust. post, but after soaking them in seaweed solution for 2 weeks they picked up and look fantastic. Will definitely be ordering again after xmas. BRUCE, Wunghnu, VIC (15th Dec 2013)

very happy with quality of plants and speed of delivery and easiness of online site have a merry christmas and ta elizabeth, Tea Gardens, NSW (15th Dec 2013)

Postage cost :( Jeremy, Bairnsdale, VIC (14th Dec 2013)

Daleys is my go-to place for trees, and I have recommended and will continue to recommend you to anyone who I talk to about gardening. About the only thing I could suggest is if you were to sell a few decent books on native plants, particularly bush tucker. Chris, Delaneys Creek, QLD (14th Dec 2013)

All plants arrived quickly when sent. All were in very good condition. All are now in the ground, or potted up. All are doing well. Great service. No complaints at all. Will order again in the future (although I'm quickly running out of room...) Brett, Kirwan, QLD (14th Dec 2013)

Change your delivery people to ensure that plants are delivered in a timely manner and placed in a sheltered position on delivery if no one is home ... as requested on the delivery instructions when order was placed. Judie, Tweed Heads West, NSW (14th Dec 2013)

Dear Team, You have an exceptional range and my order was excellently packed for delivery and included planting notes. I am looking forward to visiting your nursery. Thanks again, Robyn, Gailes, QLD (14th Dec 2013)

You are doing a great job. I already recommended people to your company. They are extremely happy with their purchases. One stop shop & better than the Local here. They should learns from you. All the best everyone. Van Van, Croydon Park, SA (14th Dec 2013)

When the box contained the mulberry tree arrived, I was surprised how well you have prepared and taken care of the little tree. The box itself was also very tough and well designed to protect the tree. The instruction attached was ado very helpful. I planted the tree in August this year. It has started to produce little mulberries and new leaves are coming out too. Although I'm not very happy that i have to share those mulberries with caterpillars. I just have to keep my eyes on them :) Overall everything is all good. You guys have done a really good job! Beni Beni, Casey, ACT (13th Dec 2013)

I was not happy with my last order of the ambarella trees they was so small and tiny hopefully you will give me the good ones this time regards jamie , Revesby, NSW (13th Dec 2013)

A great improvement in quality of plants from my first purchasing experience with Daley's which did put me off coming back for many years. Good to see - I now have no hesitation in recommending you to friends. Ralph, Bridgewater, SA (12th Dec 2013)

Fantastic to deal with. My trees were sent well packed and very healthy. Recived in excellent condition. when i rang and left a message a response via sms was received within 10 mins - Very happy with the service. Melina, Yagoona, NSW (12th Dec 2013)

Better website although it's ok. More communication regarding time between ordering and dispatch. Otherwise awesome. Thanks Steve, Murarrie, QLD (11th Dec 2013)

Thanks for the great dwarf avos!! Steven, Picnic Point, NSW (11th Dec 2013)

Great selection of plants and information about them. Sometimes hard to find on the website if you are looking for a special plant and don't want to go through all of them. Monika, Nowra North, NSW (11th Dec 2013)

I was very satisfied with our dealings from start to finish.  Richard, Bray Park, NSW (11th Dec 2013)

You can't do much better to improve really, it is a great website that is user friendly with a great range and quality of plants. The staff are great to deal with. Thanks Jacqueline, Emmaville, NSW (11th Dec 2013)

I would be purchasing again from you very happy with the quality of plants and service thank you kris, Kambah, ACT (11th Dec 2013)

We are very happy with the fruit trees purchased. They are of very good quality. All of the trees purchsed are now growing. Grace, Kellyville, NSW (11th Dec 2013)

I deal with a few online Nurseries and I am very happy with this company and plants on arrival. Thank you Marg Margaret, Childers, QLD (10th Dec 2013)

The plants are always in great condition and always delivered in quick time. Will definitely recommend this site for many years to come. Elizabeth, South Toowoomba, QLD (10th Dec 2013)

keep up the good work Peter, Bowen, QLD (10th Dec 2013)

Am so excited that the fig tree I planted a couple of months ago has 2 figs on it already Helen, Blaxland, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

Found you very good to deal with, especially impressed with the packing method :) Anne, Eleebana, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

Great packaging Laurice, Sylvania, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

Website searching and display a bit clunky at times Love the information given with the plants and ability to select suitable cross pollinating varieties. Paul, Annandale, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

Keep doing what you are doing and you are on the top Michael, Ryde, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

We have made two recent purchases for 4 red Tamarillos and a lime tree. The plants are doing well and we are very happy overall. We intend purchasing other edible fruits but the ground is not ready yet. The ground slopes up for about 50 meters. The lower slope is in full sun but enters shade from established bush at the top of the slope. To start with we have in mind orange nectarine, fig and mulberry. Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated. Nevil, Wamberal, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

I was impressed by the condition and quality of the plants when they arrrived. In fact I wasnt able to be there on the day of delivery but a couple of days later they were still in top condition. PETER, Mount Barker, SA (10th Dec 2013)

plants are looking good Christine, Dudley, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

cant think of any thing that has come to mind so I look forward to my gooseberry english..when are they available think u have me down for an order CAROLE, Mcgraths Hill, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

packaging was great ron, West Pennant Hills, NSW (10th Dec 2013)

I was impressed with the packaging as the order would have passed a number of hands from Daleys to Portland Vic. the plants are thriving so far. Gerry, Portland, VIC (9th Dec 2013)

Your packaging is very secure and the plants arrived safely. Couriers tend to leave at PO rather than to our doorstep (rural area 5 minutes from Maleny), which is disappointing. Christopher, Reesville, QLD (9th Dec 2013)

We are very happy with the grape vine that we received from your nursery. It is thriving and we are looking forward to our first crop next year. As we are residing in Mackay your advice regarding the type of grape was helpful. Just a further thought - is there an information sheet on the pruning of this type grapevine? Many Thanks Anne Fam Anne, Beaconsfield, QLD (9th Dec 2013)

I loved how well packed my order was... I work on a nursery farm in the dispatch area as a packer and I was do exited to see how my package arrived considering how (poorly) some of ours are sent out, so thanks so much. They came looking fresh, green and lush. Only think is I noticed this white scaleless looking thing on my jack fruit which looks like it's sucking the sap out of my tree, I've been pulling them off but would like some advice on how to get rid of them. Thanks Lara, Safety Beach, VIC (9th Dec 2013)

We had a bit of a problem with the delivery. The courier turned up on a Thursday when no one was home and left a notice. I had included instructions with the order to leave the box if no one was home, but they didn't. The plants went back to the depot, quite some distance away. I called the courier and hoped that the box could be delivered the next day, but it didn't get put on the truck. The plants spent the weekeend in the depot and were delivered the next week, looking a bit worse for wear. We spent some time trying to bring the plants back to health, and they are doing ok now, but it is a shame they took so long to get to us. I realise that this is not Daley's fault and it won't stop me from ordering from them in the future. Belinda, Cooran, QLD (9th Dec 2013)

We live in a new area and our suburb was not in the options for our postcode, made us nervous if the order would arrive and we needed special instructions, it did arrive but it was a concern. Plants arrived very healthy and are now thriving in our garden. Bronwyn, Spring Creek, NSW (9th Dec 2013)

The plants are great, arrived fast and doing well, but we made an enquiry about when a male kiwi would be ready and the reply did not really give any info to help. As we don't know when yours will be available we are still looking for another source. Would prefer to buy it from you if you could give us an ETA. Nikki, Landers Shoot, QLD (9th Dec 2013)

I feel so lucky to be able to look up Daleys website, have a leisurely browse through all the amazing fruit trees and then with the click of a button I know that within a couple of days I'll have a box full of beautiful healthy trees ready to plant in my garden. Glenda, Leppington, NSW (9th Dec 2013)

I have been very satisfied with my dwarf mango which is now flowering. Janice, Echuca Village, VIC (9th Dec 2013)

In my case I think the courier service needs a thankyou as the first delivery was on an extremely hot day. The courier rang me to see if I would be away for along period of time and she took the time to water my plant as she was concerned about its condition. Both plants are growing well and have new growth on them. Please really appreciate the offer a plant but I have a wide variety of fruit trees and many Australian natives in my garden Jennifer, Wootton, NSW (9th Dec 2013)

Freight is pretty expensive but the quality of the trees makes it worth it :) Kylie, Edithburgh, SA (9th Dec 2013)

Dealings with staff have always been brilliant over the years even prior to me ever making purchases. They are very helpful. The extra $ I pay for the better startrack freight is worth it. I will never use any other company but them. I always recommend you to my friends, contacts or whoever is looking for a wider choice of plants. Peter, Glenlyon, VIC (9th Dec 2013)

Would and will be purchasing more trees Daleys Craig, Grasmere, NSW (9th Dec 2013)

The information provided with both the plants was identical. It would be more helpful if you could also add simple instructions of such as what to do if the leaves started turning yellow after the plant has been planted or leaves start to have reddish discolouration on the tip of the leaves. Because sometimes it is difficult to find common illness that might affect plants that we purchase online. So more information on the plants would be very helpful. Otherwise Daleys nursery is perfect shakeela, Blacktown, NSW (8th Dec 2013)

Surprisingly fast delivery & all plants in good condition. I will continue using Daleys for future purchases & recommend them to others. Carolyn, Moffat Beach, QLD (8th Dec 2013)

cannot fault..awesome everything louise, Palmwoods, QLD (7th Dec 2013)

I am very happy with your service and the plants are healthy. I would only like a little more information about growing conditions on the labels that come with the plants. Thank you and I look forward to continue to purchase healthy plants from you.  Vanessa, Albanvale, VIC (6th Dec 2013)

Over the years dealing with your nursery, I've yet to find fault with either your product or service. All the plants you've sent me are still thriving, that's the main reason why I keep coming back for more! ;-D John, Marsden, QLD (5th Dec 2013)

I was encouraged to purchase the catalogue as this was supposed to give me more advice on my chosen plants - it did not give me any more advice than that already given on the website pages for the plants I chose. Planting instructions, suitable conditions and more information on the plant - does it require another to pollinate and produce fruit - what if my soil type is sandy - these are questions I would have liked answered. Also, it would have been nice to know if I was to expect one or two boxes of plants so I could be better prepared. Elizabeth, North Ipswich, QLD (4th Dec 2013)

I use to come to Daley's many years ago when I lived in Kyogle. You were great then and still are. I am thrilled to be dealing with you again. Cheree, Port Macquarie, NSW (3rd Dec 2013)

Hi, I liked the packing and the instructions, just followed them and the plants are looking good. I live in melbourne and I think if you are despatching on Monday I should atleast receive it by Friday so i have time on weekend to look after the plants. Shashi, South Morang, VIC (3rd Dec 2013)

Love the range of plants, I have yet to fail, when searching for a particular plant. ANDY, Blacktown, NSW (3rd Dec 2013)

Very happy with service overall - I was very dubious about buying plants online and I was pleasantly suprised. Will shop here again. Elizabeth, Greystanes, NSW (3rd Dec 2013)

When a grafted Mango plant like Kensington Pride is in demand, please keep them in stock, instead of asking the customers wait for years!!!!!!!!!!!! Ramachandra, Beecroft, NSW (2nd Dec 2013)

Service has been fantastic. Twice I have ordered a plant that is not in stock and once it is ready, I have received notification by phone. Once I have ordered it, it arrives wonderfully packaged within a couple of days. Couldn't ask for better service. Thank you very much!!!! Sharon , Gatton, QLD (2nd Dec 2013)

I have been so happy with your trees. I have 100% survival rate and they are so healthy. I also appreciate the time and advice your staff spend to help me make the most appropriate selections. Thank you Angela, Belmont, QLD (2nd Dec 2013)

I would like to see more information on dwarf trees. Cultivation,growing zones of Australia, pruning,feeding,nutrients and as I have noticed with my citrus in pots, they are having problems. I check their PH levels, I give them slow release fertilizer but something is wrong. I always check with a moisture prong, their leaves are wilting and falling off and it's hard to find information to rectify the problem. So more information would be great. Mea, Runaway Bay, QLD (2nd Dec 2013)

1. Search bar in left corner should be larger and in a more prominent position. 2. Some pictures are generic and do not show the selected plant HandM, North Rocks, NSW (2nd Dec 2013)

Plants always arrive looking gorgeous! Mon, Maleny, QLD (2nd Dec 2013)

Well, I had to contact you, guys, as my order had not being processed even after a few days of purchase. But then it all went smooth. Plant is growing well now! Ilia, Caroline Springs, VIC (2nd Dec 2013)

All is fine with the service and the product Rob, Bentleigh East, VIC (2nd Dec 2013)

Very impressed. Great selection of plants!! Kristie, Kariong, NSW (2nd Dec 2013)

I am happy to buy plants from your nursery. kim hong , St Albans, VIC (1st Dec 2013)

very easy to order, quick delivery, good all round. colin, Wandin North, VIC (1st Dec 2013)

It was terrific to be able to access the trees we wanted. Have been trying for some time. It was me not my husband that did the order. Thank you Sandy Evans Sandy , Forreston, SA (1st Dec 2013)

Just keep doing what your doing as it is terrific! donna, Brooklyn, NSW (1st Dec 2013)

I am a very happy customer. Great service Very nice people Terrific plants ,in good condition when they arrive. What else could I ask for ? Les, Orange, NSW (1st Dec 2013)

We live in South Western Victoria. Our mail delivery seems to take considerably longer than the accepted norm. The plants arrived in good condition but deteriorated after unpacking. The paw paws lost all of their leaves and have only now started to produced very small leaves. While not dead they have been badly set back. Even couriers are unpredictable (especially Startrek or Allens Freight who service our area). Malcolm, Winnap, VIC (1st Dec 2013)

Love your growing range of plants , and advice , especially customer feedback . I'm confident to tell anybody you are the "go to" place for all things trees . However its time to look at bringing your web site into the 21 st century. Philip, Kangaroo Valley, NSW (1st Dec 2013)

Our fig tree has four figs on it and it's not much over 35cms tall! Very healthy tree thanks. Nick J, Macleay Island, QLD (1st Dec 2013)

Your website is kind of disorganized and I find it kind of hard to use. willliam, Glendale, QLD (1st Dec 2013)

It's all good. :) jeanie, Pumpenbil, NSW (1st Dec 2013)

I can not think of anything else to improve your service because it is excellent as it is. Thuan , Woodville North, SA (30th Nov 2013)

Love the quality plants that I purchased from your nursery. They arrived perfectly packaged. All are growing well! Thank you! Would by a a lot more often, but the freight cost is my main deterrent. So have to wait and buy a bunch of things together. Suranga, Springwood, NSW (30th Nov 2013)

Absolutely love you guys, all of my plants are healthy and arrive so quickly, I look forward to many years of purchasing my plants from you! Tess, Tingalpa, QLD (29th Nov 2013)

The webpage is great on the computer but not so user friendly on the mobile devices. I would prefer the option of a courier who would deliver directly to my home. The plants are fantastic! a great range and a great quality product. A grow zone chart or code would help for some of the less common plants to know what grows in our area Emma, Nobby, QLD (27th Nov 2013)

All very easy, makes for a simple choice next purchase. alan, Surry Hills, NSW (27th Nov 2013)

I love your variety of plants. Its tricky to know exactly what you have in stock because sometimes i will wait for a plant to be available for pre purchase and then i go into your nursery and see that its already there! Or i see on the online shop there are plants available like a blueberry for instance and then when i go into the nursery there is no floor stock. The staff are always helpful so I just ask them to figure it out now. Erin, Larnook, NSW (27th Nov 2013)

The thing which bothers me is not really something you can manage any better I don't think.....I often have to wait for a tree to be available which then makes it very difficult to gain any benefit from having freight charges for multiple items. I am always paying freight per single tree which is comparatively very costly. Not sure there is a solution though. lynn, Lawnton, QLD (26th Nov 2013)

keep up the good service jennifer, Ebbw Vale, QLD (26th Nov 2013)

I have bought numerous plants from Daleys both online and at their nursery in Kyogle. I probably recommend Daleys more than any other company of any type. It is unique in its range of fascinating plants, the helpfulness of its staff and importantly its total business system which includes client management and order processing, past records, information of suitable plants by postcode, high quality purpose designed packaging and rapid despatch. The Daleys catalogue is the first place we look when we hear of an unusual plant in the media. Besides a range of interesting, quality plants, I believe that Daleys has an online sales management system (and culture to match)that very few companies anywhere in the world can match. Congratulations. Regards  Tony, Boambee, NSW (26th Nov 2013)

Website needs a lot of work but it is functional and gets the job done. However this pales in the light of the quality trees and service you gave. would recommend you to my friends and use you again. Tessa & David, Greenbank, QLD (26th Nov 2013)

I have bought trees from you guys for years, Ive always been happy and have told many people about you. I like the free tree offers, cheers! Nat Natalie, Eagleby, QLD (26th Nov 2013)

I recommend your business to everyone. Fast delivery to Qld, plants in perfect condition on arrival, thorough and very user friendly website with lots of pics- thank you Daleys! The only thing that I'd love to see is a symbol where you put tree heights, frost sensitivity etc to symbolise what soil conditions they'd cope with and grow in eg. sandy, clay, composted. (Just as a quick reference). One of the best sites and service. Thank you. Rebecca, Riverview, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

some of the plants went yellow in travel as they travelled a long way in the box the chilli plant doing well pawpaw ok the others hope there be ok also the weather have not been kind to them here as well to cold wet and windy but they be ok I hope wish I could get the Mexican guava and feijoa as well regards shaun groenveld overall ok shaun, Mount Gambier, SA (25th Nov 2013)

Keep up the great work, Daley's. I've bought many fruiting plants from you and it's pleasing to see that you continue to expand your range of products. Kyle, Eastwood, NSW (25th Nov 2013)

Quality of plants is very high. No complaints with the service and mode of delivery. Will, Jamberoo, NSW (25th Nov 2013)

Excellent plants, service and delivery.More advanced trees are available from the nursery , is it possible to extend it to delivery as well. Elie, Sandringham, VIC (25th Nov 2013)

Was very impressed with the ease of doing business as well as the speed of arrival of the tree. Robert, Redcliffe, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

My ratings were a bit low, due to the unfortunate long wait for the Achacha. But I am very pleased to now have the plant, and so far, it is doing well :) Suzanne, Runcorn, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

Good quality plants, well packaged. Peter, Worrigee, NSW (25th Nov 2013)

My trees arrived in pristine condition and on time, given that I live in a rural area. They were packed really well so they wouldn't be damaged. And best of all the detailed instructions on what to do with them once I received them. Excellent Diana, Pleystowe, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

Disappointed one pawpaw died every other plant fine but the one that died looked like it had been grafted and died down low at that point Charlene, Burpengary, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

Your choice of courier company was not so good. I traced my delivery on the internet link you provided and found my order arrived in Melbourne at approximately 5.00am on the Friday morning, which should have been in plenty of time for that days deliveries (I have worked for a courier company), but it was not delivered till Monday, and then it was just DUMPED at my gate in a storm and then blew across my driveway and almost run over!!! Marcia, Tyabb, VIC (25th Nov 2013)

Can't say much more you offer excellent quick service. Even quick to reply to text messages and phone messages. Great, it is a pleasure dealing with you. Sue, Pacific Pines, QLD (25th Nov 2013)

I am a very happy customer Daryl, Macgregor, ACT (25th Nov 2013)

Daleys Nursery is more than a place where you can buy good quality plants. In the way they provide information, respond to queries and created a space for the community of home growers to communicate in the forum, Daleys Nursery is deserving of the highest recognition in its field. Mary, Neutral Bay, NSW (25th Nov 2013)

As always great range and service. Shane, Ourimbah, NSW (25th Nov 2013)

Everything was great I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and the product I received. The Fruit Tree is growing very nicely. Thank You. Frances, Everton Hills, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

I am very happy with your service. Stephen , Bolwarra, NSW (24th Nov 2013)

All Good Team Thanx Ian, Willaston, SA (24th Nov 2013)

I cannot find fault. You have been my most important supplier of unusual fruit trees. Plus the common ones. Thank-you.  Min, Rosevale, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

Keep doing what you do. I order from you with great confidence and will be ordering again. Your packaging of my Tangelo tree was first class and the accompanying leaflet of how to treat the plant in the first few days was very beneficial. Thanks. KEVIN, Berwick, VIC (24th Nov 2013)

I am interested in unusual edible plants suitable for suburban blocks in Brisbane area but have difficulty finding recipes from different countries to try. Sarah, North Lakes, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

The plants were healthy, the packaging was amazing , protecting all the fresh new green shoots. Well done for great products and great service. It has only been a couple of months and the grapes have reached the top of the 2.5 metre trellis! Margaret, Bargara, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

Nothing. We have had one nectarine from the tree that was planted this year and it tasted great. We looked on the site for another one but we could not find one. Could you please let us know when one comes available. There are also a couple of granny smith apples on the tree that was only planted this year as well. Thanks. Michael, Kuttabul, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

Your the best, from tips on how to plant out, great delivery service, and I live 30kms from the nearest 'big' town, to beautiful healthy plants, that are so hardy I haven't managed to kill yet. All of my purchases are looking great, except for,the stevia my husband thought was a weed and fed to his chooks,.(and we won't go there)i am one very happy customer, and tell anyone who will listen about your web site. The advice I have received over the phone regarding what will and won't grow in this humid climate has been spot on, friendly and I have never felt rushed. Thank you and a fantastic happy Christmas to you all Irene Irene, Sarina, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

In my last order was a lemon tree, the tip with about 4 leaves on it was damaged, it was partially broken, I thought it would be ok but it eventually fell off. I planted it and it hasn't thrown a single shoot. It appears alive, do you think it will grow? Adrian, Sandhurst East, VIC (24th Nov 2013)

Plants were beautifully packed. David, Castlecrag, NSW (24th Nov 2013)

You were recommended by a friend and I will be happy to do the same. Perhaps an online advisory centre - ie. is such and such a plant suitable for my location or which variety of plant would you recommend for my location. That would be really helpful for the novice. Thanks, Deb, Witta, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

Staff took the time to point out that the grape vines I inquired about were not suitable for my location and advised suitable varities. Charles, Buderim, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

Is it possible to mark the plants that are suitable for a particular area. I notice that on the website for Diggers that I can give them my postcode and suitable plants are selected. Otherwise everything is great. Jennifer, Woodford, QLD (24th Nov 2013)

I was most impressed with your plants, they are the best quality fruit trees I have bought and I've bought a few! They are doing splendidly and I will highly recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you so much for my wonderful feijoa trees. I wish your company all the best , you deserve it ! Regards Chris Chris, Ferny Creek, VIC (24th Nov 2013)

Excellent service quick delivery, plants received in great condition would recommend to anyone interested in purchasing plants without a doubt Craig, Grasmere, NSW (24th Nov 2013)

If one item ordered is unavailable I would prefer you send the rest of an order as the ideal time for planting may pass by while waiting for everything to come together. GERALD, Valdora, QLD (23rd Nov 2013)

The orange tree has settled in well and growing nicely. I much prefre to buy plants in spring or autumn as the summer temperatures are to stressing on new plants. Margaret, Stanthorpe, QLD (23rd Nov 2013)

The courier left the 2 plants on the doorstep of the wrong house and didn't call us on our mobile to let us know. One plant subsequently died. Nick, Malua Bay, NSW (23rd Nov 2013)

Have been very happy with both packaging and quality of the plants I have received. Useful advice on what grows where as well.  Duncan, Woolloongabba, QLD (21st Nov 2013)

we are very pleased with the service and the plants only one plant has been a problem this is the dwarf nectarine as this was a bare root tree it has been a lot slower to grow than the other trees is this normal Peter, Burpengary, QLD (21st Nov 2013)

I followed all the directions including leaving the plant in its pot in the place to be planted and also trimming the leaves once planted and I am pleased to say the plant has put out new growth and is doing well. Very helpful thanks. luisa, Delaneys Creek, QLD (21st Nov 2013)

Great healthy plants and helpful website. Katrina, Toronto, NSW (20th Nov 2013)

I love that there are full instructions with the plants when they are delivered. My plants are thriving. Lyn lynette, Edens Landing, QLD (20th Nov 2013)

I was pleased with my tree purchase when it arrived. However, we were expecting 10 pecan nut TREES as opposed to 10 kg of pecan nuts. When ordering it was not clear that it was nuts that I was ordering. I am still interested in the trees, if you have any. I notice that they are not on the 'gift' list, but I was wondering whether we could get a price and get one/more for 'free'. Thank you PS The nuts are nice!! Regards Nigel Torrens Nigel, Stanthorpe, QLD (20th Nov 2013)

Wonderful plants - great service - website a bit hard to get around - especially the check out section. Helen, Oxley, QLD (19th Nov 2013)

Our experience with you has been very positive and we have recommended you to several of our family and friends. With each plant continue to provide as much information about anticipated size, fruit qualities, favorable growing conditions including temperature / shade / sun / soil properties etc. This really helps to choose which variety is suitable. Thanks :-) Iain, Glenroy, NSW (19th Nov 2013)

Thank you for growing such a beautiful tasty plants! Most of them settled down in my garden very nicely and look quite comfortable and happy. The delivery last time took longer than usual and couple of plants were a bit upset about it. Svetlana, Kiels Mountain, QLD (19th Nov 2013)


I am thrilled with my plants from Daleys Nursery. They are healthy, growing well and I look forward to adding to my garden/orchard with more from Daley's extensive range. Kathi, Newmerella, VIC (18th Nov 2013)

Thank you very much for your excellent service. It's very reliable. Hannah, Revesby, NSW (18th Nov 2013)

Your website has very little information about the plants you are buying and often the pictures are small. Cost of delivery was high considering that purchases in Kempsey are delivered to the Post office and not to residential addresses. barrie, South Kempsey, NSW (18th Nov 2013)

Great service. Product was well packed and arrived very quickly Chris, Benaraby, QLD (18th Nov 2013)

You actually remembered my enquiry and got back to me when I had forgotten the enquiry I made! It is good to be remembered, and I bought the plants after your followup. Thanks! ANGELOS, Balwyn North, VIC (18th Nov 2013)

very happy thank you richard, Pacific Haven, QLD (18th Nov 2013)

I was very impressed with the plants I purchased and the feedback when I emailed with questions. Thank you for supplying my fruit trees. The pomelo and cara cara are doing really well. I will definitely purchase from you again if I can find room for more trees as I have run out of room in my back yard. Jacqueline, Killara, NSW (18th Nov 2013)

I was very happy with the service. Thank you Greg, Wilsonton, QLD (18th Nov 2013)

The most impressive thing for me about dealing with Daley's is that the plants all arrive healthy, in good quality potting mix, with good root development, but never pot bound. I have never had a plant loss yet. David, Paget, QLD (17th Nov 2013)

Excellent service guys, please keep up the good work! I wouldn't mind sharing those Lychees once the tree is up and running :) ANIL, Enfield, SA (17th Nov 2013)

cheaper freight and vouchers not having a time limit to use ERIC, Cootamundra, NSW (17th Nov 2013)

Love the way you quickly answer all my questions. My last order was lost by the courier and you quickly sent replacement plants. That is terrific customer service and thank you Kate, Wollongong, NSW (16th Nov 2013)

A seed line might be good. Also an option to find plants. Eg walking onions. Louis, Wee Waa, NSW (16th Nov 2013)

All trees I have purchased from your nursery are growing well...thank you. Margaret, Stanthorpe, QLD (16th Nov 2013)

Apart from the quality product and great service you are the only Australian website that stock a wide range of exotic plants.i can't even find them in my local nurseries. You are not the cheapest but this is the main reason I shop with you. I do think however that the website can look better without reducing it's functionality. Eddie, Gosford, NSW (16th Nov 2013)

Nothing to complain about now. Most of the plants I bought from you are all thriving and healthy. The service is excellent. Raquel, Bella Vista, NSW (16th Nov 2013)

I was very very concerned when the courier too a very long time to deliver my trees even seeming to have lost them & I expected that they would be perished or at least close to it. However they were packed so wonderfully that everything looked perfect. The quality of the plants was second to none. My fruit trees were planted & within 4 weeks the young trees produced lovely edible fruit I was totally amazed. Thank you every so much!!! Rebecca, Taroom, QLD (14th Nov 2013)

I am very happy with the majority of my trees and will keep checking your site. I am after particular trees now that complement the ones I have bought. I have already referred other people to your site. Even when at the local Farmers Markets I have talked to the general public about you. Lynn, Macksville, NSW (13th Nov 2013)

Professionally labelled - Reassured me the variety was correct - not just some "backyard" grafting job with dubious scion-stock. Very nicely packaged. Struck beautifully - can't believe how much leaf a bare-rooted tree could put on in it's first season. Tim, East Hawthorn, VIC (13th Nov 2013)

I was very impressed that I was given option of adding to my order after checkout prior to the plants being posted out. Great customer service and friendly emails. Nice healthy plants too! Michelle, Mount Gravatt East, QLD (13th Nov 2013)

My plants arrived in excellent condition. Very happy. Looking forward to receiving my Paw Paw when it is ready.  Melva, North Nowra, NSW (11th Nov 2013)

As we my previous recommendations.. the quality and service is fantastic, but the website looks and feels like it was put together by a first year uni student that shouldn't be doing computer science.. john, Northwood, NSW (11th Nov 2013)

Very impressed with the quality of the plant and the plant's condition, with no damage on arrival. Instructions provided were good. Might have been helpful if you had kept me informed of the progress of the order. I was left wondering when it would arrive. Pretty satisfied otherwise. maria, Leichhardt, NSW (11th Nov 2013)

In so far as being a small customer with Daleys I have not encountered any issues. Cheers, Paul K paul , Kamerunga, QLD (11th Nov 2013)

Everything is brilliant but sometimes wish u have what i want when i want it, but being a female thats understandable.... carol, North Mackay, QLD (11th Nov 2013)

You should advertise more widely as you have unusual & good products. I told all my relies in Nth Qld that I had a granadilla & where I got it. BTH the Granadilla is coming along fine. Ellen, Drummoyne, NSW (11th Nov 2013)

I have bought 95% of my fruit trees, vines and perennials from Daleys because they always have good quality trees but most importantly they have varieties and information that suits the subtropics. I have recommended Daleys to all of my gardening friends. Thanks Daleys. :-) Kylie, Upper Coomera, QLD (11th Nov 2013)

Despite the heat in Oct., when I ordered my citrus trees, and the length of time they were actually in the post, the trees were in good condition and are growing nicely, thanks to the professional manner in which they were packed. LESLEY , Jericho, QLD (11th Nov 2013)

I got 1 peach and 1 mandarine. they are growing really really well now in my backyard. I love the quality of trees and the delivery was also good. got the call for delivery confirmation ahead. SU NAM, Mulgrave, VIC (11th Nov 2013)

Love the ability to view plants based on postcode, it takes the guess work out of he equation. Kerrie, Kellyville, NSW (11th Nov 2013)

you really need to have a good look at your web is very old fashioned and hard to much clicking in and out of pages Tim, Mount Barker, SA (11th Nov 2013)

Make the website better and make it possible to see which trees I have ordered "When Available", I can't remember all of them that you are going to notify me about ! Have more variegated citrus trees, like variegated Meyer and Lisbon lemons. Regards,  Jake , Wondecla, QLD (11th Nov 2013)

The Reo Red Dwarf Grapefruit I ordered took about 3 weeks to arrive, in a very sturdy box that prevented the tree from siding about. Inside the box included some planting directions to make sure the plant had the best start in its new life. Following the instructions was easy and the tree after several weeks is now among several other similar fruit trees very happy looking. GEOFFREY, Cannon Hill, QLD (10th Nov 2013)

Thanks very much. Its been great to have your nursery to buy from. Kathryn, Dudley, NSW (10th Nov 2013)

Plants were packed really well and arrived in great shape. caitlin, Noosa Heads, QLD (10th Nov 2013)

you guys have a great business, and you do business well. always happy to deal with y'all(incidentally the trees i had on order, waited for and joyfully received and planted were taken out by my goats (who can levitate over fences) within 6 hours of planting.) we don't have the goats Shane, Georgica, NSW (10th Nov 2013)

I know it is not easy for you to hold on to plants , but I would really like to be able to place an order for everything I need for spring -summer planting , and then have it sent in 1 or 2 shipments. I appreciate the wide range of plants you have and spend a lot of time looking through the lists. keep up the good work A, Wyee, NSW (10th Nov 2013)

Cheaper freight costs would encourage me to buy more, other than that great quality. Kylie, Leongatha, VIC (10th Nov 2013)

Your plants always come in perfect condition are always go well after planting Lydia, Mossman, QLD (10th Nov 2013)

i am happy with the purchases and the website regards marg Margaret , Myall, VIC (10th Nov 2013)

Very grateful for the excellent customer service I recieved and the quality of the plants. I ordered a different variety of Blueberry from another online nursery and was very dissapointed with what they sent me especially in comparison to your blueberries. I often find myself reading customers advice and comments about particular trees. I don't know if its my computer's operating system or your website but i get frustrated as i can't seem to access all tne comments on a topic even though i can see they are there. For example, itmay say 20 comments and i can only seem to access the first 1 or 2. Despite this, as i hope i have reflected in the survey, impressed with the customer service and quality, thanks Robyn Ms Robyn A, Holbrook, NSW (10th Nov 2013)

To be fair, I am a family friend of the Daleys, but even so, exceptional service and value! Hal, Fremantle, WA (9th Nov 2013)

Consistently good service both online and at shop. Thanks Andrew, Culburra Beach, NSW (8th Nov 2013)

Lovely healthy tree, beautifully packed and arrived within a few days. Couldn't be more pleased. HOWEVER: Planted into a large pot with citrus potting mix, but the leaves are yellowing and falling despite 2 treatments with Iron Chelate, 2 weeks apart. Now don't know if I should give it more. Caroline, Blackburn, VIC (8th Nov 2013)

Quality healthy plants delivered in great condition. Thanks Mark, Hawthorne, QLD (7th Nov 2013)

The only problem I had was that the box the parcel came in fell to pieces as soon as it came out of the delivery truck. Dean, Moree, NSW (6th Nov 2013)

Smaller root-ball plants not hardy,couldn't handle very dry & hot spring weather in Brisbane. Sapodilla was a sad looking plant from the start. PETER, Dayboro, QLD (5th Nov 2013)

Dealing with staff with special requests etc via phone calls is very difficult Repeated problems with accounts causing us to have credit card debited twice has been less than satisfactory but hope that has been rectified. Michael , Berry, NSW (5th Nov 2013)

Good Morning, If a delay arises ( subsequent to the order) in anticipated delivery times from that detailed at the time of the order a short email would be a great idea. I appreciate it can be difficult but it is really good to know when a delivery might be expected. All in all great service ...great packaging...and we will be repeat customers. Kevin, Mollymook Beach, NSW (5th Nov 2013)

Overall, I give your online nursery an excellent rating.  I was taken aback by the variety of plants you can supply; it is a gardener's dream. Even if a plant is not suited to my area I am willing to give it a try. There are no real negatives, only perhaps that your website could be "refreshed". I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the clutter and I find some of the fonts hard to read (maybe because I am nearing 50!!). I will definitely be back for another purchase. Pascale, Myrtleford, VIC (5th Nov 2013)

I was very happy with the overall service. The trees are growing well. Am just waiting for some fruit now. Fran, Caragabal, NSW (4th Nov 2013)

Quite happy overall and in comparison to other on line nurseries. Dominika, Healesville, VIC (4th Nov 2013)

I purchased 2 dwarf apple trees. Both arrived in great condition and both have already flowered after only 1 month in the ground. Fantastic quality and service. Have purchased again since and will again in the future. Regards, Lindsay, Wheeler Heights, NSW (4th Nov 2013)

Sorry did not have any dealings with staff directly. Whenever I have ordered from Daleys Nursery the plants have arrived perfectly packaged and in very healthy condition. Thank you Kathryn, Bangor, NSW (4th Nov 2013)

Great service and quality trees, love the follow up advice you offer,I appreciate your policy to customer satisfaction and I highly recommend you to my neighbours and family who all have positive things to say about you. Best regards  Matt, Charlestown, NSW (4th Nov 2013)

I was surprised with the great quality of the Plants thank you Shane, Corlette, NSW (4th Nov 2013)

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of delivery and great condition of the plants on arrival! Appreciated the fact sheet included. All plants are doing really well and are covered in new shoots. Thank you! Robin, Heritage Park, QLD (4th Nov 2013)

Lovely plants that arrived fast and healthy Joshua, Elimbah, QLD (3rd Nov 2013)

All in all, a good experience. The staff are great and know their 'stuff'. I've purchased a fair bit through Daleys and highly recommend them to my friends. Andrew, Glen Waverley, VIC (3rd Nov 2013)

Unless you can make it rain soon, so I can plant more trees (I'm on tank water), then no, you can't do much to improve. I love your nursery, and I've recommended it to countless people. Milena , Tannum Sands, QLD (3rd Nov 2013)

the pot plant are too small need bigger size A most plant are tropical need to buy plants that are for temperet clime Vicky, Mt Druitt, NSW (3rd Nov 2013)

Everything was great - but maybe send a confirmation that order has been delivered. The delviery guy, quite kindly put the trees in a spot inthe shade - but I didn't notice them for a few days I think! Matthew, Seaford, VIC (3rd Nov 2013)

I don't purchase many plants .but when I do the service is very good,the mail end of it is always swift. the plants on arrival have always been in very very good condition.and im pleased to give you a big A_A_A rating... regards tony, Macleay Island, QLD (3rd Nov 2013)

Every time I buy a plant from Daley's I can be guaranteed that it will be successful. The delivery is speedy and the instructions that come with it are always clear and easy to follow. Makes growing so much easier. Joan, River Heads, QLD (3rd Nov 2013)

Great service, I asked for delivery to coincide with us returning from holidays and the delivery was perfect. Plants were in great shape, will purchase from Daley's again. Gregory, Avondale Heights, VIC (3rd Nov 2013)

More detailed planting instructions for better plant survival. Sally , Springvale, VIC (3rd Nov 2013)

All in all a good service (especially the website), however I was disappointed that one of the fruit trees ordered wasn't much of a specimen & subsequently died. This has made me a little hesitant to place further order(s), lest there is a repeat (which then makes it an expensive exercise in tree buying). Jan, Buderim, QLD (3rd Nov 2013)

excellent quality of plants and excellent packing for freighting keith, Berowra, NSW (2nd Nov 2013)

The quality of your plants is very good, so it's well worth ordering them, however I think the web site could be a bit simpler to navigate. The ordering process could be made a bit more streamlined. It has the feel of an older e-commerce application in that when you put something into the cart, if you want something else you need to go back to scratch to search again. Sally, Drouin, VIC (2nd Nov 2013)

Very knowledgeable service and the plants arrived in excellent condition. The postage did seem very expensive, but I understand the care and packaging involved. I would definitely come back for repeat purchases for anything I was unable to obtain locally. Thank you. Julanne, Point Vernon, QLD (2nd Nov 2013)

Very happy with your website. If you can give an indication of when the order will be shipped or faster delivery from time of purchase would make it perfect Arjuna, Strathfield South, NSW (31st Oct 2013)

Perfectly satisfied with the service, packaging and health of the plant on arrival. It's doubled its height already! Estelle, Yaroomba, QLD (31st Oct 2013)

This was my first time at ordering your stock and I was very satisfied with every process of the ordering. I haven't rated your question re 'Dealing With Staff" because all transacting was done on line. Have already told a few gardening friends. I will order again. Regards,  Elizabeth, Gymea Bay, NSW (31st Oct 2013)

To all at Daley's Nursery, Having only placed one order thus far, I am very happy with everything. Although rather early, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year. With kind regards, Rod, Palmdale, NSW (30th Oct 2013)

It is sometimes difficult to get from one section of your website to another (depending what I'm looking for). It's not as user-friendly as a lot of other sites. RAy, Rothbury, NSW (30th Oct 2013)

I love your product and selection, but your website is possible one of the worst I have used.... the layout is terrible and very difficult to compare various varieties.. for size.. growing conditions etc. There is LOADS of potential to add value to your product and business, simply by improving the website... otherwise I think you have a great product with a level of service.. Kind regards, John Austin john, Northwood, NSW (30th Oct 2013)

My tamarillos look really sick after 6weeks inmix of garden soila and mushroom compost , lots of water...still not kicking on? They just arent happy and the leaves keep browning off any ideas, could they have a disease? susan, Conjola, NSW (29th Oct 2013)


You need to save the plants when they become available so they can all be shipped together. I often get notified that one of the plants I requested has become available but I don't want 1 plant to be sent on it's own. Therefore I have to cancel the order and when the next one becomes available the same thing happens again. Linton, Noble Park, VIC (29th Oct 2013)

What could I say great service fast delivery time very healthy trees that are growing so fast. Chris, Willowbank, QLD (29th Oct 2013)

All round your team is excellent! Keep up the great work. Maybe when an order is over $150 the delivery might be waved? I was also put off buying a sweet potato when I saw how much the delivery fee was. I think it was twice as much as the sweet potato I wanted to purchase which defeated the reasoning of buying it. Maybe smaller items could be package/freighted more cheaply? sandra, Goodwood, SA (29th Oct 2013)

Shipping costs are the hardest - the plants are reasonable but the shipping outweighs the cost of the purchase e.g. Diggers Club packs their plants and it's around $8.95 for shipping but because you guys use a courier company it's around $20.00 so this adds quite a bit to the cost. The website is okay it's a bit daggy and I originally just thought it was a forum type page. Nicole, Washpool, NSW (29th Oct 2013)

A way of requesting and getting status of plants in the pipeline. For instance I'm sure I saw you had a particular Rhubarb I was interested in but nothing now on your page. Maybe a way to pre-order if something becomes available? I have been after horseradish for ages and was just lucky to notice it when ordering kiwis. Pre order would be great. Yours  Darryn, Kenmore, QLD (29th Oct 2013)

the plants received always arrived quick and good quality always takes about a week to the central coast nsw. Dean, Chittaway Bay, NSW (28th Oct 2013)

Service was great ,Plant well packed and very healthy looking . size was a little small but Iam sure it will develop. george, Sans Souci, NSW (28th Oct 2013)


I had no contact with any staff, cannot rate it. About the website, it is my view it could be a bit less "page crowded" with a simpler navigation system and categories to choose from. I bought twice from you guys and will buy again. On the FANTASTIC side is the packaging, all my plants arrived perfectly. Carlos Alberto, Buderim, QLD (28th Oct 2013)

Very happy with the grape vines. David, Kingsford, NSW (28th Oct 2013)

hi daleys, the tree was delivered in so short a time and I was worried about its condition through the post ,no need to worry as it was in perfect condition, got my 1st crop of mullberrys a few months later and made my 1st pie (a small one )will all ways shop here whenever I need more plants regards bob robert, Woolloongabba, QLD (28th Oct 2013)

You got back to us with our request and we purchased the trees, they arrived quickly and they are surviving well. Thank you. Keith, Johns River, NSW (28th Oct 2013)

Your pre-ordering service and prompt delivery of high quality plants were great. Grahame, Harrison, ACT (28th Oct 2013)

The service is pretty good and the plants always look healthy when delivered. The main improvement I think could be with the website, I find it hard to navigate and finding information on specific trees I have bought is difficult. Another thing that would be helpful is to provide some info on each plant bought. For example the best potting or soil preparation. I guess any tree specific information. I say this because I bought some Lychee trees and just used my normal mix not realising they don't like fertilizer and now they are almost dead. Not your fault but it would've been handy to have a cheat sheet arrive with the tree. Other than that a great job Grant, Narangba, QLD (27th Oct 2013)

We love your plants - so healthy and packed with care. We had only one problem - the delivery person left the plants with our neighbour down the hill, even though our instructions (to leave on the verandah if we were not there) were clear. Whether he was confused about the address we don't know, but it is clearly marked. We will be coming back to you with an order soon, once we clean up a large tree that fell during a recent local cyclone. Jacqueline, Glenning Valley, NSW (27th Oct 2013)

Your plants are packaged excellently and arrive in fabulous condition. I will be a return customer and I will continue to recommend your nursery to anyone who is looking to buy plants. Kay, Bellbrook, NSW (27th Oct 2013)

we just want to thank daleys nursery staff. thanks SOPHIA, Tara, QLD (27th Oct 2013)

Some of the plants are quite expensive comparing to the local nurseries. But will be happy to purchase again for discount delivery service. Most of the reason to buy plants from here are about the services and varities of plants. Niyom, Mount Louisa, QLD (27th Oct 2013)

Give an indication of size of tree on website. Terence, Norton Summit, SA (27th Oct 2013)

I love the email and text message service. No one else does that. And your range is the best in Australia. The forum could be inmproved. And the website is simple and straight forward and has been improved, with it now listing a more comprehensive range of your products. The only very minor thing that could be improved is the turn around time for when customers contact you and when you reply. Overall I love your business and products and service. Jason, Jannali, NSW (27th Oct 2013)

maybe try and despatch plants a little quicker. michael, Kalbar, QLD (27th Oct 2013)

Your freight costs are your only let down. Jeremy, Bairnsdale, VIC (26th Oct 2013)

I have purchased plants locally for many years and have been satisfied until the last year or so. I think that the stocks and plant material used by you are far superior. I will certainly purchase all my plants from you in the future. Aileen, Oxley Vale, NSW (26th Oct 2013)

service excellent have never had any problems when we lived in stockton and now in queensland jennifer, Hillcrest, QLD (26th Oct 2013)

For me in particular being here in Georgetown the best thing would be dispatching plants on days that would mean no holding period anywhere. Through no real fault of anyone my delivery got held up in Cairns over the weekend but luckily I found out where it was and I was able to can a woman to water it for me. If deliveries hit Cairns on late Thursday/Friday they stay there until Monday sometimes Tuesday. It is a tricky one but I would just have to investigate it a bit more... My plants are now flourishing and have not looked back and I do intend to look at more plants sooner rather than later. Shirilee, Georgetown, QLD (24th Oct 2013)

Everything is dandy - plants are thriving. Thanks Emily, Mount Nathan, QLD (24th Oct 2013)

Hopely bit cheaper plant and postage. Raymond, Parkwood, QLD (23rd Oct 2013)

it was so good to find a nursery with an ethos and products we are happy to support-the trees we ordered are healthy and coping well with the erxtreme conditions that present at booligal-I love the choice and the fact that many are old varieties that we have nver heard of but are very appreciative that there is a nusery that cares enough about heritage fruit to ensure they do not die out-we would certainly order more trees when we expand on our school orchard. Linda, Hay, NSW (22nd Oct 2013)

You have a fantastic range of fruiting plants including hard to find bush foods. It is very hard to resist adding to my collection even though I am rapidly running out of space. Your plants come to me in excellent condition (although my Raspberry Smoothy died soon after planting for some unknown reason and the possum ate all the passion fruit leaves so killing my passionfruit vine which requires replacement). Your labels are among the best I have seen but it would be useful to have pH requirements added to the label information. Anna, Surrey Hills, VIC (22nd Oct 2013)

Thanks of your prompt & efficient service. All plants ordered are thriving! Nicole, Munruben, QLD (22nd Oct 2013)

I didn't have any staff contact, all done on line Christine, Dudley, NSW (22nd Oct 2013)

I was so happy with my trees I have made two other lots of purchases. They all have been healthy and packed well and arrived with no damage. Malcolm, Tanunda, SA (21st Oct 2013)

More Types of rain forest and tropical plants.I like tube stock , as it is affordable in large numbers. Thankyou for the good service and the species you have. David, Tahmoor, NSW (21st Oct 2013)

The packing was excellent michael, Golden Square, VIC (21st Oct 2013)

nice healthy plants. thank you! Marc-Adrian, Roseville, NSW (21st Oct 2013)

Outstanding service and 100% success rate with your plants. Christine, Stockton, NSW (21st Oct 2013)

Really found it helpful that you were able to tell us what sort of plants other customers in our area were able to grow... Awesome service and the website was easy to use. 10/10. John & Liz, Dalby, QLD (21st Oct 2013)

I have always had the most wonderful experiences with Daley's, the customer service is 2nd to none & the plants are always of excellent quality, on the rare 1 occasion some plants did not survive they were replaced happily without any argument. your plant range is amazing & it is always a joy to shop with you.xo heather, Brassall, QLD (20th Oct 2013)

Tree arrived in great packaging and very strong and sturdy specimen...Great work guys. Tania, Flinders View, QLD (20th Oct 2013)

Hi, i am from western australia and daleys is worth getting plants from. My friends and people i work with have asked me to order plants from daleys for them as well because the plants come in perfect condition and are cheaper than we can buy in wa also they're all still alive now even after i have planted them into the ground. Most of the plants are not sold in wa unless you buy from someone that gets their plants from daleys but then they might be out of stock and they have to pass their costs onto you the customer plus the cost to drive there and back when you can just get them from daleys and have the plants delivered to you in perfect condition! The problem with driving to buy plants is that you normally have to come back another time due to not having enough room in your car for them all but with daley's they send them to you which means you can get the holes ready for the plants while you wait without having to dig them all at the same time. I have ordered from other online plant websites before and not only is daleys the cheapest but they take better care with sending plants and unlike the other plant places all of their plants are still alive but the other online places normally send dead plants. thank you for reading. Nathan from western australia Nathan, Kenwick, WA (20th Oct 2013)

Great friendly, fast service. Was delighted with my tree. A shame I appear to have killed in already. Megan, Coomera, QLD (20th Oct 2013)

I love the variety of plants you offer.I love buying from you because your plants are always good and healthy. The best online nursery.  wendy, Boonah, QLD (20th Oct 2013)

It's great being able to mail order plants, especially directly from your website. I love your Australian bush fruits eg finger limes etc. Your website is a little "clunky" and could be refined to be better. Brandt, Tomerong, NSW (20th Oct 2013)

all items were packed wonderfull thanks Jeanette, Deepwater, NSW (20th Oct 2013)

I'd like more side branches on my fruit trees next time. Yurong, Riverton, WA (20th Oct 2013)

all the plants and trees we bought have been of excellent quality and thriving.we have no complaints at all. delivery cost is a little high, you will not pay any more for items delivered from the USA. thank you for your service.  rudolf, Mount Hunter, NSW (20th Oct 2013)

Make it possible to see which plants I have ordered WHEN AVAILABLE. Thanks for all the tree I bought of you and are now growing well. Jake , Wondecla, QLD (20th Oct 2013)

Very happy, I made a mistake when ordering and then emailed a correction, no dramas everything was sorted. Plants arrived quicker than i had expected and were in great condition. Since planting they haven't looked back.Great service and will definitely recommend your business to others. Sorry I forgot to provide feedback be assured you have a happy customer Kind Regards  Peter, Nana Glen, NSW (19th Oct 2013)

I have made 3 different purchases of fruit trees over the past few months. The quality of the trees and value for money has been excellant. I now buy all my trees online from Daleys instead of my local nursery as I know I will get the best quality and service. and the online support has also been very prompt. Thanks for all your great service. Lindsay Morgan, NSW Lindsay, Wheeler Heights, NSW (18th Oct 2013)

I am very happy with all the plants you have sent me .It was just having to wait from May until September when our weather gets hot that I wasn't happy with. To receive fruit trees much earlier would give them more time to settle in before they get hit with possibly 40 degrees heat in long stretches. Other than that, yes your products, service and web site are really good. marjorie, Tennant Creek Private Boxes, NT (17th Oct 2013)

Overall good service, plants very good quality and delivered to destination all good. Delivery cost big variance compared to Diggers Club. Kellee, Busselton, WA (17th Oct 2013)

brilliant products & service . just keep doing . rosemary RosemaryHigh WycombeWA (17th Oct 2013)

You offer and execute a great service - well done. A small suggestion and only if it is possible to provide information & warnings on 'garden escapees' or 'pests' for the customers local region e.g. some Eastern States' Wattles are pests in WA. VanessaLower KingWA (17th Oct 2013)

My husband purchased a native finger lime as a birthday gift for me - it arrived with clear instructions for plant care, in a timely manner and in extremely good condition. I couldn't have asked for a better result and I'm looking forward to my first crop! Peter(17th Oct 2013)

no complaints, The plant arrived well packed in good health Currently still alive and growing slowly at this stage. Was a bit surprised at the wait, having the impression that there was a plant ready to ship out. Staff are helpful and polite and answer emails quickly. DavidEatonWA (15th Oct 2013)

we are very happy with all aspects of your service and highly recommend Dayleys to all my friends LyndaCorriginWA (15th Oct 2013)

Thank you Daleys! Very happy with my first order of plants. Only concern is the cherimoya - it looks poorly but I have hopes it will make it. kimDianellaWA (15th Oct 2013)

I'm impressive simonBassendeanWA (14th Oct 2013)

I really hope that 5 is the top score. My finger limes are going great guns and growing really well for bare rooted plants. Fantastic healthy growth. THANK YOU FOR A VERY EASY TRANSACTION. Freight was a little slow but welcome to WA. Yes that is sarcasm it is the worse state to try and get anything into :O IanMorangupWA (14th Oct 2013)

Haven't really "dealt" with staff and I went with the higher number being the best. We are very happy- everything is growing well- although did murder the mango tree. adrianSawtellNSW (14th Oct 2013)

I have bought many plants from you and they have all been in fantastic condition and have thrived. I am very pleased with the service and will continue to purchase plants from you. thanks and regards eric ericMundoolunQLD (14th Oct 2013)

I was satisfied with the process of purchasing. I only find it a little hard to navigate the website sometimes when searching plants. EadieDubboNSW (14th Oct 2013)

When you supply a plant make sure that it has sign od living. e.g. leaves on the stemp. Watering a well grown tree and a seedling makes lot of differeance, Can you enlighten me. khodadadWahroongaNSW (14th Oct 2013)

Excellent service and quality of plants were great. Will recommend to friends. GaryTallebudgeraQLD (14th Oct 2013)

A few more natives would be helpful DeborahBranxtonNSW (14th Oct 2013)

Marvellous. You guys just need to find a way to I can freight more mature trees. TomEnoggeraQLD (14th Oct 2013)

I hope you can source belimbing, a sour fruit related to the star fruit used for cooking and pickling in Malaysia. P VValentineNSW (14th Oct 2013)

great service. only place to get my unusual fruit tree. good packaging of healthy tree. Kind regards Mal MalcolmMilperraNSW (14th Oct 2013)

In your big catalogue you send with plants, it would be helpful if you could give more hints re special cultivations-- like what ph and fertiliser a plant prefers or may actively dislike. Too many publications give good description of a plant but lack the above info which I feel could cause a lot of failures.. For instance, my dwarf red shahoot has not grown at all in the 3 years I've had it--what are it's preferences?? my white shahoot grew magnificently, but sadly, I had to lop it back severely to deter bats, so I'm trying the smaller red one.My dwarf black mulberry is going ok even tho in a poorer position. ElaineMitchelton,QLD (13th Oct 2013)

I love the variety of plants you offer. I've always received really quick feedback about products. NicoleTumutNSW (13th Oct 2013)

I think you do a great job I'm miles from you guys yet my plants turn up with in a week and they are always good and healthy I love buying from you. kimBourkeNSW (13th Oct 2013)

Every time I have ordered from you I have received my order promptly and the plants are always healthy and well grown. The best online nursery I dealt with. Sandra SandraGulmarradNSW (13th Oct 2013)

I live in a remote area and I purchase many plants from a number of online providers and your plants are the best packaged, healthiest and arrive in the best condition. I have and would recommended your nursery to people who live in remote areas. Cheers Kay Bridge KayBellbrookNSW (13th Oct 2013)

I love the huge variety of plants on your site, eventually I will have an orchard of trees in my backyard from Daleys Thanks DaneFigtreeNSW (12th Oct 2013)

web:View Invice - James-Windsor- 2013-10-11 16:59:38 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Speed: 4/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 3/5 - Website: 4/5
JamesOak FlatsNSW (11th Oct 2013)

web:View Invice - Kym-Whitta- 2013-10-11 03:18:27 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Speed: 5/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 3/5 - Website: 4/5
When I placed my order, I felt that the freight was expensive, but when I received my plants,the quality was of such a high standard, the extra cost was completely justified. My Daley's plants are all healthier and more vibrant than any that I have bought anywhere else. I will definitely be putting in more orders! Kym,OrangeNSW (11th Oct 2013)

my wife is not a tall person and she has a back problem and cannot get the plants from the box .That's all peterRooty HillNSW (10th Oct 2013)

My mulberry was lovely on arrival with new leaves and mulberries hanging from the side if the box, it was a glorious sight!! In the ground it is at home and growing like there's no tomorrow! ElizabethBrightonQLD (10th Oct 2013)

i have been rapt with the quality of plants & service with each purchase & intend to buy again when I can afford to. Thanks heaps, Danny. DannyPrestonsNSW (9th Oct 2013)

I live in Canberra and I received two grapevines. The one that had not yet started to shoot did better than the other that had a couple of small leaves. If fact it did well. The other grape vine arrived with a couple of green leaves - in frosty JULY. That is far too early for green leaves in Canberra. I kept them in their pots in a protected place where they got some sun for a month until the outside temperature rose a little. I then planted them out. About a month later (September) the plant that had arrived without leaves started shooting and it looks great. The leaves died on the other one and I thought the plant was dead, but this month (October) with the temperature increasing it has just begun to shoot and it appears that it will be okay. Now that they are in the ground I imagine that all will be well and in time I will have big vines. Regards Julie. JulieNarrabundahACT (8th Oct 2013)

Some of the popular fruit trees sell out too quick! StephenHammondvilleNSW (8th Oct 2013)

As i'm a novice Gardner i'd find a 'Handy Tips' note very handy. A note relevant to the plant I just purchased and what it likes or how I can best look after it, any quirks, seasonal maintenance etc. I really like dealing with you guys. ClareHelidonQLD (7th Oct 2013)

I have ordered from you a few times and have always found the service to be prompt. My plants arrive looking well cared for in the packing and delivery process and the information provided with the plants is helpful. I will certainly be ordering from you again and often recommend your business to others. Thanks; good service is unfortunately a rarity these days.Regards Tina TinaJones HillQLD (7th Oct 2013)

Very good to deal with, and great stock. thank you Rick Kubala RichardCarrum DownsVIC (6th Oct 2013)

ive ordered over 30 plants from you guys over the past 2 1/2 years. ive eaten starfruit already. the macas are 7 foot tall and flowering and one of the avos set fruit before i removed them. awesome quality plants guys. ive only lost two chestnuts and that was due to neglect. every other plant is going strong. james ,Palm BeachQLD (6th Oct 2013)

All in all a good service that is reasonably priced. Regards Stephen BundanoonNSW (6th Oct 2013)

Nothing, seems good to me. Cheers Anthony. AnthonyBellingenNSW (6th Oct 2013)

I would like to see more information about the plants. For example, Feijoa varieties come in trees of various sizes and I am looking for the smaller tree. It would be good to see tree height not shown on the notes? LauraBalmoralQLD (6th Oct 2013)

Very happy with my Dwarf Mulberry Tree and with how quickly and easily it arrived. SuzanneAnnandaleNSW (6th Oct 2013)

Thank you very much for all you do. Is has been a real pleasure and no hassle doing business with you. Keep up the good work. Pls indicate in your survey if 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest score. I used 5 as the highest Ghassan YarralumlaACT (6th Oct 2013)

Hi. The plants I bought are all doing well except the kafir lime which died back to the graft. It was very loose rooted in the pot and only had two leaves when it arrived. It is now starting to sprout from the graft but I think it may be root stock. kind regards, Nick Stanford nicholasMangrove MountainNSW(6th Oct 2013)

web:View Invice - Margaret -Kendrick- 2013-10-06 04:32:07 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 4/5 - Speed: 4/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 4/5 - Website: 5/5
I had no problems with the ordering or delivery of the fruit trees I got a good variety to choose from and the plants have survived well and are growing Thank you Marg Margaret MyallVIC (6th Oct 2013)

Very happy with my experience. Plant is doing well and even got some flowers and fruit. JohnCammerayNSW (6th Oct 2013)

The tree (Buddha's Hand citrus) is very healthy and already has many flowers, and I am hopeful of some fruit! LisaRosevilleNSW (5th Oct 2013)

Plants were healthy and well packed. Enjoyable experience. IRENESt MarysNSW (5th Oct 2013)

Have already spread the word. My passionfruit and granadilla are growing well even though I have only put them into larger containers while waiting for settlement on a house. I would love to get another Sweet Granadilla if availaable please, however the delivery address will be different as Homestead has been sold and settles on the 12th October. elizabethTewantinQLD (4th Oct 2013)

Nothing. the plants are growing well here in the tropics. DebEdmontonQLD (4th Oct 2013)

I am very happy with the quality and speed of delivery of your plants, and recommend daleys to my friends. However, I have found it frustrating trying to speak with a staff person on the phone. On several occasions there has been no answer and my messages have not been returned. It seems that the only way to contact is by email, which is unfortunate as my preferred way to communicate is by phone, as I find most things can be sorted straight away. So I would like to see improved staff availability for phone questions. SurTravestonQLD (4th Oct 2013)

Amazing plants sometimes very difficult to find elsewhere, especially for those not in sub tropical areas. Great details and advice. Would be even better with an approximate timing on plants you wish to buy so you know if its going to be months or a year of waiting. slightly provided with the bare root and spring catalogue idea. gregWaurn PondsVIC (3rd Oct 2013)

I was really happy with all aspects of my order- the plants are growing beautifully and they were packed really well. I like having the option to purchase smaller shrubs cheaper (ie. tube stock) as sometimes it can be cheaper to just buy the larger plants from my local hardware. Having said that, I really appreciate that you guys sell plants that I can't find anywhere else so I probably wouldn't be looking to purchase the more common ones from you anyway. CaseyHolland ParkQLD (2nd Oct 2013)

Hi - I love the Daley's operation, especially the range. My least favoured things are: 1. Can't get people on the phone. Understandable I guess but challenging for customers. Even if some one answered who takes a message, rather than leaving a voice mail. 2. Sometimes its easy to miss the information that something is not presently in stock. Perhaps a note should come up if you select this - it points out 'not ready until'. 3. The plants sometime seem a little smaller than comparative from nursery. But are always healthy and good quality. Thanks, Ben Davies BenNorth BondiNSW (2nd Oct 2013)

1. Make the search box more prominent & larger. 2. Some pictures are not specific to species. 3. Terms like dwarf or compact convey insufficient or no data on typical grown dimensions of trees. 4. Generally you have a fairly easy to use website HandMNorth RocksNSW (2nd Oct 2013)

Freebies from Daleys must be enjoyable and remembered for a life time. They should not be a burden. I find that most of the plants offered free to me are good and have been purchased by me in the past from Daleys which would mean a duplication. I now plan to buy the following plants and will pay for them whatever are the prices. However had I received as a gift one of them, I would have been really happy. Picual Olive(MT),Galusha rosavaya (MT), Gulosha azerbaijani (MT), Wonderful pomegranate(MT), Camellia sinensis(MT), Thanks and Best Regards MOHANNormanhurstNSW (2nd Oct 2013)

would you have time to list fruit trees that will suit Glenreagh we have strong frosts sometime. we are interested in apples. blueberries. berries of any kind. fencing or hedge stock from fruiting bushes, Carol(2nd Oct 2013)

All the fruit trees are thriving with the warmer weather, The champion Quince is doing so well that it already started to bare fruit and it has only been in the ground a couple of months! The green sapote also has a new lease on life in these warmer drier months! Thank you for quality tree's and prompt reliable service. Regards Kevin Redcliffe QLD KevinRedcliffeQLD (2nd Oct 2013)

web:View Invice - Diane-Lim- 2013-10-02 06:25:30 - Add to Testimony PageQuality: 5/5 - Speed: 5/5 - Friends: 5/5 - Plant Survival: 5/5 - Staff: 5/5 - Website: 5/5
I hope 5 is the positive end? You are one of my favourite online retailers. Your website introduced me to a wonderful world of useful and aesthetic plants and fruit. Shipping has been remarkable for speed and convenience, plants have arrived healthy (not all survive my tough love). Active interaction with staff has been minimal, just the way I like it, but I know you are out there working hard nevertheless. You have been willing to stock new plants at my suggestion, I was so impressed to get them within a year! DianeSeven HillsNSW (2nd Oct 2013)

I was very happy with my dealings with you. Now I am looking for a dwarf blackberry. Any Ideas? Ann C AnnWarners BayNSW (1st Oct 2013)

I can't think of anything you can improve at the moment. Fast,efficient service and excellent products. WENDYLoftusNSW (1st Oct 2013)

Staff were very helpful with changes to our order made while we waited for one plant to come into stock. Plants arrived in good order. JanelleMosmanNSW (1st Oct 2013)

I have not been disappointed with any purchase. Daleys Nursery is my only online nursery, you guys are my go to guys for exotic fruit trees. Thank you. AndrewBlacktownNSW (1st Oct 2013)

I get really excited when i know an order is about to arive. The plants are always health and growing well. Thanks you Daley's HelenUpper OraraNSW (1st Oct 2013)

I get really excited when i know an order is about to arive. The plants are always health and growing well. Thanks you Daley's HelenUpper OraraNSW (1st Oct 2013)

It would be really helpful if you could give an approximate time for when your "In Production" plants will be ready so that I can plan my purchases. Thanks Alfred AlfredThornlandsQLD (1st Oct 2013)

Navigation of the website could be improved for mobile devices. The descriptions for many plants don't include end height and width. Apart from that great job! AnjaDarleyVIC (1st Oct 2013)

keep doing what you are doing , if it aint broke don,t fix it. JensHillcrestQLD (1st Oct 2013)

Some of trees very small and all showed signs of bud bursts . I'm hopeful they will grow and survive RiminoAthelstoneSA (1st Oct 2013)

Love the many different and extensive range of plants on offer and find the comments very helpful. I wish we could grow all of them in Melbourne, and will keep trying too. Your customer service is also great, prompt, courteous and professional. Keep up the good work. Cheers. CarmenKeilorVIC (30th Sep 2013)

both plants arrived in great shape, when I put them outside to harden up, the leaves of the soursop tree went black and all bar 2 dropped off.... I was devastated until I read the label and found that it was semi deciduous... perhaps you could warn people in large writing (I wasnt aware there was semi deciduous)LauraWoodberryNSW (30th Sep 2013)

It was all good. Maybe having sales and emailing the sales to customers. Stephen and ShelleyYeaVIC (30th Sep 2013)

Bought my second almond this year, it is now in leaf and appears to be doing well. I bought one last year and it never produced any buds and was pronounced dead by December. All other purchases from Daley's are doing well, except I have trouble with avocados, two now in bud to flower shortly. I have been very satisfied with Daleys since my first purchase about 11 years ago. Total now about 16 fruit and nut trees. Peter. Peter GilgandraNSW (30th Sep 2013)

I was about to contact u just before your email, A little back ground about me. I live at Galston NSW, In my area we would have the most nurseries in 10 klm radius in Australia, I am a member of 2 local garden clubs. A large amount of the trade & related industries,depend on the nurseries hear, I am a gardener & landscaper. Also my local area hosts many " open gardens" & many garden celebrities live in my area. What I would like say, is that u guys provide a service that excels all my locals, put to gether. I am able to get a delivery from u befor some of my college & so I have past the word on very, very loudly! thank you, Neville O'Connor, United Home Services NEVILLEGalstonNSW (30th Sep 2013)

It would be very useful to advise on the size of planter pots as I bought citrus for a balcony n it was hard for me to get advise regarding the best size pot. As I did not buy locally the local garden shop were not helpful. I find Kath Carmode very helpful with her advice. I have told all my friends that I got the citrus from Daleys. Very happy with my purchases n the advice. I had difficulty trying to find an email address to send my queries. Will definitely buy from Daleys again Tiang TiangBondi JunctionNSW (30th Sep 2013)

I have enjoyed the experience in purchasing many plants from you in the last few years. For us who have little space and would like to grow them in pots, perhaps there should be more comment on what can be grown successfully in pots. A potted garden of fruit trees will allow us to expand the variety of fruit trees in a limited area. I find the description of the various fruit trees far too generic. It should be more specific to enable the buyer to make a sound choice. kokNorthwoodNSW (30th Sep 2013)

Maybe for plants "Under propagation", you could indicate approx. time when they will be ready. AlfredThornlandsQLD (30th Sep 2013)

Easier access to the dimensions of the adult plant. It is a bit difficult to find. My second purchase had been tipped upside down by the courier and some of the plants dislodged. The plants suffered minimal damage however which is testament to the way they are packed. There were different sizes of pots and the box was large. It is fantastic to have access to such a wide variety of plants - very inspiring for a gardener. RobinWoodfordNSW (30th Sep 2013)

I have marked dealing with staff as only 1 because I did not have the need to contact IanWillastonSA (30th Sep 2013)

My order was initially returned to you by the courier and i had amazing service from you to get the courier to deliver it again properly and to check on health of plants which were all really healthy. Thankyou. rosieLagunaNSW (30th Sep 2013)

I am very please with the variety of the plants available at your nursery and also when they arrived at the destination they are still in good condition and the packaging is very good. benjaminHampton ParkVIC (30th Sep 2013)

Excellent plants, really well packaged. Thanks very mch SANDRABowralNSW (30th Sep 2013)

You got nothing to do,I am very happy for what you done . JessCalamvaleQLD (30th Sep 2013)

Daley's nursery has a great range of plants and trees, great prices and speedy delivery. Thank you to your team. Would highly recommend!! Rachael, Peakhurst, NSW (30th Sep 2013)

Perfect transaction Han, Blacktown, NSW (30th Sep 2013)

no improvements needed-all great. Danielle, Urunga, NSW (30th Sep 2013)


i like the website and orderform, the way that works is great. the trees were packaged well, no damage, and arrived very fast. one - perhaps a plum was obviously over watered, but it pulled through. Julie-ann, Farmborough Heights, NSW (30th Sep 2013)

great service and information throughout-many thanks (have assumed 5 is the best) james, Uralba, NSW (30th Sep 2013)

My original purchase was 2 female and 1 male kiwi fruit plants. The female plants are covered in leaves but so far no growth at all on the male. Is this normal? Janice, Cape Hawke, NSW (26th Sep 2013)

Nothing!! Don't change a thing! I am always suggesting Daleys and passing on our catalogue. TracyAdam, Old Bar, NSW (25th Sep 2013)

The plants I ordered didi not grow well. Actually two plants died. One plant has no sign of growing leaves. I suspect that we are in cooler climate zone than in Brisbane. Or perhaps the soil are different. I suspect that I could have one plant preordered and paid but not yet received. Bick-har , Glen Waverley, VIC (24th Sep 2013)

The plants arrrived very well packaged which had been a concern and in good condition (moist, roots not loose in pots from movement). Thank you, a pleasant first time online plant purchasing experience. Marie, Jamberoo, NSW (24th Sep 2013)

My sustainable garden is fairly full of trees, shrubs etc. I will continue to order from you when it is necessary. I do have a back order with you. Aileen, Oxley Vale, NSW (23rd Sep 2013)

When I ordered there was one Mariposa plum dwarf fruit tree available but when the order was to be despatched I either had to forgo the selection or pay another transport fee as the tree was then unavailable and could only be purchased at a later date. Julie , Traralgon, VIC (23rd Sep 2013)

Overall I'm super happy with you guys! Great plant range and general info available. I've already mentioned you to others in Melbourne looking for subtropical/tropical plants. I've only ever bought one plant that arrived damaged (kampong sapote with some sort of fungal infection) and even that is soldiering on for now at least. Rachael, Frankston, VIC (23rd Sep 2013)

Our fruit plants were very healthy on arrival and have thrived in their new environment. For this survey however it does not say if a rating of 5 is good or bad - im hoping it means that it is excellent as we were very happy with our order. Casey Casey, Townsville City, QLD (23rd Sep 2013)

Your greatest attribute other than the quality of your plants is your customer service and the speed of addressing concerns. In my opinion this is what others in business must try to emulate, excellent quality and exceptional customer service. I wish you continued success and every good wish in all your future endeavours. Fred Prins Melbourne, Vic. Fred, Brookfield, VIC (23rd Sep 2013)

Simply the best in, we'll, everything. Superb packaging, best range of plants, most advanced and healthy plants. I get plants from a range of websites, but Daleys is the way to go for fruit trees. Always healthy and happy plants of good size. Donna, Risdon Park, SA (23rd Sep 2013)

many thanks for the great service and quality of the plants Peter , Parkes, NSW (23rd Sep 2013)

Ur service has been wonderful The trees arrive in good condition And i love that you will text people when trees become available Will be back for more plants Isabelle, Edwardstown, SA (23rd Sep 2013)

All was good except one of the nashi's and the mulberry didn't arrive as bare-rooted trees. The mulberry went into a bit of shock post planting (even with lots of care) and only the rootstock might survive. Greg, Uralla, NSW (22nd Sep 2013)

One of the 8 bunya seedlings sent had a dead terminal shoot. Probably will reshoot, but should not have been sent out. Henry, Pialligo, ACT (22nd Sep 2013)

Daleys, you are awesome. Love purchasing plants which grow not far from where we are. We are definitely going to visit sometime we are down that way. Great job everyone. Kerrie A, North Tamborine, QLD (22nd Sep 2013)

Information provided with purchase was very good. Being a very new starter in the garden, I would like to access more information regarding the care of the plants I purchase. Your service was recommended by a relative in Townsville. I found everything very good with no disappointments and much better than other on-line plant suppliers I have tried. Janette, Eagle Junction, QLD (22nd Sep 2013)

Trees arrived in great condition, and are happily in the ground thanks for your directions... catheine, Maleny, QLD (21st Sep 2013)

What you offer is just great. Don't change anything. Keep doing what you do. Thank you for your great service Regards Jackson , Browns Plains, QLD (20th Sep 2013)

to have more special offers or buy 3and one free and special offers on postage David, Coombabah, QLD (20th Sep 2013)

The only service gap for me was after I made my credit card payment no update on order status was forwarded. I wasn't concerned, it just seemed to take a while. However once I knew the order it was picked service was very impressive I would use you again for sure Regards Jason Bell JASON, Northgate, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

Great service. Great info on website. Unique variety of available plants. Stephen, Blenheim Road, NSW (18th Sep 2013)

I recently purchased 3 citrus trees. All arrived safely, boxed well and ready to plant. They are all now in the ground in our home garden. The lemon tree has doubled in size, flowered and has set fruit. The "lost of lemon" tree has also thrived and is in full flower, ready to set fruit. The tangelo tree is a little slower to thrive, but is showing good signs of positive growth. I am amazed at how well all trees are doing, they arrived "bursting with vitality and energy". I appreciate the obvious care and attention that the staff at your nursery put into nurturing high quality trees. Many thanks. The investment we have made has been worth every cent. I would never hesitate in purchasing additional trees from your nursery. Anita Anita, Windsor, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

Very happy with the service and plant quality, all are thriving despite being stuck in the couriers please depot for a week. My only complaint would be slow delivery by couriers please, ( a week and a half for plants to arrive - Gold Coast). Gary, Tallebudgera, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

All is needed now is someone to dig the holes for my beautiful new plants! *grins* Dione, Barney Point, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

The only service gap for me was after I made my credit card payment no update on order status was forwarded. I wasn't concerned, it just seemed to take a while. However once I knew the order it was picked service was very impressive I would use you again for sure Regards Jason Bell JASON, Northgate, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

I am spreading the word about your great range of unusual things and will certainly use you again if I need more fruit trees Virginia, Oakdale, NSW (18th Sep 2013)

The plants were in good condition and are doing very well. Daleys provide an excellent service. John , Annerley, QLD (18th Sep 2013)

Thanks for all my lovely new plants, you have a wonderful variety at good prices. Tammy, Denistone East, NSW (18th Sep 2013)

I always get excellent service and high quality plants from Daleys. John, Birkdale, QLD (17th Sep 2013)

Everything great except for my lychee. It has been struggling ever since I planted it still not sure if it will survive. It is in same area as my quince, which is thriving. Any helpful advice would be appreciated, Thanx, Steph Stephanie, Repton, NSW (17th Sep 2013)

All plants are doing great up here at Peachester, with the exception of the Acai Palms. Both batches have up and died but not sure why. I suspect they are not sun hardened or something, but tried shade cloth screening around the last lot to no avail. Would love to try them again but need to get a handle on what affects them so bad. Everytrhing else grows like crazy around here and we have fruit on the majority of citrus after only 6 months. Let me know if any suggestions. Regards Jeff Gittins Jeff, Peachester, QLD (17th Sep 2013)

website is great, plants always arrive healthy. Excellent selection. I highly recommend! Joe, Haberfield, NSW (17th Sep 2013)

All good, I especially liked the "now in stock" facility where a text was sent telling me when stock I wanted was available as well as the expert wrapping of plants sent by courier, giving me confidence to buy more. Thanks. Megan, Ballandean, QLD (17th Sep 2013)

I appreciated the care you took in packing the plant.Can you give me an idea when quandongs may be available? Ken, The Gap, QLD (17th Sep 2013)

Living in the Alpine Shire, it can be difficult sometimes to get exactly the plants you want at the time you want them. I've found ordering online from Daley's to be a very good and responsive service, with excellent follow-up - for example, when they haven't had something I want, they let me know immediately, tell me when it is likely to be in, and then when it arrives. All deliveries are packed well to protect the plants, and I've been happy with the service, especially given that I'm a 'small' customer (a couple of plants at a time), not someone ordering 30 or 100 trees.  Wanda, Bright, VIC (17th Sep 2013)

It is an immense pleasure to watch the plants from you grow and grow. Thank you so much Ernest, Blacktown, NSW (17th Sep 2013)

I found the ordering easy, and I love the fact I can buy trees that I can not buy locally. The plants looked great on arrival in Far North Queensland, and the freight company were obliging with the rural address change (for delivery). My trees are happy in their new home, and I am so pleased with my English Oaks that I am giving one as a wedding present to friends! Peter, Atherton, QLD (16th Sep 2013)

I have asked twice for notification of when pepinos are ready for sale, but have missed out both times. Because of circumstances at home I don't always get to my email each day, or not til late in the day, so sometimes it is unavoidable?? Love the $10 vouchers - they help with freight! Keep up the good work..... Hilary, Lalor, VIC (16th Sep 2013)

All good postage and handling a bit pricey christopher, Innisfail, QLD (16th Sep 2013)

Best online retailer in terms of plant choice & availability, staff knowledge, easy website navigation & great delivery. Postage to my town is reasonable & having the calculator to "bundle" to reduce costs is a great addition. Please keep the "email when available" service. Very happy & repeat customer - thanks Nicole, Boorowa, NSW (16th Sep 2013)

got an SMS when the plant was available and put an order in straight away. This worked really well. Ilan, Mirboo North, VIC (16th Sep 2013)

I was surprised and delighted by the service, quality and condition of the plants on arrival. I really liked the packaging system used which houses and protects the plants in transit. Will be back to these guys for sure, Les, Orange, NSW (16th Sep 2013)

I did once accidentally order 2 of the same fruit tree because it wasn't immediately clear to me on the website that the order had gone through. Jill, Tweed Heads, NSW (16th Sep 2013)

I like that the growing conditions/ description is on the search list. it is especially helpful to have to the pollinators there as well. Could tidy up presentation to make it more user friendly or able to be skimmed at a quick glance Anneka, North Booval, QLD (16th Sep 2013)

Great service and products, thank you. I love the variety and range of unconventional plants you stock. Chris, Camden, NSW (15th Sep 2013)

I was amazed at the care taken with packaging my plant I have honestly never seen anything like this way of packing a plant to prevent damage in transit. The Little tree (Mulberry) was in extremely good health and since I planted it out it has really grown well, shot leaves within a few weeks and to my amazement a small crop of Mulberries have appeared and a ripening and are as sweet as anything. I will continue to use the great service offered by Daleys for sure. Bob, Goonellabah, NSW (15th Sep 2013)

I would definitely recommend Daley's Nursery to anyone. Health and vitality of plant at a price that was outstanding :) Thank you. Tina, Cardwell, QLD (14th Sep 2013)

The small Syzigium luehmanni plants haven't survived. However, the others are thriving. David, Brookfield, QLD (13th Sep 2013)

You packed my plants with care and its packed that good not one leaf came off.I know that when I order from you that the plants are top quality. I have never lost even one of the plants I ordered. Thanks. Mary, Brighton, QLD (12th Sep 2013)

First time buying a plant online and i was amazed at how easy it was to select (using the information on varieties supplied) and order, with it arriving within days in excellent condition. I wish i had the room to plant more. bruce, Yeerongpilly, QLD (11th Sep 2013)

Happy with the service Roger, Elanora, QLD (11th Sep 2013)

I was very pleased to see the care with which the plants had been packed and that they arrived in perfect condition. We will be looking for more plants and I wouldn't hesitate to shop with Daleys Nursery again in the future. Bethany, Ganmain, NSW (11th Sep 2013)

Thank You for the opportunity to respond to my order for my bare rooted Cherry Trees, Dutch Medlars, and my Black Genoa Fig. They were beautifully packed and arrived here undamaged. We are just coming out of Winter here in the Southern Highlands (Spring really gets underway after the Equinox - Sept.21st) and with the warm weather Bud Burst is happening quickly. The soil here leaves alot to be desired - clay -, but with intermingling of pre-dug holes compost, and stable horse manure mix, and now regular watering with power feed etc in a very dry time, I will certainly have a positive result, which would require a lot more attention if the plants had not been in such good condition in the first instance. Thank you Daley's - and I am looking forward to receiving the 2 Pomegranites on back order. Yours Sincerely,  Grace, Bundanoon, NSW (11th Sep 2013)

This was my first experience of buying plants online and I was very happy with all aspects of your service. My plants arrived in good condition and they are thriving. Thanks for your service. Regards,  Hazel, Chambers Flat, QLD (11th Sep 2013)

The plants arrived really healthy but went downhill quickly due to ter cold snap we had. They are all doing well now though. John, Capalaba, QLD (10th Sep 2013)

I think the company has outgrown the website as the website is a bit clunky and amateurish in appearance. The plants are always exceptional in quality and the range is great. I Nicholas, North Bellingen, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

only problem this time for me was the big delay in receiving my plants which mattered this time as I was about to go away for 6 weeks... however trees are thriving so nothing lost! Elizabeth, North Turramurra, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

The Plants were well packed, and are all getting into Spring Growth. We are very pleased with them, and will continue to buy from you. Ray, Woodford, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

We've bought quite a few plants from you now and are generally happy with them. Some are less mature than we had expected but they've all thrived at our place in Gloucester. The last bundle was really good, and the jaboticabas were bigger than we had expected. Thanks for your help. Regards,  Kathy, Gloucester, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

You do a great job packing the plants for transport. They all arrived healthy and planted out well. I have no hesitation buying from you again, or recommending you to others. I love your plant selection too. Fantastic job! Arlene, Bundall, QLD (10th Sep 2013)

No instructions regarding planting asparagus. Do not know if they are still alive as no shoots have appeared. Paul, Gloucester, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

Plants are great, the labels on the plants are good, maybe suggestions on companion plants etc for pest control or pollination, for us newbie backyard fruit growers. Our 3 way easy care apple tree is going banannas in our front yard, or I suppose I should say apples! Looking forward to buying our citrus and some coffee next year. Trudy, Quakers Hill, NSW (10th Sep 2013)

Great service with excellent communication Gordon, Tugun Heights, QLD (9th Sep 2013)

Everything was good, with the descriptions on your website being very informative. Alexandra, Inglewood, QLD (9th Sep 2013)

Unfortunately we went away for 2 weeks holiday the day the plants arrived. We got a neighbour to put them in the shade. Only one plant was the worse for wear-the southern Pawpaw. I think it has died. It looked dried out when we opened the parcel,the rest are fine.We had a great holiday in Sydney and Byron though-can't have everything. Christina, Queenscliff, VIC (9th Sep 2013)


excellent service. speedy delivery. will be purchasing from you again. Kelli, Mount Gravatt, QLD (9th Sep 2013)

Bit early to tell how the trees are going but all appear OK Ken, Queanbeyan West, NSW (9th Sep 2013)

Help with what is good for our area and we feel we know Kath as we communicate re orders etc happy. Gardening Bev Beverley, D'aguilar, QLD (9th Sep 2013)

Couriers Please got "lost" and couldn't find me ... and apparently the driver was unable to dial my telephone number to ask for directions, so my plants sat in their truck for 3 days longer than necessary ... otherwise I am very happy with your service and will be buying more plants from you as they become available. Tim, Kangaroo Flat, SA (8th Sep 2013)

Fantastic service and very happy with my plants Thanks Janine, Wynnum West, QLD (7th Sep 2013)

The website is rather slow to update. I would also find it useful to have more photos of each of the plants as I currently google photos if required. You have a fantastic selection of plants and all of my orders have arrived only a day or two after dispatch, which has meant that they were very healthy, unstressed and have adjusted well. Joyce, Laidley Heights, QLD (6th Sep 2013)

i am still waiting to hear back on a dwarf fig tree that i indicated interest in months ago. i assume its still not available but updates on where things are with plants that are in the propogation phase would be good. elizabeth, Broadview, SA (6th Sep 2013)

I was delighted to receive my raspberries so quickly. They started to produce buds within a couple of weeks of planting. I will happily recommend your nursery to all my friends. Sandra, Springwood, NSW (5th Sep 2013)

Always happy with service Judi, Surrey Hills, VIC (4th Sep 2013)

Excellent range of native plants. Recieved in good condition and very well packaged. Wayne, Banksia Beach, QLD (4th Sep 2013)

Love buying trees from you guys - awesome in every way Jo-Anne, Cawarral, QLD (4th Sep 2013)

All of the plants have gone ahead leaps and bounds,an excellant quality of all the plants. Len Qld Leonard , Brassall, QLD (4th Sep 2013)

This was a fantastic service, my plants arrived so quickly and the protective packaging was brilliant. Everything arrived in perfect condition even with all the soil intact in the herb pots. Love the catalogue and can't wait to order more interesting fruit trees. Looking forward to going to Kyogle soon to visit the nursery. Regards  Judy, Cleveland, QLD (4th Sep 2013)

Have used Daleys for years, mainly because of your fast service and healthy plants. The vast majority are still thriving in my yard. John, Marsden, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)


I was delighted with the trees and the efficiency of everything. Marilynne, Bungendore, NSW (3rd Sep 2013)

Wonderful plant! Made it to Melbourne intact and is beginning to blossom. Can't wait to eat some apricots! Thank you so much for your fantastic service and providing the finest quality trees. Emily, Burwood East, VIC (3rd Sep 2013)

Plants arrived within 3 days in great condition and are already growing strong. Will happily buy my plants from Daleys again. Thankyou. Tyson, Cashmere, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)

Is the plant suitable for your address. Pests to watch for and how to prevent and treat. Soil type For Some of the rare unusuals its difficult to find info on. The plants allways arrive in excellent shape and packed perfectly. bruce, Acacia Ridge, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)

In production plants - an estimate of when they will be available would be helpful. Keith, Fitzgibbon, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)

I bought two Poinciana Tree's. One tree earlier in its life had been either tip pruned or damaged so it arrived with an odd bulge in its trunk. I also bought a grafted Kwan mango tree. The rootstock had a branch that had been removed or again pruned so it again has an unsightly bulge in the trunk. I was dissapointed with the appearance of both these examples however the trees are healthy. Ben, Bulli, NSW (3rd Sep 2013)

My quince has flower buds! and I only bought it a year ago. My medlar is healthy. My turmeric: last year one stem and flower, this year eight. Just dug the root up - have enough to make three more plants and enough turmeric to cook with for a year. Your plants always arrive in good order and quickly. Your prices are reasonable. Your website is well organized and easy to navigate. So why would I deal with anyone else? Judith judith, Milton, NSW (3rd Sep 2013)

Townsville is a long way from you and this was a concern. You could have been in the next suburd everything arrive prompt, fresh, healthy and very well packed. You guys have a perfect formular dont mess with it. Our plants are thriving looking forward to some nice fruits in a couple of years. Thankyou Steve, Rasmussen, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)


Absolutely brilliant service and products. Web site was easy to negotiate and as someone who is on the web a great deal, that is saying something! Gr8 work guys! Mrs J, Margate, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)

I would love if you had a wishlist feature, would definetley help when trying to find that one plant you saw and wanted. Tracey, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW (3rd Sep 2013)

Everything from Daleys went smoothly, as it has done on every occasion in the past. The only hiccup was that the delivery company driver left someone else's order at our place as well as our order. Not a big issue as we contacted the other person & took their order around to them. Carole, Upper Coomera, QLD (3rd Sep 2013)

You guys rock! Love purchasing from you! Gledelyn, Quakers Hill, NSW (3rd Sep 2013)

Excellent service, delivered in great condition, packed carefully and delivered promptly. Sandra, Eungai Creek, NSW (2nd Sep 2013)

Website better than before. Could be cleaner. Denis, North Rocks, NSW (2nd Sep 2013)

ALways been happy with my purchases Bronwyn, Auchenflower, QLD (2nd Sep 2013)

My babaco was a good size and arrived in excellent condition and with easy to follow planting instructions. Thankyou. Paul, Mornington, VIC (2nd Sep 2013)

bare rooted plants much smaller than expected susan, Blackburn South, VIC (2nd Sep 2013)

My blueberry plants arrived with great care instructions. My only issue was delivery company did not have detailed tracking available. Tracie, Springvale South, VIC (2nd Sep 2013)

A login to access orders or wish lists would be more friendly than a link on an email order. Some trees recommended cross pollinators which were not just unavailable they were not found on your site. (Beurre Bosc Pear) It did prevent me from buying the 1st tree. Otherwise the plants and packaging that I did receive were 1st class and I have never seen better. Thank you so much. Jennifer, Kalpowar, QLD (2nd Sep 2013)

Daleys Nursery are awesome. I was on the search for a Wurtz Avocado tree, I enquired about 4months ago at the time they had none ready to ship. They contacted me about 3minths later and the deal was done. Shipping was fair and fast, my little tree arrived healthy and is still going strong. Thank you Elizabeth, Laverton, VIC (2nd Sep 2013)

Very happy with my delivery. It is in a pot at the moment, waiting for the earth to be dug up before permanent placement, however, my quince seems very happy to wait a couple more weeks. Amanda, Norman Gardens, QLD (2nd Sep 2013)

I have been happy with your service. The plants are healthy and with lots of vigour. A small suggestions is the web page could be brighter with more pictures of plants Mark, Allora, QLD (31st Aug 2013)

The fruit trees I have received arrived in excellent condition and continue to thrive. There were good instructions for planting but I would have liked information on long term care such as watering and fertiliser. Otherwise great service. Jenee, Bellara, QLD (31st Aug 2013)

Excellent service and friendly advise. Thanks for making it a pleasant buying experience. NAGESHWallsendNSW (27th Aug 2013)

You have a fantastic range, however some more info on the plants eg what pollinates what, sizes for each variety not just species etc would be perfect MichelleBlackalls ParkNSW (27th Aug 2013)

Well I don't think you have to change anything, as I am over the moon with products and service that Daley's bring to the table. Keep doing what you are doing and well done to everybody. David Manly WestQLD (27th Aug 2013)

Plant arrived promptly when available.Very impressed with packaging and our first buds are opening.Looking forward to many years of fruit production. IANFlagstaff HillSA (27th Aug 2013)

I was impressed with the size of the plants and they are already in fruit. I am seriously thinking of ordering another as they will be so great when full size. Thank you for your excellent service. Jan Banks jeanetteWhalanNSW (27th Aug 2013)

Web site was easy to use and informative. Plants arrived safe and are stll growing so thats good. I had cause to talk to your office and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. RobynEnoggeraQLD (27th Aug 2013)

Very happy with Daleys and I wouldn't get my trees from anywhere else. I've got about 42 from you and they're all doing better than any I've gotten locally in Sydney DavidKensingtonNSW (27th Aug 2013)

Web site was easy to use and informative. Plants arrived safe and are stll growing so thats good. I had cause to talk to your office and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. RobynEnoggeraQLD (26th Aug 2013)

The grape vines have just commenced growing. DavidArtarmonNSW (26th Aug 2013)

Great plants, well packet and easily unpacked. The plants travelled well. Thank you. StuartKiamaNSW (26th Aug 2013)

The plants were delivered to our neighbour down the hill - that was OK, as they (the neighbours) let us know, but as the house is clearly numbered it was a bit of a surprise. As to the quality of your stock, we are always pleased! JacquelineGlenning ValleyNSW (26th Aug 2013)

Great plants delivered in healthy condition. It feels like christmas opening a box from daleys. Thanks again, Pete. peterMona ValeNSW (25th Aug 2013)

The dead plant is a mystery. Others are flourishing Sue SusanYugarQLD (25th Aug 2013)

When I get to plant them, still waiting for some good soil to plant them in. they are ok. SteveTamborine VillageQLD (25th Aug 2013)

I was extremely impressed how my fig trees were packaged for the post. They are all thriving and one even has early figs on it. If I can sneak more fruit trees in I will certainly buy them from Daleys. Cheers Bernadette BernadetteMelrose ParkNSW (25th Aug 2013)


You guys rock! I love your nursery and your trees:) MareeWarriewoodNSW (25th Aug 2013)

The commemorative tree for my wife Erika is doing fine in Maranoa Gardens. You run a good, efficient business and have been most helpful. Thanks Cheers Rod roderickCamberwellVIC (25th Aug 2013)

Might be too early to tell on how plants go but so far so good, was impressed by the range available and definitely planning to buy more next season. darylMacgregorACT (25th Aug 2013)

Might be too early to tell on how plants go but so far so good, was impressed by the range available and definitely planning to buy more next season. darylMacgregorACT (25th Aug 2013)

I found Daleys to be fantastic from the first inquiry to the plant arriving at my door. I had an inquiry about my plant ( leaves dropping off) and was told all the right things to do. They are very good and I would be pleased to tell all my friends and family to use them. leslieGlenmore ParkNSW (25th Aug 2013)

Your plants and service are great, I need to get into the garden more and prepare my soil. Looking forward to returning from holidays and getting into spring. MICHAELHolsworthyNSW (25th Aug 2013)

I'm very happy with the service you provide. Ordering is easy, there is a great range to choose from,there is plenty of info on the web to help me make a decision such as climate suitability, rootstock, fruiting times etc. I like the videos you make AlexSpring HillQLD (25th Aug 2013)

Not to wrap the plants so tightly. Was difficult to remove bands without damaging tree! FrancineEndeavour HillsVIC (25th Aug 2013)

Don't know why one tea plant has died. Not Daleys fault. The other is flourishing Sue SusanYugarQLD (24th Aug 2013)

I was very impressed wit the total service...plants came through faxt and packaged extremely well. Although one of the 3 plants purchased hasnt taken, I am still highly impressed and will recommend your company to my freinds....jimmy JimmyMudgeerabaQLD (23rd Aug 2013)

I was very impressed with the packaging. The fruit trees were well protected. I was constantly informed as to the delivery date which was good so I was able to prepare the planting area ahead. I will surely order again. Thank you. jocelyn JocelynLeuraNSW (21st Aug 2013)

Just great plants, strong healthy and will be buying some more :-) Julie LBundaberg WestQLD (20th Aug 2013)

Happy in every way. Thank you. Reg Reg, Wingham, NSW (19th Aug 2013)

I was very pleased with the service and speed of delivery and the condition and quality of my apple trees. I would definitely recommend your company to others and fully intend to use it again. Fran, Caragabal, NSW (19th Aug 2013)

Amazing variety. Love the special offers. I would love to know which plants will handle an alkaline soil and bore water. Chris, Eulo, QLD (18th Aug 2013)

All my dwarf fruit trees are doing well in their bonsai bags! Found the perfect location being on my front north facing verandah - that's my orchard!! clare, Rozelle, NSW (18th Aug 2013)

Plants were well packaged, but the cost of postage is still pretty high and puts me off buying unless the plants themselves are very cheap. I wonder if there is a cheaper option at least for bare rooted deciduous trees especially if buying a number of trees at once. Can't really tell you yet how my walnuts are doing as they are still bare sticks. One of the pine nuts I got is looking very good the other not so much, but I don't know if that is the plant itself or is due to animals having a go at it. Maria, Castella, VIC (18th Aug 2013)

Terrific plants, great service and no problems at all. Loved the packaging in which the plants travelled along with the quality and condition of the plants on arrival. Les, Orange, NSW (18th Aug 2013)

Great Staff. Would like care sheet put in to help as I am a new lover of the Garden. I have had fruit trees in the ground now for 3.years with not much happening. so got some from you to try in pots. cheryl, Mudgeeraba, QLD (18th Aug 2013)

Hi there, Every plant / tree that I have purchased from Daley's Nursery has arrived the very next day, and all plants / trees purchased to date are growing well. When I've had a question to ask all Daley's staff have been very helpful in their response. Regards,  Alan, Samford Valley, QLD (18th Aug 2013)

We have ordered from you guys quite a few times from you guys now and the plants have all been in great condition. Due to the quality of products, great pricing and great service, we choose you above our local and very well respected nursery. Cheers,  Leigh, Rochedale South, QLD (17th Aug 2013)

We have ordered from you several times and the plants arrive in such a healthy condition. In fact we would not buy our fruit trees anywhere else. Emails are answered promptly and courteously.Plenty of information is available on the website too, which makes choosing the plant variety much easier. Cathy, West Ryde, NSW (17th Aug 2013)

I found your website to have a great range and to be very informative.My purchase was a gift for a family member and was extremely happy with the time frame in which they arrived.The plants are thriving and already appear to be producing fruit.I was also lucky enough to be sent a catalogue and have leant it to several friends.All who have read it have found it to be very helpful when choosing the right variety for our climate.Thank you and I look forward to purchasing more plants from you. deanne, Proserpine, QLD (15th Aug 2013)

Our Kiama Public School permaculture garden is powering with many of your plants. Stuart, Kiama, NSW (15th Aug 2013)

Daleys provide a standard of service, which I rate very highly. A lot of businesses, could well do with a look at Daleys to see how to do things to get that edge. Well done to all concerned,keep up the good work David , Manly West, QLD (13th Aug 2013)

My plant arrived in very good condition, planted it In a very large pot and it is now flowering. Just hope that those horrible fruit flies don't get at it! Maureen, North Macksville, NSW (13th Aug 2013)

I've ordered a number of plants from Daley's over the years and all have arrived safely in Melbourne. Service is good, delivery is quick and all the plants have been in good condition. Rob, Kilsyth South, VIC (13th Aug 2013)

Thanks your website is great and service is always top ! thanks Kaye Kaye, Tyagarah, NSW (12th Aug 2013)

My plants were packed very well and arrived in very good condition. The blueberries I have planted at my holiday house, have yet to see how they are progressing. Will be planting my finger limes on return. Loved your video on potting finger limes, hadn't thought of planting them that way. Maryanne, Abbotsford, NSW (12th Aug 2013)

I was very surprised as to how fast I received the order. When deciding to place an order or not, I was concerned how & if the order would arrive out here (Blackall, Western Qld). But your efficient service has encouraged me to place another order in the future. One small suggestion to improve future service - a small pack of jelly beans enclosed with repeat orders would be wonderful. Warren, Blackall, QLD (12th Aug 2013)

The trees are well packed to avoid damage during travel and alway arrive in good condition even during the hot summer months Great service Nick Cronan President Australian Rare Fruits Nicholas, Bloomsbury, QLD (12th Aug 2013)

Love the packaging the trees come in - they arrive here in perfect condition. An estimate of how long plants 'in propogation' are away from ready would be helpful. Margaret, Brookhill, QLD (12th Aug 2013)

Very good packaging. Excellant array of plants Mary, Vincent, QLD (12th Aug 2013)

Your customer service was fine but my Chilli - Rocoto Tree died even thoug I followed all the instructions jaspal, Parramatta, NSW (12th Aug 2013)

As my order was based on a "pre order" whilst waiting for the plants to grow, perhaps an update occasionally on when a plant might be expected. For example I have an avocado on pre order, been quite a while, should I be expecting it to be ready to buy in spring? Would definitely help in planning the site it is to be planted. Andrew, Herston, QLD (12th Aug 2013)

All good, just curious about the Elche pomegranate. It's about a year it's been 'in production'. I'll wait happily, I always do, but an explanation of why it takes a year to get something out would make me an even happier customer. David, Kensington, NSW (12th Aug 2013)

Getting the right trees and plants for your environment is so important. I really appreciate that Daleys Fruit gives me guidance about the suitability of trees and plants for my subtropical garden. thankyou Daleys. Kylie, Upper Coomera, QLD (11th Aug 2013)

your service and quality is great, as is your product and youtube support, the only reason i dont use u more often is because of your very high postage charges, this restricts me to only buying things from you that i cannot find locally, many times the postage costs more than the plant... Jeremy, Bairnsdale, VIC (11th Aug 2013)

Prompt service...easy site to use...plants arrived healthy.... Not a thing to complain about... :) dean, Albion Park Rail, NSW (9th Aug 2013)

Were our staff helpful? NO I have called your office twice and asked to please call me back, because I needed some additional info on golden kiwi plant. But every time received a text message to go to your website for information. heydar, Chatswood West, NSW (6th Aug 2013)

I am pleased to tell you that there are new shoots just starting to appear on the grapes and kiwi fruit and I was most impressed by the speed of delivery and the packaging. Also, your instructions in the box on what to do next were very clear. Thank you! Joan, River Heads, QLD (6th Aug 2013)

I have found the website very good and use of paypal is great, plants arrived fast and in good condition ,only needed to query an issue when i couldn,t clear a purchase but staff fixed that over phone,love the variety of plants and the backup information and links on your site barry, Wilsonton, QLD (6th Aug 2013)

Very healthy plants. Very pleased with the quality of your stock. Better than some others I have ordered from elsewhere. Most definitely will order from you in the future. Sandra, Gulmarrad, NSW (6th Aug 2013)

Thanks for the plant catalogue you sent out as well. Susan, Garden City, VIC (5th Aug 2013)

What I liked was the hieght of the plants. I had ordered the same plants from Diggers and they were not as big. I will be ordering my fruit tree's from you. I would like 4 more fruit tree's. which I will order next week. Thank you for good service and products. Julie Potts Julie F, Mollymook Beach, NSW (5th Aug 2013)

I can't recall if you have a Wants List - that would be very useful. Chung H, Kenmore Hills, QLD (5th Aug 2013)

You need to supply plants as they are described for example manderines where ment to be in 6 litre bags, and not the 3 litre bags you supplied. guiseppi, Wentworth, NSW (5th Aug 2013)

Overall I the order and delivery process was above my expectations. I chose "Alright" with respect to the plants' progress because we have planted them in the Winter, so of course, they aren't doing much. I have no doubt that in the Spring they will get going. I do prefer to pay by PayPal and I appreciate that this is offered as a payment method. I found the website page titled "All plants currently available" ( more useful than browsing through the categories and then identifying plants that were unavailable. A few plants were listed as not available - it would be useful to know how long before they were available - just a rough estimate, eg. weeks, months, or next year? The most useful information for me was the frost tolerance and the pollination requirements. The quality of the plants was above expectation. Julian, Mosman, NSW (5th Aug 2013)

I am never disappointed with the quality of plants sent, all enquiries are answered promptly, I wouldn't shop for fruit trees anywhere else. I've been a customer of yours for 3yrs now & will continue to buy of you. One very happy customer here. Everytime my plants arrive its like Christmas to me.Thank you Daley's your company is amazing. heather, Brassall, QLD (5th Aug 2013)

Every dealing i have had with your company has been very easy and smooth. .thank you marianne, Karuah, NSW (5th Aug 2013)

Wish you would allow additional time to finalize the order. Sometimes there's this particular plant that came available but I couldn't purchase it as the other plants I want to purchase is not available at the same time. It would be expensive to buy just one particular plant, the freight will be expensive. Hope you will give your customer ample time to finalize their orders with out finalizing the order after 2 or 3 days. Raquel, Bella Vista, NSW (4th Aug 2013)

On arrival the plants i have recieved from you are a good size and healthy. As I have purchased quite a few plants from you and have lost none. All plants are healthy and growing well. I would not hesitate to recommend Daleys to friends. Regards antoniette, Boambee East, NSW (4th Aug 2013)

Very easy to do business with Thank you Loors Landscaping Susan C, Flaxton, QLD (4th Aug 2013)

Great service and always willing too answer any questions I have. Thanks again. joel, Glenelg North, SA (4th Aug 2013)

Excellent quality as always. Thank you Pete, Semaphore Park, SA (4th Aug 2013)

You are my go to site for good quality out of the ordinary plants. Keep up the good work. Jody, Denistone, NSW (4th Aug 2013)

All very good.Plants that died were my fault-being a relative new comer to NSW from W.A. I was not up to speed on climate conditions over here for plants. James, Gooloogong, NSW (4th Aug 2013)

You are a good company to deal with and your range of stock is really good. I only wish you would stock some more native stuff. I like the native pink Boronias when I'm bush walking but can't buy them. I marked the quality "what I expected" because your quality is always good. However it annoyed me that you told me my stuff was ready but didn't send it for a week. I was out of town for a couple of days so couldn't respond to your email to send stuff without delay. You sent me a blackberry which I am hoping will sprout from the root. However even though the stem sent is green I can't see any green when I scratch the bottom of the stem and I think that there is no living bark left. However I'll wait and see. Otherwise the plants are doing well. Stephen, Shell Cove, NSW (4th Aug 2013)

my trees were happy and smiling when they arrived. Thanks for the instructions about how to get them out of the box and get them ready for the chilly ground of the Dandenong Ranges. They are doing well frances, Monbulk, VIC (4th Aug 2013)

The website's design is a little archaic but with a bit of wrangling, it gets the job done well. The plants arrived safely and healthy in their packaging and seem to be doing fine for the weather of late. John, Orbost, VIC (4th Aug 2013)

Hi I was after a white mulberry tree, and all the other online sites had none so I was pleased to find that you could supply, and it came safe and sound. Thank you Kind regards Gloria, Sanctuary Point, NSW (3rd Aug 2013)

I love the range at Daleys and that plants are a good size compared to most other online retailers. This is the only nursery I feel confident in coming to when I want something a bit out of the ordinary. The indication as to each plant availability is also very helpful and I would purchase from you again. Lan, Kealba, VIC (3rd Aug 2013)

Your plants have always been of the highest quality. Thank You Shirley, Glenwood, QLD (2nd Aug 2013)

Really surprised at how quickly the order arrived, and in the health of the plants at arrival. Thank you Gudrun, , (31st Jul 2013)

Will buy more from you in the future Mark, Mount Pleasant, QLD (30th Jul 2013)

service was goods and plants were healthy on arrival . I would have no hesitation on recommending this site to my friends richard, West Pennant Hills, NSW (29th Jul 2013)

 All plants arrived in very good order and super fast. Any issues with plants is largely due to our cooler climate. Thanks MartinB Martin, Narrawallee, NSW (29th Jul 2013)

Great service and great product. All plants arrived within 3 days, in perfect condition. They are now in the ground and sending out green shoots. Malcolm, Ormiston, QLD (29th Jul 2013)

The way one has to order is inefficient and actually stops me from ordering all the great plants you have. Rebecca, Scarborough, NSW (29th Jul 2013)

Wallabies got to the citrus trees, slowing things down...but they turned up quickly and very healthy. Rob, Bellevue Hill, NSW (28th Jul 2013)

Happy with health, size and packaging of plants. Stock durability takes time to assess but weeks after arrival all are in good health (in the middle of winter too)so we dont foresee any problems. Will definitely be back, thanks for the great service. John, Stroud, NSW (28th Jul 2013)

Your response on questions through email was prompt and informative. Range of plants excellent, and delivery very good when ready to deliver.Very good service from beginning to end. David, Richmond, VIC (28th Jul 2013)

love the variety you have and the size and health of the plants when they arrive in the post they always look well,great job cheryl, Tambo Upper, VIC (28th Jul 2013)

I have two plants from my last order that are not going so well - the carambola, and a sweet leaf. Carambola is just hanging on for now, but sweet leaf looks beyond saving :( I am really happy with all the other trees I have bought from you, and love the range, and that so many are suited to my climate. I have, and will recommend you to others. Thanks Daleys! Sarah, Port Macquarie, NSW (28th Jul 2013)

Plants were absolutely perfect just have to wait for spring to see them grow. Justin, Bargara, QLD (28th Jul 2013)

7 days in transport did not help one plant still struggling ,5 days to travel 200 KM in vic , Australia POST SNAIL MAIL ,in the past 3 days delivered to my door. This time I had to drive 30 KMs to pick up the plants lucky depot was still open or would have been 8 days ,they were not delivered to my home !! kenneth, Wool Wool, VIC (28th Jul 2013)

I have not had any tragedies but unfortunately too many rainy days and not enough sunshine have slowed things down, good news is all plants have new growth coming on. MAVIS, Lennox Head, NSW (28th Jul 2013)

we appreciate your business - Thank you ngoc, Valley View, SA (27th Jul 2013)

Great easy to use website, fast communication and fast delivery Andy, Northcote, VIC (27th Jul 2013)

The newer freight company delivers very slowly to Melbourne. Lee, Greenvale, VIC (27th Jul 2013)

My dwarf oranges and mandarines are growing great! Looking forward to adding more mini fruit trees to my little suburban backyard. Claire, Sunnybank Hills, QLD (26th Jul 2013)

I purchased four citrus trees from you this year, and they arrived lush and healthy, and still are doing great. I'lll be ordering other fruit trees from you. I liked your facebook page and enjoy reading the updates. Sara, Eagleby, QLD (24th Jul 2013)

Hi Dayle's Nursery, I found the fruit tress i bought to be very good when i had received them, and to this day are going very well, especially in Adelaide's coldest time of the year. Thanks once again. Anthony Anthony, West Lakes, SA (22nd Jul 2013)

Very pleased, website is informative and service was quick and efficient. Thanks Viphada, Colebee, NSW (22nd Jul 2013)

Some tropical plants suffering with cold & possims. One hoop pine very sick on arrival, T.L.C. is stabilising it at the moment. We have many tropical plants, although very slow in limited direct sun, facing south & backed by heavy bush, they just keep hanging in. Would love some fruit in future. Thank Guys for service. NEVILLE, Galston, NSW (22nd Jul 2013)

Website was frustrating because when you use the back button you end up back at the top of the list rather than at the plant that you were just viewing and when just doing a general browse under "subtropical fruit trees" it would have been good not to have to scan through the whole lot again to find where I was up to. Otherwise, everything was excellent and all plants going very well in pots. I even have blossoms on the dorset golden and tropical sweet apples! Thanks, looking forward to being able to order again soon. Yvette, Tarrawanna, NSW (22nd Jul 2013)

just keep doing what you are.excellent customer service,great product,efficient delivery and all my trees are going great thank you its a pleasure to deal with such a great company and i recommend your company to anyone considering purchasing plants thanks  david, Taree, NSW (22nd Jul 2013)

Hello, I am very happy to give positive feedback to you and your staff for the excellent service I have received. I indicated last year that I would like to purchase the CHINA FLAT peach tree and the follow-up service was spot on! The tree arrived very well packed to avoid damage during transit. The tree itself is a good sturdy specimen. It was planted within a day or 2 of receipt and is obviously settling in well and shows signs of budding even this early in the season. I HAVE already recommended your company to friends who have expressed disappointment at me not sharing sooner with them. Yours Sincerely,  Elaine, Rangeville, QLD (22nd Jul 2013)

I am incredibly happy with my purchase. The native fruit trees were in excellent condition, and I was very impressed with the packaging. Very good prices compared to others, so I will definitely be back. Tara, Taringa, QLD (21st Jul 2013)

Plants: postage is excellent, plants growing well. re website: Website is OK, sometimes when searching lists of plants it feels that there is a bit too much text clutter the page. Fabian, Wollongong West, NSW (21st Jul 2013)

Everything I've ordered has been healthy, well packed and arrived very quickly. I loved receiving the email with helpful tips for planting and maintenance. All my trees are thriving and I'm looking forward to doing another order shortly. Michelle, Newtown, QLD (21st Jul 2013)

Great Plants, Great Forum - thanks a heap Daleys. Warren, Rochedale, QLD (21st Jul 2013)

For a number of years we have purchased over the internet. A couple of weeks ago we came to Kyogle and visited your nursery. We loved it. Thanks for the great plants. We will be back. Jo, Boonah, QLD (21st Jul 2013)

I really like the customer review section for individual plants on your website, that was a great idea! Other than that not really any suggestions other than don't change any website features. Prices are set at a price that's reasonable and makes me inclined to by online as opposed to bothering going to my local nursery which may have standard items cheaper, but doesn't have a decent range. I am a very happy customer and will continue to buy from you and encourage friends to do so also. So basically...great work, don't change something that's a good formula. Joanne, Telegraph Point, NSW (21st Jul 2013)

I love the way the plants are packaged and the instructions you give to help get them started. Very happy with everything you provide. Alison, Swan Creek, NSW (21st Jul 2013)

I think you have a great website and I love dealing with your nursery. Thanks Kaye Kaye, Talofa, NSW (20th Jul 2013)

Plants all arrived in good order - great plants, thank you! Diana, Koorooman, VIC (18th Jul 2013)

The Mulberries are going well and the berries but the 2 passionfruit have died Your climate is so different to Melbourne They have been well looked but didn't like the shift The other plants I have bought from you through the years are doing okay Will you replace those plants or just say too bad. thank you  Robyn , Ringwood North, VIC (18th Jul 2013)

I am very happy with the service that I received from your nursery and will be very happy to buy more plants. Kind regards  Pamela, South Fremantle, WA (17th Jul 2013)

Plants were in good condition after being shipped to Bunbury WA.Instructions were useful and plants are going well. Heidi, Carey Park, WA (17th Jul 2013)

Very happy so far. Plants arrived quickly and in very good condition. I will be buying again.  Jeffrey, Tolga, QLD (16th Jul 2013)

Perhaps more plant tips for the specific plants we order? Overall very happy. Am planning to order again in spring Rani, Point Cook, VIC (16th Jul 2013)

Your website is you biggest let down even though the plant selection is good and staff when contacted directly were helpfull. The notes to intersate customers could not be found until after you order resulting in me having to wait 3+ months for a delivery. (this has been improved since ordering) The website also allowed me to order plants that could not be sent to my state due to quanranitne - and I was opnly told after waiting several months for delivery. Improvement suggestions: Add NT descriptor to the FAQ page (its not just WA that has rectrictions) If plants cannot be sent to a certain state, say so in the written description- this saves for trying to program it block orders electronically. Debbie , Humpty Doo, NT (16th Jul 2013)

Range of product is fantastic. Have ordered from here a few times. Stock is always delivered quickly and in good condition. Always recomend this page to anyone looking for fruit trees. Many thanks Amanda, Glossodia, NSW (16th Jul 2013)

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. IMHO yours is an honest business with integrity. Finding that two of four plants ordered were not available increased the cost of the quarantine and handling fees (to WA) too much - but there was not much I could do about this. I accepted it. There is no easy solution other than to try to keep the customer informed. I think you do your best. Regards John Wetherall John, Nedlands, WA (15th Jul 2013)

Servis wos hepful and friendly. I m very happy. Just my soil is very sandy so i mead some help to improve my soil. Maybe you can help me with that. Thenk you. warm regards. Maja Larsen Maja, Palm Beach, QLD (15th Jul 2013)

I was very pleased with the service and the plants deborah, Mallanganee, NSW (15th Jul 2013)

The plants were well packed, very healthy. The care instructions are helpful. Julie, Wahroonga, NSW (15th Jul 2013)

Perfect Service. The plants arrived in vibrant condition and perfectly packed so as to not damage the plants in any way. I loved the pots tied through the boxes. Perfect service and great prices. Andrew, Jerrabomberra, ACT (15th Jul 2013)

I just adore your service! Thanks! I purchased a coffee tree and Red Dragonfruit - both plants that are generally unavailable in SW Victoria; so I am very happy. Coffee is powering along but dragonfruit looks ill. Always open to advice / suggestions / ideas. Thanx again,  deidre, Grovedale, VIC (14th Jul 2013)

You will have trouble trying to improve the excellent service you already give. Gary Gary, Childers, QLD (14th Jul 2013)

All good. Steve, Bulli, NSW (14th Jul 2013)

Staff respond with alacrity. Videos uploaded are very educative. Wide range of plants are available, from tropicals to temperate region, but often out of stock and wait is killing. In the past the reward was by way of a GIFT VOUCHER, which is always preferable rather than a plant or Pecan nuts, where your offer may not meet our choice. Thanks to all and best regards Mohan, Normanhurst, NSW (14th Jul 2013)

It was my first time buying plants on the internet. And the plants were terrific. Yes, I will shop with you again. Thanks Ellen elizabeth, Palmwoods, QLD (14th Jul 2013)

I purchased a cape chestnut, which I believed to be ever green, but have since found out to be semi deciduous, ans so has lost half its leaves. At this point I am not sure if it is ok or dying. Will have to wait till spring. I am Jamestown south Australia, approx 200 km n of Adelaide in the southern flinders ranges. Steve, Jamestown, SA (14th Jul 2013)

Daleys's far exceeded my expectations on both quality and service. My order arrived sooner than I thought and the trees were of excellent size and health. All trees are now flourishing healthily in my garden. Daleys has my tick of approval, I've already recommended my friends buy from here and I won't hesitate to use Daleys again. Thanks so much  Aaron, Rosedale, QLD (14th Jul 2013)

The plant was packed very well for transportation and arrived quickly. Thank you for a great first time experience. Will definitely look to Daleys for future orders. Chanh, Truganina, VIC (14th Jul 2013)

You have anticipated all my answers to the questions. I was very happy to find a Clementine tree in Australia and was very impressed with your packaging and instructions. I felt that the pricing was reasonable as well. Good job Daleys - I believe I sent you an email of thanks but thank you again anyway. My Clementine is thriving. Rosalind, Mount Waverley, VIC (13th Jul 2013)

 Friends who saw the trees I purchased were full of praise. The cost 'delivered' is better or equal to purchasing from local nurseries. The trees were in excellent condition and very well packaged. Alan, Galong, NSW (13th Jul 2013)

I found everything just excellent. Was quite surprised just how quick the order was and how healthy the plant was. Plant was also left exactly where I had asked for it to be left. Well done keep up the good work! ERINKirwanQLD (11th Jul 2013)

Online ordering is very simple. Plants are in excellent condition and arrive promptly. NicholasGreystanesNSW (10th Jul 2013)

The plants arrived very quickly and they were well packed. The one thing that I learnt after I bought my first kiwi plants is that I needed a male plant, as well and probably at least another 2-3 other female plants to accompany the other two which I bought from you. That would have been useful. Regards, Rita Rita,BuxtonNSW (10th Jul 2013)

Great range and quick service. JulieKynetonVIC (10th Jul 2013)

Often I prefer to choose the plant myself as others who choose for me don't always choose the best plant however I found the plants that arrived were good specimens. The plants are more expensive than local nursery's which does lead to a drop in customer participation so perhaps that needs looking into. However overall the service and the quality of the plants were reassuringly good quality and worthy of further customer participation. RosalieAnneLaidleyQLD (10th Jul 2013)

Very good choice of plant varieties available. Well designed website with comments from growers which help others in choosing plants. A couple of suggestions to improve website: 1. It would be helpful if the plant items displayed in the "Shop" listings were all linked to the detailed descriptions. Currently only a few plants are linked this way making it hard to find more details. 2. The "Tips" listed at the bottom of plant listings need some editing to remove entries which are not tips (such as questions) which are more appropriate in the Forum section. Edward, Carlingford, NSW (9th Jul 2013)

We were happy with the result and don't see any need for improvement the letter explaining about planting etc was really helpfull. Norman, Gaven, QLD (9th Jul 2013)

Daleys Nursery provide an extensive choice of plants. Highly recommended for home gardeners! Their staffs are also very helpful and always return phone calls immediately. Packaging of delivery are done nicely and shipped fast. There is always an offer as well which is a bonus for homegrowers. Keep up the good work, Daleys! Daimin, Peakhurst, NSW (9th Jul 2013)

I took the Catalogue to work and most people were not aware you existed. People were fascinated with the variety of edible plants. Robyn, Kariong, NSW (9th Jul 2013)

I was quite amazed with the service , it was fantastic Sylvia, Holland Park West, QLD (8th Jul 2013)

Please notify by email when plants are sent, so we can expect to receive them within the next couple of days. With a lot of passing traffic on the road, it is not safe to leave plants lying outside the gate.In Sydney, things get pinched very quickly! *** Most of the plants are doing well. A couple died because winter in Sydney is too cold for them. Seong, Kenthurst, NSW (8th Jul 2013)

Hi, thankyou Dayley's Nursery for the very good service, that you all had provided to me on my last recent purchase. The Trees and Plants that I'd received were and still are in an absolutely fantasic condition. I am also amazed received by the sizes of both the Trees and Plants, being a lot larger then I had originally expected. So Thankyou Once again for a great service that you all had Provided and extended to me. Thanks  Anthony, West Lakes, SA (8th Jul 2013)

We live out of town, but only 3 km from post office. However many couriers, including yours, can't be bothered delivering to our address! It's not ideal to have boxes of plants taking up space in a small country post office, especially over a warm weekend. Frances, Junee, NSW (8th Jul 2013)

I am pleased with the plants that arrived and they are doing well, but need some warmer weather for them to really take-off. I wish freight were a lot cheaper as I would be inclined to purchase a lot more regularly but at the present it is just too expensive, hence that's why I ordered when you offered the Autumn discount. You have the best range of fruit trees but it is disappointing that freight is so expensive. Kind regards. Janine, Barcaldine, QLD (8th Jul 2013)

Be a bit more specific on what plants will grow in certain areas... esp in colder climates Dale, Hampton, VIC (8th Jul 2013)

Can you get low chill blueberry for Sydney. ie Blueberry Burst. btw - if you mistakenly checkout from your rewards page and go back to reward page the offer has disapeared saying you have used your rewards sorry eventhough you hadnt ordered.. oh well.. (was trying to order peacan tree seedling from list but in checkout it said 1kg of nuts instead of the peacan tree which is what I wanted to pick..) george, Warrimoo, NSW (8th Jul 2013)

Awesome service, fast delivery Joel, Currumbin Waters, QLD (8th Jul 2013)

More/better information on what will grow well in my geo-climatic region(say by post code). General advice on pruning by plant/season Dhananjay, Beverly Hills, NSW (8th Jul 2013)

Possibly include instrxns for successful individual plant ? That's a bit too much to ask, though I guess, considering the number of plants you sell. Doreen, Currimundi, QLD (7th Jul 2013)

Good quality plants. All arrived in good condition. Very professionally packed and protected. One of the cartons was a bit battered and deformed from transport, but plants were all fine. Have been using your services many times and have never been disappointed. Transport driver mentioned he hurt himself a bit reaching through the holes lifting the boxes and touching the prickly Finger Lime. Maybe some protection to consider to avoid injuries. Still chasing some Red Mombin and I believe you had some Sechuan Pepper Plants last year but can not find them on the order page any more. Would appreciate if you could inform me if / when available. Thanks for your great service and keep up the good work. Regards  Arnold, Speewah, QLD (7th Jul 2013)

None so far. You're my go to when I need almost any plants. James, Oak Flats, NSW (5th Jul 2013)

When waiting a few months for a plant ordered and waiting to come in, I would recommend that you reassure us ( maybe monthly??) that it is still in the process of being ordered. I would have preferred to have bought it from you if I understood that it was still on order as most companies would never get back to their customers. I like the way you offer free delivery now and then. It's been incentive to buy plants that I never would have planned to from you.  Rosana, Medlow Bath, NSW (4th Jul 2013)

Fantastic! Well packed and great advice included in the packaging. Thank you. Katie, Hazelbrook, NSW (2nd Jul 2013)

I have made a few purchases over the past year or so and have always been very happy with the quality of the plants and the speed of the service. I plan to continue purchasing until my orchard and garden are complete - and that's a long time away yet. Lesley, Camp Hill, QLD (2nd Jul 2013)

Plants consistently arrive in excellent condition. I'm into native rainforest plants and you always have a few that I have never found available through other nurseries. Davd, Rainbow Beach, QLD (2nd Jul 2013)

Love the Vanilla Orchids. You should see them! They have grown at least 20cm! And I will definetly order again from you guys! Carmen, Bandiana, VIC (1st Jul 2013)

Excellent I've found! Keep up the great work. I will be back for more. Scott, Kelso, QLD (1st Jul 2013) look to have the survey default to all positives which mine did on opening. I would prefer to talk to a person with an inquiry rather than send an sms. These are very minor criticisms. Plants were good size , healthy and wonderfully packed. Cheers Dave, Beecroft, NSW (1st Jul 2013)

I was very happy to find in this nursery the only one. that fruit tree i grew up in south america so yummy soursop,refresh fruit to any one. children they love it. they send you in special box so nicely inside the tree it does not move, the trees come in very good condition they know how to send it, i recommend to any one to deal with them they have a large variety of trees from many country thanks Esmirna , Kings Park, NSW (1st Jul 2013)

Our jaboticoba and other plants are doing great, but 2 of the 5 strawberries were dead within 2 days of delivery. Kirsten, Coorparoo, QLD (1st Jul 2013)

Fantastic service and high quality, healthy plants arrived. Thank you. I recommend your business to others! Geoff, Manly West, QLD (1st Jul 2013)

very good sevice no need to change anything but need more exotic fruit tree Dora, Wallacia, NSW (1st Jul 2013)

It would be nice if you had more avocado available. Miriam, Jerrabomberra, ACT (1st Jul 2013)

spruce up the web site would be useful - it is a bit clunky and hard to find what you're looking for. the plants were fine, loved the careful packaging to ensure they arrive in good condition. Luke, Herne Hill, VIC (1st Jul 2013)

After dealing with Daleys Nursery you realise that great service still exists. My plants arrived quickly, in great condition and haven't looked back since. I cannot complain in any way about anything to do with Daleys, and i'll certainly be calling on them to supply my fruit tree needs in the future. Many thanks,Christina, Bargara, QLD (1st Jul 2013)

we have been very happy with the plants and service and have ordered twice from you. we have recommended you to a number of friends brad, Wangi Wangi, NSW (1st Jul 2013)

the delivery was prompt & the staff were extremly helpful through the purchace & notification of the passion fruit. we have been looking for this type for the past 12 years & all it took was one phone call to you. thanks again brad, Wangi Wangi, NSW (1st Jul 2013)

Quick service to the door was great! The plants are all alive and healthy some of them producing fruit. I always to check to see what is in season and for details on how to care for the plants from time to time. I would not hesitate in recommendeing the purchase of plants online through Daleys. Rosemary, Morayfield, QLD (30th Jun 2013

The plant shop on-line needs some work ... very cumbersome to navigate and search. Otherwise excellent as usual. Peter, Dungog, NSW (30th Jun 2013)

Possibly let people know not to plant out avo's leading into winter, rather to wait until it warms. Thanks. Trevor, Ilarwill, NSW (30th Jun 2013)

Freight cost was high making the plant relatively expensive.(I realise you have no control over this cost,but it does ensure the plant arrives in good condition.) Is the freight cost lower when purchasing more than 1 plant? If so this is not pointed on the website. Barry , Bungwahl, NSW (30th Jun 2013)

Always had geat service and delivery has always been prompt and plants well packed Ian, Willaston, SA (30th Jun 2013)

One plant thriving, one struggling. Michael , Pimlico, QLD (30th Jun 2013)

Great service and beautiful healthy plants delivered quickly. I found the e-mail alert, to let me know when the plants I wanted were back in stock, very useful. Thank you. Anne, Glass House Mountains, QLD (30th Jun 2013)

Plant sent to me travel well and perk up quickly. The Rob chilli has already added 6 inches of growth  Pete, Port Augusta, SA (29th Jun 2013)

all good you are a pleasure to deal with Grahame, Bulahdelah, NSW (29th Jun 2013)

Very quick delivery, plant was safe and healthy on arrival. Easy transaction, lovely plant, thanks. toyah, Maclean, NSW (26th Jun 2013)

Thanks for the promptness of service and the quality of the plants i have received. I really appreciate the information notes about the plants on your web site helps me find the appropriate plants for my sandy, coastal soil... diane, Noraville, NSW (25th Jun 2013)

Hi, whilst the trees were OK one had really dried out as it was mostly root ball and not much soil - it really needed to be potted up before it was sent. Also it would be really useful to have the height and width on all the labels - I had to go back to the website for the information. Jennifer, Jamberoo, NSW (25th Jun 2013)

I always order online from Daley's FruitTree Nursery. My order is always delivered promptly and intact. I will continue to purchase all my fruit trees from Daley's . The trees and shrubs are also healthy and I have never had any that haven't thrived. Thank you Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery for providing such good service and produce. My local food gardners club is organising a trip in August, I can't wait - this will be my first visit to your nursery. Keep up the good work!! Kay, Mount Warren Park, QLD (25th Jun 2013)

our plants arrived within two days of placing our order and were in excellent condition. they are very happily making the most of the cool weather settling in before the warmer weather comes along This is our third order and we are so happy with the size and condition of all the plants. Awaiting order number four to be sent out, cant wait. Thank you Daley's for the excellent plants. sue, Tamaree, QLD (24th Jun 2013)

Excellent service. Keep up the good work :) Suzanne, Ashmore, QLD (24th Jun 2013)

Fantastic service.highly recomended website carolyn, Kearneys Spring, QLD (24th Jun 2013)


Very pleased with the delivery of healthy plants, how they were packed and the delivery time frame. Would like more updates on plants identified as wanting notification of when available. I am very keen to get some dwarf fig trees but have not received info on when they will be in stock. Jacqui, Mount Eliza, VIC (23rd Jun 2013)

excellent range of products available on line fast shipping and the product was well protected the plant is doing well and the experience of purchasing was excellent diane, Springfield, QLD (23rd Jun 2013)

Your website is a great resource but it's misleading that lots of plants are listed as "seeking propergation material" when there is no intention to make them available. Would be great if seasonal plants were listed as such with an ETA. Nic, Banksia Park, SA (23rd Jun 2013)

The delivery is fast and reliable. The service is excellent. Jack, Woodville North, SA (23rd Jun 2013)

very happy trees growing well thanks Kathy, Koah, QLD (23rd Jun 2013)

Had difficulty with the website as the site only picked up on my query as Peanut butter tree not Peanut tree then would not accept my PO Box for delivery, which is all we have in the Cooktown region. No home delivery up here. Finally arranged pick up at transport company. Bit of an effort all told. Finally received the trees, planted and alive. Regards David, Cooktown, QLD (23rd Jun 2013)

just happy to have found the plant I was looking for as you were the only nursery that I could find that was also able to post it. Katrina, Gulliver, QLD (23rd Jun 2013)

Would like more plants from temperate coastal areas. Otherwise all good John, Lake Tyers Beach, VIC (23rd Jun 2013)

Great service thank you Patrick, Bathurst, NSW (23rd Jun 2013)

I ordered a pine nut tree which arrived in excellent condition. The instructions included with it were helpful. That was a trial run. I have since ordered more trees and I have ordered some on behalf of my mother, so I would say that you passed the test. However, it would be helpful if you could provide some indication of the likely delivery time. My order took a lot longer than the order I made on behalf of my mother. Also, although your website said that bare rooted trees would be dispatched when they became available, it would be good to know when that is likely to be. An indication of whether it will take one week or six. I found that the lady who handles matters over the telephone at your office to be very helpful and efficient. Vesna, Ascot Vale, VIC (23rd Jun 2013)

Maybe more 'advertising'dare I say it. I found information about your nursery from a permaculture book, otherwise I may not have known about you. Thank you for awesome affordable plants. kim, Dayboro, QLD (19th Jun 2013)

Your nursery is great. The variety of plants that I purchased from your nursery, are not available in the garden centres in my local area. Thanks for the excellent service. Sundaralingam Strathfield, NSW (17th Jun 2013)

I was most impressed with the service and packing Laurel, The Gap, QLD (17th Jun 2013)

A list of plants for easy growing in sydney coastal would be good. Other people's comments regarding the plants often don't say where they are exactly ( fair enought ) so info not useful. Hours of chill confusing. I'm in mosman and not subject to salt spray or high winds and don't want to trial different fruit and nut trees. Just want to put them in knowing they will like it here. Love your trees, you are on my favourites bookmark. Louise, Mosman, NSW (17th Jun 2013)

Our new front yard full of sub-tropical fruit trees is a gamble at best! We have selected a variety of plants I have never even heard of let alone seen or tasted. I can be sure though that coming from Daley's the plants will be in amazing condition and so will have the best chance of thriving. kirily, Charlestown, NSW (16th Jun 2013)

All of my purchases of trees and plants over the last 2 years have been received the very next day. A very efficient delivery service. Even more important than delivery, all the trees and plants that I have ordered have been received in excellent condition. I have not lost one tree or plant. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Alan Westwood Alan, Samford Valley, QLD (16th Jun 2013)

Great. Didn't have any expectations because hadn't ordered plants through the mail before. They arrived in really great condition. Think my lime is suffering in the wet Sunshine Coast conditions, but other two doing great. Will order more plants in the future. Susan, Chevallum, QLD (16th Jun 2013)

I have ordered a number of plants over the years and found them always to be excellent stock which continue on to produce great fruit. Most recently I bought a Lichi and a kaffir lime and both are producing masses of new shoots and thriving. Penelope, Cleveland, QLD (16th Jun 2013)

I was very impressed by how the plants had been packaged. thank you helen, Aldgate, SA (16th Jun 2013)

I've been waiting for what feels like a long time to hear from you about availability of a Secundo avocado. Ground is prepared and in perfect condition but all it's growing is green manure cover crops and I'm not getting any younger. rod, Black Mountain, QLD (16th Jun 2013)

Hi I also ordered a persimmon that was going to be ready soon. I haven't had an update on when it might arrive for a nber of weeks. I'm sure it has not been forgotten but it might be useful to do some sort of monthly contact for people waiting for stock. Regardless I would like to know when it is likely to arrive . sue, Hunters Hill, NSW (15th Jun 2013)

MY tree died. Not your fault.Wrong soil mix,burned roots,tryed to save, but was to late in changeing soil in pot.Will try again when you have cimmion trees again. Thanks; Bryon, Blackbutt, QLD (15th Jun 2013)

I got a text from you guys but tried to reply to it but it got rejected. It was a bit disappointing as I couldnt speak to anyone. Otherwise very happy with my plants and service. Thank you. Bernard, North Strathfield, NSW (11th Jun 2013)

Thankyou for your prompt replyes to my inquiries an delivery I am very Happy with your service. Narelle , Horsham, VIC (11th Jun 2013)

I think continue to offer pages with as much information and advice as possible as many people that buy from you have a self sufficiency outlook and are looking for sources of additional info and any gardening hints. thanks Ruth, Newtown, QLD (11th Jun 2013)

Really enjoy ordering from you guys - goods always arrive promptly and in good health. Have never had any order problems and really like the email/sms feature for when items become available. Recommend you to everyone I know. Shelley, Preston, VIC (11th Jun 2013)

very quick delivery. kaylene, Tea Tree Gully, SA (10th Jun 2013)

Your website is user friendly and the turnaround between ordering my plants and having them delivered was just as pleasing. The care instructions and the way the plants were boxed were an added bonus. I have already recommended your site to a friend, thank you. Dominic, Leichhardt, NSW (10th Jun 2013)

The plants are ALWAYS delivered in excellent condition. I am always happy with the service as well. Thank you. Christine, The Range, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

You are doing just fine. Euan, Highgate Hill, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

I have been dealing with Daleys Nursery for several years and each time the service was exemplary the plants were healthy. They are thriving in my yard as well as in several pots. Thank you soo much for your outstanding service.  Ernest, Blacktown, NSW (10th Jun 2013)

Fantastic service all round. Beth, Arana Hills, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

The process of ordering on-line was very good and catalogue excellent but I would have liked to be able to talk with someone able to give me advice on purchasing plants specifically suited to my needs Grant, Nerang, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

my tree did suffer from the transportation i think, the courier didnt come as far as our house , so i had to arrange alternative drop off point and the tree spent a week in transit. It looks like a stick at present, but it is winter, so im hopeful it hasnt died. carolyn, Beechmont, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

All good keep up the great work and healthy plants Neil, Toukley, NSW (10th Jun 2013)

I was really surprised at the advanced size of the trees compared to other online nurseries. I would recommend these guys anyday. Jennifer, Urangan, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

Really pleased. Great website and service. Thanks. Emma, Eight Mile Plains, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

I bought a mulberry tree. It already had 3 green mulberries, so I was very pleased. However, when I went to check the crop a few days later, all fruit had been eaten - by possums! Before they ate all the new leaves as well, I donated it to my daughter, who doesn't have resident possum problems. The possums don't attack my finger lime, so I need to be more selective in my choices. It's not what I like, it's what they don't like. If you could help with that, I'd be very grateful. Jan, Red Hill, QLD (10th Jun 2013)

Plants were well packaged for delivery and arrived in good condition. Sending them to a post office and left in a back room for a couple of days before we could pick them up is not a good idea. Not your fault but process of notification was slow. Also the root system of some plants was not well established{eg black sapote} and these plants have noy grown at all yet. Barry, Crystal Creek, NSW (9th Jun 2013)

plant arrived in good shape and has 4 fingerlimes growing upon it.should go well with batemans bay oysters! john, Catalina, NSW (9th Jun 2013)

I appreciated the information provided on how to plant out and care for the trees. I have never planted fruit trees before and am thrilled with how well they are doing. Nicola, Rivett, ACT (9th Jun 2013)

After receiving plants from other sources swaddled in newspaper and plastic wrap i was surprised when my plants arrived packaged with care in a very tall and well ventilated cardboard box. Unlike some of the anemic specimens I've purchased online all the plants were robust and healthy. Will purchase from Daleys again. Peter, Tarlee, SA (9th Jun 2013)

Absolutely happy. I am really pleased with the range available and the help I receive. Plants arrive well packed and fast. I love it that I can pre-order some plants and am alerted when they are available. I love Daleys. It has transformed my garden. I cant thank you all enough! I recommend you all the time. Thank you lisa, Mount Crosby, QLD (8th Jun 2013)

Healthy plants arrived well packaged in great condition in a short period of time to Nth Qld. Couldn't ask for anything more. Excellent transaction Leanne, Cooya Beach, QLD (8th Jun 2013)

The plants have had to acclimatise to the middle of Queensland and some pretty poor soil as a basis, but with improvements. They have done this very well. The trip here is also not the fastest and they arrived in great condition. Your website is also very helpful with its ability to indicate what should grow here or definitely will not. So, Thanks! Cheers  Feona, Longreach, QLD (8th Jun 2013)

Have been very happy with the plants I got from Daleys. Recommended them to my friends. anhtu, Altona Meadows, VIC (8th Jun 2013)

Thank You so much for the wonderful service and most of all for plants of such fabulous quality. All of my Dwarf Citrus are doing well in their pots my only loss has been my Golden Passionfruit, but I will order another today to replace it. It has been such a pleasure to find a company I can rely on for good quality, service and selection. A Very BIG THANK-YOU. Dianne, Ellen Grove, QLD (7th Jun 2013)

Thankyou, my plants arrived very quickly and were more mature than i expected. I have brought from you previously and my plants are doing wonderfully Michael, Normanhurst, NSW (5th Jun 2013)

I needed some guidance on the needs of one native fruit tree- cherry- I think, as I could not find it in my books. I left a message and received a helpful text within 2-3 hours. Yes, I will soon order again as I want to give my friend a paw paw tree for her birthday. I am sure I will add a few more trees for myself too. Thanks again for the excellent service. Susan Douglas Susan, Toowoomba Bc, QLD (5th Jun 2013)

The trees arrived within 2 days in perfect condition, no damage not even a drop of soil in the box. A wonderful service for plants I cant get in Sydney. Linda, North Ryde, NSW (5th Jun 2013)

I really like that I know how many plants you have in stock and that when out of stock I can put in requests to get notified when plants I am interested in when they become available- I did kill my babaco and persimmon :( - as I don't think the drainage was good enough and we had lots of rain- but everything else is doing well- including my horseradish tree after breaking the main stem...a new one sprouted- good roots- thanks Nancy, Dunwich, QLD (5th Jun 2013)

All good. Again. Thanks Daleys. :) Lara-Jane, Jamberoo, NSW (4th Jun 2013)

I wish freight costs could stay at the autumn specials all year round. I will be ordering some more fruit trees which are "in production" at the moment. Alfred, Thornlands, QLD (4th Jun 2013)

You should let us know that some plants need to be cut down in size to be packed and sent. I have a friezing star fruit, custard apple (sofia), and logan fruit. My paw paws are months away from fruiting. In Adelaide,thats not to bad. John, Salisbury, SA (4th Jun 2013)

healthy plants delivered to my door with no added bonus was the handy fact sheet sent with my plants to help me look after them thank you daleysfruit. lenoard, Hargraves, NSW (4th Jun 2013)

Very happy with the service. Can rely on you to obtain plants I really would have problems getting otherwise. marianne, Karuah, NSW (4th Jun 2013)

All very very good!!! Plants healthy!! Helen, Oxley, QLD (4th Jun 2013)

As always, great service, never a worry about receiving a poor specimen, swift delivery too! Neil, Gladesville, NSW (4th Jun 2013)

Be careful packing in the cardboard boxes - my plant arrived with half of one of the only large leaves torn off as it was caught in the box lid. Sarah, Eastwood, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

As a newbie to fruit tree planting, it would be great to have more specific siting and planting instructions, eg full sun, can tolerate heavy soils, avoid lime, always include plenty of organic matter, prefers morning sun only.etc All that sort of detail would be wonderful. Thank you for always sending healthy, strong plants, that perform well. My autumn raspberries were the best I've had! What a joy to collect my own breakfast fruit and to know that they are completely organic and safe. Jan, Thornlands, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

I was pleased with the coffee plant and the care information provided. However as we are very frost prone here in the NSW Central Tablelands, I would not often be purchasing plants from Daleys in Qld. Thank you  David, Bathurst, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

plants arrived quickly and very well packaged, many thanks. Daniel, Prestons, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

Possibly supply some info with plant.Time to expected bearing & fertilise natives etc.Plant looks great but seems to be growing very slowly. Regards Bob, Belgian Gardens, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

4 soursop seedlings ordered 2 months ago is placed at our bay window.Out of four plants only one is showing new leaves.I have noticed that this seedling is not prune not like the other trees.I am feeding them liquid fertilize mixed with 2.25 ml of water. It will take 1 week to finish the said mixture and the next week I use normal water.Room temp. is 23-26C. Air circulation at least 2x week by opening the bay window. bert, Chelsea Heights, VIC (3rd Jun 2013)

I was amazed at home well packed the plants were and their excellent condition. You have inspired me! I look forward to purchasing more exotic plants now that I have found a source of interesting well priced unusual plants! Thank you! Campbell, Rockhampton Hospital, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

All good but am fighting off the brush turkey who digd up anything new even things with prickles. Citrus is proving quite hardy when the soil gets disturbed i just keep an eue on the plants and makke sure the roots are protected Jen, Wahroonga, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

Hi everything i looked at on your site was every bit helpful from finding out about plants to care of them. The plants arrived in very good condition and are doing great.Thanks Karen, Thornlands, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

I have purchased plants on line and in person at the nursery and have always found the service fast and efficient with lots of good advice. Michael, North Lakes, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

I really like your site. You have a great selection, provide quality healthy plants and are reasonably priced which is why I buy from you often. I also am happy with delivery times Jimena, West Melbourne, VIC (3rd Jun 2013)

I think your Nursery is great. Perhaps you could indicate if fruit tree varieties are suitable for growing in certain locations (in Sydney for instance). Thank you Trish, Jannali, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

Everything was just perfect. Thank you for quick delivery and information pack. Anh, St Johns Park, NSW (3rd Jun 2013)

Hi Daley dudes, you can: Make it clearer than certain plants won't be dispatched until spring. SUGGESTS TREES & SHRUBS THAT WILL MAKE A GOOD HEDGE/SCREEN AND AT THE SAME TIME PROVIDE FOOD FOR HUMANS AND FAUNA. Have variegated citrus trees in your assortment. SUGGESTS ROBUST TREES THAT CAN BE PLANTED IN CHOOK PENS, PREFERABLY FRUITING ONES THAT GIVE SHADE. Happy gardening, Jake, Wondecla, QLD (3rd Jun 2013)

The blueberry "Legacy" grew a bit, then died. I have a blueberry "Delite" from a local nursery planted at the same time which is growing quite tall. I'll be ordering another blueberry from you come spring. The bush nut is looking quite stunted, but the A38 macadamia is doing quite well. Otherwise I have having some problems with the citrus (2 mandarins, 2 oranges, 1 kumquat) with the leaves (still green) falling off or partly bitten or chewed. I think it's possums doing this. The tips and young shoots are also pale and curling - leaf miners? I am spraying with eco-oil. Yan, Kirrawee, NSW (31st May 2013)

Keep up the good work. I will use your service again. Wayne, Longreach, QLD (31st May 2013)

the positives are plenty. I am a returning customer and I have already recommended Daleys to friends and they have also purchased from you. Your range of plants is good, the plants arrive at a good size, quick delivery, looking healthy and beautiful, and when put in their pot or spot in the ground, grow and prosper exceptionally well. Daley is my first port of call, at the first seed of a gardening thought. If you have money to update your website, please do. Your website probably makes it hard to secure a new customer, but once a customer, it is your culture and quality of your plants that keep me coming back. Keep up the good work. <3 Stephen, Petersham, NSW (29th May 2013)

The advice given regarding the cold tolerance of two pomelo varieties was appreciated and seems to have been sound. Thus far the trees are surviving Canberra's first frosts. David, Narrabundah, ACT (29th May 2013)

I put an order in for a Paw Paw treat so long ago that I had forgotten about it. I was delighted to get an email that they were back in stock and now I'm waiting patiently for the first fruit. Thanks Tracy, Marrickville, NSW (29th May 2013)

Generally very happy with you. I bought two orders of six plants and five have flourished - the sixth unfortunately lost most of its leaves on the journey and still looks a bit weedy. Not sure if it was a problem with the grafting or anything else, but will try and nurture it back to health. The other five were larger and bushier than I expected and better than local garden centres. One order arrived within a couple of days, the other within a week. Contact with staff via email has been excellent, as was the plant packaging and typed/emailed instructions. I'm also very impressed with the variety of stock you have and would happily use again or recommend you to others. Adam, Coorparoo, QLD (28th May 2013)

As I have only used your service once,& I was very happy with it, I don't have anything further to comment on at this stage. The tree is growing well with small fruit. Glenda. Glenda, Oxenford, QLD (27th May 2013)

Very happy with how carefully the plants were packaged for transport as I live on the other side of the country. Thanks again :) Peter, Deakin, ACT (27th May 2013)

All good, will use again. Rob , Teneriffe, QLD (27th May 2013)

Always receive healthy plants that establish quickly and grow well. Descriptions for fruit and care very accurate and helpful. Anthony, Jensen, QLD (27th May 2013)

I love the variety of plants available and the quality is always excellent. Helen, Upper Orara, NSW (27th May 2013)

I think you are pretty much doing everything right ,great website and when I had a query the staff were timely in calling me back, one of the best delivery services I,ve had so far ,this is usually the let down for other suppliers in Australia,,Thankyou barry, Wilsonton, QLD (27th May 2013)

I was very happy with my shipment of plants and have potted them all up in big pots for the winter and will set them out in the spring. I have marked "What I expected" as I have ordered plants from you before and new they would be first rate :) Julie, Southbrook, QLD (27th May 2013)

I am very happy with my purchases from Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery as everything I have purchased has flourished. The helpful advise that comes with each plant on what to do before planting has been very helpful and appreciated. The packaging is excellent therefore ensuring the plants arrive at their destinations in tip top condition. Brian, Blackalls Park, NSW (27th May 2013)

A monthly email with specials or whats in season wuld be good. I do find the website a bit of a challenge, but I have this problem with other sites too. Perhaps a search button that works really well? Thanks Marcille, Summer Hill, NSW (26th May 2013)

Beautiful strong trees arrived and so well packed. They are still looking well and 'happy'!! Merran, Mansfield, VIC (26th May 2013)

My only problem was with the courier not leaving the plant where I had asked and my not discovering it in the back yard for about ten days. Suzanne, Norman Gardens, QLD (26th May 2013)

I always find ur plants in fabulous shape when they arrive...and always good quality......the only negative I can suggest is that the postage is very expensive........but as I said...they arrive in great shape. Jennifer, Sale, VIC (26th May 2013)

I bought two Cumquat trees which arrived in excellent condition and both were beautifully packaged. Both trees are thriving! Susan, Blackburn, VIC (26th May 2013)

I really appreciate the voucher - it helps with the freight charges. I am amazed at how well the plants are packaged; there is never any damage, perhaps a few bits of soil that has been jolted out in transit. Owing to some personal problems I don't always get to plant the plants as quickly as I should, which is probably why not all of them are doing as well as they would otherwise... Hilary, Lalor, VIC (23rd May 2013)

I think everything is great, I really like the notification aspect when plants are available and of course the amazing array of fruit trees to choose from. Very impressed and I will certainly be purchasing again, thank you. Beverley, Baldivis, WA (22nd May 2013)

Very good service. Hopefully the trees will fruit when they're a little bigger, but so far they are doing better than I expected. Thanks! Moussa, Muswellbrook, NSW (21st May 2013)

I was really inpressed with the quality of the plants. The price was also comparable to Diggers even with my club discount. It would be a good time to clean up the website, just needs an inproved navigation system for the amount of produce you have. Nicholas, Fisher, ACT (21st May 2013)

With the exception of the green Sapote (which is struggling due to so much rain we had had) their all going gang busters now. As stated before the trees turned up promptly, were found to be all in excellent condition! The instructions on the box for the removal of the trees was clear and concise. With your web site, the feature of what the surrounding area has been planting was inspirational and helpful in my selection! The only draw back was my block of land size, as I would have liked to plant more, but I do have one spot left for a quince tree now and I am patiently waiting for June July release for the bare rooted stock. Again thank you for suppling healthy trees and having a wide variety to chose from? Regards  Kevin, Redcliffe, QLD (21st May 2013)

Very good website navigation. Good healthy plants, delivered very promptly in very secure/robust packaging system. Thank You! W Seng, Macgregor, QLD (20th May 2013)

All my nut and fruit trees are growing great except for my curry tree that will not grow and keeps becoming infected and my ginger tree. Herbs that I bought - only the sage and thyme are growing well, dill and coriander were straight away infested buy spider mites. Magdalena, Annerley, QLD (20th May 2013)

I was impressed with the method of packaging the plants. Noelene, Terrigal, NSW (20th May 2013)

On the 3rd-April-2013 I received a Kapok Tree Invoice #: 884396 to my dismay the tree had the apical bud cut off to fit into the box, the tree has all but completely defoliated and had started to rot! I have had to remove the rotted part and treat it with a systemic fungicide this has stopped the rot but so far the tree has not responded to the treatment and looks like it wont survive the winter. I am using seasol fortnightly at a transplanted rate by the instructions on the container and potted it up with no luck so far! I despise the removal of the leader shoot of this particular tree that was purchased by myself. apart from this all other purchases iv received are performing to my expectations and I will look forward to future purchases from your company! regards  Alex, Elermore Vale, NSW (17th May 2013)

Great service each time. Very happy customer. Fyonna, Sunnybank Hills, QLD (17th May 2013)

The plants were packed very well, and were sent very quickly thanks! We believe the plants were received to the local depot by the courier by Friday or even earlier, but did not get delivered to us until Monday. The plants were very yellow and dehydrated, and the Stevia never recovered. My partner used to live near your Nursery and doesn't believe it was a problem with the plants, but rather the courier. Apart from this, very happy with Daleys. Kathy, Tannum Sands, QLD (17th May 2013)

some of the plants and products don't have as much information as others but i guess you're already workung on that ! maybe when Australia has good fast internet you will be able to offer customer accounts with shopping carts that can be saved from visit to visit. i find that handy on other sites as i might take a long time to decide if i want something and sometimes i do want something but am short of funds when i see it! otherwise all is wonderful, your people must be working very hard behind the scenes. Diane, Seven Hills, NSW (16th May 2013)

there is nothing to Hades you are the best in the country , I am going to order very soon . best regard  Maria, Rubyvale, QLD (16th May 2013)

I have always been doing my shopping online and this is one of the best online shopping experience I have with Daleysfruit. Great job and keep up the good work. Han, Blacktown, NSW (15th May 2013)

This is great - huge selection. Great plants. Excellent delivery! Only problem is that it makes me want to buy and experiment with MORE. Lynn, South Ripley, QLD (15th May 2013)

Good quality plants, will purchase from Daleys again. Kelly, Mooroobool, QLD (15th May 2013)

Distinguishing between business imperatives and lifestyle imperatives may be needed. The pace of life at Geneva via Kyogle may not suit an expansive, productive, more profitable business model. (I am originally from Kyogle) The web site is far too 'old-school' as far as web design goes. Barry, Mount Colah, NSW (15th May 2013)

I have been asked to be notified when plants are in stock but have never heard from you. Jenee, Bellara, QLD (15th May 2013)

You guys are great. Cheers  Alan, Vermont, VIC (14th May 2013)

Communication is hard as all phone calls go straight through to message bank so it was like tag team to communicate Kylie, Mirani, QLD (14th May 2013)

loved the instructions about tip pruning.Needed that.Packaging was brilliant. Robin, One Mile, QLD (14th May 2013)

Extremely happy, with my purchase and delivery. Wendy, Mount Crosby, QLD (14th May 2013)

Give the option of Australia Post delivery (couriers don't deliver in my area as I'm on a farm so took a few extra days to coordinate pickup). Otherwise the trees are great. Vanessa, Jerangle, NSW (14th May 2013)

No problems at all, will order again in the near future.  Yvonne, Slacks Creek, QLD (14th May 2013)

I placed the finger lime in the sunlight as instructed in the attached note and the following morning it was burnt to death. A very expensive excercise. It was about 35C. Kingsley, Coolbinia, WA (14th May 2013)

We have been extremely happy with every aspect of dealing with Daley's nursery and will be placing further orders in the next couple of months. We have a project to finish in Sydney and once that is completed you will be hearing from us in a big way Brian, Laguna, NSW (14th May 2013)

I'm happy with the plants I ordered from you. They are thriving in my garden. Maria , Strathdickie, QLD (14th May 2013)

Comprehensive care instructions and being able to view feedback from your customers that bought your plants is very helpful Ric, Minchinbury, NSW (14th May 2013)

The ability to reserve plants in production is most appreciated for us dedicated plant collectors. Plant quality is second to none! Shane, Cooran, QLD (14th May 2013)

all good so far thanks Abhita Jessamy, Coffs Harbour, NSW (10th Apr 2013)

Your clear descriptive web site was very helpful assisting with plant selection and I found the forum interesting and helpful with bed preparation and plant selection Herbert, Nerrena, VIC (9th Apr 2013)

You have one of the best websites I have come across. I like the videos. To me detail is important, especially things like pest resistance, size of mature tree, root stock variety and what it means,a description of what the fruit will taste like, what region the plant is suited for etc. The only down side is the cost of postage, it adds significantly to the cost so I tend to buy localy when I can and use you guys for hard to find items (e.g. Kwan Mango). Thanks for the voucher, the timing was good as I am now starting to plan for some new trees for sping. Alex, Spring Hill, QLD (7th Apr 2013)

Your packaging was very impressive .The strength of the cardboard container put other plant mail order companies to shame. The trees were in great condition and as a result they are flourishing. Thank you,  Helen , Bowral, NSW (6th Apr 2013)

Advise of eta before purchase. I live in a rural qld city and th plants took one week to arrive Ray, Mount Sheridan, QLD (6th Apr 2013)

i have been very very happy with all aspects of my experience and i have highly recommended you to family and friends. cheers anthony, Kinglake, VIC (5th Apr 2013)

excellent service, great trees which all arrive healthy and have thrived, couldn't ask for more thanks eric, Mundoolun, QLD (5th Apr 2013)

will do business again, thanks Helga, Bellingen, NSW (31st Mar 2013)

You were fantastic and I look forward to harvesting the fruits of your, and now my, labours. Thanks very much for your excellent service. My daughter had bought from you and I have recommended you to others since. Warm regards, Petrea, Bundanoon, NSW (30th Mar 2013)

Looking forward to ordering again to add to the dwarf fruit tree collection. Barry, Kilburn, SA (23rd Mar 2013)

Good service thank you. Most of us gardeners are observant and straightforward. Your website and service reflects this. In my case specifically, I planted your feijoas about a week before the recent heatwave hit hard. Hand watering every day meant no problems. They have put on so much growth my only concern is that the new growth will not harden up enough before Winter. What a nice concern to have. Joe, Frankston, VIC (23rd Mar 2013)

The plants are exceptionally healthy and the packaging they are sent in is excellent. Highly recommended. Jenee, Bellara, QLD (22nd Mar 2013)

Fast delivery, very good staff support, will buy again. Tony, Vermont South, VIC (22nd Mar 2013)

just have a couple of comments. the website is not that easy to navigate. there's links on top of links and some links are in small writing. that's my only complaint about the website that it could be cleaned up. it's the same with the chrome browser as well as firefox...also just giving you some feedback on delivery time and quality. we live in one of adelaide's southern suburbs. we ordered the plants on a sunday and they are delivered on a thursday afternoon. packed extremely well and arrive like you have just bought them from a nursery down the road. which with the summer heat i couldn't believe how good they looked. followed the instructions inside and all is still well. thanks mark, Hallett Cove, SA (22nd Mar 2013)

Like how easy it was to find information , a pleasure Tim, Jamberoo, NSW (22nd Mar 2013)

Top class service and communication,very healthy trees arrived on time and extremely well packaged,many thanks will buy again soon. stuart, Eumundi, QLD (22nd Mar 2013)

I am so pleased with my Daleys Fruit Tree orders. From ordering to receiving my plants it couldn't be easier. I cannot fault the care taken of my orders. The courier takes great care of my boxes and I am always pleasently surprised to see nothing has moved in the boxes when I receive them. I plant alot of my Fruit Trees in containers and am always looking for something I don't already have,so a few more dwarfs would be great. Also I would like to get more Rare & Tropical F T's, not to high. Thanks again for the wonderfu service..Dianne Caswell Dianne, Ellen Grove, QLD (22nd Mar 2013)

Order processing & shipping are super quick. Local courier knew how to handle plants properly in transit, which was fantastic! The plants themselves are ALL the best quality & size-for-value I have ever ordered online. The website information, especially the vids on individual plants are very informative & helpful, as well as variety descriptions (these are great for selecting suitable varieties for my location). I also find the comments of fellow purchasers about particular plants & the postcode summary useful information for decision-making. The only thing you might consider improving is the images available for each variety of a plant — you tend to use the same pictorial tags for all, when there must be discernable differences between some that might assist with choices. All in all, I'm a very satisfied customer & will definitely return when I'm notified that plants I'm after become available for purchase (the notification process is another great innovation). Well done, Daley's! Megan, Myrtle Bank, SA (22nd Mar 2013)

Extremely happy with the internet service and the healthy trees. Colleen, , (19th Mar 2013)

friendly helpful staff, quick responses to my queries. trees arrived quickly and in good condition are surviving in my yard and looking healthy. would definitely buy here again if i need something that they sell. kerry, Lawson, NSW (18th Mar 2013)

The plant were deleivered in impecable condition and I really appreciated the after purchase care sheet. I really appreciatesd the $10 voucher - what a lovely gesture. I have already recommended you to EVERYONE! And one of my friends already ordered from you anyway! Jennifer, Kleinton, QLD (18th Mar 2013)

I was sceptical about how my Finger Lime plant could be delivered in a healthy, undamaged condition particularly as it needed to be transported a long way. But it arrived in perfect condition and has really thrived even though where I live is not the optimal region for growing these sorts of plants. Linda, Albury, NSW (18th Mar 2013)

My Apple Cactus is looking good, will have to put it in a larger pot soon. Thank you for sending it in a safe parcel. Love, Maureen, Macksville, NSW (17th Mar 2013)

The comments section for individual plants is really hard to navigate on an iPad! Drives me a little crazy... The plants and service however are exceptional! Robyn, Tranmere, SA (16th Mar 2013)

Well packaged plants in perfect condition. Not set back by the 48 C day we had a few days after the plants arrived. A little tip burning which is to be expected but growing strongly - quality plants! Bronwyn, Matcham, NSW (15th Mar 2013)

Great service. Plants arrived in excellent condition, despite transport during a heat wave. Your catalogue is now our garden design bible! Catherine, Coburg, VIC (15th Mar 2013)

I did want to be able ot ask a simple question and to navigate to a contact section to just send an email I thought was a little 'longwinded' Also a reminder to be sent when something that I ordered in the past that was not availiable. Justa flash it's now here etc I would purchase. kirk, Woolamai, VIC (15th Mar 2013)

For me in NW Victoria, postage and handling is a bit of a killer - and so has limited my purchases to date to those I really really want! Great nursery will all the plants needed for anyones collecting and growing interests! Scott, Irymple, VIC (15th Mar 2013)

Trees arrived quickly and were packed well , in great condition. All survived and have new growth , which surprised me as they were planted just before the mid north coast had all that rain and flooding. Thanks, and I I'll be buying again from you soon Amy, Sandy Beach, NSW (10th Mar 2013)

Delighted with the whole experience of purchasing on line. Your detailed instructions on how to open the package of plants, to how to care for them prior to planting was extremely clear and concise. The quality of the plants excellent. In all a wonderful service. Our plants are thriving. Avril, Hyland Park, NSW (9th Mar 2013)

Your plants are healthy and your service is great that is why I keep coming back! Perhaps in the customer feedback it would be helpful if the state or which part of the country the plants were being planted was added. Vanessa, Albanvale, VIC (8th Mar 2013)

We are very happy with the Moringa trees which are growing well despite the horrendous weather conditions in Adelaide over the past few months. We appreciated the way they were packaged for transport and the planting out instructions which we received with them. Thank you for an excellent service. Margaret, West Hindmarsh, SA (8th Mar 2013)

I have been buying trees and shrubs etc from Daleys for many years and have been harvesting the fruit and enjoying the garden. Great to be able to buy interesting and uncommon plants.Heather. heather, Mulgoa, NSW (8th Mar 2013)

Everything arrived perfectly. Just need to see If I have chosen the right places for my plants to survive in melbourne winter. Everything I have planted has new growth. So I have been impressed by the original health of the plants an also that they have adapted to my difficult lime clay that I have much work to change as this is my new house. I am like my late mother. Get things to grow where others think impossible. Thanks. Rob, Chirnside Park, VIC (7th Mar 2013)

Daley's have been in business a long time. As well as high quality trees, they have wonderful packaging for very safe delivery. Thanks! Dennis, North Nowra, NSW (3rd Mar 2013)

Put a branch here in NSW. Regards Pete, Toongabbie, NSW (3rd Mar 2013)

Considering i am growing most of what i have ordered out of its climate zone (although i am growing them in pots and move them to a glass house during winter) i am more than happy with the way my plants have performed, some things like the carambola does best in the glasshouse all year round but most grow well outdoors in the warmer months. i wouldnt go past Daleys for any plants they stock as delivery is always prompt and plants always top quality. jeff, Blackheath, NSW (26th Feb 2013)

Very pleased. Well packed arrived in top condition. Jeay, Kingscliff, NSW (26th Feb 2013)

very well packed, travelled well by courier, so glad i found you. peter, Wishart, QLD (23rd Feb 2013)

It's not you... it's me. I have a black thumb. But will keep trying. On a serious note - I am planning to reorder - the voucher you sent probably pushed me over the edge to decide to do it. Mitra, Enmore, NSW (20th Feb 2013)

Thankyou for my beautiful plants, they are thriving. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future. The information on your website is excellent. Megan, Ashmore, QLD (20th Feb 2013)

I have had no contact with staff so last question is not applicable. Gavan, Hawker, ACT (19th Feb 2013)

fast delivery, great service. i'm looking forward to enjoying the first crop of lemons :-) Kate , Erindale Centre, ACT (19th Feb 2013)

The plants that we've bought over the years have all been of excellent quality. On planting out though they have been a mixed bag. Some have thrived and some have died. It has been a case of trial and error to find plants that a lot of people don't usually grow up here in Toowoomba. Jane Jane, East Toowoomba, QLD (19th Feb 2013)

I highly recommend Daley's plant to anyone.They are of excellent quality .Their service is just excellent .Keep up the good work. Morgan, Glenwood, NSW (19th Feb 2013)

Mango's are slow south of Sydney. We are in a frost free area but seem to do a lot better in their second year than in their first Grant, Wombarra, NSW (19th Feb 2013)

Breed a superior version of Moringa that is impervious to us brown thumbed throwbacks whose mere touch will kill a plant. :) John, Gisborne, VIC (18th Feb 2013)

Every plant I have purchased from you has thrived. I have found the planting and care hints attached to my pots to be very helpful. Another supplier informed me that my plant would "sulk" when planted out - It did, then died. I will stick with you from now on. Thanks a lot for your prompt service. roy, Qunaba, QLD (17th Feb 2013)

Fantastic resource... thanks for helping our dreams come true, and being where we need you! Geoff, Nunawading, VIC (17th Feb 2013)

Very good service and will use again Ian, , (13th Feb 2013)

Order arrived promptly and plant was in good condition, only comment is that it arrived at the front door and was placed upside down. Because of the design of the packaging this wasn't a problem though. Monika, Loftus, NSW (12th Feb 2013)

Staff I spoke to were extremely helpful with advice on your range of mulberry trees, & which would best suit our requirements in a school vegie garden. The plant sent is robust, & healthy. We were also very impressed with your packaging box - a lovely design, & very effective for transporting small saplings. We look forward to ordering more trees from you in the future. Regards, Annie Annie, Kogarah, NSW (12th Feb 2013)

Hi Daleys, thank you for the 10 dollar voucher - I sure will use it. The plants I have ordered back in December ALL thrive nice and beutiful. The best is the Yacon: I already have 30 healthy plants from the 10 that I ordered (only one ordered one shrivelled away - the youngest one :( - ah well, win some loose some :-), the apricot tree grows nice and so do the Ben Hur, Tahitian Lime and the Kafir Lime etc. Yacon in SA likes it in semi-shade due to the hot summer temps we have here and they need a good soak every second day (although I have them under heavy lucerne mulch in raised beds) - they also like their feed: Seaweed Feriliser Liquified - yum. And what do I like?; looking forward to a bumper crop! Thanks again and see you soon! Regards Roger. Roger, Glenelg North, SA (12th Feb 2013)

The questions answered above sums up my experience at ordering from Daleys for the first time. I was most impressed with the packaging the plant came in, the speed of delivery, the condition of the plant, and it's size! Cheers Ray Raymond, Edensor Park, NSW (12th Feb 2013)

quick and safe delivery. good price and quality. Bob, , (11th Feb 2013)

I'm very happy with the two avocado plants I have purchased in recent orders - they are thriving. However, the two persimmons I also planted are doing nothing at all. The hot spell we had a few weeks ago nearly killed them off but they weren't happy even before that. They just sit there with no new growth at all. You may need to look at the propagation methods employed for persimmons. PS. The instructions which come with the plants on acclimatising before planting are excellent. Danny, Brookvale, NSW (11th Feb 2013)

Everything listed above is what we found. Excellent. The only negative we found was that the freight was sooo expensive but that is probably something over which you don't have much control. If only we lived closer to be able to pick plants up personally. Merilyn, Middle Ridge, QLD (11th Feb 2013)

We had to make some last minute alterations to our order and delay shipping. Your staff couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you Rosemary, Milton, QLD (11th Feb 2013)

Have had fruit from one of the two Babaco trees purchased in 2011. One tree appears heat stressed and both are very slow growing. The Yacon purchased in late 2012 is growing well. Location Jiggi Valley, frost prone area. derek, Goolmangar, NSW (11th Feb 2013)

I was very excited to be able to purchase a cinnamon tree for my husband for Christmas - he has wanted one for years but not know where to get it:-) I will certainly buy more plants from you. thank you Gail Gail, Toowoomba, QLD (11th Feb 2013)

All plants I've purchased in the past have been healthy and top quality and have grown extremely well. The last order of a Mulberry was for my sons school and I think it took a knock with the heat over the christmas break as it wasn't looking as good as I expected when I managed to check on its well-being in the school garden last week. I especially appreciate that I can order over the phone as I don't like ordering on-line melissa, Adamstown, NSW (11th Feb 2013)

The 2 paw paw trees are growing so well, I am amazed. They were extremely healthy and strong plans when received. Thank you for your excellent service. Just wished I had known about you years ago. Many thanks, kind regards, Joanne, Russell Lea, NSW (10th Feb 2013)

Well packaged,healthy beautiful plants received. Nicole, Longford, VIC (10th Feb 2013)

So far so good, but it got burnt a few days after planting (Christmas)...hasn't died, has a few scorched leaves is all. Hoping it hasn't done too much damage! We're only novices! :-/ Jodie , , (10th Feb 2013)

I can get grafted fruit trees that are difficult or impossible to get elsewhere. Brian, Ashwood, VIC (10th Feb 2013)

Very happy with your service. I have a keen interest in native citrus and have found your nursery to be very use full is there any chance that you can also procure the glucous foliage form of citrus australis? And C.gracillis, C.inodora would be good just for collectors there is great interest in our native citrus am I bow down to you for making them available to a larger amount of Australians by growing grafted trees! In my opinion these limes are just as frost hardy as any other citrus I have a grafted tasty green finger lime in the ground in the open and next to the Murray river we get pretty bad frost here and in has handled it well thank you for your good work! David, East Albury, NSW (10th Feb 2013)

I did give three of the tube trees enough water. The bottle trees nealy reach the ceiling kevin, Geebung, QLD (7th Feb 2013)

my paw paws are growing at about an inch a day here in SA. Just about to buy some logons, choco plants, custards, and a couple more. John, Salisbury, SA (7th Feb 2013)

Hello, I am happy so far with the dwarf mulberry that we bought last year, but was unhappy with the delivery. I had requested that the tree be placed in the shade around the back of our house. This was printed on the label on the box, so there's no doubt that you had passed this message on to the courier. One morning I came across the tree around the front of the house where it would be in full sun all afternoon. According to the date on the label it looked as though it could have already been there a couple of days. Happily the tree has survived this but I hadn't been looking out for the tree there, so if the weather had been hotter then it could have had quite a hard time. Thanks. Trudy, Ainslie, ACT (4th Feb 2013)

I dont recall contacting staff for help... so Not Applicable in this case. Packaging, delivery, and Plants were excellent! Greg, Lane Cove, NSW (4th Feb 2013)

Unfortunately the last 2 kiwifruit (Waynes&Sweetie) did not survive our extreme heat that we experienced during December & January. Lou, Thabeban, QLD (4th Feb 2013)

Fruit trees have been so securely packed that there has been no damage to roots or foliage during transport to Queensland. They are already sun hardy and not root bound, so 'take off' very quickly once planted. Virginia, Caboolture, QLD (4th Feb 2013)

Particularly appreciated the ability to advise of a specific tree I was after and then get your call when in stock.. a Great Service. Thanks. Wayne, Sunbury, VIC (4th Feb 2013)

As usual the plants this time the sweetleaf arrived in wonderful condition and now are turning into wonderful healthy shrubs, your plants are a credit to you. Val Val, Toowoomba, QLD (1st Feb 2013)

You plants always arive in such a prime condition and once planted into the garden thrive. I buy my plants on line a lot, your plants stand out. Thank you Val Val, Toowoomba, QLD (1st Feb 2013)

Dwarf Papaya plant arrived in a professional boxed holder. Plant is growing fine and likes it here in North Qld. Cheers and keep up the good work ! paul, Kamerunga, QLD (30th Jan 2013)

Never had any problems with the service, sometimes it is anoying to see a plant advertised which isn't available for sale but not a big issue. The sun killed about three of my Camelia sinensis but the other 12 are fine so I think something must have gotten to it. Thanks for the gift voucher, it is a handy reminder that you are around as I don't think about gardening 24/7 Mark, Redcliffe, QLD (29th Jan 2013)

The red pawpaw plants that I bought and thought weren't gonna survive (they had yellowing leaves and major leaf drop)have come through and are thriving. I'm very releived. Two of the panama berry trees are struggling but hanging in there. The other one is doing great. The grass hoppers are eating away at the wax jambu trees and the panama berry trees and I'm not sure how to get rid of them. There seems to be a plague of them at the moment. All in all the trees are doing well. The problems I have aren't related to Daleys services. Christine, Buderim, QLD (29th Jan 2013)

I have had nothing but good things to say about Daleys. I have not had a lot of dealings with them so far but that will change as out gardens expand to arround 5 acres landscaping for this is progressing very well so purchases will follow soon Brian, Laguna, NSW (28th Jan 2013)

Plants arrived in very good condition and very promptly. They look extremely healthy and are growing well Russell, Gaythorne, QLD (27th Jan 2013)

Fantastic prompt service. Am trying chestnut trees in the wondecla / ravenshoe area. Wish me luck. They are growing since being planted. Still got their spiky growths so fingers crossed - I can't claim those ones however. Gail, Wondecla, QLD (27th Jan 2013)

great products guys these are being turned into bonsai trees first time with a flame tree still a long way to go but great specimens to work on thanks shane, Toongabbie, NSW (27th Jan 2013)

some of the tropical plants, just servive in our climate, but soon as a cold snap or a native annimal takes a feed where in trouble. We will work that out, thats not your problem. We will be getting back to you, regards  Neville, Galston, NSW (27th Jan 2013)

My male kiwifruit(Dexter), planted in early November, did not survive the really hot days of January. I sheltered it under shade cloth, and kept it well watered. It may shoot, so i will wait before ordering another one. The Dexter and Bruno females, planted earlier, are growing well. I am still hoping to get a grafted Longan from you. Your packaging is really good. Stephen, Bolwarra, NSW (27th Jan 2013)

Hi Daleys,While admitting that I have never been able to buy large numbers of plants from your excellent nursery, I have bought a few things over a number of years. Daleys has never let me down. It has been my experience that the plants always arrive expertly packaged and in tip top condition AND get delivered on time every time. I must explain about my last purchases being, "Alright". I don't think any part of my garden, let alone new plants have managed to survive the intense heat of this summer. Days of 40C have been hard to take and the two days of 45C and 47C really did some damage. At that temperature and with 80kph winds, I think plants are hard put to transpire adequately and suffer because of it. Regards,. Dave, Fishermans Paradise, NSW (27th Jan 2013)

Hi Daley's team, I was really impressed with the quality of my orange tree and with the care taken in it's packaging and transport. Well done and thank you. regards pat ashley Pat , Morwell, VIC (27th Jan 2013)

I always thought Daleys was a great nursery because of the quality of the plants. I was disappointed when I finally made an order. GST was not quoted on the price but added to the bill, the service was slow, plants small (I was expecting proper fruit bags not pots) and the advertised specials charged at full price. I'm not a whinger by nature, this is genuine feedback from a landscape designer. Nick, Repton, NSW (23rd Jan 2013)

I ordered two curry leaf trees and recieved them in top condition within 48 hours. It was fantastic. I tried to order these trees in through my local Flower Power Nursery - I always try to shop local first - but they didn't return my emails and guess what? I'm still waiting for them to get back to me! That was five months ago! Initially I had to chase them up through their head office. So I went online and found you. I now recommend to people to order online at your nursery. Thanks for such great service. Kathleen, South Penrith, NSW (22nd Jan 2013)

I was so impressed with your service, that I emailed you immediately after delivery of the plant. barbara, Kareela, NSW (22nd Jan 2013)

I always look forward to receiving your plants as they are always of an outstanding quality. Last order I was still preparing the holes for the plants when they arrived. Super fast delivery! Keep up the good nurseryman-ship with your business and I will place another online order for some avocado's when they are ready! Nancy, Moruya, NSW (21st Jan 2013)

All good, plants arrived in good condition even tho it was particularly hot at the time Chris, Pomona, QLD (21st Jan 2013)

Great plants so healthy and all growing well Neal, Karana Downs, QLD (21st Jan 2013)

Great seedling trees. Thankyou meagan, Wee Waa, NSW (21st Jan 2013)

I hope to harvest lots of finger limes from my tree Mark, Cronulla, NSW (20th Jan 2013)

Didn't really have any contact with your staff, hence the response because there was no option to say n/a. My plants are doing really well and I'm looking forward to harvesting however I probably won't be as good a customer and I would like to be because of the prohibitive freight costs - pity as there is so much I'd like to try! Kay, Belvedere Park, VIC (20th Jan 2013)

I have been very satisfied with all my plants and the service from Daleys Nursery. Colleen, Mundubbera, QLD (20th Jan 2013)

All plants are doing well.Fruit production has been excellent this year. Stephen, Manly West, QLD (20th Jan 2013)

Last order of 3 citrus trees were pot bound and died within 2 weeks of putting in the ground. Anthony B, Woodford, QLD (20th Jan 2013)

Lovely plant - bergamot orange. Thank you. Would love to buy more plants from you more often, but your postage is very expensive. Alla , St Kilda Road Melbourne, VIC (20th Jan 2013)

Dwarf mango going well and putting on new growth. Marjorie, Kangaroo Flat, VIC (19th Jan 2013)

I would like an indication of how long before plants are available as it can help me save on freight rather than me making a number of smaller orders. Also a list of plants that grow and fruit in Sydney would be useful. Otherwise I am happy with the plants and the information on the website. Some of the plants I purchased I had not heard of before and it was exciting to research and then buy and try and grow the plants. Graham, Cheltenham, NSW (15th Jan 2013)

Fig tree has done brilliantly! Blueberries are struggling with the dry heat...but remain healthy to date. Robyn, Roseville, NSW (15th Jan 2013)

I am so pleased to have found Daleys on line service, so informative and all those lovely plants.The plants are beautiful and healthy, the delivery is speedy and plants left protected under trees.Thanks Kath for helping me with my frequent queries. Unfortunately because of the unusual drought conditions we are having, the plants are not thriving, they are on water restrictions until the rain fills the tanks again. Looking forward to the day I can plant them all out in the garden. Candy, Montville, QLD (14th Jan 2013)

Grumichama not looking very well. Don't know why. (Sunny spot, soil well prepared, watered regularly - perhaps too often?) DAVID, Willoughby East, NSW (14th Jan 2013)

The birds ate all my blueberries so will need to cover them this year. The cactus I got is doing very well, my brother said that it should have lovely flowers. I think it was the Apple Cactus. Maureen, Macksville, NSW (14th Jan 2013)

Ok, brilliant trees, always faster growing, healthier & quicker fruiting that from other suppliers. I've got 7 pomegranates. I watched in fascination as the ones I bought from Daleys grew faster and overtook the ones from another nursery that I'd planted months earlier. David, Kensington, NSW (14th Jan 2013)

I found the service to be excellent and the plants are usually in extremely good condition on arrival, any failure of the trees that I purchased from your, has been entirely of my own doing and I have had very few failures. Those that I have had have usually been purchasing trees that are totally unsuited to my area. Although I have had some success with this but some failures. Bill, Miriam Vale, QLD (13th Jan 2013)

 Secondo avocado & dwarf macadamia are having a hard time coping with the sting of the afternoon sun � both have burnt leaves. Fortunately they have thrown quite a few new healthy leaves since they arrived & were planted out, so should recover OK. Will provide shade protection over the hottest months until well established. Mango, pecan & hazelnuts are all unaffected & growing well, so far :)))) Will be ordering with you again soon, as desired plants become available. Very impressed with the quality of your plants, careful packaging, shipping courier you use, information you share online & all round A+ customer service. Well done!!! Megan, Myrtle Bank, SA (12th Jan 2013)


Have always found the service & plants & prices to be second too none, after ordering & payment i have always recieved my plants within 2-3 days & they are always of a very good size & very healhty. When i have encountered any problems a credit was given to me instantly & the vouchers that come out of the blue are always a wonderful surprise. I have recommended Daleys to every person I know & even put the links onto my gardening pages on facebook.Will continue to order plants off you until I have no room left what so ever. cheers & thank you, Heather Dampier, Ipswich,QLD. heather, Brassall, QLD (9th Jan 2013)

I have purchased trees from Daleys for more than 12 years now. They have always been of a first class quality and the service is excellent. The packaging and transportation is second to none. Once again an excellent job. Cheers Christian Christian, Sarina Beach, QLD (8th Jan 2013)

Extremely good variety available and very streamlined service. will use again! Anne-Maree, Calvert, QLD (8th Jan 2013)


Hi, I love Daley's. So many exciting plants and so little space in my garden to put them. Daley's provide fantastic value for money - size of plant for cost. I was very excited at the size of the three berry vines I recently received - one even have a ripe berry on it. Your customer service is excellent and friendly. Congratulations on a great, passionate team. Regards, Karen Karen, Rochedale South, QLD (8th Jan 2013)

Fantastic quality and thrilled with growth .The guava and rosella especially are plants from my childhood and have been hard to locate. Sue, Earlwood, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

the chamborcin grape vine was broken inside the box I still planted it but it has since died the other plants are going very well including plants I have purchased previously from you with only 1 exception my pretty gully cherry tree, if you could give me some advice on this it would be much appreciated, purchased approx. 16 months ago foliage only stayed green for about 4 weeks after planting & same thing happened this year after re-shooting & has not grown much.thank you ron, Woodburn, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

Not very helpful replies when asking about availability. Always referred to that we will be notified by SMS but nothing about when that may be. A rough idea would help. Something like it will be within 2 to 6 months so you know roughly how long you may have to wait and then a decision can be made. Apart from that no complaints. Sandy, Booker Bay, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

Last time my delivery was delivered at the wrong address (Different House no# on the same street). Inder Jeet, Eastwood, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

Although we have nurseys here in coffs, Daleys have a bigger range which I find fantastic. Annette, Toormina, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

The plants were packed securely. Friends are often surprised that I have plants delivered from Queensland. All plants healthy and strong; I had a lot of pleasure planting them out. Julie, Wahroonga, NSW (7th Jan 2013)

Previous answers say it all. Above my expectations! Keep up the good work. Expand your selection and I'll buy more. Cheers Scott, Kelso, QLD (7th Jan 2013)

I was on the waiting list for a dwarf mulberry, I received a text message to say that it was ready. Two days later it was planted in my garden, in Victoria. Fantastic service, fast shipping and my little plant arrived in a better state than if I had picked it up from a nursery and brought it home in my car! All of my friends ask where I got my dwart fruit trees from and I do not hesitate to reccomend Daleys. The plant is doing so well now and has taken off. Thanks Daleys! Lynda, Mentone, VIC (6th Jan 2013)

The plants were very healthy and are growingas well as can be expected considering the hot conditions at the moment. Jeanette, Grandchester, QLD (6th Jan 2013)

The four passionfuit grafted vines are thriving. They have to be watered every day due to the very hot and dry weather we are experiencing. Kathleen, Wolvi, QLD (6th Jan 2013)

Plants always came in good condition previously. This time one box was jammed inside the other, breaking a few plants and enventually killing the hardy red kiwifruit. Seems to be the courier and not you but it wasn,t good. rick, Leongatha South, VIC (6th Jan 2013)

very happy with the quick service orders were received promptly julie, East Lismore, NSW (1st Jan 2013)

quick delivery, great packaging, plants very healthy Nestor, Campbelltown, NSW (1st Jan 2013)