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Tropical fruit Trees or the 'exotics' grow naturally in lush forests where they are protected from cold winds and they thrive in warm and humid conditions. Growing conditions in home gardens vary substantially and will often determine the type of trees you can grow. Winter cold (chill factor), summer warmth (humidity and temperature) and the length of the frost-free season need to be considered. Many tropical fruits can be grown outside their ideal climate. We are constantly amazed by the fabulous home-orcharding success stories we hear from around Australia.

Papaya - Broad Leaf Amla Achacha
Sea Grape Peanut Butter Tree Mangosteen Purple
Edible Pandanus Acerola - Florida Sweet Ice Cream Bean
Black Pepper Achiote - Bixa Sugar Apple Big Eyes
Jambolan Plum Ambarella Natal Plum
Panama Berry Indian Almond Tree Pitomba
Abiu Yellow Mangosteen Santol
Malay Apple Membrillo Kei Apple
Chempedak Salak Pineapple - Red
Star Gooseberry Mundu Purple Sugar Apple
Maprang (syn. Gandaria) Rambutan Red Mombin
Apple Cactus Madrono Langsat
Betel Nut Fijian Longan Cherry of Rio Grande
Elephant apple Spanish Tamarind Lipote
Plum Mango Kepel Apple Nam Nam
Giant Lau Lau Brunei Cherry Bilimbi
Rambai Acai Palm Breadfruit Tree
Canistel or Yellow Sapote Carambola Star Fruit Dwarf Coconut
Green Sapote Imbe Jakfruit
Kwai Muk Lakoocha or Monkey Jack Mamey Sapote
Mango Tree Matisia Paw Paw
Poshte Rollinia Sapodilla
Soursop Star Apple Velvet Apple Tree
Wax Jambu